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Copyright © Daniel Choquet 2018


It was a game we liked to play. Started out one day when I called and told Gloria I’d be home early. She said,

“Well, I’d better tell my boyfriend not to come over.”

Or a variation,

“I should have my boyfriend leave early, then.”

And so on. I kind of enjoyed the game. It somehow added the feeling of mystery, of my wife’s independence. And I found that I loved that feeling. It seemed like it made me love her all the more, and to want her all the time, even after years of marriage. And I could tell she enjoyed this game too. It almost seemed like the idea of having a boyfriend on the side somehow appealed to her. Though married, she was independent in many ways. After all, Gloria had lived single for many years before we got together, so independence was a natural state for her. And naturally, I enjoyed the fact that she enjoyed this game. I wanted her to like the idea of toying with the idea of a little nonmonogamy. And I suppose it was convenient that she worked at home. Wouldn’t need to go anywhere.

I don’t know exactly when it happened. When the game turned into something a little different for me. It had somehow become more like a fantasy. Now I began to imagine that he was real, Gloria’s boyfriend. Like any fantasy, I imagined the whole thing being real, even though, if you’d asked me, I would have admitted that this thing wasn’t real at all. I just liked imagining it that way.

It was uncanny. As if Gloria could tell how it was changing for me. She seemed to be coming along with me as it morphed, ever so gradually, from game to fantasy.

“So what do you and boyfriend do when he comes over?”

“Lots of things. Sometimes I need to change. But I don’t make him look away. He seems to like so much seeing me in my underwear. And I suppose I kind of like it, seeing him looking … seeing him staring at me, at my … feminine charms, as they say.”

I felt myself wanting to escalate this kind of talk, but I realized that it’s like sex. More fun to draw things out. To take a long time. In the coming days and weeks, with any luck, this talk would get even better. Even naughtier.

“Don’t you ever touch each other?”

The discussion had moved to the bedroom. We touched each other lightly and slowly as I asked that question. Eventually, my hand reached her breast.

“Yes, honey. I like it a great deal when he touches me. I think he likes them a lot. He likes to squeeze them gently and tease me by avoiding the nipples until I can’t take it any longer.”

“What does he do then?”

“He sucks them, honey. Do it. Suck them like he does.”

I did. And my hand went to the soft flesh of her inner thighs. And then up. Up to heaven. And stroked her gently there.

“Does he like feeling you here, too, honey? Does he like feeling your female contours as much as I do?”

Honestly, I didn’t know how anyone else possibly could.

“Oh yes, he does. But he likes to put his hand under the elastic and feel my … What do they call them? My secret folds. Well, maybe not so secret. He always seems so amazed at how wet everything is.”

An embarrassed little laugh, and then whispering,

“It makes him hard.”

She could obviously feel how hard I was, as I marveled at how wet she was. I stopped the discussion and she did too. Had to save some of it for another time. Her hand wrapped around my shaft. And we just did it like that. Her hand on me, my hand on her. And we both came without words. And embraced. And slept.

– – –

The next day I was at work, when the phone rang. Gloria. I hoped we hadn’t gone too far with the fantasy thing.

“Hey what’s up, honey? Feeling okay after … everything?”

“Oh yes, sweetie. I’m feeling good. Feeling very good. I’m sitting on his face, honey, and that feels very, very good.”

“God, Gloria. Do you realize someone could walk right into my office? What if they saw how … how worked up I was?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey. I just wanted you to know how happy your little wife was today.”

“Yes, and I’m happy for you, honey. So happy, I’m probably going to have to sneak into a restroom stall and … and deal with how happy I am.”

“Boyfriend seems to be happy too. I think he likes doing this as much as I do. Isn’t it great that we’re all so happy today?”

“Yes, love. Very küçükçekmece escort happy. But I have to find a way to get some work done. See you when I get home.”

– – –

That night, we’d obviously moved it further along.

“Honey, do you suppose I should let him … let him … you know … let him kind of put it in me? What if he promised to only put the head in? You know, he’s so big that only the head would be such a small percentage. It would hardly count, you know?”

“Well the real question, sweetie, the real question is, would you like him to push it in?”

She was almost gasping. I didn’t think she was going to maintain her cool much longer.

“Yes, honey. Yes. I want him to push it in.”

“How much of it, honey? Just the head? Just halfway? How much?”

Is there such a thing as involuntary masturbation? All I knew was that her hand was now moving in a blur. And her reply was significantly louder than it needed to be.

“All of it! All the way! I want him to shove it in as far as it will go. As hard as he can!”

And a few seconds later, she was over the edge.

And once she had recovered, I figured I should demonstrate what it was she had indicated she’d like boyfriend to do. I assumed I was not so big as he, but it would be the same basic idea, after all.

