Brian, Brenda, , Katie

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Big Dicks

Brian and Brenda were known as the ‘Killer Bs’. All their friends knew they were wild and uninhibited. Sex was never a taboo subject and once they got started talking, they would tell whoever was listening any and every detail. They had enjoyed many experiences while dating and as husband and wife that most people hardly even thought about. Sex in a semi-public, or a quick flash of Brenda’s breasts or more and the most overt flirting with strangers was commonplace for them. There was even the time that Brenda brought home a friend for her to share with Brian.

Brian was a freelance photographer and made a more than adequate income for both to live comfortably. However, Brenda was the one who provided the extravagances. She was forensics expert who had gotten so good that she continually contracted out to law enforcement agencies around the world. Being what many considered the best in the world at her profession, she demanded and received a considerable fee for each job. The combination of jobs gave them times when both were between jobs and they could enjoy the seclusion of their magnificent house. When home alone, there was an unwritten rule that clothes were forbidden and the often lounge by the pool in the summer.

It was on such a day as they lay enjoying the late spring warmth that Brian took a long look at his wife. She had always been the most beautiful woman he had ever been with. When they met, she had been thirty-one and he twenty-three. Her long, naturally curly, fire red hair was what struck him the most the first moment he had laid eyes upon her. It wasn’t until she repeated her question that he was able to draw his attention away from the images in his mind of him running his fingers through her tresses.

“Again, can I help you, sir?” Brian snapped out of his reverie, met her eyes, and was immediately awed by their emerald green beauty.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I am here to see Mark Walton. He wants me to photograph some mock-ups of a crime scene.”

“Just a moment, I will go get him”. Brenda was the second in the State Police Forensics Department. Mark Walton was her supervisor. As she turned to leave, Brian finally noticed that she was about as beautiful as humanly possible. He knew right then that he was in ‘physical’ love. No matter what it took, he was going to try and get to know this woman. She quickly returned and said Mr. Walton would be a few minutes. Brian seized the moment and began an easy conversation with her. By the time Mr. Walton came to collect him, Brian had convinced Brenda to have lunch with him after his work was completed.

The rest, as they say, is history. As Brian lay there, remembering the beginning, more than ten years ago, he was still awed by her beauty. She didn’t work at staying fit, but instead had a body that naturally was in shape. Sure, she had aged, but to him, she was better than a fine wine. Men, and most women, still stopped and took notice when she entered a room. As he watched her still firm, full breasts rise and fall with her breathing, he thought about himself. He was in excellent physical shape, but he required five days a week at the gym and a some times stressful battle with his self control about his diet. It was worth it though to feel and look as good as he did. Many people, both men and women had told him he was a good-looking guy.

As he gazed at his lovely bride, he began to feel the twitch of arousal in his sun-warmed manhood. Almost without thinking, he reached down and gently adjusted his balls and then slowly helped his cock come to it’s full potential. As he lay back, eyes closed, and idly rubbed the underside of his tumescence, his lips formed a sly grin as he heard Brenda’s voice.

“Don’t think you’re gonna waste that beautiful hardon on yourself.” Without opening his eyes, he could hear her rise from her lounge and pad over the three steps to him. No sure of what was coming, he let his hands rest on the arms of the lounger and waited for his lady’s touch.

“My, my, my. What should we do with this bad boy? Let me sit down and think about this for a while.” Brenda swung a leg over his and to the other side of the lounge and sat down on Brian’s lap, trapping his rigid pole under her. Brian’s grin grew wider as he felt the shaved lips of his wife’s pussy press the taksim escort underside of his cock. Almost imperceptibly, she moved back and forth and side to side as she sat there. Then she leaned forward until her already hard nipples brushed against the soft hair of his chest. To her hip motion she now added an almost as subtle swaying of her breasts.

After a minute, a low and quiet moan escaped her lips and Brian opened his eyes. What he saw was the top of Brenda’s head as it dropped forward, sending her hair cascading over his upper chest and arms. The silky strands were warmed by the sun and caressed his skin. Gently he ran his fingers through her hair until his hands held her head ever so softly. He lifted her head, looked into her eyes and whispered, ” I love you.”

Before she could respond, his lips were upon hers and their mouths opened. Their tongues met, greeted each other and picked up the old, familiar dance they knew and loved. Their lips remained locked as Brenda raised her hips enough to free Brian’s penis. It rose until it pointed skyward and throbbed with each beat of his heart. The sunlight sparkled in the wetness left by Brenda’s pussy and he felt the warm sun against his sensitive skin. The sensation was short lived as he soon felt the warmth and wetness of his wife as she sat back down, totally engulfing him within her.

