Bimbo Tales 01: A Lucky Son

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Author’s note: This story-series is focused on bimbo-fication. Be wary that this is written in some very crude language at times! Do not read if you have a problem with women completely submitting to men sexually.

Also, there are heavy elements of incest, bullying, BBC, cuckolding and harems in this series. Be warned!

And enjoy 🙂

“So, where is your mom, now?” Cam asked.

Billy ducked beneath the arm Cam tried to lay around his shoulders. He turned towards the direction from which his mom would usually arrive.

Cam and his two buddies laughed. “So tell us, what will we see on dear old Gaby today?”

Billy looked at them and frowned. “Stop using her first name. If you want to torment me about her, call her by her surname at least.” He tried to sound confident while putting them in their place… But as usual, they wouldn’t have any of that.

Cam straightened and put on a fake english accent. “Sorry, dear Billy. So, what kind of hot costume can we expect fine Ms. Harrison to be wearing today?”

His two sidekicks laughed hysterically.

“I loved that blue dress last Friday,” one of them said. “It looked like her tits would fall out of that every second.” The shaved meathead fondled a pair of imaginary breasts in front of him.

Billy was still watching traffic for their used black Volvo. Suddenly, Cam was right beside him, whispering in his ear: “I bet you had to rub one out when you got home, right? You have a picture of your mom in a skimpy bikini you jerk it to?”

With a quick turn, he pushed Cam away. He didn’t move much. Billy was a slender 5’6 and Cam was over 6 feet, and his frame was packed with muscle.

“If you have one, could you bring me a copy of that?”

“Or better, one where she is naked?” One of Cam’s buddies added.

Cam gave him a slight shove. “Don’t be dumb, Jeff. Why would he need a photo of hers, if he has her beautiful body living right in the room next to his. Isn’t that right, Billy-boy?”

Billy wanted to protest, but a familiar, high-pitched honk stopped him. He turned around and saw his mom, pulling up on the pavement.

Without wanting to be around Cam and his two bully-friends, Billy got in the car quickly.

“Hi, honey!” His mom smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Feeling the heat in his face he looked out the window, seein Cam and the others chuckling.

“Hey, mom. Could you just drive, please?” He wasn’t planning to sound so pleading, but he wanted to get away from these three ASAP.

His mom looked a little puzzled, but put the car in motion. Once they got to the main street and cruised along, his mother turned to him. “Was there something wrong between you and your mates?”

Billy snorted. “They’re not my mates, Mom.”

She gave him the side-eye. “Well… you know you can talk to me if something’s wrong. Right?”

Not getting an answer, she blew out a long breath. “Okay, honey.”

Billy was still thinking about what Cam had said. Why was his mother so beautiful? When he was little, it always filled his little chest with so much pride to have a good-looking mother — although he secretly hated the compliments and advances she always received from all sorts of men.

He glanced over at her. The tight sweater did little to hide her full breasts. If anything, they made them seem like a nice present wrapped and waiting to be opened.

Billy remembered the time when he discovered the joys of online pornography, the most searched term on all of his porn-sites was ‘mom-son’. Sure, in the beginning it was just all those hot MILFs he was looking at that got his attention. But sooner rather than later when he closed his eyes while masturbating, a picture of his mother would sneak into his fantasies. Not often, but still. And the undivided attention his beautiful mom showered him with did nothing to defuse these fantasies.

Shaking his head, he looked out the window again. In a few minutes, they’d be home. There he could maybe forget about Cam and his nasty words about his sweet mother.

* * *

The next day at school, his mom texted him the moment his last bell rang.

Honey, I can’t pick you up today. Working late. But we can spend Saturday together — like in the old days, if you want 🙂

Billy didn’t know if he should feel sad or glad. On one hand he would have to walk the three miles back home today or spend the last of his pocket money on a bus ticket.

On the other hand, he was happy that their Saturdays would be shared, like they used to do before she got promoted and wasn’t home on Saturday from noon to the late evening. Maybe they could watch a movie together, just like they used to all those years ago.

“That was one tight fitting sweater she wore yesterday.” Cam’s words startled him from his thoughts.

“What?” he asked, looking at Cam who was alone for once.

