Cal’s Fun Flings Ch. 01: Suzie Q

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Suzie Q

A bright smile, curly blonde hair and tits the size of pony kegs…

That day I was sent to pick up Suzie. The farm girl literally bounced off the bus with the biggest boobs I’d ever seen. I ran up and grabbed her bags. “Hi I’m Cal, and I’d love show you around campus.”

“Well hello Cal, I’m Suzie Q and these are the chubby twins.” She shook her plump boobs and giggled. “And gosh we’d all be just tickled pink.”

“Excellent!” We left in my car and the eighteen year old girl snuggled close to me. Later I dropped Suzie Q at the dorm. We made plans to go out and she hugged me hard, squishing her chubbies hard against my chest.

Wow. I thought the farm girl would be easy. But she wasn’t.

A week later we were at a burger and beer place. Suzie Q wore a red sweater stretched ferociously tight over her 44DD’s. And I watched Suzie’s fat tits jiggle up and down as she talked about milking cows in Missouri.

“OMG Cal, one day the milking machine broke down and I had to hand squeeze teats all day long.”

Gee. My mind was in titty heaven, dreaming about hand squeezing Suzie’s teats all day and all night… milking her great big gobs of squishable titty flesh…

Then a gang of Goth girls surrounded us. A long legged Goth named Zandra bumped me. “Oops… Oh it’s you Cal, haven’t seen you since the dark ages.” Zandra lifted her skirt and rubbed her bare thigh against my crotch. “Hey Cal, why don’t you dump that farm girl and we’ll have some REAL fun?”

Suzie boiled beet red as she lurched into Zandra’s face. “Watch it Bitch!”

“Who you callin’ a bitch? BIATCH!”

They squared off like women wrestlers. Goth Zandra versus the Missouri Milker. The girls traded titty-punches, yanked each other’s hair and wrestled around on the floor. But you can’t out-wrestle a country girl. Soon Goth Zandra shrieked like a demon and flew off to some netherworld.

I helped Suzie up, dusting off her dirty blouse bumps. “Com’on Suzie Q let’s get out of here.” Jumping in my car we drove in silence to the river.

We pulled up at dusk, with the flowing water sparkling bright in the moonlight— always good for business. I tried to kiss Suzie but she pushed me away. So I munched on my burger.

“Cal why don’t you like me? Dammit I saw you checking out that bitch’s legs.”

“So Suzie Q? So what if I did look at her legs? You keep your legs closed so tight you squeak when you pee.” Suzie slapped me twice. “Look we’ve gone out three times now and you haven’t even let me squeeze your juicy melons.”

“Oh I see it’s all about my tits. Always about my tits! Do guys know what a curse it is to have huge boobs?”

“Ha-Ha-Ha! A curse really? Hell Suzie there ain’t a girl in this college who wouldn’t trade tits with you. Every girl dreams of having boobs the size of beach balls.” I rubbed her arm. “And how could you ever be jealous of flat-as-a-board Zandra?”

Suzie giggled and I held up my burger. “Hey Suzie Q, how ’bout I trade you half a burger for a feel of those awesome-awesome knockers?”

She tried to slap me but I kissed her hard and squeezed her plump boobs. “Suzie honey let’s get out of this stuffy car and go for a walk.” I led her down by the river. The cute blonde looked out over the twinkling waves and I saw a twinkle in her eyes. Cool.

We tongue kissed. Suze put my hand under her bra Kuşadası Escort for a feel of farm-fresh tittie flesh. Yes! I kissed her ear. “Suze we could get naked and go swimming… or we could just get naked?”

“That’s terrible Cal— but okay.” The blushing girl took off her blouse, with her bra straining to hold back her udders. With a wink she unhooked the triple harness. Suzie’s tits billowed out, huge and creamy with wrinkly brown areolas… areolas big around as pancakes, topped with puffy brown nipples.

She shook her chubbies as I tried to grab them. “Wait Cal there’s more.” Suzie flashed a grin and slowly turned around. When she dropped her skirt I held my breath, waiting for her panties. “Cal honey could you take ’em off?”

Thank you Jesus! I eased her panties down her legs, exposing her nice ass. Suzie stepped out of her panties I saw a tuft of golden blonde pubes, peeking through her thighs. Peeky-peeky.

The naked farm girl spun around and gave me a face-full of girl fur— Suzie’s mound bulged with so much hair I couldn’t see her slit. Holy Shit! Parting her golden forest I found a pink slit. And licked it.

