Beyond Game Night Pt. 01

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Author’s Note: I just wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone who has voted, taken the time to leave a comment or sent me an encouraging message about my stories. Thank you! I hope y’all enjoy this little tale that has been bouncing around inside of my head for a little while. All characters and events are fictional.

Of course this story includes sexually explicit material and is intended for adults, so if you are not at least 18 years of age or are offended by sexual material, well, you’ve been warned…for those that stick around, thank you for reading, feel free to comment and give feedback and please remember to vote!


“The category is words,” Jenn announced and gave everyone at the table a glimpse of her infectious smile. “And the word is… aretaloger. Aretaloger.”

It was Saturday night…but not just any Saturday night. Tonight was the first Saturday of the month which meant game night for the three married couples. It was a tradition going back for the past three years and they all did their best to try and honor it. So far they’d been having a very enjoyable evening aided by delicious food, snacks and of course plenty of alcohol. They’d been at it for over two hours and with the exception of Lori, everyone had consumed just the right amount of beer or margaritas so that one of their favorite games, Beyond Balderdash, should be a lot of fun to play.

Lori was the first one to hand her completed slip of paper to Jenn who was ‘the Dasher’ for this round. The redhead palmed the folded piece of paper and winked at Lori before draining half of the rather strong margarita that sat in front of her. The blonde-haired Lori gave Jenn a polite smile in return and reflexively took a sip of her Diet Coke. She was the designated driver tonight. She absent-mindedly looked around the table, waiting for everyone else to finish.

In the seat to Lori’s right was her husband Jon. He was busy writing, covering his work with his other hand so no one could see his answer. Next to him at the head of the table was their host Brit – short for Brittany but nobody who knew her ever called her that – who was scowling thoughtfully at the blank paper with the tip of her tongue sticking out between her lips, her tell that she was deep in thought. Right next to Brit was her husband Will. He handed his slip of paper to Jenn – the comparison of their hands looking comical. Will was a really big guy, dwarfing everyone else at the table, but he was also a complete teddy bear. Lori politely returned Will’s good natured grin as her eyes moved on to Jenn who was finishing her drink and then on to the chair to Jenn’s right at the other end of the table which was Jenn’s husband Patrick. Patrick was handsome, easily the best looking guy in their group. He was also the funniest and most playful…and when he got drunk definitely the perviest. He handed his slip of paper to his wife, gave her a kiss on the cheek and then got up to go to the kitchen for another round.

Everyone finally finished up and turned in their slips of paper to Jenn as Patrick came back in the room with a tray full of cold beers and the pitcher of margaritas. As the group replenished glasses and accepted fresh bottles of Corona Extra, this turned into an excuse for a bathroom break as well. Will and Jon helped themselves to another sandwich from the platter in the kitchen and after fifteen minutes, the game was finally ready to resume with bladders emptied, stomachs full and a fresh round at hand. Jenn quickly sorted through the scraps of paper and read each one, making sure she could read everyone’s handwriting so that she wouldn’t stumble on any words. She shook her head a few times and chuckled at some of the definitions.

“Alright…the word is aretaloger,” Jenn announced. She opened the first slip of paper and cleared her throat. “Aretaloger – when married women rub their nipples together.”

All three men immediately busted out guffawing like adolescent boys. Jenn started laughing as well while Lori rolled her eyes. Brit giggled and slapped her husband playfully on the arm with a mumbled “you wish, big boy” and everybody had a good laugh.

“Aretaloger,” Jenn opened the next slip of paper with a grin and read, “is the term used to define the art of MILFs giving each other naked massages.”

Again, the three men hooted and howled and both Jenn and Brit rolled their eyes, but were tipsy enough that they couldn’t help but laugh along with their spouses. Completely sober Lori didn’t see nearly as much humor in the answer. Jenn opened the next slip of paper and waited on the men to settle down.

“Aretaloger,” the redhead read aloud, “is the name of the tool archeologists use to brush away dirt from artifacts.”

Everyone nodded in appreciation at that one and considered that it might be the actual definition.

“Aretaloger,” the redhead read the next one, “term used to describe when a smoking…I tried, but I’m not reading the rest of this.”

“Awww, Pendik Escort c’mon,” Patrick whined, giving it away that it was his. “You have to.”