His bully smiled. “Gaby’s yellow sweater yesterday. Man, you could almost feel her tits in your palms just by looking at her.”

“Fuck you!”

Cam Bomonti Escort took a step back in mock-hurt. “Don’t be so rude, Billy-boy.”

He hated when Cam called him that.

Now he smiled again. “But, you know, I would literally give an arm to fuck that gorgeous mother of yours. Just imagine her lips wrapped around my cock, the same lips she used to kiss you good-night with.” His smile got a little wider. “Or does she still do that?”

Billy mumbled and wasn’t quite sure himself what answer he could give to that question.

“Anyway, what will I have the pleasure to look at today? Mini-skirt, low cut blouse… a crop top?” He laughed.

Billy scowled at him. “None of the above. She isn’t picking me up today.”

Cam laughed even harder. “And you’re sad, right, Billy-boy? Well, I bet I know why. If one of her bosses saw her yesterday, she is probably busy right now sucking his cock instead of picking your scrawny ass up from school.”

That was it. He couldn’t take any more. Billy fought the urge to just run away crying, but braved himself, shrugged and just walked off; leaving a laughing Cam all alone to his imagination.

* * *

The first two miles were quite peaceful actually. He strolled around the city and walked between the green and white houses of the suburbs towards their own home.

Only in the last few hundred meters did he have to walk along a bigger street. Billy recognized the pharmacy on the next corner, right next to the supermarket he and his mother regularly got their groceries from. He remembered the last time he was there, a few weeks ago, when his mother caught a nasty cold and needed medicine.

He noticed a woman coming from inside and did a double take. Mom? Could that be her? No. Never. Why would she be here instead of picking him up? Surely, the nonsense Cam put in his head was clouding his mind.

The woman crossed the street and walked about half a block in front of him. Billy was certain that this wasn’t his mom, though this woman had about the same measurements as her. And to a young, hormone-driven guy like Billy, a woman with those measurements stood out like a sore thumb. He couldn’t help but catch himself while admiring her shapely rear, tapered mid-section and shiny brown hair with golden highlights.

Suddenly, she took a turn down a small footpath.

Billy tried to hold onto the image of her swaying hips when he himself got to said path.

His growing arousal getting the better of him, he tried to get one last look at her.

Then he saw it.

The woman.

And the man beside her.

He was pulling on her.

No, not her, but her handbag.

Billy didn’t need to look twice to know what he was witnessing.

For a split second he wasn’t sure what to do. But his instincts kicked in and without a second thought he rushed towards the two figures.

He put all his momentum into the impact. The man fell to the ground.

Disoriented and aching from the impact, Billy took a moment to collect himself. And that moment was long enough for the thief to strike. His shoe landed square in Billy’s face.

He knew there was a second blow coming, so he quickly put his arms in front of his face.

And waited.

The second blow didn’t come.

Then, a soft voice spoke. “Thank you!” It was the woman, the one with the beautiful backside.

Lowering his arms, Billy looked up into her concerned face. She really was pretty. Billy smiled awkwardly, and slowly got up.

“No… problem” He grunted. He noticed the woman was a little taller than him, probably in her early thirties, but most importantly, from her left shoulder hung the nearly robbed handbag.

Billy smiled. He really did it. He didn’t know what had driven him to go all-in on the larger man, but nonetheless he did it.

The woman struggled to say something more.

She fumbled for words. “Well… thank you again!”

The second time it felt even more special to Billy. “You’re welcome!” He beamed at her.

Then, the woman looked a little uncomfortable. More so than before. “Well, I would like to do something more than just saying it, but I currently don’t have any cash on me. I was just at the pharmacy back on Hill Street and… well. Anyways, a huge thank you.”

Billy was startled as for a moment, the woman pressed her body against his in a quick hug which was over before it even started and she stood back.

With a final “Thanks again!” she turned back towards Hill Street, probably uncomfortable going the quicker, less populated route after what just happened.

Billy once again couldn’t help but admire her shapely butt as it swayed.

Shaking his head, he remembered he only had a few blocks left till he was home.

