Big Changes At Home Ch. 08

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Chapter Eight: The Giggle-Twins

“Mom!” Rosina said in a hushed tone as she shook her mother by the shoulder. “MOM!” she said again, slightly louder, while shaking her mother a little harder.

“What?” Taryn replied with the slur of a sleepy, groggy manner that next morning.

“I need help,” Rosina replied in a quiet tone of voice and paused for a moment. “I need help making breakfast for Master,” she added in an even quieter tone of voice.

“Don’t call him that in front of your father!” Taryn hissed as her eyes shot open; she glared at her daughter who was kneeling beside Taryn’s side of the bed.

“What else would I call Master, but Master?” Rosina asked with a most puzzled look on her face, genuinely confused over what she saw as a silly question.

Taryn groaned and rolled her eyes; Rosina had it bad, hopefully she would calm down a bit in a few days. It was almost cute to see such fervent devotion to their collective Master. She smiled at Rosina, stroked her head and pulled her daughter toward her and kissed the young woman on the forehead. Taryn got out of the bed and tossed her bathrobe as she ushered her daughter out of the bedroom.

“Don’t you know how to make breakfast?” Taryn asked with a queer look on her face as she walked downstairs with her arm around Rosina’s waist. “Why did you need to drag me out of bed?” she added with a slightly perturbed chuckle as she squeezed her daughter at the shoulder.

“I want to make Master breakfast in bed, exactly the same as you did Thursday morning,” Rosina said with a slightly subdued manner. A smirk was on her face as she spoke, while she watched her mother out of the corner of her eye.

“You mean the morning after he made me his Slave,” Taryn said with a mock-serious tone of voice but once their eyes met the two women burst into laughter.

Taryn felt happy that morning as she walked into the kitchen with her daughter. She felt closer to Rosina this morning than she had in a few years. It was odd, and to an outside, rational mind it was a sick situation inside the Thompson household, but the three of them were happy. Taryn felt a connection to her daughter for helping her through the difficult time that the past few days had been for Rosina. There was something else that bonded them together closer than most mothers and daughters, they had something very important in common: Owen.

“So what exactly did you make him for breakfast Thursday, do you remember?” Rosina asked with apprehension, hoping that she would be able to recreate that scene exactly.

“Yeah I do,” Taryn said with a smile and a chuckle.

“Oh good!” Rosina said with a most relieved manner.

“This is really important to you, isn’t it?” Taryn asked with a sincere tone of voice as she rummaged around in the cupboards, looking for pans.

“Yes it is,” Rosina said with a firm tone of voice as she saw Taryn stand up with pan in hand.

“NO!” Rosina said as she took the pan out of Taryn’s hand while wearing a scowl on her face. “I need to make breakfast, you just need to tell me what to do,” Rosina said as she pointed at the kitchen table while looking at her mother, expectantly.

“Okay!” Taryn said as she released the pan and put her hands up in surrender.

Shortly after Taryn sat down at the table, Rosina placed a fresh cup of coffee in front of her mother. Taryn then told Rosina everything that she made for Owen that morning and Rosina quickly scribbled it down on some scrap paper. Taryn then watched Rosina as she started to cook breakfast, constantly checking the paper she wrote. There was a familiarity in the way she was constantly referring to the piece of paper. It reminded Taryn of herself that fateful Thursday morning when she did this while wondering what the hell she was doing. Rosina didn’t have any of those doubts, it seemed. This morning after she appeared to be completely devoted to Owen and had no regrets or second thoughts about being his Slave. The abrupt change struck Taryn as odd, so she had to speak up and ask her daughter about it.

“How do you feel this morning, dear?” Taryn asked Rosina who still was cooking breakfast, monitoring every detail.

“I feel great, mom, finally at peace,” Rosina said with a satisfied smile on her face as she looked at Taryn for a moment and smiled.

“Really, why?” Taryn asked curiously.

“Because there is no more conflict within me; I have accepted what I am.” Rosina said with a relieved smile and genuinely looked at peace.

“And what is that?” Taryn asked a might obvious question, but wanted to hear Rosina explain, in her own words. “I am a Slave to Master,” Rosina replied with a strange look on her face that she gave to her mother.

“How do you fell about that, dear? Do you regret it? Is it still what you want?” Taryn asked and chuckled inside as she knew that she was beginning to sound like a therapist, rather than a mother.

