Between the Stacks

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Author’s Note: I was sitting in the library doing some work and this vignette popped into my mind. I wrote it in an hour. It’s barely 2,000 words so it is a quick read. Please enjoy, please vote, please comment. Thank you.


Tim kicked his shoes off as soon as he got inside his apartment. The shoes smashed into the wall above the small rubber mat by the door. Well, he’d would wash those fucking marks off the fucking wall later. He settled onto the chair at the kitchen counter with a sigh. Both a beer and the laptop were popped open.

“Leadership” picked the boss’s cousin for the newly-opened management position today. The guy had been there for half a year. Tim, who hit all his metrics and knew the business in and out was passed up. Two years of effort and development and now this. He had seen commiseration in his coworkers’ eyes when the name was announced.

Janet: “That’s too bad, Tim. I thought they were going to put you in charge after Mariam retired.”

Chris: “If you want to go get some beers and smash some golf balls after work, I’m down.”

Trevor: “If you plan on quitting with outrage, I’ll follow you to whichever company you end up, man.”

Beverly: “You don’t need a fancy title for us to know who really leads the group.”

But on to other things.

Tim would now settle down, watch some porn, drink a beer or six, and recover for work on Monday. Still, it was shitty. His fingers danced across the keyboard with a mind of their own entering name and password. Moments later the main screen showed up and the usual girl (nude) held her sign welcoming him back to the site.

Tim always first clicked on the MESSAGES icon at the top of the main page. His eyebrows went the message looked like an actual comment. All the messages so far had been poorly-written notes from beautiful 20-year old virgins who lived right down the street and who wanted to fuck him and he didn’t even need a credit card.

“Saline, MI?” the title asked.

Tim, indeed, lived in Saline. It was a farming community south of Ann Arbor, an hour west of Detroit. The population hovered around a few thousand people clustered around a mile’s worth of ‘downtown’ Michigan Avenue. Tim was surprised someone identified it from his one picture. He had a more generic “SE Michigan” as his location. He was doubly surprised someone was contacting him even though the porn site was geared to be as much social as it was visually stimulating.

He clicked red envelope icon and read.

Hello, it started, I recognize the background of your profile pic from Saline and I’m curious if you’re still there? I have a proposition for you if you are. My name is Nancy.

Tim clicked on the link to the profile. There was no headshot. The profile pic was shadowy outline of a person holding binoculars, reserved for the semi-serious voyeur. There were no pics or videos submitted by the profile but their favorites were exhibitionist and voyeuristic in nature. The first few favorited pictures were nude men at beaches, standing in windows of buildings, and in public Kastamonu Escort places. The favorited videos featured women being groped, flashing their breasts, and nude beaches. The first video showed a woman in a small closet, arms coming through holes in the walls. The hands attached to those arms roamed all over the woman’s body.

Tim couldn’t do much more research but the person, “Nancy,” had been a member on the site for over a year according to the profile information. Maybe she (he?) was legit. Today’s work events left Tim feeling frisky and daring so he did something he had never done online before.

He responded.

I currently live in Saline somewhere north of town. You?

The response came back five minutes later.

My fantasy is to have a handsome stranger touch my body. I feel confident and aroused today and both your profile picture and your proximity motivated me to reach out. Are you interested?

The language wasn’t what Tim expected. He figured it would be more vulgar and aggressive. The vocabulary did suggest someone who actually thought out what they were doing. Tim didn’t currently have a serious relationship and he felt the right set-up might actually lead to some fun. His dick encouraged him to take the next step.

I could be interested. The most important question is if you’re female? I’m not into guys, sorry.

Yes, the response popped up a minute later, I am female for sure. I’m mid-40s, not-so-recently divorced, and I work at the library. But don’t tell anyone if you actually know me, please.

The ‘please’ sold it for Tim. He was once complimented by a waitress at a Big Boy because he was so polite and said please and thank you. He doubted sex offenders and murders were so polite. But, wait, wasn’t Ted Bundy really charming and charismatic?

He typed.

I use the Ann Arbor libraries so I haven’t been to yours. You are right around the corner from me, though. How do you see this going?

Tim’s cock stirred in his pants as he typed. This had to be a set-up, right? But it was a porn site and the whole point of being there was sex. Maybe it was legitimate. If she said something about meeting at the library, he was in. If it was at her house, he was out.

Moments later: I am at the front desk at the library and I want you to come ask for An Indian Winter by Russell Freedman. It is in the older youth section in the far back and the kids are still in school for another hour. It is dead quiet now if you can come here in the next few minutes.

Tim, heart thumping from anxiety and excitement, headed out the door. It was just after 1:00 and he had to squint in the light until he got his sunglasses on. May in Michigan was one of the few months everyone could enjoy. Tim, who didn’t have kids, figured anyone who did would be at a park since perfect days like this didn’t come all the time.

The library’s parking lot off Maple was almost empty. The few cars present filled the employee spaces. Tim parked under the shade of a tree and walked across the abandoned Kastamonu Escort Bayan concrete. He was hit by a comfortable blast of air conditioning when he went through the doors into the building.

