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I met Bob several years ago. He was referred to me by a friend that I had met through Master Jim. Jim was done with me but had connected me with one of His friends, Joe. Joe and I never connected other than one meeting and a couple of emails before he moved to Arizona. As he was leaving, he gave me Bob’s contact info and said that I should contact him and use Joe’s name as a reference.

It took me quite a while to work up the nerve but I finally contacted Bob. It turned out that Bob lived with Don, and they were a couple. Bob would need to get Don’s permission to have me over. I waited anxiously and nervously. Finally, Bob contacted me and said that Don was ok with meeting me. It would have to be Bob and Don together.

Bob gave me directions to their house and we agreed on a good time to meet. I was instructed to come to the door and ask to use their phone. I was to explain that my car broke down and I needed to call a tow truck.

I drove to their house at the appointed time. It was a secluded little ranch with a large yard and lots of trees. It could barely be seen from the street. I knocked on the door. A rather short older gentleman answered. I explained that my car had broken down and asked if I could use the phone. Bob, I would learn later that it was Bob who answered the door, called out to Don and asked if it was ok if I used the phone. Don said ok and I was ushered in.

Bob had also told me when we arranged the meeting, that I was not to wear any underwear and when I came to the door I should have my pants zipper open. I didn’t know what he had in mind but I was now standing at their phone, with my zipper Anadolu Yakası Escort down, and pretending to call for a tow truck.

Bob walked up next to me at the phone and said, “Hey Don. This guy has his zipper down. I think he wants more than just to use the phone!” He reached into my pants and pulled my semi hard cock out. I hung up the phone.

Don came strolling into the room. I had only heard his voice up to now. He was a big guy with a balding head and a big gut. He looked at me and put his hands on my shoulders. He looked me in the eyes and put downward pressure on my shoulders. As I knelt down I saw that his cock was out. It was a nice chubby cock; not too long but nice and thick. Don grabbed it by the base and pushed his hips forward, rubbing the head on my lips. I looked up at him and opened my mouth. He stuck his cock in my mouth and I knew what to do. I started to run my tongue on the underside of his head.

Bob, meanwhile, had moved behind me. He pulled my shirt off over my head, causing me to momentarily lose Don’s cock out of my mouth. Don didn’t waste any time putting it back. Bob reached around and started playing with my nipples, pulling and twisting them. I gave a little moan. My cock was getting rock hard now and it was uncomfortable, hanging out of my open zipper as it was.

Bob moved to my side and continued to play with my nipples. He took my free hand and placed it on his cock. I started stroking him while continuing to suck Don’s cock.

Don pulled away and told me to stand up. I stood up and was facing both of them, not sure what was coming next. Bob undid my jeans Bostancı Escort and pushed them down over my hips. I stepped out of them and was completely naked in front of these two guys that I had just met.

Don said, “Let’s finish this in the bedroom.” With that, he and Bob moved down the hallway. I followed behind, the only one naked in the group.

When we got to the bedroom, I saw that it had some mirrors strategically placed to allow a view of action from several different angles. Don told me to get on the bed, while both he and Bob got undressed. I got on the bed and lay on my back.

Don spread my legs and got at the end of the bed. Bob hopped on top of me and started grinding his ass on my crotch while he played with my nipples. Don was massaging my feet with one hand while he worked a lubed finger up my ass.

Bob slid up my chest and started to face fuck me. Don continued working my hole over while he admired my feet. Bob was getting excited and I could taste the pre-cum dripping from his cock. He pulled his cock out and offered me his balls telling me to suck them gently. I sucked them both into my mouth and lightly massaged them with my tongue. I could see him stroking his cock. I couldn’t see Don but I could now feel what felt like a second finger being worked into my hole. I was getting rock hard as Don massaged my prostate.

Don said, “I think he’s ready now.” Bob pulled out of my mouth and got off my chest. I was turned ninety degrees so my legs hung off one side of the bed and my head hung off the other side.

Don came around to my head and slipped his chubby cock in my mouth. Bostancı Escort Bayan This was more difficult in this position and I gagged as he forced his cock all the way down my throat. Tears came to my eyes as he began to fuck my face in earnest.

Meanwhile Bob had lifted my legs and I could feel his cock at the opening of my man pussy. He pushed in all the way and quickly worked up to a feverish pace. This was my first time being fucked at both ends and I was into it. I felt used and abused and I loved it.

I don’t know exactly how long this continued. My cock was hard and dripping but I was concentrating on the feeling of being fucked by two nice cocks at once. Finally Don pulled out of my mouth and I felt Bob pull out of my ass. No words were spoken but they switched places and continued the assault. Bob was fucking my face with his cock that had just been in my ass and Don had forced his thick cock in my ass and was having his way with it.

Bob started picking up the pace and I could feel his cock beginning to pulse. He grabbed my nipples and started pulling on them as he held his cock in my throat. I could feel ropes of cum being spurted in my mouth. Finally he went soft and pulled out, spent.

Don stopped long enough to have me stand by the edge of the bed. He slipped his cock back in my ass and continued the assault. He groaned as he gave one last hard thrust and I felt his cock start to pulse as he unloaded in my ass.

Bob pulled the condom off of Don’s cock and squeezed it’s contents on my chest and nipples. He rubbed it in while taking some on his fingers and feeding it to me.

Don had left the room already and now Bob was leaving also. I was standing there with cum on my chest, my cock dripping, and the taste of Bob’s cum in my mouth. My clothes were tossed in the room.

Bob said, “Get dressed and show yourself out. Thanks for the good time!”

I dressed and on the way out I heard Bob say, “I’ll call you again soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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