After a few steps, he heard something crunch beneath his feet. There was a white and pink box on the ground. It didn’t seem like trash, not like the usual stuff people throw on the street, too lazy Bostancı Escort to find the nearest trash bin. No, this one looked like a brand new package.

Picking it up, he could see that it was some sort of medicine, pills or droplets or something. Neither the brand nor article name were familiar.

Then, it hit him. The woman came out of the pharmacy, so it had to be hers.

Running the short way to the main street, he looked left and right for some sign of the woman.

She was nowhere to be seen.

“Great!”, he muttered beneath his breath. He didn’t even know the woman’s first name, so there was no way of him finding her to give them back.

He thought for a moment. He had two options now. For once, he could head all the way back to the pharmacy and give them back, explaining what happened and hoping the woman would come back to retrieve them. Or, he could take them back home, have dinner ready in half an hour and check what kind of meds they were on the internet. If it was something serious, he would return it tomorrow, but if it were some five dollar cough drops, there was no harm in keeping them. After all, the woman even wanted to give him money for his help.

Putting the medicine in his backpack, he started the last and hopefully less exciting part of his way home.

* * *

Searching the name on the front of the small box didn’t bring up any usable results.

Maybe this wasn’t medication after all, Billy thought. But what else could it be? He even opened the box and sure enough, a few strips of plastic-wrapped pills were inside. He tried to search for the brand name. That got a few more results, mostly scientific stuff Billy had no clue how to interpret. He was smart enough to get good graces without much studying but this was PhD-level stuff.

Scrolling through the fourth page of his search engine, desperate to find something he could wrap his head around, he paused. There was a small forum entry with the brand name mentioned once.

Curious, he clicked on the link.

There was one post and a few replies. Most were uninteresting, but the last reply was by some admin:

Well, I had that problem too. You have to just go with the flow. If she wants some kinky shit, just do it. The enhanced body she sports now will surely help you to enjoy the freaky stuff.

From this alone he could dissect two things: The person writing the response has to be a little older and tried to sound like someone younger. But more importantly: This seemed to be something legit.

He went back to the more scientific sites. After almost an hour of head-hurting reading, he could make out some vague sense of what these pills actually did.

And he couldn’t quite believe it. But it was consistent with the postings from the forum.

“No way”, Billy muttered under his breath.

If this stuff was real, then he had been repaid by that woman he helped a hundred times over: in gold!

These pills were designed to make any ordinary woman into some sort of bimbo-slut, a big-titted dummy whose only purpose in life from then on was to please her man with her body. And it was easy enough, from what he had read. One pill each day for a few weeks (some sources claimed four to be enough, others said eight for full effect) and the woman in question became a goddess of sex. He wasn’t quite sure how it worked, some hormone stuff or something, but the libido was heightened to extreme levels and even the body was transformed, breasts getting fuller, waists getting smaller, rear-ends wider and firmer and hairs turning blonde.

He thought back to the woman he met on the street. Her body, if not beautiful by nature, could signal her ongoing transformation. The blonde highlights in her hair added to his theory.

But anyways, he was not going to give these pills back. Quickly counting them, he figured there was about six weeks of dosage in the package. That meant — and this was the only thought on his mind at that moment — he had the chance to turn any one woman he chose into his personal bimbo.

Images of a variety of different women he knew flashed before his inner eye. Who should I pick? He was far too into the idea of finally losing his virginity, and so much more, that he never even thought of the morality of the act. After all, these pills turn women to sex-driven goddesses, not mindless zombies.

Billy unzipped his pants and took out his slowly swelling dick. As the pictures got clearer in his mind, he started stroking.

Curiously, the first woman he thought about turning was his teacher Mrs. Hollis. She was already the spitting-image of what any young man thought of when they heard the term ‘MILF’. He wondered how her voluptuous body would feel against his scrawny one. How her bright red lips would taste and feel around his cock. And how good it would be to stick it between her enormous tits.

Thinking of big-breasted women, his mind jumped the gap to his classmate Natalie. Esenyurt Escort Her boobs were far smaller than Mrs. Hollis’, but they were just so firm. In the summer, once, Billy had seen Natalie without a bra and her tits defied gravity. Her cute bubble butt and flowing platinum-blonde hair already made her every guy’s stroke-fantasy. But what if he could be the one to actually stroke his cock in and out of her undoubtedly tight pussy?

