Buying a Truck

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Last weekend, I stopped at a local Ford dealership to look at their line of 2019 Ford 150’s. I am nearing the end of a car lease and wanted to explore my options before getting another vehicle.

As I walked into the showroom, I was approached by John, a 27-year-old good-looking salesman. He had a pleasant smile and greeted me with a firm handshake as he looked me right in the eye.

He was about 5’10, 34 w, average build, clean shaven. His smile was infectious, and I was immediately attracted to his good looks.

After telling him I was interested in the F-150’s, we looked at the fully loaded model on the sales floor. I jumped into the driver’s side as he got into the passenger side. With the doors shut, he reviewed all the unique features of this year’s model.

We then walked over to his desk to view various trim levels and pricing. For the record, I always spend many hours reviewing an item before I make a purchase, and this was no exception.

This visit was going to confirm my intentions or move me to another vehicle. I never visit a dealership without first doing some independent research.

At his desk, we chatted about ourselves a bit, which is typical of sales guys. I learned he lived in an apartment in an adjacent town. He was living with a roommate from high school, which meant he was single.

I always like to ask questions about guys I find attractive without letting them know I am prying. Most people love to open up about themselves, especially if they want to make a sale.

After narrowing down the trim level I was interested in a test drive. As he grabbed a set of keys, he asked me to wait in the showroom as he was about to walk across the lot to grab a vehicle.

I said, “John, that is not necessary, I’ll walk with you to get the truck.” This was a huge dealership and we walked at least the length of a football field.

As we searched the lot, he said, “customers usually wait in the showroom as a convenience to them.” I replied, “I prefer to walk with you as we can chat along the way. It is more efficient.” He laughed and said, “you’re right.”

Once we found the truck, we walked around the outside as he pointed out some new features. Then we both jumped in with me behind the wheel and John in the passenger seat.

For about 5 minutes, he reviewed all the interior features as the truck idled. The huge center seat console lifted to provide a 3rd seat in the front row which was a great feature. I lifted it up as I asked John to move closer to me. I wanted to see now much room would be on the other side of him.

As he scooted next to me, his feet were resting on a slight center hump and his left knee lightly brushed against mine. All of a sudden, I had strong lustful thoughts as I kept looking at his crotch.

As I left the lot for a test drive, Sakarya Escort I would glance over at John as we talked. After a few miles on the road, I was in love – with the truck.

The test drive confirmed my intention to buy it today if the price was right. I told John I was ready to make a deal if we could agree on a price. You could see his eyes light up. He said it was the end of the month and the dealership is always looking to close deals.

I responded, “great” and boldly reached over and patted my hand on his thigh. The look on his face was priceless as he was very surprised.

I looked at him and said, “John, not only do I want to get this truck today, it would mean a lot to me if I could take care of you,” as I moved my hand closer to his crotch.

I paused and looked him in the eye and further stated, “there is something about you that really turns me on. What are you packing in those pants?”

He was very red faced and I thought, “shit, what did I do?”

I continued, “Look, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable” as I arrived back at the dealership. As we walked into the showroom together, I kept talking and asking some questions about the truck to keep him focused on his job and to not make him feel weird.

I sat down at his desk and he walked to the manager. I was a little nervous since I have never been so bold before by asking if I could suck a guy off.

This kid was only a few years older than my eldest child and yet I was behaving like a slut! This was very uncharacteristic of me, but with the kids gone and being a recent widower, I was feeling a bit free.

What the hell was I thinking?

I tried to remain calm. I sat there thinking John wouldn’t dare bring that up because he couldn’t prove anything. Plus, it could be very embarrassing for him and could risk the deal. I reasoned the risk of telling his boss was as great for him as it was potentially for me.

After a few minutes, John came back with an offer that was very fair. I completed the paperwork for the purchase along with the return of my lease. John said it would be a few hours until the truck was prepped and ready.

I didn’t want to wait at the dealership, so I needed a ride home and then a ride back. I whispered to John asking if it was possible for him to drive me home and pick me up later. I told him I only lived 10 minutes away and it would give me an opportunity to properly show my appreciation for helping me find new wheels.

He said he would take me home right now as he walked away to tell his boss. As John drove the shuttle van to my house, I looked at him and said, “I really appreciate this.” He sighed heavily and said, “this is a new one for me.” I replied, “me too.”

John parked in my driveway and we walked into a large empty Adapazarı Escort house that was once filled with three kids and a wife. Now I was all alone at only 55 years old.

