Burning Love

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The fire alarm had sounded and Mindy and I had jumped into Engine 1-99. The captain had grabbed the mic and told the dispatcher that we were responding. Mindy and I had been in the fire department for 3 months and we were very anxious every time the alarm sounded, I guess that is because of us being new to the company. We were all headed toward the scene when I looked across the seats and noticed that Mindy hadn’t fastened her coat yet. I also noticed, after looking a second time, that Mindy’s nipples were protruding through her tight shirt that she was wearing.

Apparently she was more excited about the call then I was, but I was getting there after seeing her nipples. I looked at Mindy and said ” hey, you nervous or excited?” As I reached over to help her hook her coat, she asked me what I was talking about. I just simply looked at her out the corner of my eye and said “oh I just noticed some things were protruding that’s all no big deal.” She looked at me and then looked down and gave a slight grin, as she noticed her nipples were very hard and shinning very brightly as they press tightly against her shirt, and said “well I’ll leave that for you to figure out”, as she chuckled.

We arrived at the scene and it was a house fire with people still inside so Mindy and I dawned our S.C.B.A, and an ax, we then headed toward the house and entered it in the front door. The smoke poured out and we could barely see in front of us. We started to make our feel around the house searching for people, Mindy was leading and I wasn’t far behind her making sure she doesn’t wander off some place other than me. Suddenly Mindy had stopped and I was unaware of it and I didn’t get stopped in time and I ran my right into her ass. She quickly turned around and looked at me with a seductive smile and said, “come on let’s go we have work to do.” So we continued our search, and found a man in the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom. We then pulled him to safety.

After the fire was out and everyone was safe Mindy pulled me to the side and said to me ” good job in there, we make a hell of a good team.” I told her that I agreed and that we should team up on a permanent basis if all possible, she likes that idea.

So on our way back to the station, I noticed her constantly looking over at me from across the seat and she would take a glimpse downward at my cock. One time I made sure that she saw me catching her in the act of undressing me with her eyes, and all she could do or say was blush and said “coops you caught me didn’t you.” “Oh my why yes I did numerous times but only this time I made sure you saw me watching you look at me.” Needless to say after that statement she was a little bit embarrassed and kept her mouth shut and eyes to herself the rest of the trip home, which I was a little upset about because I really like her and wouldn’t mind getting with her sometime, if she felt the same way about me.

We got back to the station and Mindy had asked me ” hey what are you going to do now, cuz I was wandering if you wanted to umm uh go out and get a drink or something.” I looked at her beautiful face with her long blonde hair flowing in the slight breeze, and she looked like she wanted to have a nice relaxful evening to calm down from the dramatic day that had just happened. ” well as far as I know I have no plans so sure I will go have a drink with ya.”

“Great , well then we can go home and get shower and then meet back here in an hour or”, I had stopped her before she could finish by saying ” why don’t I just pick you up and then we can go from there and have a very enjoyable evening together?” Mindy looked at me and said “sure that sounds fine with me.”

Mindy went home to get a shower and freshen up, and I did the same thing. When I got home I threw my clothes off and rubbed my hands down my body to give it a quick massage like I always do before getting a shower. I turn the shower on and let the water warm up as I shave. I climb in the shower and as I am washing my naked body watching the soap suds run down my chest and off the tip of my hardening cock, I get a vision of what the night will be like. I start to smile as I visualize me and my date Mindy having a couple of drinks, and then walking onto the dance floor and start to dancing to a very slow song. Then the visions are interrupted by the sounds of the phone ringing, but I had no time to answer the phone so I left it go, so I could finish showering.

I finish and got dressed for a night out on the town with a beautiful woman.

I pulled up to her house and as I walked up her sidewalk to her front door she opened up the door and stepped out , wearing a real short red dress with red high heels. Her hair was flowing and done up really nice with her make up looking like it is a natural part of her face. I stared at her think my god she is beautiful, I could feel my cock jump inside my pants as I looked at her, knowing that I had never seen anyone looking as beautiful as her, she walked up to me and said ” boy right on time” as she yenibosna escort gave me a little peck on the cheek. I walked her to the car and opened the door, as she sat down in the car her dress slide up her legs and showed me that she wasn’t wearing any pantyhose, letting her bare legs exposed, showing her beautifully tanned legs.

