Camp of Blessing Ch. 01

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The toothbrush fell on the sink, followed by a grumpy mumble from Kristanna, “Ahh… crap”. The girl lazily bent down to grab it, her shoulder-length, blood-red hair falling casually on her face with her movement. She stared at the reflection in the mirror, lazy eyes, a swollen face from a tough night of sleep. She had her eyelids half down, covering her sea-green eyes partially, her red lips covered in toothpaste foam.

However sleepy and messy she was now, Kristanna’s beauty was still undeniable. She had very symmetrical features and smooth skin, with a hint of freckles on her cheeks. She washed the brush after picking it up and continued to lazily brush her teeth trying to wake herself up in the process.

Kristanna had just turned eighteen. But to most onlookers, she would pass as older, clearly having matured early. As she moved her arms holding the brush, her generous breasts jiggled freely under her pajamas, which were strangely “glued” to her skin by a sticky mixture. Soft and weighing heavily with their size, her breasts were still somehow extremely firm and perky.

The girl wore her favorite and most comfortable set of white PJs. The pants were supposed to be loose on her body, but her thick thighs, wide hips, and equally generous ass cheeks filled them up completely making them skin tight. An extremely voluptuous figure for a girl her age, or any age for that matter.

She thought about how today was probably going to play out: go to school, dodge the horny boys, pretend to like people, be social and blend in, etc. Boring, predictable, the same she had been doing for years. Kristanna was almost done with school and she couldn’t wait to finally be free to explore the world, see new things and different people. Maybe out there she wouldn’t feel like an outsider and find somewhere she belonged to. She had no idea if such a place even existed, but her heart hungered for more than the life she currently had. She was a teenager, after all, absorbed in her world and desires.

Deep within her heart, Kristanna knew she would be much worse of had she not been adopted by the Smiths, the family she had been living with for the last five or six years. She had fled the home she was born at right before she turned ten, a young child alone in the world. She ran for reasons she would rather forget. Her mind ended up blocking most of the memories from her difficult early childhood. Whatever she remembered she just wished she could forget. She managed to get away and that was everything that mattered. But right after that, with no place to go, she found herself abandoned in the streets. It wasn’t long until she was found and ended up thrown into a government institution for recovery and, hopefully, adoption.

Kristanna had no hope to be taken by anyone, she was too old. But after a couple of years living in the orphanage, the Smiths entered her life. At the time, it wasn’t the family’s plans to choose an older child such as Kristanna. But she had a captivating aura, such a beautiful girl. Her red hair locks gave her an almost angelic look. The Smiths were a very generous family, deeply Christian and religious, they decided to give Kristanna a second chance out of the goodness of their hearts. She now had a sister called Sarah who was only a couple of months younger than her, and parents that loved her and treated her as a daughter.

The Smiths were far from the perfect family though. The same Christianity that made them kind and generous also made them harsh and narrow-minded at times. They practically forced Kristanna to go to church and follow their traditions every day, traditions the girl had never been used to. Nevertheless, she accepted them, she was flexible and did what she had to do to survive. Any kind family would beat living out there. Going to some church and sitting through rites and religious classes was a small price to pay. Were not for this family Kristanna could have easily ended up in the hands of some kind of pervert, sexual criminal or serial killer for all she knew.

The Smiths were mostly good and kind people, but sensible minds could see the fearmongering strategies they often employed. They raised the girls the same way they were raised. As if there was a veil of threat on their every statement whenever the kids would “misbehave”. Not directly from them, but from Jesus of course. Peter Smith or Amanda Smith weren’t the ones that did not approve of her behavior, it was Jesus, the son of God, creator of the universe.

As such, every wrong they did was getting closer to condemning their soul to hell, unless they repented and made amends. After all, everyone is a sinner, so mistakes are expected. They just had to repent and do the shores as atonement. Amanda and Peter saw themselves as mere “messengers of the Lord”, they repeated as they pointed to one of the many crosses that hanged on the walls of their house. Nevermind the fact that “the Lord’s message” seemed to always coincide with what they Muğla Escort thought was best.

Kristanna never argued or confronted them, but deep inside she felt somehow imprisoned, living the life they wished for her and not her own. She appreciated the fact she had been safe and cared for during her teenage years, more than she had ever felt in her life. Nevertheless, now all the safety slowly turned into annoyance or boredom, creating a prison around her. She longed to be free once again.

All she had to do was keep her secret from them for a few more months until the school finally ended and she could move out. Kristanna was so afraid of them finding out, they were so prude and strict with sexual subjects that she honestly believed that they might bring back the inquisition and burn her at the stake. God forbid they discovered that she had been an intersex, also known as a hermaphrodite, since birth and possessed both male and female sexual organs.

