Brian Crosses Over

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This happened about ten years ago. I’m married now but while I was in college I was forced to acknowledge something I had kept hidden since puberty. I am attracted to men. In high school I was your typical jock. I played football, basketball and baseball. I hung around with the cool crowd and dated my share of the popular girls. In fact I’m married to one of them right now. Maggie, my wife was the prom queen and cheerleading captain. She’s still pretty hot but I digress.

In high school I often fantasized about the guys I played sports with. Some were good friends. Others were guys I thought were attractive. I’d take those mental images of them while we were in the showers after practice. I’d remember their bodies, how strong they were, and the size of their cocks. And then at night, while alone in my room I’d fantasize about how great it would be to run my hands all over them, feel their cocks between my lips, and maybe even have one of them slide their dick inside me and fuck me while I moaned like my cheerleader girlfriend. In fact, I kind of wished I was a cheerleader.

I never acted on those fantasies. I’m pretty sure none of my guy friends in my high school knew I wanted them to face fuck me or be their cum slut. I stole plenty of glances in the locker room but I don’t think anybody noticed. As far as my hometown knew I was a pretty regular guy with good looking girlfriend.

Not much changed at first when I went to college. I was at a big school. I wasn’t a good enough athlete to play at the varsity level and neither were the guys I hung around with. But we still were pretty active with intramurals and club sports. By my junior year I ended up in an off campus apartment with four other guys. I still dated my girlfriend Maggie, though she was exploring her options as well (a whole other story). And my fantasies of being fucked now included guys in college I had met as well as a couple of my roommates.

Remember how I told you I liked to sneak a peak. Well with one of my roommates, Jay, it wasn’t hard to do. He’d stand in the middle of the living room toweling off after a shower. He’d be reaching behind his back and stretching showing off every part of his body. We’d all make fun of him for his exhibitionism but he didn’t seem to mind. If you were built like Jay you would probably show off a little bit. He had dark hair and a handsome face. He was about 6′ 1″ with a chiseled body. His balls were heavy and his cock was long, thick and beautifully circumcised. It wasn’t long before I was imagining how good it would feel to have him inside me.

In addition to his standard after shower posing Jay had a habit of lounging, sitting back in a big chair wearing only a sheer pair of gym shorts, often sporting morning wood. Believe it or not this was first hard cock I had ever seen and there was little left to the imagination. He was huge. I was mesmerized and the glance I was stealing lasted just a little bit too long when Jay called me out. “Geez Brian you must like what you see.. you keep staring at my dick.” Everybody laughed and I tried to brush it off but there was no denying it. His dick made me horny as hell.

Jay would continue this over the next several weeks and I’d try to be more careful watching him but I know he caught me a few times. Sometimes he’d say something and everyone would laugh again. Sometimes he’d just look at me. Letting me know he knew. I’d try to deny it but he’d just make fun of me.

I İstanbul Escort had another roommate whose name was Bill. He was wrester in high school and still had a lean build. Bill had sandy blonde hair blue eyes and was about 5’10”. Bill didn’t show off his body as regularly as Jay did but when he did I’d look. His cock wasn’t as big as Jay’s but it to was also beautifully circumcised.

Eventually Jay and Bill would be the ones making the biggest deal out of me checking them out, especially Jay. It became a running joke with them. Anytime there was a good looking guy on TV they’d say things like hey Brian I bet you’d like to see his cock too or when Jay was getting in the shower Bill would remind me, “Brian, showtime, five minutes”. I did my best to laugh it off. It was embarrassing, never more so than the night they told my girlfriend Maggie that they caught me staring at their cocks all the time. Now I was pissed, even though it was true, and told them to fuck off.

I took Maggie back to her college across town and came back to see Jay and Bill on the couch smoking a joint. Our other roommates were gone for the night. I was still pissed when I came in but both Jay and Bill seemed somewhat sorry. They took the edge off me and when they invited me to get high with them I sat down and we started sharing a joint.