Brenda then began a slow, rhythmic rise and fall of her hips. Brian’s eyes closed again and he began to synchronize his motions with his wife’s. Her eyes also closed and a series of low moans came from deep within her throat. Both lovers were so unaware of all else around them, that the failed to notice their young neighbor, Katie, was standing at the back of the garage, watching. She had been there since they had started kissing, but had been so surprised, and turned on, that she had remained totally silent. She felt she should not be watching but she could also feel the dampness spreading between her legs.

Katie had come over to say hi, just like she had so many times before. Even though Brian and Brenda were about 15 years older, the three had been friends as soon as Katie’s family had moved next door. Normally, she would come to the front door and ring the bell, but today she had noticed that the garage door and the door off the garage to the back yard were both open. Katie figured that Brian and Brenda wouldn’t mind if she just popped in on them, so she scooted between the cars and out the back door. She was stopped dead in her tracks by the sight before her.

Katie was 19, but not a virgin. The experience had been quick, awkward and awful. For a long time she looked upon sex with disdain and a lack of enthusiasm. She even stopped masturbating for several months. Brenda and she had talked long and often about the experience and Brenda kept ensuring Katie that was a beautiful thing. Seeing her neighbors engaged before her, she almost absentmindedly ran a hand over her breasts and flicked her nipples. As the tingling in her pussy grew, she moved her other hand down to her shorts and rubbed her mound through the material.

Shortly, Brenda’s breathing became ragged and quick as her orgasm hurtled towards her. Her movements up and down on Brian’s cock had increased in speed and urgency. Slamming herself down one final time with a grunt followed by an unintelligible scream she came like a runaway freight train. As she collapsed onto Brian, they both turned as they heard a noise. Katie had decided it was time to leave, but tripped on the garden hose and was discovered. She was mortified that they now knew she had seem them and scrambled to get to her feet, ready to bolt back home.

“Katie! Katie! Don’t leave. Come here,” she heard Brenda call. She looked back over her shoulder to see Brenda smiling and waving to her. Beet red from embarrassment, her first thought was to run, but something made her stay. She was still extremely turned on by what she saw and the fact that Brian and Brenda did not seem to be upset she turned back towards them. Besides, they were both very beautiful people and she did not mind looking at them as they sat there, naked and still coupled together. She had never really looked at another woman sexually before, but she could topkapı escort not deny that she found Brenda’s naked body quite appealing at the moment.

Brenda spoke as she approached. “Katie, did you enjoy watching us?”

Katie decided to be honest and muttered a weak, “Yes”.

“Were you turned on? Your nipples are hard. Is your pussy damp?” Brenda asked.


“Katie, I have told Brian all about your ugly experience with your first time having sex. He agrees with me that you need to be shown how good it can be by someone who cares and is experienced. So I guess it is you lucky day that you caught us fucking.”

“I’m not sure what you mean,” Katie said with a confused look on her face.

Brian spoke the first time. “Katie, we have talked about it, and we would like to be the ones to show you.” Katie looked surprised, but she could feel herself becoming excited again. She had always thought that Brian was gorgeous and had wondered what it would be like to have sex with him. It took her a minute to realize that he had said “we”.

“Both of you? But I’m not a lesbian.”

“I’m not either, but trust me, being with another woman is a beautiful experience,” Brenda replied.

Katie thought for a moment. She knew, trusted and loved Brian and Brenda. She knew they would do nothing to hurt her but her mind kept flopping back and forth. Should she give into pleasure or should she listen to her mother’s morals that said this was “wrong”. Finally curiosity and her horniness won out and she said, “Ok, but what do I do?”

Brenda smiled and said, “Just relax and enjoy. If you don’t want to do anything, just let us know and we won’t push you. Otherwise, why don’t you remove your clothes.”

Katie’s nervousness and excitement showed as shaking hands slowly pulled her shirt over her head and removed her shorts. Brian and Brenda could she that she was extremely aroused by the big wet patch on the front of her panties. Katie paused, unsure if she should continue, but the Killer B’s just smiled and waited and finally she continued. As she removed her bra, Brenda gasped and Brian let out a low whistle. Katie’s 34C breasts were about as perfect as they had ever seen. Round, firm and topped with a large, erect pink nipple centered in a chocolate brown areola.

Katie ran her hands up her sides and cupped her breasts. The nerves were subsiding and excitement was taking over. Her nipples hardened and she flicked her thumbs over both of them eliciting a sharp intake of breath almost as if she didn’t expect the sensation. Brian, who had not orgasmed yet, was still hard and inside of Brenda’s beautiful pussy. The sight of young Katie stirred him and he began rocking his hips reminding Brenda that he still longed for release. Brenda jumped off him, causing Brian to start to protest. When he heard Brenda’s plan though, he immediately quieted down.

“Katie, I want to watch you suck Brian”, Brenda said. Katie had envisioned doing just that thousands of times and now that she had the chance, she practically dove for his cock. She kneeled by the lounger and bent over Brian. As she lowered her head she could smell Brenda’s juices and tentatively licked the head of his cock. It wasn’t disgusting. As a matter of fact the smell and taste made her even wetter. With girlish enthusiasm she swallowed him and began working her tongue and lips up and down his hardon. She didn’t have much experience with blowjobs but what she didn’t know she made up for in effort.