“I LOVE IT!” Rosina gushed, “I am no longer in pain because of it; you saw in me what I couldn’t accept. Hatay Escort You got me to see that I couldn’t run away from what was ingrained deep within me. Master then broke me, and made me accept what I am, and he forced me to take my rightful place at his feet.” Rosina said with a teary-eyed admission of genuine honesty that Taryn couldn’t deny.

“But are you really happy as Master’s Slave?” Taryn asked, still unable to accept that Rosina could have accepted her servitude to quickly.

“I am not filled with pain anymore, I only feel love! I love Master for taking that terrible pain out of my heart. I am forever grateful to him, and you because of it.” Rosina said as she looked at her mother with tears in her eyes and a look of joy on her face.

“Me?” Taryn replied with a start.

“I never would have seen my way out of the darkness if you hadn’t shown me the light. You helped me realize what I needed and why I was really in such pain. Because of our talk, I realized that I was in pain because I didn’t want to accept what I couldn’t deny. Thank you mom for helping me through this,” Rosina said as she walked toward Taryn and Taryn stood up to hug her daughter.

“I knew you were hurting, I just didn’t know why. I only wanted to help you through that terrible time. I hope that you won’t regret the decision you made,” Taryn said with a sincere look of regret on her face as she looked into Rosina’s eyes while she held her daughter’s head in her hands.

“If it is a mistake, mom, we’ll find out together, won’t we?” Rosina added with a conspiratorial grin which forced the pair to giggle uncontrollably.

That comment broke the tension so after they stopped laughing, Rosina returned her attention to breakfast while Taryn gave her some pointers on cooking. It was a special time between mother and daughter that they both enjoyed. Even Rosina felt happy, knowing that she was starting to reconnect with her mother. It was a much needed time that both needed and the pair chatted like old friends. They even discussed their sexual experiences with Owen and giggled like schoolgirls as they described the pleasures they had known so-far.

Before long, Rosina ascended the stairs that Tuesday morning and waited for Taryn to open the door. Taryn had wanted to leave Rosina to wake Owen on her own, but Rosina insisted she come in with her. Rosina had also originally intended to spend the time with just her and her Master. However, that changed after the wonderful time she had just had with her mother making the breakfast. Now, it didn’t seem right to just cut her mother out of the special time with their Master. Both women stood for a moment inside the closed door and looked at the sleeping Owen. They thought that the closing of the door would wake him up, but that didn’t do it. Rosina looked at Taryn and wondered what they should do next.

“Put that down over there, I know how to wake him up,” Taryn said to Rosina with a wink as she pointed at Owen’s dresser.

“Sure,” Rosina replied in a giddy and knowing manner as she did just as her mother said.

Taryn pulled back the sheets covering Owen’s sleeping body. When Owens flaccid cock came into view, both mother and daughter looked at it with satisfied reverence for their favorite male member. The looked at each other and instantly knew that they were thinking the same thing and giggled together. Taryn leaned over the end of the bed, on the side of the bed closest to the wall, making sure that her head was at Owen’s crotch. She looked at Rosina and motioned for her daughter to join her on the bed. Rosina did the same on the other side of Owen and both mother and daughter looked at each other and the cock that they were about to share. Rosina looked at Owen’s cock and then at Taryn, with a sparkle in her eye and an expectant look on her face.

Taryn winked at her daughter and grasped the cock in her hand, flipping the soft cock up so that she could get her lips around it. Taryn sucked hard on the soft cock and bobbed her head up and down on the cock she loved so much. Since it was soft, she didn’t need to push it down her throat, but she gave her all when sucking her Master’s sleeping cock. Even asleep, Owen moaned his approval to Taryn’s oral ministrations and his cock also stiffened to show its approval. When it was hard, Taryn then began to deep-throat the cock and this fact was not lost on an astonished Rosina.

“How the fuck do you do that without choking?” Rosina asked in amazement as Owen’s cock slid down Taryn’s throat with ease.

“You need to relax your throat, and just force yourself to ignore the gagging reflex,” Taryn said plainly as she pulled her mouth off Owen’s cock, to explain this to her daughter. “Here, you try,” she said as she held the slick cock upright and looked at Rosina in anticipation.

Rosina leaned over and took Owen’s cock in her hand and wrapped her lips around his cockhead. Rosina lowered her head down on his cock until the head hit the back of her mouth. Once the head hit the entrance Hatay Escort Bayan to her throat she gagged and started to cough. Undaunted, Rosina tried to relax and open her throat and pushed her mouth down again. She was able to get the head into the entrance of her throat before she gagged so badly that she had to pull her mouth off his cock as she coughed up a storm.