For the next 10 minutes or so we just hung out watching something on TV when Jay started talking about being horny. Since Jay was always talking about that it wasn’t all that surprising. Then Jay started to say things like, “I could go for a blowjob right now”, and “I wish I could get my cock sucked. How about you Bill?” Bill answered, “fuck yeah, I need to bust a nut in a bad way. How about it Brian?”

Not thinking much of it I answered, “yeah, I loved to get blown.”

Then Jay said, “that’s not what we mean. How about you giving me and Bill some head? You know you want to.”

I answered, fuck you.’ And that’s when things started to move pretty quickly.

Jay was the first to stand up and walk over towards me. I was sitting at one end of the couch and he had been sitting in the chair next to me. Bill was on the other side. Jay was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts. As he approached his crotch was at my eye level. I was looking up at him and tried to push him away but he grabbed my hands and held them. “Come on Brian, you know you’re dying to do this,” he said. I tried to pull away and even stand up but Jay was bigger and stronger than me and he pushed me pretty easily back down. Now his crotch was right in my face as I still tried to pull away. His shorts were still on but I could feel his cock rubbing against my checks and lips. He had grabbed both of my hands with one of his and was pulling down his shorts. His cock sprang out and, already hard, it smacked me in the face.

I was still fighting him trying to twist and turn away when I felt Bill grab my legs and start to pull my pants off. I was yelling at both of them but neither one seemed to care. Jay, took his cock and pushed it up hard against my lips.

My mind was swirling now. I was still physically fighting them but I so wanted to take his cock into my mouth. I had, after all, imagined doing this 100 times. And now, Jay’s beautiful, hard, eight inch circumcised dick was pressed against my lips. There was overwhelming musky scent that filled me with desire and I could see his balls Maltepe Escort hanging full with his semen. It was a fantasy come to life.

Still, I wouldn’t take him. There was a part of me that was still embarrassed and did not want the world to know I liked cock. My mouth stayed shut and I continued to try to get away, though maybe I was also beginning to submit. Just then Bill had finished pulling my pants and underwear off. I may have even subconsciously helped him by raising my hips. When Bill finished he started laughing, “look at this Jay, he’s as hard as rock.” My cock gave me away. I was as turned on as I ever was and between the smell of Jay and the soft/firm texture of his cockhead I couldn’t hide my desire.

Jay looked at my dick sticking straight in the air. “Come on Brian, we knew all along you wanted this.” He was right, all my reluctance gave way to my desires and I stopped fighting, opened my mouth, and relaxed my jaw as Jay slid his hard throbbing dick into me. My senses were overwhelmed. I could feel and smell and taste his power and masculinity. I wanted to please him and feel his seed race through his cock. I wanted to swallow what he would give to me. Soft moans began to involuntarily escape from my lips and I was now sliding my head eagerly up and down his shaft.

I was now going to give him the blow job I had always fantasized about giving him. My hand gripped the base of Jay’s thick shat. My other hand held the back of his ass. I could feel his muscles as he rocked back and forth on my mouth. I didn’t take all of him that night but I was able to get a good six inches into my mouth. I moved his hand from his ass and cupped and gently fondled his huge balls. I would lick his head, take him deep and fast for a minute and then suck hard on his head again.

My own cock was twitching and I thought I might come. Jay was now telling me what good cocksucker I was. He told me he was going to fill my mouth with his come. I didn’t say anything, I just moaned in pleasure. I could feel my own hips rising back and forth, trying to help my cock find a source for its own release. As I held his cock in my mouth I could feel his balls tighten first and then his dick began to swell. I could taste his pre cum and now I started to suck hard. I was moaning and my legs and body were twitching with desire. Jay made a low, powerful guttural sound and he drove his cock deep into my throat. His first spasm shot a stream of cum deep into my throat. It actually surprised me. And my gag reflex took over and I pulled his cock from my mouth for an instant. The next spasm shot a load on my lips and face. By then I had recovered and guided his cock back into my mouth where I felt him spasm hard three more times. I swallowed each one and milked what was left as he gradually softened.

