Broken Arrow

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Broken arrow in military language refers to a lost Nuclear device.

Sean 42 yrs old was living the life of a hermit after years of being a servant of the state for twenty years. Sean went into the Marines at seventeen years old with the permission of the state child welfare system. He had already led a difficult life at 17yrs old but the years to come were even more traumatic. He saw the worst of the worst in humanity in the Marines serving 3 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Images that would never leave him were buried deep in his subconscious.

He left the Marines 5 yrs ago and dropped off the face of the known planet. In those first years after his Honorable discharge, he was a ghost in the community. So when one day a year ago when he passed out in the local diner the town folk assumed he was a tourist or just passing through. It was an EMT who pulled his wallet ant discovered he was local and a veteran so he was taken to a VA hospital nearby. He woke up in a semi-private room and a doctor was dispatched to explain to him what had happened.

Doctor Vanessa Deering told him that he was malnourished, which was the root of why he had passed out. She told him that they found cancer and asked him about his service, confirming her suspicion of the cause. Sean was very weak and could barely answer the Doctors questions, but demanded to be released. The reality of his health crisis came to a point when he couldn’t stand or even sit up on his own to leave. He listened as the doctor laid out a plan to transfer him to an assisted care facility so he could get the treatment he needed.

Sean had little choice as he couldn’t physically care for himself at the moment and went along with the plan. After six months his cancer was in remission and he was strong enough to sign himself out so the doctors agree to release him if he agreed to have in-home health care at least in the beginning. Sean’s insistence on living in the woods was rough on him physically. Once moving he could manage to live in the old off-grid cabin deep in the forest.

The Veterans administration clinic doctor and the rehab doctors were against him living on his own. Sean was physically doing better after his last surgery, but the stress of being caged and managed was making him testy and agitated. So as a compromise Sean agreed to have a home health care aid come to his cabin and assist him. The first two companies hired to do the in-home health care couldn’t find his driveway and refused the job due to the remoteness of his cabin. The third company said they knew exactly where he was and could have a New PCA they’d just hired in the area work the next day.

Sean did the best he could and that was enough for him, but his cabin was less than clean, and often he’d lose track of his medications. The first morning the aid was supposed to show up, He went out to his gate to let the person in, still not having talked to the aide himself, he didn’t know what to expect. He saw a modded out Jeep CJ7 pull up to his gate and he greeted the young woman letting her pass through the gate and then leading her to his cabin, The trail was arduous for a normal car, but the jeep didn’t have one problem at all.

He invited Abby into his cabin as she got out of the jeep. She followed him and he took notice she was wearing work boots and a Carhart coat, that impressed Sean as someone prepared to work for him. Sean showed her to the living room and they sat. Abby and Sean went through the questionnaire Konya Escort and discussed his needs. She asked him if he needed assistance bathing and he said that there were times he could use assistance. Sean took notice of how attractive Abby was as she stood to follow him on a tour of the cabin.

Abby commented on how peaceful and beautiful the place was. Sean thought to himself at least she’d be fun to look at. He showed her around the small cabin, the woodstove, the sawdust composting toilet. Abby took it all in stride, saying she was raised country tough. Sean was impressed and thought to himself that she wasn’t as old as the boots he had on, but he felt like she’d work out. The 2 hours seemed to pass quickly as they chatted. Abby announced her time was up for the day and that she’d be back on Saturday.

That day had been a relatively good day for Sean and hours after she left he could still smell her scent. The next day after lunch Sean had a TBI stroke and was incapable of cooking his dinner or dishes that night. Saturday morning Abby called to confirm she was coming, and Sean told her to use the combination lock on the gate and gave her the combination. When Abby pulled up to the house she knocked and Sean yelled for her to come in. She found him in, still the bathroom struggling to stand up. She helped him to his feet and pulled his shorts up for him.

Abby led him to the living room and got him settled in a chair, and took his vitals. He explained how he’d had mini-strokes before, but 18 hours or so on the floor was a new development. Abby told him she was required by her companies protocols to notify emergency services. Sean told her that it wasn’t necessary but understood that she had to follow the procedure. She led the EMTs into the cabin and they took his vitals and discussed his options. The Emt’s were adamant about calling in a helicopter to fly him to an emergency room. He respectfully denied their pleas and signed their A.M.A. paperwork. They left and Abby asked if it was ok for her to get started on cleaning.

Sean said not to let him stop her. She went about cleaning the kitchen while making him brunch. She called her office and advised them of what had happened and requested more hours. Her request was approved and she told Sean she’d be able to stay until he was in bed. Sean was physically incapable of doing much of anything sexually but thought to himself he wouldn’t throw her outta bed. Later that afternoon Abby made him dinner and cleaned up after. She told Sean what reorganizations she had done as she walked him to bed.

She left her personal number on the back of her card on the nightstand next to his bed and told him to call her if he needed. Sean’s prideful male ego had melted away over the last few months and he said he would. A couple of days went by with Abby calling to check in on him twice a day. On Tuesday Abby knocked before entering Sean’s front door and he called back to her to come in. When Abby stepped in she took her coat off and hung it up near the door, Sean sat across from the door and admired Abby’s figure as she hung her coat and adjusted her clothes. Sean still wasn’t solid on his feet and asked for Abby to assist him bathing today.

He told her that he would like for her to stand by as he got into the tub and then help wash him. She followed him watchful of his steps, clearly still suffering the after-effects of the stroke. Sean sat on the toilet lid pulled Konya Escort Bayan his tee-shirt off and then lowered his pajama bottoms along with his underwear. He slid over to the tub edge and Abby moved close to guide him into the water. She helped him wash his hair and his back while he took care of the rest. She pulled his foot out of the water washing one then the other.