“That’s as far as I can go,” Rosina huffed her disappointment as her coughing fit subsided.

“Well, the first time it went down my throat, Master forced it there. We could try the same thing with you, if you’d like? I could push your head down on his cock, that might help you get past it, wanna try?” Taryn asked Rosina calmly, as if she were talking to her daughter about helping her with homework.

“Yeah! That would be great, I really want to learn to take him all the way down my throat like you!” Rosina said with excitement before she wrapped her lips around the cock once more.

Rosina lowered her mouth on his cock until she had as much of it as she could get inside, comfortably. She glanced at Taryn who took that as a signal to begin pushing, so she reached up and grasped the sides of her daughter’s head. Slowly Taryn helped Rosina shove that fat cock down her throat. When the cockhead slipped into the entrance of her throat, Rosina gagged and her body fought the invader. Taryn never let up the pressure until the whole of her son’s cock was down her daughter’s throat. Rosina was not at all comfortable with the thick shaft and fat head down her throat and was gagging something fierce. When the cock was pulled out of her throat she had to spit it out and coughed again. Tears were in her eyes as she looked over at her mother with a frustrated look.

“Sorry mom, I just can’t handle it like you,” Rosina said in a defeated tone of voice. She was saddened that she couldn’t suck her Master’s cock as good as she felt she should.

“It takes time and practice dear, you did have it down your throat that time, you just need to get used to it. Don’t worry dear, it’ll come,” Taryn said in a motherly manner of reassurance, and Rosina took some comfort in that.

“Thanks mom,” Rosina said with a genuinely satisfied smile that mother and daughter shared for a tender moment.

Owen had been awake for a little bit but couldn’t help but look at the bizarre scene unfolding at his crotch. There lying on either side of him was both of his Slaves, his mother and his sister. His mother was teaching his sister how to deep-throat him, and they were carrying on like it was the most natural thing in the world. Owen thought it was incredibly hot and loved the sight of both of the beautiful women in his family taking turns pleasing him. Both women looked at each other and the cock, both feeling naughty. They leaned in and started to lick the cock from either side, their tongues touching briefly and randomly.

“That is a sight I could get used to!” Owen said with a cheeky tone of voice and a shit-eating grin on his face as he looked down at Taryn and Rosina.

“Good morning, Master,” both Taryn and Rosina said in a sultry chorus. The sound caused a shiver of wicked pleasure to shoot through Owen.

“Good morning, Slaves,” Owen replied and the same wicked shiver shot through Taryn and Rosina.

the trio looked at each other for a moment before Owen said, “Did you come in here to start my day right or was there something else you wanted?”

“Right, you sit upright,” Taryn said to Owen with a motherly sounding tone of voice, “You feed him while I take care of this,” she added before giving his cock a long lick.

In less than a minute everything had been done as Taryn instructed. Owen was sitting up, leaning against the headboard. Rosina was feeding Owen just like Taryn had done almost a week ago. Taryn herself had settled herself between Owen’s widespread legs and was leisurely sucking his cock. Needless to say, Owen was in heaven and couldn’t imagine wanting to leave that bed anytime soon.

“Oh, Slave that’s great,” Owen said in a satisfied and gratified tone of voice with a mouthful of breakfast.

Both Taryn and Rosina looked at him with a broad smile on their faces. It was clear that they both thought that he had just praised her for what she was doing. Owen knew then that calling them both ‘Slave’ wasn’t going to work. How would they know who he was talking to and who he wasn’t? He thought about using their names but how would they know when he was talking to them normally and when he was giving them an order? He knew then that he had to give them nicknames, names that each would know he would use when he was giving them an order but others would think was just a pet name within the family. Owen thought the problem over for a bit longer, while Taryn sucked his cock and Rosina fed him breakfast.

“Slaves, we have a problem,” Owen said with a contemplative tone of voice.

“What’s that, Master?” Rosina asked first, as Taryn’s mouth was full of Owen at the time.

“I can’t Escort Hatay call you both ‘Slave’ because you won’t know who I am referring to,” Owen said in a calm tone and paused for a brief moment before he continued. “For that reason, I will give you each a pet name. When I use that name you will know that I am giving you an order as your Master. When I use your real name, you know that I am talking to you normally as just plain Owen, understand?” Owen asked and looked at both Taryn and Rosina, expecting an answer from each of them.

