Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 06

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The next day after my classes, Mom came into my room looking very concerned with her hands behind her back. I still hadn’t had the chance to talk to her about yesterday with Makayla. I had the feeling Mom was struggling with another woman having me and she had come to talk about it. I was way off.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I’m late?” she said.

“Huh? For what?” I asked.

“You know… ‘late’.”

It hit me like a ton of steel, “You’re pregnant?” I asked, standing up.

“Afraid so?” she said showing me the pee test that had a big positive sign showing.

“How? I thought you were on the pill or something?” I said, freaking out.

“Why would I be on the pill, David? Your father can’t even get it up.”

“I just assumed…. I mean we didn’t even talk about that. You let me cum inside you? What were you thinking?” I accused.

“I wasn’t. We weren’t. This isn’t just my fault. I remember you there with me, fucking my brains out!”

“Well, you have to get rid of it!”

“Do I?” she asked.

My mouth dropped open. What the hell was she thinking? My life was already fucked up with Makayla barely coming around and now Mom drops this precious little bomb on me and to make matters worse she was thinking about keeping the thing.

“Are you nuts? Of course you have to. For so many reasons I can’t start to count. Let’s see. There’s Dad… who can’t even get it up to make you pregnant… how are you going to explain this to him. Besides that, Mother, you’re turning forty! That combined with the fact the child was conceived by your child makes birth defects close to if not one-hundred fucking percent!”

“You’re asking me to kill your child.”

“I can’t believe we are discussing this. You will terminate this pregnancy.”

“Or what? You’ll tell your father? I’m already prepared to tell him everything. I wasn’t bluffing with Makayla.”

“He’ll leave you, maybe even kill you,” I said, grabbing her by the arms. “You know you can’t do that.”

She started to cry, falling into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight. She began to sob. She wasn’t thinking straight, the stress and burden of everything had finally come to the surface. I tried to comfort her, telling her everything was going to be alright, that we would take care of it. She lifted her face to mine.

“David, make me forget all of this. Make love to me one more time and I’ll do whatever you say.”

It had been weeks since I had had her and every day I dreamt of hearing those words.

“Okay, Mom. One more time.”

I picked her up, carried her to the bed and began to undress her. Tugging off her shorts, I spread her legs and buried my face in her panty covered sex, biting the material to find her lips. She grabbed my head and shoved me into her like she was prone to do. Her panties were soon soaked as I continued to munch her sex before pulling them aside to savor her flesh. She cried out in ecstasy when I sucked her clit hard and flicked it with my tongue. My hands crawled under her shirt and bra to pinch her nipples as I continued to eat her out.

She wanted to forget her troubles and I was determined to help her do that. What better way than to help her achieve one of her famous gushing orgasms. As I worked I could feel and see the stress melt from her body. It took longer than ever before but I got her there. By the time she squirted my own pants were soggy from my erect oozing cock, but the pleasure she experienced was worth it. There still was nothing like my mother and her orgasms. She let loose like no other, turning me on to the point of insanity.

I yanked down my own shorts and knelt below her quivering body, feeding my hard cock all the way into her exceptional pussy. She cried out with pleasure, arched her back and took every inch. Her hot pulsating pussy clung to my shaft and hugged my head, making me forget everything but how good my cock felt. She helped me pull her shirt and bra off, giving me access to suck and nibble her tits as I proceeded to thrust quickly in and pull out.

“Do it all, I want you everywhere, leave nothing untouched!” Mom screamed.

I pulled out, crawled over her and fed my cum covered cock to her. She eagerly sucked me in, taking me deep and cleaning every inch before I returned to her hot pussy and shoved my rod back in deep. Pounding her hard and fast a few times I returned to her mouth to repeat the process. The different sensations were incredible, too different to pick a favorite, I loved both. When she wasn’t sucking me I made sure to play with her breasts and rubbed her clitoris with my thumb. She was very wet and after returning from her mouth I pushed her legs over her head and noticed a good amount of juice had puddled in her ass. Shoving my cock in her pussy one more time I pulled out, lowered my cock and began pressing slowly into her ass.