His thoughts drifted farther, away from his school and to the grocery store, where he and his mom went every week. One of the employees there caught his attention every time they were at the store. She was a cute redhead, a little tomboyish, but pretty. Small and slender, she had almost no curves, even though she must have been in her mid- to late-twenties. How would she look after these pills? He imagined her getting balloon-tits, full lips and imagined her wider ass, freckled all over.

Then, his mind put all these women together in one scene. Damn! Why did he only have a single chance to turn a woman into his personal plaything?

The thought of the voluptuous teacher-slut, the already bimbo Natalie and a balloon-titted redhead with cute freckles on their knees ready to service him brought him over the edge. With a strangled cry of ecstasy, Billy shot a load all over his desk.

Panting with relief, he only had a few seconds to enjoy the post-orgasmic bliss. Then he heard the door of the house getting unlocked.


He quickly got a few Kleenex and cleaned up the mess in front of him. Just in the nick of time. The moment he threw the last paper in the trash, his mom peeked through the door.

“Hi, honey! Sorry I didn’t get to pick you up today. I had a really important meeting, last minute.” She looked sympathetic. “But because I impressed my boss, we will have movie night once again this Saturday!”

His mom beamed at him. She missed movie night too, Billy realised. He had thought that she mostly did it because of him, but she must have felt lonely since his dad died almost five years ago. And movie night was a way to bond like nothing else they did, and to keep the tradition they already shared with his dad alive. That would also explain while she seldom, if ever, requested a romantic movie, but stuck with bloody, action or horror movies. It was what dad had mostly picked for them the last years he was alive.

Billy returned her radiant smile. “Sounds fantastic, mom!”

She gave him a kiss on his cheek and held him close. “Good to hear. I already know a movie we could watch. We haven’t finished this one particularly strange gore-movie series yet.”

He looked up to her. “SAW?”

“Yeah, that one.”

Billy’s smile widened, if that was even possible. “I thought the same.”

And while they held each other for a few moments longer, Billy felt butterflies in his stomach. It was like when he was six or seven and got it in his head that he would marry his mom. Because she was beautiful, loving and the greatest person he knew back then. (And still was.)

With a growing warmth in his chest, he suddenly knew who he would give the pills to. To the one woman he was not only sexually attracted to, but loved more than anything in the world. And with these pills, now hidden in his drawers, he had the power to take their love to the highest level imaginable.

Billy would maybe never be able to marry his mom, but he planned to love her in every way. Like a son and like a lover.

* * *

Saturday morning was the best morning of the week. Usually Billy would be the first one to awaken, being a morning bird and his mom an owl. So it had become the norm that he would start preparing breakfast before she would join him a little later.

This particular morning, it seemed almost like a wink of faith that this was their little ritual. After making sure his mom was still in the shower, he slipped out a single pill he had stuffed in his Pj’s this morning and laid it on the table. Putting the orange juice on the table, as usual refined with a squirt of lime, he threw the pill in one of the two prepared glasses.

He watched the pill dissolve in a few seconds. Quickly, before he could mix the two up in his head, he placed the spiked juice next to his mom’s plate of eggs, toast and coffee, while he sat his own glass next to his waffles and tea.

Just a minute later, his beloved mom strolled into the kitchen. The smile on her face caught his eye and didn’t let go.

“Morning, honey,” his mother said. Her hair was still tousled from the night and a few strands reached her eyebrows.

“Morning, mom.” Billy gave her a hug. Holding her close, he could smell her very own body odour. It was almost like a perfume to him, a little bit of lemon and a hint of… well, he couldn’t place it. Woman, maybe?

His mom kissed the top of his head. “Darling, that looks fantastic!” She sat down in front of her plate.

Billy took the seat on the opposite side. He was a little nervous as she reached for her orange juice. Would she notice a difference? He hadn’t read anything about a distinctive taste of the pills, but he couldn’t be certain.

His mom drank the first sip. His heart beat a little faster.

She reflexively licked her lower lip after a big sip. Then noticed his stare. “Amazing, honey. Like always.” She smiled brightly.

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