“Hello,” he said, approaching the woman standing behind the desk smiling at him. She was brown-haired and freckled. Red glasses perched on her nose and she might have been mid-40s. NANCY was on her name tag. “I’m looking for An Indian Winter.”

Her eyes lit up briefly and the hints of a grin tugged at the corners of her mouth.

“Please follow me,” she said as she came around the desk and walked to the youth section. She passed him with barely a glance. Tim followed her. She wore a purple and white sleeveless blouse with a scoop neck that showed a strip of pale smooth skin across the top of her chest. She was slightly heavier for a woman. The long pink skirt, cotton, swished at her feet as she walked quickly to the back corner of the library. Bright sunlight flooded through the tall windows and the only sounds were the low whoosh of the air conditioning and the wooden beads of her necklace clacking together.

“Let’s see,” Nancy said, stopping and facing a bookshelf. She described the spot well. They were in the far corner of the deserted children’s section and no one could sneak up on them. She stood for a few moments with head cocked to the side, not moving, scanning titles. Tim, heart in throat, almost walked out just then. Was this a prank? Was he about to do something to get himself arrested and charged as a sex criminal? Nancy had smiled at him but she really didn’t indicate anything out of the ordinary. Tim wasn’t especially arrogant but women did smile at him from time to time. It could have just been a smile. In the end, his cock won out and he did what he considered one of the stupidest things in his life.

His hand came to a rest on Nancy’s hip.

There was no reaction.

Nancy continued tracing book spines with her index finger. The thick material was warm from her body heat. Tim traced the lines of her underwear under the skirt with his fingers. He gave a gentle squeeze. She stepped to the right and his hand trailed along the top of her ass, round and soft. She said nothing and continued looking. Tim stepped directly behind her and put his hands on her waist. She stooped down to investigate the lower shelf and pushed her ass into Tim’s crotch. His cock swelled. His hands came up her body to her arms. He ran his fingertips along her skin from her shoulders to her wrists and back.

“I’m pretty good at this,” Nancy said to herself, “So I’ll probably find this book quickly.”

Tim could take a hint. Fully confident, his came off her arms and went around the front of her body. Her heavy breasts filled his palms. He hefted each one in turn, enjoying their weight. Tim had dated only thin, athletic women and he wasn’t used to large tits. His cock strained against his pants as he reached over her shoulder and down her blouse. His hand slid under the fabric of her bra. She didn’t make a noise, didn’t move Escort Kastamonu when his fingers brushed against her nipple. He teased it between his fingertips, rolled it, and felt it harden.

Tim didn’t question the reality of what was happening. He was standing in a library, in a kid’s section no less, playing with some woman’s tits. He tried to commit every moment to memory. His heart pumped and his body zinged with excitement. How long would she let him touch her? He didn’t know but he hoped for a long time. Her big tits felt wonderful.

Tim groped her once last time and stepped back. Her skirt rustled as he pulled it up her legs and held it up around her waist. He put a hand down the back of her panties, playing with her ass. She inhaled sharply and moved her feet wider. The waistband rasped along his wrist as he reached around her hips and moved his hand along her belly. His fingers slid through a patch of soft hair and he pressed his fingers against her clit.

Nancy stiffed, her body tightening. Tim, sensing, pulled his hands out from between her legs. She relaxed and her body loosened as he continued to grope her ass. He squeezed harder and was rewarded with a quiet gasp.

Nancy finally straightened and pivoted neatly to the left. She pulled a book off the shelf.

“I found it. Here you are.” She held the hardcover out to him, her shining eyes meeting his.

Tim, turned on beyond sanity, reached for the book and placed it on top of the shelf. He looked her in the eyes as he took her hands and positioned them behind her back. Her chest stuck out, offering her breasts to him once more. He took both in his hands. His thumbs circled her nipples poking through the material of her blouse. Nancy continued to hold his gaze. She was mildly attractive in a nerdy sort of way.

“You can take it to the counter to check it out,” she finally said, glancing down at his crotch. He pulled his t-shirt out from under the belt to conceal his tented pants. Nancy turned and walked away, never looking back.

Tim left the book on shelf. He walked out of the children’s section and cruised through the lobby. The other two librarians, women, were standing behind the desk and smiling at him.

“Find everything you’re looking for?” one asked.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Maybe we will see you again?” the other one asked.

“With any luck, I’ll be back,” Tim said. The librarians laughed when he left. Maybe they were in on it too.

He got home minutes later, cock throbbing in his pants. He saw the message alert up on the website when he passed the computer. It could only mean one thing.

“Cameras In Use” was the title. Nancy had sent him a message just a few minutes ago.

There’s a sign that says we use cameras for security at the library, if you didn’t notice. I may have used a camera and the video may be posted already. Check my profile.

He did. And there he was in full-color digital. The camera, wherever she hid it, was high quality. He watched and relived the experience. Somehow seeing himself do it again and play with the woman’s body from third-person turned him on even more. Tim’s excruciatingly hard cock got harder. He stripped his pants off and stroked himself to pleasure. He hadn’t cum so quickly in a long time. Moments later, after catching his breath, Tim knew he would have to start using his local library.

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