Camilla Ch. 041

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Cum On

Leo drove into the Lehar’s parking lot at about 7:50 PM; he saw Camilla waiting by the restaurant entrance wearing only an elegant black evening gown and matching high heels. Her dress generously showed off her bra-less cleavage, and it was so tight-fitting that one could easily see she was wearing no panties. Her face was brightly made up in the same harlot colours she’d had on during her afternoon photo session with Bob.

Leo parked and got out of his car; as he nervously approached her, he said, “You look ravishing.”

“Thank you,” she said with a grin. “‘Ravishing’ was the idea.”

They went in the restaurant, and the maitre d’ found them a table by a window. As Leo perused his menu, Camilla looked up and noticed the restaurant manager eyeing her. She remembered how she’d promised to do him a sexual favour in return for him allowing her to dress in a risque fashion in his restaurant. Though she didn’t find him at all attractive, she’d been postponing his gratification for some time now. She decided that now was the time to put out.

“Excuse me, Leo,” she said. “I’ve gotta use the washroom. If the waiter comes, order anything you like for me. I like all the food here.” She got up and left.

Leo noticed she was walking in the opposite direction of the washrooms; she never turned around and went the right way after being told where to go. Besides, if she liked all the food in Lehar’s, then she must have been here enough times to know where the washrooms were. It was obvious to him that she’d lied to him. The waiter arrived, and Leo ordered for both of them; after he saw the waiter take their order to the kitchen, he got up and walked over to where he saw Camilla go.

He found a door to the back area of the restaurant, where only the staff were allowed to enter. Nobody noticed him slip in. He walked down a short hallway and heard moaning from a room on the far right. He came to the door and turned the knob very slowly, careful not to make the slightest noise. The moaning and sighing was loud enough that any noise he’d made wouldn’t have been heard anyway. He pushed the door slightly ajar and peeked in; it was a store room.

Camilla, naked, was on her knees in front of the restaurant manager and performing fellatio on him! His cock slid in and out of her mouth, caressed by her loving lips. Was Leo upset to see this? No: he knew from her carefree exhibitionism in Bob’s apartment that afternoon that she was a loose woman. Leo knew she was anybody’s girl, and he was perfectly accepting of that; he just wanted to have his turn with her that night. Besides, it was thrilling watching her demonstrate her superb cocksucking technique, and he gleefully hoped for it to be applied to his prick later that night. He panted as he watched her kiss and lick the tip of the manager’s dick; she deepthroated it several times, impressively never gagging; she looked up in the man’s eyes with the deepest concern about how well her mouth was pleasing him; and her fingers played with his balls, tickling them and gently shaking hem.

The only thing, if any, that annoyed Leo was how Camilla could show such bad taste in a man for a lover: the manager, easily in his fifties, was fat, balding, and not particularly endowed in the penis department. At the same time, that annoyance was a comfort for Leo, for he knew that if such an unattractive man could be an acceptable lover to that sexy naked nymphomaniac, then surely Leo would be all the more desirable to her. This was the best possible boost of self-confidence he could have, and he could feel his original shyness melting away, replaced with an even macho audacity. So, however insulting a wound to Leo’s pride it may have been at first to see her choose such a pig for a lover, ultimately this choice could only make Leo feel more self-assured. Go ahead, girl, suck away, he thought; besides, this sure was fun to watch…

As she kept sucking, the manager looked at the ajar door and noticed her date watching them. Instead of being startled, the fat man just smugly smirked, knowing he–not even half as good-looking as Leo–was enjoying Camilla’s charms. The thrill of being watched also Gaziantep Escort doubled the man’s pleasure, propelling him toward orgasm all the faster. Camilla was glad to feel his cock fully hard and ready to blow, since she could get this over with quicker and return to Leo; so she intensified his stimulation, tickling the man’s corpus spongiosum with her tongue, kissing and licking his knob, and tickling his scrotum and balls with faster finger movements. She would wrap her lips tightly around his knob and pull back on it, letting go with a popping sound as her head went back; then she’d put his dick back in her mouth and pop it out again in the same way.

“Oh!” the manager groaned. “I’m gonna blow my load!”

Not wanting to mess up her face, Camilla now kept his dick in her mouth. He came, and she received every drop of the man’s load, swallowing it all, gulp after gulp. She kept his penis in her mouth until she was sure no more squirts–even slight ones–would come out. Then she took his spent member out and put it back in his pants, zipping them up while looking up at him and grinning the whole time.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “The best head I’ve had in over ten years; my wife should get lessons from you.” She giggled at these words. “You’d better get back to your date. Imagine if he saw what we were doing.”

Giggling again, she said, “Regardless of what Leo knows, I’ll more than make it up to him later tonight.” Leo smiled at these words.

“I’m sure you will make it up to him, and I’m already jealous,” the manager said. “Lucky cuckold.”