She pulled the drain plug from the tub and helped Sean rinse himself with the showerhead. Then she helped him to stand and it was obvious he was struggling at that point to maintain his balance. Abby took the showerhead and rinsed the rest of him running her hand over his back to get the last of the soap. Sean stepped out and Abby grabbed a towel and dried him off as he held onto the wall. She knelt in front of him drying his legs, working up to his crotch drying his cock and balls. She then led him into the bedroom and helped him get dressed.

Sean sitting on the edge of the bed watched as Abby dressed him and when it came time for him to stand so his underwear and pants could be pulled up he was shocked. As he looked down Abby’s eyes met his, focusing on his semi-hard cock. She finished pulling his pants up and he sat down, not saying anything about the erection. As Sean sat he was again shocked to feel his cock under his leg and adjusted to pull it out from under his leg.

Abby went about cleaning up in the bathroom, thinking about his semi-erect cock and how much bigger it would be hard. She shrugged off the thought until it occurred to her that Sean may not have had a sexual partner in quite a long time. Over the course of the next few months, Sean learned a lot about Abby was a 25 year old certified personal care aide that had never left her home town. She had never even left the county at all. She dreamed of traveling but decided she lived in one of the most beautiful places and didn’t need to go anywhere,

Abby had been very sexually active once she graduated high school and moved out of her very strict Mormon parents’ house. She liked sex, soft, hard with males or females, submissive or dominant and she liked talking about it. She got her CNA when she tired of working at the bank as a teller, a job her father had got her to further control her. When she was eighteen she’d created an app that she still got residual money from and gave her some financial independence. Sean began to fantasize about her regularly jerking off thinking of her.

Sean would go out and do some of the things that needed to be done around the cabin, and then suffer the consequences. Often meaning a seizure or being unable to move for a day or two. Abby kept to her schedule unless he called needing assistance. As the seasons changed and the temperatures warmed up Abby would show up in a tee shirt and jeans or shorts. Sean began wearing just his shorts around the house and in the yard. Sean was just containing his sexual desires wanting to do more, but knowing that would be troublesome when he noticed Abby bent over cleaning under his sink.

Then it happened, Abby got snagged on something under the sink and called for his help to get unstuck. As Sean walked over he couldn’t help notice Abby’s butt up in the air, her shorts had ridden up revealing her cheeks. His cock stirred and he knelt behind her reaching under the sink to free her. In doing so he accidentally ran his hand inside her blouse and touched one of her breasts. He told her that her tee-shirt Escort Konya was snagged and she’d just have to pull out of it. He backed away and she pulled back still unable to free her self. Sean asked if she wanted him to call someone to assist her or he could just use scissors and cut the t-shirt so she would be freed.

After a fit of giggles and a few snorts, Abby asked Sean to cut her shirt off. Sean reached for the scissors asking why she was giggling. She said naw, just get her free, and Sean insisted as he cut the t-shirt releasing her. She sat back on her heals flipping her hair back. Abby said she’d been considering asking him to go topless on the hot days as she rubbed her breasts and then let them bounce freely. Sean said sure, sure no problem getting an eye full of her nice rounded upward twisted tits.

Abby said no problem, Sean, as she pointed at the front of his shorts. His cock was erect straining his shorts elasticity. Abby spoke before he could say a word, telling him it was natural, and a compliment. Sean feeling brave slid his shorts down releasing his cock almost hitting her in the face. Abby reached out to grab it hesitantly and then said may I sir?

A request no man has ever in the history of humanity has denied, he said oh yes. Abby stroked his cock several times as it grew even larger at her touch. She slipped her mouth over the head and began stroking it at the same time. Abby grabbed Sean’s butt forcing his cock deeper into her throat, and Sean almost fell backward. Abby said half stuttering maybe I, we, should Uhm, you know make the bed? as she let go of him. Sean moved carefully into the bedroom laying on his back watching Abby remove her shorts butt facing him.

Sean thought to wake himself but reached out and pulled Abby on top of him into a sixty-nine position. It had been a long time since Sean had had sex but Abby’s pussy smelled so wonderful and the view from under her was magnificent. Abby took his cock in her mouth working it like it was the last one on the earth, licking it up and down around and then plunging it deep into her throat again. Time seemed to stop for both of them as they enjoyed what they were doing not needing to be aggressive.

When both Abby and Sean seemed to pause at the same time Abby slid off Sean’s face and turned around sliding herself down onto his cock. Sean had thought of himself as a broken arrow his sexuality lost, his potency lost. Now feeling his cock buried in Abby’s pussy he felt like it was possible that the viral part of him was alive again. He grasped her breasts and kneaded them as Abby began to slide back and forth on his manhood. What a beautiful sight she was, obviously enjoying having a man inside her controlling her pleasure.

After a few minutes, Abby had a very loud and wet orgasm stopping and shaking as she came. As she half collapsed on Sean he roiled her to the side remaining hard inside her pulling her legs up to her chest pounding his cock into her. Abby crying out came again as the vile sounds of her wet orgasm permeated the air. Sean watching this magnificent young woman orgasm under him he started to come. He held still for the first two spurts of come deep inside her.

Then he pulled out enough to slide his cock on her pussy lips and clit shooting come onto her belly and pussy. Abby was exhausted in orgasm covered in come when Sean Slid down off of her still holding her legs apart and began licking and sucking on her clit and pussy. Seconds later Abby came again squirting into his mouth and on his face as Abby held his head into her honey pot. Sean finally slid off of her laying next to her on the bed on his back, and Abby rolled over to lay half on him, her head nestled on his chest as they both fell asleep.

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