Mom moaned loudly as the head penetrated her tight ring. I froze, letting her adjust before easing another inch into her rectum. Her Kars Escort breathing increased and she was panting now, making high pitched sounds with each breath. Slowly, I buried my cock all the way to my balls and basked again in the hot core of her ass. Remembering her clit I pinched it between my thumb and finger, lifting it to circle with my other hand. Her ass grabbed my shaft, pulsing from the clit sensations and her moans became louder. Sliding out slowly, I felt her tight ring kneading my shaft with the speed of her heartbeat. The sensation was indescribable again.

I buried my cock once more, smoother this time and faster, never forgetting to play with her clitoris. On the way back out I went too far and my cock flipped out of her hot ass. I was going to put it back in but she stopped me with a word.


She wanted to suck my cock after being in her ass. I hesitated only slightly before climbing over her again so she could suck. She cleaned me again, and sucked me for a few more seconds before I went back. Her pussy was flooding over, her ass was still slightly open and the two holes both looked so inviting. I picked her pussy, giving her a few good thrusts before slowly returning to her ass. It went in easier, all the way and she screamed in pleasure as my balls hit her ass. All the way back out I shoved it deep into her upper hole and then back to her ass. Going between both hot holes was like out of a dream. Two hard thrust in her pussy to two good lunges in her ass, over and over again.

It was so dirty and wicked what we were doing, not just mother and son but I was going back and forth between her ass and pussy with uninhibited lust. Her ass would stay open for me, making it easy to guide my throbbing cock from her ass to her pussy and back. Her body provided so much lubricant and she screamed and thrashed around in ecstasy as I had my way with her.

“That’s it… good boy, David. Fuck me, fuck my ass and pussy good!”

I knew then that no other woman would ever let me do this, not even Makayla after Mom was done training her. I was fooling myself in believing maybe I could be happy with Makayla but this convinced me that it would be impossible. In my thoughts I hesitated and Mom rolled over on her stomach, looking back at me.

“Come on, fuck me…. Fuck your mother like you mean it!”

I had to move forward slightly to enter her again and slammed very hard into her ass, making her scream in delight.

“Like that? Is that how you want it?”

“Yes, David! Make me cum…. fuck my ass until I cum!”

All thoughts of Makayla left my mind as my cock was systematically thrust in and out of my mother’s hot tight ass as fast as I could go. Even giving her everything I had, she begged for more, crying and screaming for me to go faster and harder. My goal, as in the past, was to get her to cum before I did but I was going so quickly and it felt so good I was worried I’d not last long enough.

If I slowed down even slightly, Mom noticed and yelled from me to keep going. Giving her what she wanted was going to make me shoot my load, it was inevitable.

The pressure and pleasure grew; mounting and expanding in my body. My balls tightened all the way around my shaft, no longer slapping against Mom’s pussy as I slammed into her. The intensity rose, passing the point of being able to stop it even if I tried. I could feel Mom’s hand going ballistic on her clit from underneath and she was screaming very loud as I exploded deep inside her. As I released my load and my cock sent the first burst into her, her ass constricted and grabbed my cock tight. I knew she was cumming with me and it only increased my orgasm.

Sweat dripped off my body as my cock spewed into my mother’s ass, blowing me away by how good it felt again. I knew without a doubt my mother was the only woman for me.


“We better clean up, Makayla’s going to be here soon,” Mom said, lying in my arms.

“I have a better idea. Let’s ignore her and enjoy each other.”

“You know that’s not possible, no matter how much we both want it.”

“Why? Think about it. Let’s just leave. You and me. We’ll take off, disappear, no one will ever find us.”

“David, we can’t… your father… your school… Makayla?”

“Screw it all. We can do it. Dad will never find us. We’ll change our names… our looks; no one will even know you’re my mother. We’ll start new, somewhere else.”

“And the money? Can you live without that?”

“If I have you, nothing else matters.”

“And the baby?”

I hesitated. She couldn’t actually be thinking about keeping it, could she? I imagined some mutant child, like from that X-files episode. She couldn’t keep it but how was I going to convince her of that.

“First things first. Tell me you’ll run away with me,” I said, ignoring the problem.

Before she answered the doorbell rang. Makayla was early.

“We can discuss this later; we need to attend to Makayla now,” she said Kars Escort Bayan trying to get up.

I pulled her back in bed with me saying, “Why? Forget her and stay with me. I don’t want Makayla, Mother. I want you.”