As we drove tot the night club for drinks and dancing I couldn’t keep my eyes on the road I kept looking down at her long silky smooth legs with every curve where it is suppose to be. Once again I could feel my 8 inch cock jumping inside my pants, like a wild rabbit trying to jump out of a deep hole, with every glimpse I make in her direction and with every thought I had of what just might happen that very night. We made some small talk such as the fire that we responded to and about how nervous we both were about going on our first date.

There was one thing I had noticed about her that was puzzling me. I had notice that she has a ring mark on her ring finger presumably from a wedding ring or a diamond. I had wandered why a beautiful woman like her wasn’t married, and so I got up enough balls to ask her. “hey Mindy I noticed your ring finger is white, are you married?” Mindy looked at me and said “if I was married do you actually think I would be going out for drinks and dancing with you instead of being home with my husband and getting my brains fucked out. No I am not married, but I am divorced!” I didn’t know how to respond to her first comment so I just thought of something quick and asked “so you like to be fucked huh, you wild woman you? oh I am sorry I shouldn’t have said that I wasn’t thinking , so what happened to you and your husband, why did you get divorced?”

She looked at me with watery eyes and said ” well I was working long hours at The Perch, trying to make some extra money, but one day I wasn’t feeling good so I asked to leave early. Boy was that a mistake, well maybe not, anyway I left early and went I got home I walked in took my shoes off and headed to the bedroom to get undressed and lay down for a while. But when I got closer to the bedroom I heard a some noise so I immediately walked a bit faster and when I got to the bedroom I threw open the door and there he was butt ass naked, fucking the living shit out of my best friend Julia. Needless to say, at that instant, he jumped up threw his clothes on and darted out the door and drove away for a while. I look at Julia , who was still trying to get her clothes on, asked her “how and the fuck could you do this to me, you were suppose to be my best friend, what did I do to deserve this?” She started to answer me and I cut her off with “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU WHORE!” So then a month later after he tried numerous and numerous times to get me to come back to him, I finally divorced him and haven’t seen him since.”

” boy Mindy I feel like I should be sorry for asking you but I am glad that I did because that mark bothered me I didn’t want you to be married and then find out by having some muscle bound professional wrestler look alike hunt me down and pulverize me to Bolivia.” She started to laugh and leaned over turned my head a bit toward her and gave me a friendly kiss on the mouth and said ” that is what I like about you, you can make me laugh so easily.

” well I don’t do anything special all I do is be myself”

” that’s all it takes” she said back to me.

We arrived at the night club and walked right in. The music was loud, like any night club is, the air had the lingering haze of smoke and the smell of booze and sweat, from all the dancers. We walked straight to the bar and I order a rum and coke and she order a Bermuda Triangle, and went to find a table to sit at. We found the only table left, which was in the darkest corner in the place and way in the back. We sat down and just looked at each other and chuckled at the fact that we were in the dark corner away from everyone else.

Mindy and I sat there shooting the shit about almost everything, hell we even talked about our sex lives. Mindy and I had finished our drinks and, she asked me ” hey ya wanna dance with me?” Of course I couldn’t refuse dancing with such a beautiful woman and I responded to her with, ” well hell yeah, that’s what we came here for in the first place. We walked out on to the dance floor and then the DJ said ” okay ladies and gentleman this is for all you couples out there, here is Hungry Eyes.” Once again we looked into each others eyes and then chuckled.

“Do you still wanna dance?”

“Sure why wouldn’t especially with you having those hungry eyes” she said with a giggle.

“Okay then”.

We wrapped our arms around each other and started to dance, we danced like we were professional dancers that had been dancing for years. Mindy then slowly laid her head on my shoulder and chest area and her hands slide down a little bit towards my ass. I just looked at her and I took a breath and zeytinburnu escort oh my god the sweet and sexy aroma of a combination of her hair and her perfume, the smell made me react with out thinking and I pulled her closer to me. Now our bodies were tight against each other and we could feel each others body against our own. Mindy then rubbed her hands up my back, as if we had been together for a while or as if she was having thoughts from her past. Either way her touches made my dick push against my pants and suddenly she gave a quick jerk back a little bit and looked at me and said ” hey I thought we were here to dance and have fun?”