“Read it,” Will bellowed in his deep voice and then bellowed it again in an even louder, deeper voice until his diminutive wife punched him in the gut.

“Just get it over with already,” Brit told Jenn and then held her fist up to her large mate who cowered away from her. The both broke up laughing at each other and then the short, curvy brunette downed the last of her margarita.

“Fine,” Jenn smiled sweetly and then kicked her husband in the shin under the table. Patrick yelped as she started reading again. “A term used to describe when a smoking hot redhead motorboats her friend’s big, gigantic titties.”

Jon ended up choking on his beer when he started laughing. He was laughing, coughing and slapping his hand down on the table which made Patrick and Will started laughing even harder. Brit started giggling as well which caused her large breasts to noticeably shake and jiggle which made Jenn start to laugh, too. Everyone at the table joined in on the laughter, except Lori who was finding all of the Sapphic sexual innuendo a little tiresome.

“Can we get to the last two definitions, please?” Lori asked when the laughter finally started subsiding.

“Aretaloger,” Jenn tried to stifle her last few giggles as she nodded her obedience and read, “means the one who boasts about his or her own accomplishments.”

“Aretaloger,” the redhead repeated as without hesitation she flipped to the next slip of paper and read it aloud as well, “is the name of the Celtic god of apple trees.”

“Wow,” Brit nodded her head slowly. “Some of those are pretty good.”

“I know,” her husband agreed. “Motorboating? Come on, how creative is that?”

“Exactly,” Patrick pointed his finger in agreement from across the table and a new round of chuckles started.

“That’s all of them,” Jenn announced over the boys’ laughter with her pencil ready. She shuffled the papers back through and looked around the table.

“Can you run through them again?” Jon asked and then gave a sly look at Patrick before adding, “And please read them slowly.”

Will and Patrick cheered and whistled as Jon laughed and held his arms up.

“Really, Jon?” his wife turned towards him with an expression that let everyone at the table know Jon had just taken up residence in her dog house.

“I’m just kidding,” Jon dropped his arms. “Come on, hon – it’s a game. We’re just having fun.”

“Can you run through them again, please?” Lori turned back towards Jenn and made it a point to ignore her husband.

“Sure,” Jenn replied cheerily. “Aretaloger…married women rubbing nipples, MILF nudie massages, the archeologists’ tool, hot redhead motorboating, the one who boasts and…the Celtic god.”

Jenn turned to her husband. “Which one are you voting for?”

“Let’s see…nipple rubbing or naked massages?” Patrick pondered aloud. He looked at his wife and smiled. “I gotta vote for the smoking hot redhead motorboating her friend’s tits!”

“Why am I not surprised?” Jenn shook her head with a grin and marked it down that he was voting for his own answer. She looked up at Lori. “Lori?”

“I’m voting for the one who boasts,” Lori informed the redhead and knew she had guessed the actual definition by just the shadow of a frown that pulled at the corner of Jenn’s mouth. If no one had guessed the real meaning of the word, Jenn would have gotten two points.

“Jon?” Jenn looked up at Lori’s husband who still seemed to be a little upset.

“Archeologists’ tool,” Jon said quietly and took a swig of his beer.

“Brit?” Jenn looked down the table just as Brit stood up.

“I have to pee,” Brit announced as she headed towards the hallway that led to the bathroom.

“Vote first,” Jenn called after her.

“Alright,” Brit stopped for a moment just inside of the hallway where only her husband and Jenn could see her from the table. Grabbing the hem of her dark grey t-shirt, Brit turned around to face the two of them with a mischievous smile. She pulled her shirt up and flashed her very large bra-covered breasts as she started walking backwards. “Put me down for redheaded motorboating!”

Everyone (with the exception of Lori) at the table laughed at Brit’s answer, but Will and Jenn both laughed just a little harder. They shared a quick look of ‘can you believe she just did that’ and shook their heads. Jenn finally got her laughter under control and turned to Brit’s husband.

“Will?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“How can I go against my wife’s wishes?” he smiled at her with a glint in his eye. “Now exactly how was that worded? Something along the lines of a smoking hot redhead and motorboating big boobs?”

“Big, gigantic titties,” Jenn corrected him as she recorded his vote. Was she really all that surprised that her husband’s ridiculous Pendik Escort Bayan answer actually received two votes? Not at all.