I offered John a drink, but he declined as he had to get back to work. I led him upstairs into a guest room and stood him by the bed. I grabbed a sleep mask and put it on him as I said, “this will heighten the experience for you, trust me.”

I stepped back to admire this very masculine man as my juices started to flow.

I approached him closely as I put my left arm around him. As I pulled him into me, I felt the warmth of his body as my right hand slowly caressed his chest and moved to cup his junk.

I knelt before him with his crotch at my face as my hand loosened the belt, unbuckled his pants and pulled down his zipper. I slowly lowered his pants to his ankles as he stood before me in black boxer briefs.

I gently felt him over his briefs and pressed my face into the material and took a deep breath. I wanted to smell him, I needed to smell him, to feel him. I was losing control.

I stood up to assist John as I laid him down onto the bed. With only his feet on the floor, I carefully removed his shoes and pants. Then I repositioned his body, so he was lying in the middle of the bed with me kneeling between his very hairy and muscular legs.

As I stared at his crotch, I noticed how his package perfectly filled out his briefs. As I grabbed the band, John instinctively raised his hips to allow me to pull his underwear off.

After tossing them to the floor, I noticed his happy trail, beginning at his belly button, ended in a nicely trimmed bush with a semi hard cut cock greeting me. As I began to salivate with excitement, I leaned down to lick the head.

With each lick to the tip, his cock jumped to greet me. After teasing him a bit, I opened wide and took him into my mouth all the way to the root hands free.

John’s involuntary moans gave me all the encouragement I needed to continue. I actually felt him growing and expanding in my mouth. It is rare for me to feel a dick come alive while in my mouth as most men are standing at attention by the time, I greet their pride and joy.

I spent several minutes alternating between licking the tip and taking him all the way down. Over the years, I have learned to control my gag reflex so taking 7 inches to the root is not a problem.

Each time I deep throated him, he let out an audible “Oooh Yeah” which was music to my ears.

I moved to his balls licking his scrotum and taking each one in my mouth as my lubed hand stroked him. I didn’t get very far as John began to buck wildly and I knew his finish was imminent.

He cried out, “I am close.”

I mumbled a weak reply. I didn’t want to miss the event, so Serdivan Escort my mouth quickly took over sucking him as his hands grabbed the back of my head holding me tightly.

With his legs spread apart, my mouth sucking his cock and my hands massaging his balls, he stretched out his legs and let out a loud grunt as his cock started to pulsate with wave after wave of hot, sweet juice.

I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed – matching his every expulsion.

As he calmed down, I continued to suck out every remaining drop for another minute pushing his hands away as he complained of being sensitive. I just didn’t want to let go.

I told him to stay put as I ran to the bathroom and got a warm washcloth. I wiped his slowly deflating cock and then patted him dry.

He took off the sleep mask and said, “Shit! That was the best fucking blow job ever!”

I chucked and said, “I am glad you liked it. It’s common knowledge guys give better blow jobs than gals since we know the equipment better.”

John replied, “Right! None of my girlfriends have ever been able to deep throat me like you did and swallowing was out of the question.”

As we both stood, he saw me re-arrange my still bulging cock and didn’t say anything.

As I helped him get dressed, I told him, “I would love to do that again sometime. In fact, any time you want. I also have a massage table and would love to give you a nice and relaxing full body massage.” John replied, “That’ll be cool.”

As he got into the van I asked, “I hope you are ok? I just want you to know that I am very, very discreet. I just enjoy some cock every now and then. I will respect your privacy and discretion.”

John said, “thanks for telling me that and believe me I am obviously very discreet as well.” I told John to text me anytime he wants to get together and I will get right back to him. With that he was on his way back to work.

About 4 hours later, I got a call from the dealership telling me my truck was ready and that someone would be stopping by in the next 30 minutes to pick me up.

As I arrived at the dealership, I waited for John as he was finishing up with another customer.

When I saw he was free, I approached him and said, “Where’s my truck?” He grabbed my keys and said follow me.

When we arrived at the truck, John said, “jump in and let’s see if you have any questions.” With the doors closed, I said, “So, how are you feeling?” He said, “I’m cool. I just can’t believe that happened today.”

I replied, “trust me, I didn’t think that would happen when I first you earlier. It just happened.” I reminded John not to forget that I would love to meet up again.

As he climbed out of the truck and shook hands goodbye, he asked, “What are you doing tonight? I get out at 9:00 pm and have nothing planned.”

I smiled and replied, “well, you can still have that drink I offered earlier, and I can get the massage table ready.”

“That sounds great, see you about 9:30.” John replied. As I pulled out of the dealership lot, I thought this was going to be a great night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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