“Oooh don’t!” Suzie jumped and squealed, but opened her thighs. So I licked inside her hairy pussy lips, up and down her slit as she moaned. My tongue found her clitty and twirled it round and round like a top.

“Oooh stop that Cal… Oh-oh, jeez nooo…”

Suzie tried to wiggle away but I held her hips and lapped away at her squirming slit. “Uhh!” With a loud gasp she yanked my head into her cunt— crushing it between her strong, farm-girl thighs. My head felt like it was going to pop as I sucked her clitty like a soda straw…

“Oh-gosh, oh-nooo… “All at once her pussy spasmed with a wrenching orgasm. ” HOLY-JEEPERS!” Suzie Q bucked up again and again, twisting her twat in my face.

I kept licking her love hole until she collapsed. Then I tongue kissed Suzie, letting her taste her own pussy juice. She pushed me and ran away giggling, holding her bouncing berthas.

I chased after the naked farm girl loving every bounce.

When we reached my car, I pointed to the backseat. And she actually climbed in back. I came in behind her, yanking out my boner. Suzie stared at it and smirked. “What are you going to do to me sir?” I slid a towel under her butt and Suzie Q covered herself.

Girls are always quick with that hand-over-pussy thing.

After sucking her puffy nipples, I slipped a finger into her wet spot. Suzie stared at the ceiling and I tried to spread her thighs. But the girl clamped them shut.

“C’mon Suzie Q spread your legs or I’ll use my crow bar.”

“You wish.” She giggled and spread her legs wide, opening her jungle of pussy hair. “Cal I’ve never done this before. I’m um… a virgin.”

Ha! I knew the odds of that were one in a zillion.

My prick slid up and down her furry-furry blonde crack—and punched in. Suzie squirmed. “Oh jeez Cal, you got a big one.” That’s when I knew she wasn’t cherry and plowed deep into her fleshy pussy, filling her soft furrow with hard cockmeat.

Lifting her legs I screwed the farm girl harder.

“Yikes!” Suzie gripped me with her strong legs and pumped her quivering pussy onto my prick as her huge tits rolled back and forth in fleshy waves. “Deeper Cal… Deeper!” So I plunged my prick to the very core of her Kuşadası Escort Bayan womanhood.

Suzie twisted and screamed as her back arched. “Ungh… ungh-ungh…! AIYEEE! I’M CUMMING!”

I felt her pussy muscles clenching my cock. And I climaxed too shooting cum into her hot crack. The eager farm girl worked her strong cunt muscles up and down, milking out my spurting cock until we collapsed together in a sweaty heap.

Afterwards Suzie lifted her head to watch cum leak from her hole. She tasted it with her finger… and gagged.

The next day she called me. “Cal let’s go to the county fair, please?” My car was broken so Suzie borrowed a car and drove us to the fair. I wanted to see the midway but the country girl wanted to see the 4H exhibits.

I said no— Suzie said she wasn’t wearing panties— so we headed to the 4H.

We looked at pigs and sheep and whatever. Along the way I pulled Suzie Q aside and kissed her while feeling underneath to make sure she really was panty-less. She was and I fingered her fuck hole until she twisted my arm into a pretzel.

At the cow pens we saw a milking demo, a Dairy Maid milking machine sucking milk from cow teats… It made me horny of course. I wanted to milk Suzie’s sweet teats. Sneaking behind the exhibit I found an unlocked door and yanked the girl inside.

“Cal why on earth did you bring me here?” She smirked and undid her top. “You wanna see the twins doncha’?” Dropping her bra Suzie’s luscious udders bounced out and I sucked away, pulling on her long nipples. After a minute I noticed another milking machine behind us.

Grabbing the milking tubes I held the teat-cups up to her nips. “Suzie look!”

She frowned. “OH HELL NO! You’re just like all those horny farm boys, and I told them I ain’t never doing that nasty thing again!”

“C’mon Suzie Q let me see you do it… please? Pretty please?”

“Well… what’s in it for me?”

“I’ll lick your clitty until you scream in orgasm.” I flicked my tongue up and down like a snake’s.

“Really?” She covered her crotch. “Oh my goodness, well I guess I could…” Suzie Q quickly turned on the milking machine and pulled out her boobs. I watched the farm-girl lick her tits and stick a teat-cup on each nipple.

Suzie Q winced as the vacuum cups drew her rubbery nipples into the tubes, stretching her nips out like Silly Putty. The teat-cups contracted and expanded, pulling the entire end of Suzie’s tits into each tube—including her areolas! Wow. The pulsating tubes made her big tits bounce and smack together.