” that’s what we are doing.” I said back to her. “why did you ask that?”

“Well by the feel I thought maybe there was a fire here and you were going to use your “hose and nozzle” to put it out.” she said with a laugh.

I had gotten really embarrassed because I knew what she was talking about, and I said ” boy now I am so freaking embarrassed, I’m sorry about that please forgive me, but you did it to me, because you smell so great it turned me on a little.”

“Can we go sit down now please, my stomach is feeling goofy right now because of embarrassment.”

“Tony look I didn’t say it to embarrass you, I find it a turn on myself, just knowing that you are turned on enough to sport a semi just because of my smell. Anyway yes we can go sit down.

I had a hard time looking at her because of being embarrassed even though I knew my hard on turned her on. So I sat there and watched everyone else dance, when she took a hold of my face and made me look at her. We looked into each others deeply, almost as if we were reading one anothers mind.

Mindy said ” hey look at this way at least I know you like women and the way they smell.”

All I could do was chuckle at the comment.

After about 5 minutes I asked her if she would like to dance, and we head out toward the dance floor. They were playing another slow song and we just stood there looking at each other as much as to say well should we try this again, When suddenly she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer to her and laid her head on my shoulder.

I thought to myself oh yeah here we go again. When the smell of her hair and her perfume reached my nose I could feel my pecker growling and growing inside my pants again. I stepped to the side of her so my bulging pants wouldn’t be poking her. She lifted her head and looked down at my crotch area and smiled and then pulled me back in front of her. She held me even closer yet to her, to the point that I could feel my swollen prick pushing against her mound.

We continued to dance and my cock grew more and more when suddenly she left out a sound of pleasure “MMMM” . The next thing I know felt her hand grab hold of my cock. Mindy’s hand was now down at my crotch cupping my balls and cock and gently squeezing them, making them grow harder and harder. My cock felt like it was going to play the role of the incredible hulk and rip my pants to shreds to be released. Suddenly the music stopped and we went back to the table.

I looked at her and asked” so Mindy did ya like what you were feeling out there on the dance floor, my hard cock?” With a pleasant grin she replied” yeah I did but I like the feel of cocks better without the jeans being in the way.” We both started laughing.

We ordered another drink and was sitting there shooting the shit about everything and anything imaginable, while sipping at our drinks for the next hour or so.

Mindy said ” hey Tony would you mind if we leave?”

“Of course not any time you are ready”

We made our way out and back to the car, once we were inside Mindy told me that she had a wonderful time and I had to agree with her.

On the way home Mindy said “I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Sure anything for you, what’s up?” I asked with a smile

“Could you stop at the station? “Yeah, but why what’s wrong” I asked with a concerned sound in my voice.

“Nothing, I was going to see if you could help me practice my CPR, but it has to be in the ambulance, cuz I feel uncomfortable with having to do mouth to mouth while being in a small area like the ambulance. I looked at her and said “no problem.”

“I would like it to be as realistic as possible, so do you have any old clothes that could be thrown away afterwards?”

I told her that I did and we stopped at my house and I grabbed a pair of sweat pants that had holes in them and headed off to the fire station. Once we got there she had become very nervous as we headed to the truck bay.

She opened up the back of the ambulance and said “climb in and change while I get ready.”

“Okay, but no peeking” I said with a grin and a chuckle as I stepped in the ambulance and closed the door behind me.

In the meantime while I was changing into my sweat pants, Mindy went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of ketchup. acıbadem escort

By the time I was done changing, she had returned from the kitchen.

She climbed in the ambulance and said “nice pants, they will look even better in a little bit.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“You’ll see, now lay down my little patient.”

So I laid down and she put on her rubber gloves, at least that what it sounded like through closed eyes. Then she poured a little bit of ketchup on my pants to resemble blood.