She bent over to pick up her dress; her ass was now pointing at the door, and Leo could see her pussy and asshole. He licked his lips at the beautiful sight. She put on her dress and high heels; at the sight of her getting dressed, Leo snuck out of the staff area and returned to his table. To get rid of the smell of the manager’s dick and come from her mouth, Camilla took a breath mint out of her purse, sucked on it and crunched it quickly. Though Leo was long gone and free of anyone other than the manager knowing he’d been there, Camilla was surprised to see the door ajar; she was sure the manager had closed it when they went in.

She went back to their table. “Sorry I took so long,” she said to Leo.

“Oh, it wasn’t long: that’s for sure,” Leo said with a barely-perceptible smirk. “Was it hard?”

“What?” she asked, already guessing at what he was implying.

“The washroom,” he said with a more deadpan face this time. “Was it hard to find?”

“Oh, yeah,” she said with a giggle of relief.

“I noticed you went the wrong way,” he said with a bigger smirk. “You must have gone down on–I mean, you went up and down, suck–uh, searching long and hard, till he came–uh, you came to the right place.”

“Uh-huh,” she said, realizing what he was insinuating. Alright, she thought, I’ll make it up to you tonight. “What did you order for us?”

“I ordered steak au poivre for myself,” he said with perfect French pronunciation. “As for you, you’re eating coq au vin.” (Would it even be necessary to indicate how he mispronounced her dish’s first word?)


After eating their dinner, Leo took her to his apartment, where they would soon be eating each other. Though Camilla had found his former shyness cute and charming, and was now somewhat disappointed to see it gone so quickly, she was still excitedly anticipating some good, hard fucking. As soon as they got inside his apartment and he closed the front door, he asked, “How about a nightcap first?”

“Sure,” she said. “Would you like me to get naked?”

“I’d love it,” he said. His cock was already rising in his pants.

Her dress dropped to the floor, and she kicked off her high heels. “What happened to that shy boy I saw this afternoon?” she asked as she turned around so he could see all of her.

As he looked up and down her body, he said, “Well, my self-confidence skyrockets whenever those uglier than I are–so to speak–bowed before.” He went to the kitchen to get each of them a glass of Gaziantep Escort Bayan Bailey’s Irish cream.

“Um, about that manager, I–” she began to stammer.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” he said with an easy-going smile as he returned to give her her glass. “I’m not the slightest bit mad about that. Let’s sit on the sofa, OK?”

“OK,” she said as they walked over to the sofa. It was interesting to both of them to see her as the apologetic, nervous one, and him the calm, cool one.

“Actually, I enjoyed watching you go to work,” he said as they sat down beside each other.

“Really?” she asked with a lascivious grin.

“Yeah. You played that pig like a piccolo. Speaking of which, you can believe me when I say I feel no bruise to my ego, because I’m much better-looking than he, and my dick’s bigger, even if I do say so myself.” He took a big swig of his Bailey’s.

“You got that right,” she said after sipping her drink. “You’re gonna be a lot more fun than he was. You go ahead and be as boastful as you like about your looks; you’re justified. The only reason I blew him is so he’d allow me to wear dresses like that in Lehar’s. In a high-class restaurant like that, it’s not easy getting away with wearing risque clothes; and I wanted to please you by looking as sexy as possible. I hope you can forgive me: I’m a bad girl, I can’t help myself.”

“You go ahead and be as bad as you like,” he said, then he gave her a peck on the lips. “What do I care if he had you? I have you now.”

They put their drinks on the coffee table and started French kissing. He fondled her breasts, gently squeezing them and tickling her nipples. She moaned and felt his groin while kissing him on his right cheek. Yes, she thought, his cock’s definitely bigger than that restaurant manager’s. He moved his head down, kissing her cheeks, neck, sternum, and breasts. He put her left nipple in his mouth and started sucking it while he fondled her right breast. She ran her hands through his hair and sighed with delight. Now you’re the great sucker, she thought.