… so damn erotic. I took a video with my cell.

Suzie grunted. “Cal…ugh… I better not see… ugh… this on the internet… ugh… or I’ll feed your nuts… ugh… to the goats.”

“No sweetie, no goat nuts. Now it’s my turn.” I sat her on a bale of hay and yanked off her panties. Parting her golden snatch, my tongue lapped up and down her slit as the machine pumped her tits.

“Ooooo… Cal”

Soon my mouth found her clitty and sucked on it until it was the size of a jelly bean. “Ooooo… yessss Sir!!” Suzie Q squirmed and clamped my head with her thighs as I tongue-tickled her swollen love bean, while fingering deep in her wet fuck-hole.

The girl panted harder and I licked faster. “Oh-oh… ah-ah… AHHHHHH!” Suzie screamed, writhing up with orgasm after Escort Kuşadası orgasm, her big flopping boobs whipping the milking hoses around like titty lariats.

I licked as long as I could… with her sturdy thighs crushing my head.

After her fourth orgasm she stopped squirming. With the teat-cups still pulsing on her tits Suzie looked up at me, panting. “Oooh gosh Cal, that was darn naughty… now let me milk you.”

Eagerly I brought my cock up to her chest. Suzie Q wrapped her bulging, pulsating boobs around my shaft, stroking my prick up and down with vibrating titty flesh. Oh god did that feel good. Her sweet tongue lapped my cockhead each time it came up.

The naughty girl licked my pee hole and took my prick into her mouth.

“Oh yes Suzie Q… milk me, milk me baby!” The farm girl sure knew how to suck cock. Her mouth was like a cock-sucking machine. It didn’t take long before my prick spewed jism down her throat. Suzie almost barfed and gobs of sperm spilled down her cleavage.

She wiped her lips. “Ucky Cal. Sperm should taste like buttermilk.”

Suzie pulled the teat-cups off with a popping sound. And her swollen nipples stuck out like rifle bullets. Suzie Q flashed a naughty smile. As I watched she pushed her big boobs together and sucked both nipples at the same time… I almost creamed my pants.

Giggling she dropped her panties. The naked farm-girl leaned back in the straw. Sweet Suzie spread her legs wide and let me snap a pic of her hairy blonde snatch. Click-click. Naked pussy pics are sooo great.

“Cal honey how ’bout an old fashioned roll in the hay?”

“Hell yes!” Grabbing her titty handles I shoved my prick into Suzie’s warm pussy, and plowed her like a Missouri cornfield. The horny farm girl moved her hips up to mine, forcing my boner deeper in her fuck hole.

Gripping my hips, Suzie Q humped me so hard her ass bounced off the straw. Soon I heard her moaning and panting. “Ungh, ungh… OH-OH CAL I’M CUMMING!” Suzie’s legs flew up as her farm girl pussy milked my cock again.

After the pussy fuck I rolled Suzie over and spread her butt cheeks. “Time for some rump riding fun.”

Suzie Q gritted her teeth, gripped the hay bale and squealed like a pig when my prick plunged into her sweet butt-hole. “Eeeee… eeeee!” I fucked her ass good and hard, reaming out her tight anus. Then I rolled her over for another go in her pussy.

We screwed so much my prick got numb. Numb was good. Numb was incredible.

Afterwards Suzie spread her legs and pointed to the hay strands in her pussy hole. “Dammit Cal look what you did.” The girl tried to wipe it out, and I eagerly tried to finger it out. But some hay was stuck in too deep. So I talked Suzie into letting me rinse out her pussy with a garden hose.

“Okay but be gentle.”

I nodded and shoved the hose straight up her cunt. The hay washed out but Suzie’s face turned beet red…

“Dammit Cal— you animal. You shouldn’t have buttfucked me so hard. It’s your fault I got hay up my twat!” She stomped off and I followed, watching her wet ass wiggle back to the car.

For the rest of that month we met for some old-fashioned screwing. I’d milk Suzie’s chubby boobs, pound away at her fuck holes… and sometimes wash hay out of her twat out with a garden hose… which she really hated.

But at the end of the month Suzie Q had to go back to the farm. So we snuck into the county fair for one more naughty romp with the milking machine. Awesome. Then Suzie packed up the girls and left for Missouri.

I missed sweet Suzie and the chubby twins… until I bumped into Zandra, again.

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