I moaned as his cock slipped from my lips. I needed more. Jay simply closed his eyes and set his head back. While I was blowing Jay he I and had twisted around so that when Jay finally did come he was sitting down feeding me his cock while my ass was sticking in the air. I was so turned on that my ass and hips had been rocking back and forth. Coming off Jay’s orgasmic high my hips were still moving but starting to sIow down. I remember thinking this was how Maggie moved when she gave head. It was then that I felt Bill playing with my balls.

I had more or less forgotten about Bill but he had apparently slipped Maltepe Escort Bayan into his room to grab some lotion because I could feel him rubbing my cock, balls and asshole with it. I let out another loud moan and pressed back against his warm hands. I was expecting/hoping he would jack me off. I still had my face in Jay’s lap. I was rock hard and Bill stroked my cock close to orgasm several times. I was moaning hard now and I wasn’t even trying to hide it anymore. I was moaning like a girl.

Bill was now paying more attention to my asshole. He had worked one, two, and then three fingers deep into my ass pussy. I had a dildo I had kept hidden and occasionally would use it while exploring my fantasies. It was pretty big, actually about as big as Jay’s cock and I had learned to take all of it. Bill had a beautiful dick, an honest six inches but I knew I could handle it. My hips rocked back against his fingers and in a quiet voice I asked Bill to fuck me.

That startled Jay out of his post orgasmic stupor. “Hey Bill, Brian wants to get fucked. Brian wants to get fucked like Maggie. Tell him Brian, tell Bill what you want.”

“Fuck me Bill, please fuck me. I want you to come inside me.. mmhmmm.. please fuck me..”

Bill didn’t say much but I could feel him position himself behind me. I felt his cockhead push against me. Between the lube and my solo practice sessions his cock slid into my ass like it was a pussy. It was like an electric shock went through me. I felt him bottom and then he slowly pulled out and pushed back in again. It was exquisite. I could hear him grunting, “what an ass this is”, Bill said. His hands were on my hips and his tempo increased. It felt so good having a real cock inside of me.

Jay’s cock was still in my face. It was semi-hard now. I looked up at him showing him shamelessly my desire for him while Bill slammed his dick into me. These were two very good looking guys and I was feeling like the hottest, sluttiest piece of ass in school. I was filled with desire and all the inhibitions I had suppressed for twenty years were gone. “Oh God, Bill, oh God, fuck me, fuck me..” I took Jay’s cock into my mouth again. He was hard again in moments. I felt like a cock whore.. I took Jay’s cock out of my mouth, “come in me Brian, come in me”.. I could feel Bill tightens his grip on my hips, his cocked swelled. I put my lips back around Jay’s dick. I could taste and smell his precum. I was still high from the joint we had smoked earlier and every sensation was heightened. Bill’s was fucking me hard and his cock was hitting my prostate, my g spot in just the right place.

Nobody was touching my dick but it was twitching. I could feel Bill’s strength and power inside of me. I could smell and taste Jay’s manhood. I was their girl. I was getting double teamed. I was their cum slut and with that thought I cried out like a whore and my cock exploded in orgasm. I could feel my ass spasm around Bill’s dick and then I heard him moan in manly pleasure as his balls emptied their load deep into my ass.

He collapsed on top of me and we laid there spent for several minutes. I was satisfied in a way I had never been. I took a few minutes to catch my breath and when Bill finally pulled away from me I took Jay’s cock back in my mouth and finished him a second time. As I blew him I could feel Bill’s cum dripping from my asshole.

Jay, Bill and I got together several more times that year, sometimes as a threesome and sometimes just two of us. I fucked Jay.. ohmigod!! And I even learned how to flirt in a girlish way that got me in a bed with another roommate Kevin. Maggie and I stayed together that year though she also slept with Jay and Brian. Both said I was just as good a fuck as she was. High praise, indeed.

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