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My name is Lloyd and I’ve discovered a new fetish of mine while on vacation. It’s the world’s oldest profession. Sex is such a strange thing, isn’t it? I don’t know why or how, but this odd new interest of mine just happened. It was summer time and I was just a young black man home from college, trying to make a few extra bucks. During the year, I was living large. Attending the University of Massachusetts on a football scholarship. Studying business and living in the dorms. Going out with hot babes on the weekends and cramming for exams during the week. Yeah, college life was fun.

This year, I maintained a grade point average of 3.98 which was pretty good. Yeah, I’m no slouch in the brains department. I did a lot of odd jobs that summer. I worked as a pizza delivery man for this small pizza delivery service. I also worked as a truck driver for a few weeks, then got laid off. Finally, I became a lawnmower man. Not the psychotic version from that old movie. I started mowing lawns around my neighborhood and beyond. Some folks have paid me one hundred bucks to do their landscaping. Considering that this is summer time and it takes me a couple of hours to do a whole garden, this was easy green.

One day, this woman named Louisa called me to do her lawn. Louisa is a somewhat chubby, older white woman who lives a few blocks from my house. I wasn’t too fond of Louisa. She had a reputation for being a conniving bitch. Both men and women despised her. I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was make some money. I did her lawn, and she paid me fifty bucks, which isn’t bad for half an hour’s worth of work. After she paid me, I headed out.

Louisa called after me and asked me if I wanted to make some more money. In spite of my better judgment, I turned around. Louisa smiled at me, and dropped her robe. I got flashed by a chubby older white woman. Oh, well. The things I do for money. Louisa was offering me one hundred bucks Maltepe Escort to screw her. I hesitated. I’m not that kind of person. But I needed the money. So guess what I did?

Louisa and I got naked in her living room, and we did our thing. This chubby older white woman looked at my fine-looking black male athlete’s body and licked her lips. Yeah, she wanted some of that. Louisa licked me, then she knelt before me and took my cock into her mouth. Louisa sucked on my dick and licked my balls. I closed my eyes and tried not to think of what she was doing to me. It wasn’t easy. Before long, I came and she drank my seed. I sighed, listening to the slurping sounds she made as she sucked me.

Afterwards, she told me to lick her pussy. I did, I ate that snatch like it was the sweetest thing ever. It wasn’t. I put on a condom before sticking my cock in her. I fucked her good, giving it to her hard and deep. I really didn’t want to be doing this, but I needed the money quite badly. We fucked and sucked for the next half hour, and I took her in different positions. Louisa got on all fours and I fucked her like this. I finally came and pulled out. Finally, it was over, or so I thought. I was wrong.

Louisa was so pleased by my performance that she started recommending me to her friends. A lot of middle-aged, married white women with busy husbands would love to get their hands on a handsome black athlete with a gorgeous body and a ten-inch long, uncircumcised black dick. I featured in a lot of people’s sick fantasies. Louisa started to loan me to her buddies, for lack of a better term.

My next encounter was with this middle-aged woman named Melinda. Melinda was once beautiful, you could tell by looking at her. At the age of forty three, she stood around five-foot-ten, with long red hair, pale green eyes and a somewhat chubby but still sexy body. Melinda lived in a house with her lover Maltepe Escort Bayan Samantha, a tall and somewhat chubby black woman. The two of them had been together for years. They were both bisexual and liked to spice their sex life with someone new every now and then.

Melinda and her partner, Samantha, offered me three hundred dollars for one night with them, so I was down with that. I arrived at their mansion and Was amazed at how wealthy they were. I learned that Melinda once worked as a district attorney and her lover Samantha was a former state representative. I was in the home of some rather important people, it would seem. Neither of them looked like they needed to pay for sex but hey, what did I know?

I was asked to get naked and I did. Samantha watched as Melinda kissed me, and began running her hands all over me. I ran my hands over Melinda. Yeah, this gal had a nice body. I sucked on her breasts while playing with her pussy. I eagerly licked her pussy afterwards, and she returned the favor by sucking on my dick. Melinda was an excellent cocksucker, considering that she was in a relationship with a woman. We ended up having more fun than I thought we would. Samantha masturbated while watching us. Melinda told me that her fantasy was to have anal sex with a hunky black male. Well, I was willing and able to help her with that!

We prepared for this bit of fun. I caressed Melinda’s rump before applying lube on her anus and sliding first one finger then two inside. Melinda moaned in pleasure. When she got ready, I put on a condom, then sprayed some lube on my cock before I applied more on her asshole. Then, I pressed my cock against her back door, and pushed. The lube did help Melinda with the intrusion of my ten-inch pole up her ass. She whimpered a bit but nothing too bad. I thrust into her, reveling in the feel of a tight ass around my member. This was a first Escort Maltepe for me too.

Melinda backed up her butt against my groin, driving me deeper inside her. I pushed, and went hard and deep into her forbidden depths. The resulting scream of pleasure mixed with pain was glorious. I fucked her, hard. We continued to do our thing while Samantha watched. Afterwards, she joined us. I pulled out of Melinda’s ass, and watched as Samantha took two dildos and slid one in Melinda’s pussy and the other, in Melinda’s asshole. Melinda seemed to welcome the twin probes.

Samantha winked at me and stroked my cock. Then, she began working the dildos in and out of Melinda’s holes while shaking her big black booty in my face. I asked her if she wanted to get her booty fucked. She nodded. I grabbed some lube and applied it on her asshole, then slid my cock into her booty hole, and pushed. Samantha’s asshole was a lot tighter than Melinda’s butt hole but I worked my cock into it. I pumped my dick into her butt hole, loving the feel of an even tighter ass around my stick.

Man, this was fun. We fucked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. You won’t believe the stuff we did. I was fucking Samantha’s asshole, plunging my stick deep inside of her while she fucked both Melinda’s pussy and ass with her dildos. Then, we switched around. Now, Melinda wore a strap on dildo and shoved the greased sex toy into Samantha’s ass while I drove my cock in and out of Samantha’s hot pussy. I was plowing into that wet snatch and the girl was howling in pleasure. Hours later, we lay exhausted in bed after a long night.

The summer went by. I was working pretty much every day, sleeping with rich older women of all races for money. Would you believe that I made close to twelve grand that summer? Some of my female clients were more generous than others with their money. One woman asked me to spend the weekend with her and attend to all of her physical needs. When Monday morning came, I took home one grand. Isn’t that nice? When school opened, I bought myself a car and I was the only guy with some serious money in his pocket after moving in the dorms. I love my summer job, and I might try it full-time in the future, who knows?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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