It had been somewhat easy for her to hide it up to this point. Apart from her extra male appendage, she looked completely female. Matter of fact, her body was overly feminine, with round curves, wide hips and heavy but perky breasts that caused a lot of envy on her classmates. She was a prime example of a healthy and beautiful woman, with her stunning features and complexion, excellent skin and hair even without ever needing to make use of many cosmetic products or makeup. Her appearance worked well to divert any suspicion of what she was hiding between her legs.

And so the Smiths had no clue of her unusual anatomy. To them, she was a blessed, beautiful young girl who needed to learn some modesty and get used to her newly developed body. The fact she avoided all the boys at school like the plague certainly helped her stay in the SMith’s good graces. But the familiar twitch inside Kristanna’s PJs as she brushed her teeth reminded her to always stay vigilant. If it depended on the redhead, neither the Smiths nor anyone else would ever find out about her “friend”.

And what a big friend it was, massive to some standards. Kristanna could put even the most well-endowed pornstar to shame. When hard her penis could easily grow up to be well over a foot long, with a diameter of almost three inches to match, and it sported two heavy apple-sized testicles hanging underneath it. Certainly, it would make most men jealous of its majestic size. But when not erect it was much smaller, at least half it’s size. She had learned to conceal her member very well strapping it to her leg and wearing loose clothing.

However, as she went through her teenage years her sexual needs increased progressively. Kristanna had to “relief herself” more often with the passing of the months. Most teenage boys could attest to how that feels like. The hormones, thoughts, and urges. But Kristanna, even if not fully aware of it, was already way beyond the usual needs of any teenage boys. She religiously masturbated four to five times a day. And even with such frequent ejaculations she still dispensed an amount of seed in every orgasm that was impressive and abnormal.

Just last night she had fallen off of her routine and decided not to masturbate before sleeping. This alone caused her to have all kinds of wet dreams. She woke up to find her chest and the bedsheets around her completely drenched in thick semen, her member lying on her belly, still hard. Even as she finished brushing her teeth she still felt her shirt glued to her skin with partially dry fluids.

As usual, Kristanna had to finish brushing her teeth and go for her morning shower taking the bedsheets with her. This way she could wash them without Amanda noticing what had happened. And in her shower, she did herself again just to get her member to finally calm down.

Kristanna finally walked out of the shower, drying her hair with the towel, she felt the air caressing her naked body. She loved that sensation more than she liked to admit, occasionally fantasizing about walking out on the street completely naked. Hiding her secret all the time took a lot of effort, sometimes she just wished she could be accepted by her community like everyone else.

For now, she conformed with admiring herself in the mirror and fantasizing. Even though her exercising was limited to the school’s physical education classes, her muscles were toned and she had accumulated a bit of fat only on her ass and thighs. They looked extremely sexy in the mirror as Kristanna posed for a while before wrapping the towel around her breasts.

She walked out of the bathroom and jumped in surprise seeing her adoptive sister Sarah kneeling beside her bed. Sarah was the original Smith’s daughter. She was cute, but not nearly as developed as Kristanna was; in all fairness, no girl her age could be. Sarah had very long brown hair and an innocent face. Even though she was only a couple months younger than Kristanna, she had a petite body as well as big brown Muğla Escort Bayan eyes that made her look younger.

Sarah looked at her big sister coming out of the shower with an expression that Kristanna had never seen before. Like she had been caught doing something wrong, but with an air of admiration and confusion. Sarah had Kristanna’s pillow on her hand, one she had forgotten to wash this morning. The pillow still had a wet spot of her cum on it. Kristanna’s heart raced with the possibility of her sibling could find out her secret. She spoke trying to remain calm and casual, distracting Sarah as she approached to pick up the pillow, “Are you OK Sarah? Why are you here so early?” Kristanna asked, causing Sarah to jump back and stare at her.

In the background, Amanda’s called “Breakfast girls!” Sarah took this opportunity to run out of the room without saying a word. Kristanna picked the pillow, sniffing it briefly. Her cum had a unique smell, strong and sweet. She shook her head disappointed at herself for having missed it and hid the pillow over the wardrobe so she could wash it later, then went for breakfast.

As she sat on the table Sarah wouldn’t say a word. She managed to catch the younger sister looking at her a few times but deflected her gaze whenever caught. She also let long sighs at times, and as she picked up the toast and the items around the table she seemed to be trembling. Something was making her uncomfortable, creating tension in the air.