They waited until Brit came back and then Jenn went over the results. Patrick and Lori were tied for first place. Patrick received two points for the votes from Brit and Will for his motorboating answer (his vote didn’t count). Lori received one point for guessing the correct answer of the one who boasts about his or her own accomplishments and another point for her husband’s vote for her answer about the archeologists’ tool.

Everyone was ready for the next round when Lori stood up and coolly announced she and Jon were calling it a night. The group erupted with everyone speaking at once. Patrick and Will were apologizing and promised to cut down on the silly answers while both Brit and Jenn explained that it was only ten thirty and they didn’t get to hang out that often, so please stay longer…until Lori held up a hand to silence them all. She explained that she had a headache and that she was sorry, but they were leaving. Final decision.

Lori walked over and quickly hugged Brit and then Will. She looked at Jenn. “Are you guys coming?”

Jenn shared a look with Brit. “No, I think we’re going to stay a while.”

“Okay,” Lori nodded and gestured for Jon to grab the last of their things. She stopped and looked at Jenn again. “But no drinking and driving, right?”

“Of course not,” Jenn shook her head.

“No way,” Patrick spoke up as he stood and put his arm around his wife’s shoulders. “If we don’t call a cab, we’ll just crash here or something.”

“Y’all are more than welcome to stay here tonight,” Will spoke up. “And you know that means y’all can too, Lori.”

“Thanks, Will, but we’re going to go,” Lori smiled politely. She walked to the door and turned around. “Thanks for a fun evening.”

The chorus of ‘okays’ and ‘byes’ and ‘be carefuls’ followed the couple out the door. After they watched the headlights swing out of the driveway and start down the road, Brit spoke up.

“Oh, shoot,” she said suddenly.

“What?” Jenn asked with sudden concern.

Brit looked at her with a smirk. “Did Lori remember to take her stick?”

Will looked at his wife with confusion. “What stick?”

“The stick she had up her ass tonight,” Jenn finished for her friend and the four of them laughed.

Patrick disappeared into the kitchen as the remaining two women went back and forth asking each other rhetorical questions about what could have been Lori’s problem tonight while Will just sat there listening. Patrick reappeared with four shot glasses and a bottle of Fireball.

“I’m not letting her ruin the rest of our night,” he announced. He poured each of them a shot of the spicy cinnamon-flavored whisky. “We don’t get a chance to get out very often and the kids are at Jenn’s parents for the weekend, so I’ll be dipped if we ain’t going to enjoy the hell out of this.”

“I say hell yeah to that,” Brit agreed and carefully bumped her shot glass against Patrick’s and then Jenn’s. They all downed their shots and without asking Patrick poured each of them another. They said another quick cheers and downed their second round of shots.

“Take it easy there, bubba,” Jenn cautioned her husband when he started to pour a third. “Pace yourself…okay?”

“Alrighty then,” Patrick gave her a silly grin. He was good and buzzed as it was.

“So…do we keep playing?” Will asked the rest of the now smaller group.

“Yeah, I want to keep playing,” Brit nodded, but then shook her head. “But not this…I don’t want to have to think that much. Let’s play something fun and easy.”

“Like what?” Jenn asked and turned her head to include the guys.

“Scattergories?” Will suggested but nobody responded. “Apples to Apples? Cards Against Humanity?”

“Strip poker,” Patrick suggested with a grin and tried to grab his wife’s butt, but he was thwarted by a smack on the hands. Jenn turned to give him a secret look that suggested she was definitely interested, but later.

“Truth or dare,” Brit suggested with an evil laugh and Will traded a look with Jenn that said maybe his wife was just as drunk as her husband.

“Maybe we’ll just watch a movie or something,” Jenn suggested.

“Y’all figure it out,” Will announced and excused himself to go to the bathroom.

Jenn mentioned a couple of movie titles but received boos and thumbs down from both her best friend and her spouse. The redhead waited for the other two to make suggestions, but of course neither of them spoke up. She shrugged and went into the kitchen for something else to drink other than a shot. When she came back into the dining room carrying a bottle of beer she found both her husband and Brit making faces and setting their shot glasses down. She shook her head and took the bottle of cinnamon whisky off of the table and handed it to Will who was coming Escort Pendik back into the room.