– – –

Back at work the next day, as I went over it all, I discovered something that had more or less sneaked up on me. I couldn’t exactly place when it had happened. This had started as a game. A fun game to keep things mysterious. Then it had moved on to fantasy. But for me, it had moved somehow beyond that. I was now entering wish territory. I wanted boyfriend to be real. I called her up to ask a really stupid question. I just couldn’t help it. Of course she would say no.

“Gloria, is boyfriend real?”

“Of course, honey. And this afternoon, he’s coming over to do what we talked about. We’ve waited so long. I wanted to make sure it was okay with you first. But today, we’re finally going to do it! Oh, honey, I’ve been wanting this so much. And tonight I’ll tell you all about it!”

“That’s great, honey. I can barely wait to hear about it. Love you, honey.”

And I ended the conversation. I didn’t know what to think. I was beside myself. And for maybe an unusual reason. It wasn’t that I was afraid I couldn’t handle boyfriend actually fucking my wife. The truth was, what I really was afraid of, was that in spite of what Gloria had said, it might still be just a fantasy. A very fun fantasy to be sure, but I had moved beyond that. Now I really wanted boyfriend to be real. I really wanted him to be coming over to our house this very afternoon, and after lots of extended touching, and licking, and sucking, for him to take his so big cock and finally, really, push it into my beloved wife.

If it turned out to be just fantasy, then my twisted mind decided that it would mean that Gloria had lied to me. I had to find out. To catch her, if need be. I would think up an excuse to leave work early. I would sneak home and find out for sure. I was just like the classical suspicious husband. But with a difference.

– – –

I felt like such a jerk, doing the sneaky thing of parking a block away, practically tiptoeing toward the house. If someone saw me, they’d probably just break out laughing. I was a basket case. I opened the door as silently as possible and padded inside.

And there she was, dressed for the warm weather. Looking just as cute as ever in her maybe just a tiny bit too tight white top and her equally snug white shorts. The beautiful smile contained a question mark.

She was absolutely alone.

“Wow, honey. You’re home so early. What’s up?”

I didn’t know what to say, but she could see the sadness in my face. And still didn’t get it.

“Oh, honey. Something at work? Tell me you haven’t lost your job!”

I felt so terrible for scaring her like that. I loved her so deeply, the last thing I wanted was to hurt her. Tears formed in my eyes.

“No, no. The job is fine. I’m fine.”

I felt so embarrassed having to tell her what was up.

“It’s just … our game … what I realize now was just a fantasy … the whole thing had changed for me, honey. Call me a pervert if you want. I wanted boyfriend to be real.”

Miraculously, şişli escort her look then was not one of disgust or ridicule, but rather compassion.

“Oh sweetie. I was so amazed at how you got off on the whole thing as much as I did, but I could never believe that you’d ever really want such a thing. That you could really handle me cheating on …”

The second she uttered that word I had to cut her off.

“Cheating? How can you possibly call it that? How can it be cheating if it was something I wanted? Wanted so much that you saw how disappointed I was that it wasn’t real.”


And with that one word, she put her arms around me. Held me tight.

I guess the important thing was that through all this, we never stopped loving one another. Our little fantasy game — for I realized now that’s all it ever really was — was now history. We’d have to find another way to spice up our love life. But at least I had some perspective. Our marriage, our love, was fine.

– – –

Back at work, things weren’t especially exciting, but at least I was now calm enough to get some productive work done. And having lost the preceding afternoon, there was plenty to do. When I finally logged off my computer, it was actually a little late.

No need to sneak this time. I parked my car in the driveway and walked to the door like a normal person. It would be good to see my sweet wife.

But what was this?

Or I should say, who was this? It seemed that Gloria had a guest over. She could see the confusion on my face.

“Dennis, this is Alan. Alan, my husband Dennis.”

We shook hands. Such a friendly, relaxed smile.

“I’ll get right to the point, honey. Alan and I see each other all the time at the gym. And it’s been obvious almost from the beginning, the mutual desire. But we’d agreed we weren’t going to do anything about it. There was no way I was going to play fast and loose with my marriage to the man I adore. But then, after what happened yesterday, seeing your disappointment and all, well, to come to the point, I’ve decided to take you at your word. You know what they say about being careful what you wish for.”

Alan’s comfortable smile was still there. He seemed so confident. And young. Had to still be in his twenties, for heaven’s sake.

And with that, they put their arms around one another and kissed. The air was electric. It was a kiss of pure lust. I could even detect their shortness of breath, their quickened pulse. She had not lied this time. “Mutual desire”? Yeah, I’d say so.

And I found that my wish for something like this was looking to be genuine. Yes, there was a jealous undercurrent, but it was clearly outweighed by my own lustful desire. My desire for my wife to have what she had just confessed to have wanted for some time. I knew about the effect of longing on sexual desire, fueled even more by the sheer wrongness of it. And I found my own lust joining theirs.

“So the two of you must have been fucking all afternoon!”