She said” Okay you were in a motorcycle accident and you are bleeding somewhere from the lower extremities and you were knocked unconscious.” “okay I understand” I said.

She grabbed my wrist and started to check my stats then she leaned over and checked to see if I was still breathing. Then she noticed the blood and said ” look there is blood soaking the pants I better check to see where it is coming from as she started cutting my pants off.

The only problem with that is I don’t wear underwear so she got to see everything down below. I had a hard time keeping myself from getting a raging hard on as I heard her say ” oh look there it is” as she leaned over and took my semi hard cock deep into her mouth sand started sucking it. She bobbed her head up and down on it making it harder and harder within her warm wet mouth.

Of course I could not keep myself from letting out a soft moan “mmmmmmm”, as she continued to suck it harder and with one gulp she sucked my balls into her mouth and began to suck on them.

Licking and sucking on my balls and cock, she continued to arouse me more and more making me want her more and more than ever before.

As I laid there, with my hot hard wet prick standing straight up, I felt her moving around, so I opened one eye, and I seen her completely naked.

I thought to myself, damn, I have a beautiful woman standing in front of me with her fabulous mound perfectly shaved in the shape of a rectangle about 3 inches in length running from her clit up. I tried to catch a wiff of her succulent pussy but I had no luck.

Her tits were so perfectly round and huge with her nipples pointing straight out calling out SUCK ME.

She looked down at me as I closed my eyes and said “I need to take a closer look to see exactly where is coming from.” Just as she said that I felt her standing at my head and then she leaned over and had her whole body stretched out across my naked body. She started to suck and lick on my already hard cock making it want her pussy to swallow my cock down to its base.

Acting like a good patient, even though it was hard to do with her sweet smelling pussy on my face, I just laid there. Then suddenly she started moving her hips fast and hard as she was grinding her swollen clit and her long fat pussy lips on my face and mouth.

I wanted to lick her pussy so bad that I actually left out the distinct sound “MMMM”

Quickly she spun herself around to see if I was becoming conscious when she did that she landed her cunt lips and pussy right on my hard cock.

Lifting her ass up she positioned my throbbing head at her love hole and she sat back down. Her pussy swallowed my dick as she let out a loud ” OH MY GOD” . She started bouncing faster and faster making her pussy jack off my hard cock.

I lost control and started moaning and I reached up with one hand and grabbed her waits and with the other I started fondling her rock hard clit.

WE looked at each other and I said “I thought you wanted help with your CPR”

With a smile of satisfaction and starvation for more she replied “I do and you are helping me with it CPR stands for COCK AND PUSSY RELATIONSHIP”

“Oh well in that case let me help you more .” I leaned up and started sucking on her fat nipples and beautiful tits. She stood up and I told her “bend over and I will help you some more.”

She bent over and I positioned my self right behind her and I started to fondle her asshole with a soaking wet finger as I slid my hard throbbing cock into her tight wet pussy.

“FUCK ME HARD STUD” she screamed with excitement

I started to jam my hot rod deep inside her harder and harder touching bottom each and every time I thirsted my hips toward her perfectly round ass. I took my finger into my mouth and got it all nice and wet and then I slid it deep into her asshole. As I moved it in and out of her ass she started to moan and scream with enjoyment and pleasure. I started to move my finger in a circular motion as I added another finger and she screamed more and more with pure gratification.

“FUCK MY ASS NOW, FUCK IT HARD” she yelled at me

I took my long hard cock out of her tight cum soaked pussy and slid it into her tight virgin ass, I jammed it in hard and fast and she loved it every minute of it. I pumped harder and faster with each thrust I gave as she reached under her and rubbed the hell out of her clit.

“OH YES I AM GOING TO CUM FUCK YES” she screamed as her head was being thrown back toward me. I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her even harder yet.

I Pulled out of her ass, I wanted her to cum on my cock so I shoved my cock fast and hard into her wet pussy and just as I did I felt her love juices pour all over my hard prick as I pumped her pussy filling it with my manhood. I loved the feel of her wet pussy engulfing my hard cock.

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