Brainy to Barbie: Evelyn Ch. 01

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Brainy to Barbie: Evelyn CH. 01

Evelyn was a young, ambitious student in the social sciences. She could have been a scientist, a doctor or an engineer, but she chose to fight for social justice. Evelyn read widely and organized her life to fit her political values. She shopped local, she boycotted major corporations and she made efforts to show people the error of their ways.

Her boyfriend Lucas was also proudly supportive of social justice. She loved Lucas so much for his gentleness and wisdom. Evelyn knew that Lucas would never hurt her, or, indeed, express dissenting views. Now that she had a stable boyfriend who would no doubt marry her when she decided, Evelyn felt that she could relax and dedicate her life to politics. She joined several clubs, charities and movements to bring about a world she, at not even 20 years of age, knew was right.

One day, returning to her hometown for summer vacation, she decided to surprise Lucas at his home. When they were kids, she would often climb into his bedroom from outside the house. Their parents loved it and even made sure to keep the pathway safe. They always hoped their children would end up dating as they were then.

When Evelyn approached the window this time, however, she heard the squeals of sexual delight that she herself had never even made. After coming to terms with the possibility that Lucas was fucking someone other than her, she rushed up to his window to catch him. She was shocked to find that Lucas was the one squealing in pleasure as a tall, athletic man she had never met was plowing into him relentlessly. Lucas was so caught up in his pleasure that he sputtered out “Babe?”, in a high pitched gurgle as he prayed that the cock dominating him would unleash its seed inside his barren asshole.

“Lucas! How could you!” she said as he pushed against the cock inside him.

“It’s not what you think! Oh god!” Lucas couldn’t contain himself. Evelyn gaped at the hunky man who was plowing into him. For a moment she felt jealousy.

“Not that I see anything wrong with… this. I just… We were supposed to Escort Bayan be together!” As she said this the man grunted and pounded harder and harder, sensing that his presence was no longer welcome.

“Lucas, he’s…”

“Oh my god!”

Lucas whined like a girl as this man’s cock impaled him in front of his soon to be ex-girlfriend.

“I should go,” he said as he hastily dressed and climbed out the window.

“Lucas, I don’t think we can be together anymore,” she confessed.

“Ev, it was just a mistake.”

“I don’t know, you really seemed to like it.”

“I… I did. I can’t live without it.”

“Was it that good?”

“Yes! I finally gave in.”

“Has this been a long time coming? Don’t you find me attractive?”

“Of course, I do! It’s just… I’m addicted to cock now! I’m so wrapped up in it babe.”


“But this doesn’t mean we should break up. Let’s stay together, everyone wants us to.”

“I don’t know… While I support your sexuality, I want to be in a monogamous relationship, and you violated that. And you were so loving it. I just can’t,” she concluded.

With that Evelyn, made her way out of Lucas’ bedroom. She contemplated what he said. Why hadn’t she felt that good about sex?

“Maybe I should try girls,” she thought in passing. The rest of her summer was spent coming to terms with what she had seen and in preparing to answer her questions about cock and why she hadn’t enjoyed it as much as her ex-boyfriend seemed to.

When Evelyn returned to her apartment for the fall semester, she prepared it to host guests. She didn’t know who would be coming, but she hoped that by preparing her apartment she would be inviting new people into her life. This desire of hers penetrated her daily political activities. She began to look more closely at the men she encountered during her activities. Unfortunately, she was now able to see in them the desire for cock that mirrored, and sometimes seemed to eclipse, hers. When she showed signs of interest to these men, they made no advance, not wanting Bayan Escort to offend her or cause a stir. Evelyn sensed that, if she wanted to explore relationships with men, she would have to try a different tactic.

However, she couldn’t come to terms with her growing desire for cock and her deep hatred of all things patriarchal. When she finally made her way into a bar, she could not find a man who was both ‘gentlemanly’ and ‘sexy.’ She could tell that many of the men at the bar wanted to fuck her, but she couldn’t ‘lower’ herself to engage in sex with them. After several attempts at the bars, her frustration caused her to improve her tactics again.

Evelyn looked closely at herself in the mirror. She dressed in grunge, her makeup, if she chose to wear it, she now realized, was not flattering. In fact, she often looked masculine. She decided to improve her clothing and makeup. Despite her new direction, she couldn’t seem to arrange the two in such a way as to make her more attractive. She had a lot to learn. Evelyn, who had by this point taken up exercise and self-care as her main hobbies, began to zero in a look that would make her more attractive to men.

After several months of preparation, she sauntered over to a club with her girlfriends. Many of them were shocked to see Evelyn’s new attitude. They were mostly reluctant to go to the club, since they never seemed to find anyone who met their standards. Evelyn’s desire, on the other hand, had grown to such high levels, partially due to frustration and partially due to a newfound excitement, that she was willing to let go.

Evelyn, whose body, style and attitude jived with the club music, invited mates to her. She rejected most of them, but some of them managed to pique her interest. She let one of them closer to her and she pushed up against him. When his cock pressed into her stomach and his hands reached down to grab her fleshy ass, rather than scream in fear and hatred, she released herself for the first time into the man’s grip. Her pussy gushed more than she could have ever imagined. The Escort hatred she had pent up inside her turned quickly into lust that she didn’t know what to do with.

Sensing this, the man pressed his cock into her more. He pulled her in for a kiss as Evelyn’s friends looked over in shock, disgust and primal jealousy. She kissed back as she let the music and the man’s hands take her wherever they lead. Her enthusiasm showed. After several songs, the man pulled her into the bathroom and, before she knew it, Evelyn was in a men’s stall with this stranger, feeling his cock with her hands. It was much bigger than Lucas’. Evelyn practically begged him to take it out. She was so enthusiastic that her hands were shaking. When she saw his cock under the fluorescent light, her mouth began to water. She had never liked giving blowjobs, but… She was hypnotized.

Without contemplating hygiene, she plopped onto her knees in front of this huge cock and slobbered all over it. Her little heart raced as she tried to fit this cock into her mouth. Her enthusiasm more than compensated for her inexperience. Her heart skipped a beat when the man felt comfortable enough to grab her head. She looked at him as if to say “do it.” The man pushed his cock hard into her throat. She felt a tear well up and, after a moment of surprise that her throat and mouth were capable of such things, she felt a rush not unlike a first cigarette that would be responsible for her inevitable corruption. After she managed to inhale some air, she forced herself back onto his cock in the same fashion and, though she hadn’t yet learned to put on a show, her body and voice vibrated to satisfy the man instinctually.

Soon enough, it was her single wish to feel this man’s sperm coat her throat. She felt that it was her destiny, her purpose even, to swallow this seed and keep fingering her pussy all the way to ecstacy. As the man lost control, he stopped being aware of Evelyn as a person and, for a few moments, only as a wet hole to satisfy his desire. Evelyn passionately accepted this role. She truly felt like a hole for this man and she loved it.

When her friends asked her where she went, she didn’t have the heart to tell them what happened. She could finally see their sadness and the offer they implicitly refused every day.

This was Evelyn’s first real sexual experience.

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