“Here,” she told Will. “Hide this, please.”

“Really?” he asked with a shake of his head.

“Really,” Jenn confirmed and then addressed the guilty pair. “And I’m not cleaning up anyone’s puke tonight either.”

“Puke, schmuke.” Patrick announced loudly with a bit of a slur and smiled. “I’m rain as right.”

“I don’t think anybody’s getting sick tonight,” Brit agreed with a smile and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at her husband. She was apparently not as drunk as Patrick after all.

“So,” Will cleared his throat after his wife came over and wrapped her arms around him. The top of her head barely came up to his chin. “Uh, y’all just want to call it an early night?”

“Might as well,” Jenn chuckled. Patrick came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her from behind, but ended up leaning a little too much bodyweight on her. Jenn staggered for a second and had to brace herself on the table, but managed to remain standing. She turned and ducked under his arm, putting it around her shoulder.

“Guest bedroom,” Will pointed down the hall. “You need some help?”

“That’s okay, I got him,” Jenn smiled and moved her husband’s hand off of her breast as she turned and helped him stagger down the hall. They went past the bathroom and on into the guest bedroom.

“I want to sit by the fire,” Brit whispered up at her husband.

“I think I can manage that,” he said quietly and leaned down to kiss his wife. She slipped her tongue inside of his mouth and he straightened back up and gave her a knowing smile.


Jenn was actually every bit as horny as her husband had been acting.

Not a big surprise – she always felt a little extra frisky when she drank and she’d been maintaining the perfect buzz for over an hour now. She quickly slipped off her yoga pants and then her shirt while Patrick collapsed on the bed and struggled to get his shorts off. She leaned over and began kissing him as she helped him unsnap his shorts and pulled his zipper down. Between the two of them, they finally managed to get his shorts and underwear off and she climbed on top of him. He ran his hands up and down her back as they began kissing in earnest.

She could feel that her husband wasn’t fully aroused yet, so she slid down his body, kissing his smooth chest and abs on her way down to his cock. She played with him and took him in her mouth and tried just about everything she could think of to get him hard, but he wasn’t responding. She moved back up to kiss him again, but he was already passed out. “You’ve got to be kidding,” she whispered to him, but he didn’t respond.

She sat up on the bed in her bra and panties as Patrick started to snore.

Jenn sighed, unhooked her bra and let the straps slide down her arms. She leaned over and tossed it onto the wingback chair in the corner and picked up her discarded t-shirt. She paused for a moment to run her hands up her ribcage and then cupped her breasts, feeling their weight in her hands. The familiar ache in her swollen nipples tempted her so she brought her fingers up to give them a pinch. Jenn looked back down at Patrick for a moment, and then through the haze of alcohol decided she really needed to pee.

She sighed.

Her annoyance with her spouse for passing out was close to matching her growing sexual frustration. She climbed off of the bed and started whispering out loud to her husband. “Damn it, Patrick – you picked a hell of a time to pass out on me. I’m drunk and I’m horny.” He responded with louder snoring. She grumbled to herself as she slipped her t-shirt back on and started to move to answer the call of nature once again. The thought popped into her head that maybe while she was in the bathroom she would just see to her own needs.

Jenn quietly opened the guest bedroom door and noiselessly slipped out into the hallway and tiptoed towards the bathroom. Right before she entered the bathroom she paused when she noticed a kind of flickering light coming from the direction of the front the house. After using the facilities, washing her hands and borrowing some mouthwash, Jenn crept back out of the bathroom and stood for a moment trying to figure out what that light might be. The more she concentrated on it the more she thought it was coming from the direction of the den. The rest of the downstairs lights in the house were off…maybe Brit had left one of those big scented candles burning.

Still feeling a really nice buzz, Jenn crept quietly down the hall. She didn’t know exactly why she was sneaking around in her best friend’s house like this, but it probably had something to do with the alcohol and her state of unquenched horniness. The combination of the two made her feel restless which made her act much bolder than she normally would. Not that Brit would mind or care. Not only was her best friend one of the most gracious hosts Jenn knew, but Brit was easily one of the most open and easygoing people she had ever met. The further down the hall Jenn crept, the more identifiable the light was…it had to be the fireplace. She now had a sneaking suspicion that Will and Brit had retired to the den rather than their master bedroom.

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