Brenda watched and asked, “Katie, have you ever let a guy cum in your mouth?” Katie stopped for just a brief moment and said that she had not. “Ok then. Brian, give her a few seconds warning when you are about to cum. Katie, I want you to swallow it all. Trust me, it is a wonderful to taste and feel a man blow his load down your throat.”

“Uh-huh”, was all Katie could mumble around the flesh Popsicle she was enjoying. She was so into what she was doing that she was surprised when she felt Brenda remove her panties. Katie lifted one leg then the other to allow Brenda to get them off. Before she could put her second knee back down on the grass, she was even more surprised when she felt flat of Brenda’s hand rub her hypersensitive tuyap escort clit. Katie moaned around Brian’s cock and he moaned in response the feeling. Leaving her leg up, Katie allowed Brenda full access to her pussy. Brenda wasted no time in working her over. Within a few moments she had a good rhythm with two fingers sliding in and out of Katie’s pussy and her thumb strumming her clit.

All this stimulation was getting to Katie and she moaned louder and worked more feverishly on Brian’s cock. After only a couple minutes Brian announced he was going to cum. Brenda leaned over and whispered in Katie’s ear. “Don’t pull off. Take him as far down your throat as you can and just let him cum then swallow what you can.”

Katie did as she was told. She was rewarded with the salty sweet explosion from Brian’s manhood. Brian closed his eyes and grunted as several powerful shots filled Katie’s mouth to overflowing. Katie was quick learner and when she felt that Brian was done, she pulled back slightly and swallowed. She then cleaned his cock and groin where the overflow had fallen. Indeed she had enjoyed her first time a guy came in her mouth and had instantly developed a taste for cum. She had little time to contemplate this, as Brenda had never let up on her ministrations of Katie’s sex. Now it was her turn to explode with pleasure. As her orgasm hit, she trembled out of control and opened her mouth as if to scream but nothing came out. As the final wave subsided she collapsed across Brian’s midsection, panting for breath.

Finally she was breathing normally and turned to Brenda. “That was amazing. I have never had that powerful and orgasm when I masturbate. Thank you.”

“Thank you”, Brian said and both women looked at him and laughed. He looked like he had just run a marathon. Sweat covered his chest and face and he was breathing hard. As the rested, Katie idly played with Brian’s flaccid penis. Soon her toying was showing signs of progress as his erection started to return. Katie decided that this had already been a wild enough day that she would voice her wishes.

“Brenda, when I went down on Brian, I actually liked the smell and quick taste I had of you. Would you let me lick your pussy?”

Brenda’s face widened into a huge grin and she said, “I would be happy to let you lick me, but only if I can return the favor.” With that, she leaned over and lightly kissed Katie on the lips. Katie immediately responded by kissing back hard and forcing her tongue into Brenda’s mouth. For several minutes Brian watched and stroked his cock to full hardness as the women kissed passionately and caressed each other’s breasts. Finally Brenda broke the embrace and lay down on her back in the soft grass.

“I can’t wait anymore. I need to cum and I need to taste the sweet young cunt of yours.” Katie positioned her sex over Brenda’s head and lowered herself down. She had a couple of boyfriends lick her before, but they were rough and inexperienced. When Brenda began simply by licking and kissing just Katie’s outer lips, she knew this was going to be a totally wonderful experience. The older woman’s touch spoke of passion, experience and love. By the time Brenda’s tongue finally found her clit she was on a sexual high she had never felt. She had completely forgotten about pleasuring the woman beneath her.

Brenda fixed that when she said, “Katie, you taste exquisite, but please eat me now!” Brian watched and finally could not wait any longer. At the sight of the beautiful Katie lapping at his wife’s pussy he just had to join. He decided to take the Katie right there and moved behind her and straddled his wife’s head. Katie practically jumped when she felt Brian waste no time and thrust his entire length into her pussy all at once.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed and thrust back onto Brian’s cock. After a minute Brian was into a good rhythm and Katie returned to Brenda’s pussy. The three of them built towards their climaxes, spurring each other on and totally lost in their ecstasy. Brenda was the first to cum. Her screams were muffled as she sucked her husband’s balls into her mouth. The vibrations on his testicles and the tightness of Katie’s young pussy were too much for him and pulled out just as he exploded all over her ass. Brenda never missed a beat and kept her tongue working on Katie’s clit until she finally exploded in another mind shattering orgasm.

The three collapsed in a heap of sweat, cum and saliva as they all tried to again catch their breath. Katie was the first to speak as she turned to look at her neighbors. “Mind if I come over tomorrow?” she said with a wicked grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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