Brooke the Cheerleader

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Big Tits

First off I would like to introduce myself as Sammy. Not much to say about me except the average five foot, five inch tall brunette, with the subtle 32C bra size. This is a story that happened a few years ago to me when I was in college with my friend Brooke.

You see Brooke was a sexy, 21 year old(same age as me) cheerleader and well, we had very different groups of friends. She was going out with all of those football players, while I sat by and watched it all. Not to say that I didn’t do my fair share of dating, I mean I was with more guys that most girls I know can say but they weren’t quarterbacks.

So, to the story. It was a late Saturday night, around two, when Brooke stumbles into our dorm, obviously too drunk for her petite body to handle, but she looked beautiful, and that was the first time that I looked at her that way. She had the perfect body, and anyone could have guessed that it belonged to a cheerleader. She was a little shorter than me, but had a chest that pushed into the D’s and legs that were model like. Her straight blonde hair perfectly swayed side to side as she stumbled and her braless top barely held them in. She walked straight to her little chest next to her bed and grabbed out a bottle of cheap nine dollar wine for the liquor store and insisted that I İstanbul Escort have a glass with her, reluctantly I agreed. Four glasses later, I myself was in a state of insobriety and well the mood was starting to lighten up and grow very, very mellow. The more the mellowness, the more I kept on getting turned on by my sexy roommate.

An hour of more drinking passed, with light conversation. Then suddenly, “Sammy, have you ever kissed a girl before.” Wow, I have to honestly say that never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this would come up.

“Well, no, but, I mean I have thought about ……” Before I could finish my sentence she leaned in for the kill and gave me the best kiss that I have ever had in my young college life. Moments later when it commenced we just looked at each other, neither of us knowing what to say.

I was going to say something, I don’t remember what now, but she spoke first. “Would you like to…….” She just nodded her head. We walked over to my bed hand gently in hand. She laid me down, and gave me a deep, passionate kiss, even better than the first. Her kissing slowly moved down to my neck then to the small cleavage that was showing above my tank top. Her gentle hands were rubbing my stomach, just above my shorts İstanbul Escort Bayan lacking panties underneath. I was in complete and utter shock, this is what I wanted, but I was so nervous. Then, she placed her left hand slowly down my panties to the little patch of hair just above my pussy, her other hand was slowly tugging at my shirt, lifting it over my head to reveal my pointed nipples. I lay there in complete ecstasy as he tongue is doing circles around my dark brown areolas, making them stand up to nearly an inch. Her other perfect hand was cupping my other breast, while that other hand began it’s quest into my pussy. Her licking of my nipples had stopped and her tongue was finding it’s way downward to my cunt. She licked right just above my pubic hair, which made me quickly spasm. This was just the beginning.

Without verbal warning her tongue darted straight into me, it was the greatest sexual feeling that I had felt from a man or woman. Her tip ran over licking my labia like a lollipop, while she explored with on finger of each hand. I looked down at her wet, juicy crotch area, to find her just about as hot as I was at that moment. Her licking intensified, and one of her fingers found it’s way to my asshole, She rimmed it with her finger, then Escort İstanbul stuck it in my virgin ass. It was kind of painful, but it felt so right. But what I was concentrating on was my pussy. It felt like it was going to explode after these ten minutes of the best minutes of my life. I started spasming uncontrollably, and finally just let go. Her face look up at me, covered with my juices. She got up and kissed me, I never knew that I could taste so good!

“My turn”, she said. I told her to lay down right where my sweat and juices were from before. I got up went to my dresser and grabbed out a slender 6-inch vibrator.

“You’re going to love him!” I knew that this wouldn’t take long, because I obviously saw how horny she already was and I knew she would cum quickly and with some power. I turned in on low to begin with her delicate, pink pussy. I made the quick thrust into her and instantly she was moaning with delight. I took it out for a second so I could kiss her beautiful, large breasts and give her a quick kiss before I gave her the best lesbian sex that she will every have. So I went down on her to taste this sweet, sweet taste, and from that moment I loved it. I knew she wanted the vibrator, so I gave it to her. I turned it on medium, then decided on high. She was wiggling around in the bed, when her swollen vagina gave and releases a powerful squirt onto my face and naked chest.

I climbed exhausted into bed with her, and laid with our bodies tangled together and dozed off to sleep like that.

*Story will be continued on what happened in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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