“Oh, David… now… you want me now, but what about in ten or twenty years. I’ll be old, used up and you’ll barely be my age. I can’t do that to you, no matter how much I would like to.”

“I don’t care about that; all I care about is being with you.”

“You will, I know you can’t see it now, as young as you are, but it will change, you’ll change,” she said and pulled away from me.

I was too shocked to stop her again, watching her stand up, gather her discarded clothing and leave my room.

It wasn’t fair. I had to convince her somehow.


When I finally got dressed and went downstairs, Makayla jumped up from her chair and ran over to me.

“Hi, Honey,” she said putting her arms around my neck, kissing me.

She was dressed very nice again, looking beautiful but I really had no interest in her but kissed her back anyway. She hung on me, whispering in my ear.

“I wonder what your mother has planned for me today. I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday… I’m so horny. Oh, and I’m not wearing any panties.”

This raised my eyebrows and made my cock twinge with a jolt of electricity. Makayla was determined to please me and this would only make it more difficult on her when I convinced Mom to disappear with me. Just then Mom appeared from around the corner.

“Are you two ready? Join me in the kitchen please.”

Makayla turned to me, “Kitchen? Kinky,” she said, giggling and walked toward my mother.

When I caught up to them and walked into the kitchen I saw the vegetable oil out on the counter and knew immediately what Mother had planned for Makayla. If this didn’t make her freak out and end this nothing would.

“You’re going to want to remove your clothes, both of you.”

Makayla didn’t hesitate, which to be honest surprised me even though I knew once she put her mind to something she finished it but still, she was acting really eager and determined. She was naked before I had my shirt off and asking where my mother wanted her. What the hell was going on?

“Over here, Dear, face the counter, lean over it. David, are you ready yet?” Mom asked as Makayla got into position.

When she bent over I could see how wet and aroused she already was. Maybe she wasn’t lying about thinking about this all day. I could have easily shoved my cock into her pussy with no problem at all. Except my cock wasn’t fully hard. My mother quickly saw this and came over to me.

“Are you okay?”

“Fine… actually no, I’m not. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want her,” I whispered, looking over Mom’s shoulder.

Makayla was watching us and bit her lip as I looked at her and bent over even more, shoving her butt out and mashing her nice breasts on the countertop. Mom reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking it for me and looking me in the eye.

“This is for the best, David. Don’t let me down.”

Her hand felt nice, I couldn’t deny it and she soon had my cock hard and ready.

“I want you to fuck her hard until I introduce the oil, then you know what to do,” Mom said, giving me a knowing look and my cock one more hard stroke before pulling me toward Makayla with it.

I was torn… most of me wanted to refuse and not fuck the incredibly sexy woman bent over my kitchen counter because I wanted only Mom. The other part of me only wanted to fuck Makayla because I figured if I scared her enough she might change her mind about this plan and leave on her own accord. Maybe that was what Mom wanted as well and since she had the oil out I was thinking I knew her plan.

So, obeying my mother I walked up to Makayla, grabbed hold of my hard ridged shaft and shoved my wide head into her very hot and wet sex. The sensation was difficult to ignore, even if I didn’t really want to be fucking her it still felt incredible. My young hard cock was caressed and smothered by Makayla’s more than prepared pussy. She felt just as good or better than yesterday after making herself cum. I was pretty sure she wasn’t lying about thinking sex all night and day. Grinding my teeth, I slammed the whole of my cock deep into her, pressing her against the granite counter top with my thrust. She moaned, turning her head to look at me.

“Oh… yesssssssss… Give it to me, David… I’ve been craving your cock since yesterday!”

Mom stood off to the side, just in view with her arms folded under her large breasts, watching me thrust in and pull out as fast as I could. Her face was expressionless, her body frozen in place, just standing there like a statue while Makayla screamed and I fucked and slammed away.

Psychologically I wasn’t into it, but my cock remained hard and I knew I could last indefinitely especially since I had cum big time in Mom’s ass not thirty minutes ago. I was Escort Kars just going through the motions; the hard, animalistic thrusting motions of fucking Makayla. It wasn’t love or emotional sex like with Mom, it was just sex, empty sex. I got angrier the longer I lasted, pushing her over the counter and holding her down while I banged away at her flooding sex.