“No, honey. I’m not going to make a claim like that. After all, you caught me lying to you. I told you boyfriend was real and he wasn’t. I completely understand that you’ll need time to come to trust me again. I can’t just assume that you’ll believe me now, if I tell you we’ve done this or that. That’s why we waited. Waited for you to get home. There’s only one way you’ll know for sure this time. You’re going to watch. Do you have any idea how badly we want each other? Well, you’re about to see for yourself.”

She turned to look at her beau, and looking darkly into his eyes, spoke to me.

“Unwrap me, Dennis.”

It took a second, but then I got what she meant by that. Like a gift to Alan. I got up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Then unhooked her bra and removed it, looking into Alan’s eyes as I did it. I massaged her breasts lovingly, but briefly. Right now, this was for Alan. He’d seemed so cool about the whole thing before, but now could hardly control himself, practically falling to her. Kneading and sucking them while I undid her shorts and helped her to step out of them. I spoke to him.

“Look, Alan.”

And I ran my hand up Gloria’s right leg. Squeezed and caressed her sex, again looking over to Alan. I moved my hand out of the way so that it could be replaced şirinevler escort by his. I spoke to him again.

“You’re her gift too, Alan.”

He took my meaning and quickly got out of his shirt and pants. He was so hard he had to pull the elastic out of the way, and then got out of his underwear. It was as impressive as I’d imagined boyfriend’s to have been. Gloria was going to have that.

And finally, I took hold of the elastic of Gloria’s panties and pulled them down. I said nothing, but could barely contain my excitement as I looked at Alan looking hungrily at Gloria’s glorious pussy.

My part was done for now and I sat down. They would do this next part in their own way and at their own pace. They would do it on the couch, or on the floor, or both. Or standing up. Or maybe in our bed. Wherever they chose, it would be beautiful.

They did start on the couch. Gloria motioned for him to sit and she moved toward him, With her pussy inches from his mouth, she just waited. Waited for his hands to grab her ass, and then they pressed together. He kissed and licked. Licked and sucked. And when the first orgasm approached, Gloria whimpered and trembled, finally bucking against his mouth.

Once she’d recovered, Gloria took Alan’s place on the couch, spread her thighs wantonly, and then almost pleaded,

“Do it, Alan. Do it now!”

And to me,

“Come over here, honey. I want you to see up close. See that it’s real. No fantasy this time. You’re going to watch that hard cock disappear into your wife. You’re going to watch us fuck. And fuck. And fuck.”

I moved next to her then and watched. Watched him put on his condom (he’d clearly known what was going to happen tonight and was well-prepared). Watched him lay it against Gloria, rubbing it around, then dipping it in, then more teasing, and then she took hold of it. Placed it just right. They both glanced over to me, and seeing my smile, returned it with their own. And then they looked squarely, now seriously, at each other. They were sharing this moment with me, but it was fundamentally theirs. We all held our breaths as it finally happened. A little bit, then a little bit more, then back out a little, then in a little more, and finally the decisive thrust, all the way. A brief pause, and it began.

Words cannot do justice to the sheer beauty of it. All that sexual energy that had been bottled up, now finally released before my eyes. And now I realized the obvious. Our fantasy play about boyfriend. Who had she been imagining? Yes, had to be.

Eventually I did make a suggestion. That we retire to our bedroom. It would be so deliciously wrong to have them do it there, and so up we all went. I started to head toward a chair in the corner, but Gloria protested.

“No, honey. Come here and take me. Let my lover watch me fucking my husband. See if he likes watching as much as you do.”

‘My lover’. Well, I guess that’s what we could legitimately call him now. I was more than up for it. I was totally ready to fuck my beloved wife with her lover looking on. She lay back in the bed, put her legs over my shoulders, and I was in. As I thrilled to the feel of my cock moving inside her very recently-fucked cunt, I looked at Alan, now kneeling beside us. He did seem to be enjoying this, if the motion of his fist going up and down his generous cock was any indication. But then Gloria spoke to him.

“Come here, lover. I want that.”

She opened her mouth and it was obvious where she wanted it. As she began sucking on it, I commented,

“I just realized that you hadn’t really done that yet.”

At that, a devilish look came over her. She seemed to be choosing her words carefully before speaking. Then, with a big smile,

“What I said was that we hadn’t fucked before you got home, sweetie.”

Hearing that, I couldn’t help going faster and harder.

“Gloria! Such a nasty girl!”

“Thanks, honey.”

– – –

That night we all slept together in the big bed. Well, I suppose we eventually got some sleep. Me, my beloved wife, and her lover.

Good-bye, boyfriend. Hello, lover.



I suppose I like taking a well-worn idea and standing it on its head. The suspicious husband is as well-known in real life as he is in fiction. But here, we have a husband who is consumed by the fear that his wife is not really having the fun with another man that she claims she is. Is this betrayal? Certainly not like the usual kind that severely strains or destroys a marriage. My goal was to use this reverse jealousy scenario to suggest a husband’s boundless desire that his beloved achieve fulfillment beyond what he alone could provide.


Daniel Choquet July, 2018

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