“Sure, Master,” Rosina replied as she gathered up more breakfast on her fork.

“Yes, Master,” Taryn said as she took his cock out of her mouth long enough to speak.

“You, Rosie I will call ‘Cat’, because of the catlike sounds you made while we fucked last night,” Owen said to Rosina plainly and Taryn choked on Owen’s cock as she had to laugh at the humorous truth of what he said.

“Yes, Master,” Rosina said, feeling a little embarrassed and made fun of at the moment.

“You, Taryn I will call ‘Big Red’ or ‘Red’ for short, because of your beautiful, long, red hair and your great big tits!” Owen said with feeling to Taryn, this time it was Rosina’s turn to laugh and Taryn’s turn to feel embarrassed.

“Yes, Master,” Taryn replied respectfully in any event.

“Rosie, after collage, you are to stop by the spa and have you’re pussy trimmed,” Owen said to Rosina before he turned to look at Taryn. “See that it’s trimmed properly and to my specifications, understand?” Owen said to Taryn with a definite and expectant tone of voice.

“Yes, Master,” Taryn replied with calm manner as she nodded her head to signal her agreement.

“Take the car with you and both of you are to stay at the spa until I get there.” Owen said to Taryn in a firm tone of voice.

“Yes, Master, but why?” Taryn asked with a confused tone of voice.

“Because I am taking my two special ladies out tonight, so make sure you both pack a change of clothes for dinner and a movie,” Owen said with a magnanimous smile on his face.

“Thank you, Master!” Taryn and Rosina squealed with excitement at the prospect of going out with Master.

“That was great breakfast, Cat, absolutely delicious!” Owen said with an appreciative tone of voice as Rosina moved the tray of empty dishes to the dresser.

“Thank you, Master” Rosina said as she returned to the bed and cuddled up to Owen.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice that you made me the same breakfast as Red did the morning after she became my Slave,” Owen said to Rosina with a smile as he tossed Taryn a wink. “Was that your idea?” he asked Taryn with a cheeky tone of voice.

“No, Master, it was all her idea,” Taryn said as she shook her head momentarily.

“Well, Cat, that breakfast was so good that I think you’ve earned a reward,” Owen said with a wicked smile on his face as he glanced at Rosina, who was still hugging him tight from the side.

“Reward? No reward is needed, Master, I love serving you, that in itself is reward enough!” Rosina asserted strenuously with a slight frown on her face.

“Tough! You’re getting one!” Owen said to Rosina before he turned to Taryn. “Move aside, Red, I just gotta have some more of Cat’s tight pussy!” Owen said before he looked back at Rosina. “Get up here and ride my cock, nude, Cat!” Owen commanded.

Rosina tore off her bathrobe and hopped up to hover over Owen’s cock so fast that she almost kicked Taryn in the head. Taryn had to move quite quickly and duck to get out of the way of the swinging right leg of Rosina. Rosina didn’t pause at all as she hovered herself over Owen’s cock, lined it up and sank down as quickly as she could go. The fat cock, still had a hard time sliding into the tight pussy, but eventually it did go all the way in. Rosina let out the purr that had given her the nickname ‘Cat’ as she sat on Owen’s cock. Rosina looked over at Taryn with a look of pure bliss and after a few seconds the pair burst into a giggling fit. Mother and daughter knew well the joys of the cock that was in Rosina’s pussy. It was that intimate knowledge that made their bond even stronger at that moment.

Taryn watched as Rosina bounced up and down on Owen’s cock and she felt strange as her children fucked right before her eyes. She watched Owen’s cock slide in and out of Rosina’s pussy, her eyes fixated on their joining. The thing that struck Taryn as the oddest thing was that she had no problem with this act. She should be angry with her Master for fucking another woman, but she wasn’t; she didn’t feel threatened. She should be angry and disgusted for her son to be fucking her daughter so boldly, right in front of her, but it seemed natural. She was in love with her son, as a lover and as a Master; she only wanted the best for him. She also loved her daughter, more so now than she ever had before, if that was possible; she only wanted the best for her too. Taryn knew first hand how good a man and Master that Owen was, so why shouldn’t Owen make Rosina happy as well? As two people she loved as family and more fucked right before her, she wasn’t angry or disgusted, but turned on. Taryn had only walked over to Owen and kissed him when Richard’s alarm clock brought the outside world crashing into their private world.

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