They got off the sofa and lay on the floor, pushing the coffee table out of the way. He was on his back, and she went on top; they were in the 69 position. She unzipped his pants, pulled out his rock-hard cock, and put it in her mouth. With her ass in his face, he had those two beautiful holes at tongue’s length. Now both of them were suckers; she sucked his cock while he sucked on her clitoris. Her pussy was fresh and clean; remembering the sweet smell of her urine when she’d peed at his brother’s apartment that afternoon, Leo now wished she had used the Lehar’s bathroom after all. Oh, well, he thought: maybe she’ll pee for me later tonight. All the same, the fragrant smell of her pussy was pleasant to have just millimetres from his nose, which rubbed against her wet vaginal opening as his tongue tickled her clitoris. He then wrapped his lips around one of her labia minora and sucked on it; he would do the same with the other one in a few seconds. He put his tongue as deep inside her vagina as he could put it in; it barely reached and tickled her G-spot. She squealed through her nose, as her mouth was occupied with the full length of his cock. He pulled his tongue out of her cunt and licked her asshole. Again, it was sweet and fresh-smelling, which was fine for him, though that now-wished-for trip to the Lehar’s washroom could have given it, for this fetishist, a sweeter, faecal smell. She took his cock out of her mouth and sucked on his balls while putting his cock between her breasts and squeezing it in that pillow-like place. With his balls in her mouth, she tapped them with her tongue and made them dance and gently ricochet against her teeth. His fingers pulled her asshole open so he could slide his tongue inside it as deep as it would go. He kissed her anus as passionately as a man would kiss a woman’s ruby-red lips while his tongue slid in and out of the orifice. As he did this, his index and long fingers were tickling their way inside her vagina, stimulating her G-spot.

Both of them were nearing orgasm. They were fortunate to avoid Escort Gaziantep a mess all over his carpet, for, just in time, she’d put his cock back in her mouth, and he pulled his tongue out of her asshole and went back to licking her pussy. His finger went deep inside her asshole, swinging all around her rectum and stimulating all her rectal walls. She had her moist lips wrapped tightly around his shaft as it slid in and out of her mouth. He came in her mouth after a few seconds of her tongue hugging his corpus spongiosum, and she swallowed every drop of his ejaculation as it spouted in eight powerful shots down her throat. His tongue danced on her clitoris while his mouth was wide open, and her come poured out in a waterfall in his mouth; only a few drops ran down each side of his face. They rested for a few minutes.

“That was great,” she said as she got up. “I gotta pee: wanna watch?”

“Of course,” he said as he got to his feet. They went to his washroom, and she sat on the toilet with her legs wide open. He smiled as he saw the pee fall down into the toilet bowl water, making a sleigh bell-like tinkling sound.

“You’re really OK about that manager?” she asked as she squirted out her last few drops of pee.

“Absolutely,” he said. “I only regret not masturbating while I watched your amazing performance.”

“Really?” she asked as she reached for the toilet paper.

“Yes,” he said. “And I just learned, first hand, how good you really are with your mouth.”

“Thanks,” she said as she finished wiping herself. “You have quite a cunning tongue yourself.” She dropped the toilet paper in the bowl and was about to flush the toilet.

“No, please,” he said. “For the sake of my fetish, please leave your divine pee in the bowl.” He bent down to sniff her stinky pussy.

“OK,” she said. He licked her external urethral orifice a few times before she said, “Wait, Leo. Stop.”

“Oh, don’t worry about the smell. I like it.”

“I know, I don’t mind that; but licking me there is unhealthy when I haven’t cleaned it. I don’t want you catching any germs and getting sick.”

“Oh, all right, if you insist. But my cock’s getting hard. Let’s go to bed.” He led her into his bedroom.

“How about anal?” she asked as she, carrying her purse, got on the bed.

“I’d love that,” he said. She took out her anal lube and squirted some on his hand. She was going to be on all fours, but he asked her to lie on her back and bring her legs up; she did. He lubed her rectum and his cock, then he got on top of her and slowly pushed the tip of his phallus against her anus. Wrapping her feet around the back of his neck, she looked in his eyes lewdly and moaned as she felt his cock slowly push its way inside her ass. When he was all the way in, she opened her mouth wide, squinted her eyes, and squealed with pleasure. She let out a high-pitched squeal each time his cock slid in, and breathed heavily each time it slid out. Loving the urine smell of her cunt, he gently and slowly put all the fingers of his left hand inside. When he got his whole fist inside, she screamed out loud. His fingers all danced around in there for a while, and her G-spot was going wild. He took his dripping wet hand out. Then he pulled his cock out of her ass and slid it in her soaking wet pussy. Pumping aggressively inside her and poking the knob of his shaft against her A-spot, he fondled her right breast with his right hand, pinching the nipple. He put the index finger of his wet left hand in her asshole, sliding it in and out and massaging her rectal walls. Her screams got higher and higher, and soon reached the whistle register. She splashed her come all over his groin; then he pulled his soaking cock out and put it between her tits. She wrapped them tightly around his member as he slid it back and forth. Those soft mammary cushions were strangling his dick, even making it suffocate with pleasure. Finally, he fired his load all over her face: the first shot hit her nose, some going up her nostrils; the second hit her lips; the third sprayed against her right cheek; the fourth flew into her right eye. She was giggling and screaming the whole time, sneezing his come out. She licked the come off her lips and thirstily drank it.

He got off her, she sat up on the bed, and they slowly regained her breath.

“After that,” she said, “the only thing…I regret about being in…that store room is…that the man…I sucked wasn’t…you, Leo.”

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