Mom let this continue for twenty minutes until she picked up the oil off the counter and walked over to us. I pulled out, stepping back as Makayla panted and quivered on the counter top. Sweat covered my naked body as I breathed deeply. I noticed her legs shaking and saw the trail of cum running down her inner thighs for an orgasm I seemed to have missed in my angry fucking. Makayla looked wasted, totally spent from the climax and struggled to raise her head and look back at us.

“David didn’t cum, after all that you didn’t make him ejaculate so you must step it up, my dear.”

“Huh… how?” Makayla breathed out, not comprehending much.

Mother moved forward and poured some oil on her back, letting it run down between her cheeks over her puckered hole and open sex.

“You must give him your ass, you must please him,” Mother said, pressing her index finger into Makayla’s tight and tiny orifice.

“Ahhhh, she screamed with shock, trying to jump away from my mother’s touch, but was unable to because of the counter top. “No… I never… no I can’t take his cock in there… it won’t fit!”

“You must make it fit,” Mom said inserting another finger.

Makayla squirmed; rising on her toes to get away from Mother’s pressing digits and looking back at me for some help. I was now the statue, showing no feeling at all towards her glances or her concern.

“No.. Please, David… I can’t. It hurts already… please don’t do this.”

“You will or you will leave and never return!” Mother screamed at her, shoving her fingers deeper.

Tears formed and dropped from both eyes as Makayla sobbed and turned her head away from me. She leaned over the counter, dropping to her heels. She didn’t say anything for a full minute with Mom’s fingers tightly shoved in her ass. I was really hoping she would back out, tell both of us to fuck off and leave. My cock was glistening and throbbing from her wet pussy and Mom was looking at me as we waited for Makayla to say something.

A muffled reply escaped her lips, hard to understand, “I’ll… do…. it… Just, please go slow…” she said without raising her head.

I froze, not wanting to move but Mother motioned me forward, reaching out with her free hand. I hesitated only slightly stepping forward. Mom grabbed my arm, tugging me the rest of the way and removing her fingers.

“Relax, Dear, if you tighten up it will only hurt worse. This is how you please, David… make him cum with your ass… please him.”

Makayla’s body shook with sobs. How could I do this? I never thought it would go this far, I assumed she would back out and leave but her determination was iron, especially to endure what was coming.

Mom pulled my face to hers and whispered in my ear, “Fuck her ass, David… fuck her into submission.”

I looked down at Makayla, her pussy wet with oil and cum hung open and her little ass was slightly pulsing giving me just a glimpse inside since Mother’s fingers had just left. When I touched her with the head of my cock she tightened instantly as she jumped. I was going to destroy her for sure, especially in her current state. I couldn’t back down… Mom would never forgive me and I would rather do this to Makayla than hurt Mom.

Using my hand I rubbed the head of my cock up and down Makayla’s greased up pussy and puckered hole. She flinched again, especially when the tip grazed her anus. If I was going to do this she needed to relax and she was anything but. I opted to sliding back into her pussy, which got a surprising sound from Makayla’s lips. It was a mixture of shock and pleasure and relief. I slid in slow, placing my hands on her back and caressing her gradually until my left hand was on her ass and my thumb aimed downward toward her tight hole. Gently I thrust in and out, as my thumb circled her anus, slipping around in the vegetable oil.

Half a minute later I tried to ease the tip of my thumb into her and she instantly tightened up, prohibiting my entry. I sped up my thrusts and tried again, pressing through her tight muscles until I was up to my fingernail inside her extremely tight hole. Looking up I saw Mom, she didn’t look pleased. I knew she wanted me to force my cock into Makayla’s ass and make her scream but I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t that kind of person.

Even if I wanted to make her hate me and run away forever I still couldn’t hurt her on purpose by shoving my large cock into her unwilling ass. I looked away from Mom, sliding my cock again deep in to Makayla and easing my thumb a little further to the widest part of the first knuckle. The strain I felt on my thumb was intense, she was unnaturally tight and I couldn’t imagine my cock ever being able to fit.

Makayla turned her head to look at me again, I saw the pain in her face from just my thumb, “Please, David… I can’t do this… don’t make me.”

“Enough!” Mom screamed, pushing me away.

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