Kristanna chose to ignore the girl, she had seen nothing “incriminating” and she was weird most of the times anyway. Just a few months and she wouldn’t have to hide like this anymore. Maybe she would even tell Sarah her secret, she would understand better than the Smiths.

The day went by, another normal school day and afternoon activities. However, Kristanna could not afford to underestimate her needs again. She took breaks twice in the morning to go to the bathroom and get some relief. Then again three times in the afternoon, those girls at physical education really wore tight shorts. Then she did it again right after dinner and once more before sleep. No wet dreams this time.


The fine sound of birds singing around the calm neighborhood caused Kristanna to slowly open her eyes, rising to another day. Right before her eyes, she saw her sister, Sarah. She was staring at her so close as to question their boundaries of personal space. Still sleepy, she quickly turned her gaze towards the clock, the time was 06:18 AM, slightly before she had to go for breakfast.

Sarah just kept staring, her expression couldn’t be read. Before Kristanna could ask what was going on the younger girl just jumped over her. Perceiving this as an annoying joke by her sister, she tried to shoo the girl mumbling a lazy “Get off! Why are you such a brat!” while rolling to the opposite side. But the girl just leaned down and grabbed Kristanna’s breasts over the clothing, squeezing them with her small hands.

The sudden and overly sexual touch made Kristanna jump, forcing what remained of her sleep out of her almost instantly. This wasn’t incidental, Sarah meant to do it, “What are you doing, Sarah?!” Kristanna complained trying to protect her sensitive breasts from the assault.

Sarah didn’t seem to let go as she replied, “Kris… why do you have such big breasts? I am so slim…”

The girl’s voice had a sad tone to it, but it was loaded with something else. Many girls envied Kristanna’s well-developed curves, but Sarah had never talked about her body before, the Smith’s wouldn’t allow it. Why was she so forward about it now?

“Well Sarah, you don’t need to worry so much, I am older than you, there is time for you to develop still and… ahh…” Kristanna trailed off as Sarah began massaging her breast and touching on her particularly sensitive nipples. The redhead’s member throbbed and grew inside her pants felling the arousal. She had not strapped her cock to her leg before sleeping, she never did, it was too uncomfortable to sleep like that. So now she had to switch her legs slightly to contain her erection under the bedsheets; Sarah couldn’t find out, not now.

She grabbed her sister’s hands pulling them away from her breasts with relative ease. Kristanna was way stronger than the petite girl. But she was already feeling her face getting slightly hot, her cheeks red, “Sarah stop! Get off me, I just woke up!”

The younger sister was relentless. “You’re so beautiful, sis…” The girl’s tone was as if she was talking to herself more than to her sibling, she just leaned her head on Kristanna’s breasts and rubbed her cheeks on them, The older girl couldn’t do much but hug her sister.

That moment was so confusing, Sarah was never physical, never complimented or demanded affection, the family was very formal. But Kristanna now knew that the girl wasn’t joking around. Kristanna felt Escort Muğla bad for being aroused in such a situation, but at the same time, it seemed as if she could not control her body after Sarah had stimulated it. “Oh hum… what’s wrong Sarah? Why is this a big deal to you now?”

“Nothing… I just wanna be with you for a while…”

Kristanna felt her heart warm, no one had ever displayed such affection to her before. She hugged the girl and smiled as she closed her eyes. They got cozy on the bed, lying there for a few minutes. Kristanna felt the arousal from before slowly slipping away as she comforted her sister, this was certainly the closest moment they had together since her adoption.

As the minutes passed she finally tried to rise, but Sarah didn’t let her mumbling “No…” and hugging tighter. Kristanna just lied back again caressing the girl’s hair a little more.

Suddenly she felt it again, Sarah was not just lying on her breasts anymore, she was slowly rolling her shirt up and now one of her breasts was pretty much exposed. The girl kissed Kristanna’s boson near the nipple making her skin crawl, the redhead tried to push her away, “Sarah, what the fuck are you doing?”

But the girl was determined and simply ignored Kristanna’s attempts to push her away, sticking to that chest. She kissed it softly with her lips, her warm breath touched Kristanna’s skin and the feeling of that situation was hard to describe, given the nature of it all. While Sarah’s physical approach was confusing and sudden, Kristanna had never experienced someone so close, so intimate, touching her so kindly. She wanted to hook up more than anyone else, but she never did for fear of being discovered at school. All those years of self-deprivation and fantasizing came crashing down Kristanna’s sensitive body as it absorbed the new sensations. Even if they were just soft kisses on the breast and a tight hug, they felt like much more now. She wanted to remove Sarah from there and just stop this; it was so wrong and weird. But she could not muster the willpower to do it, her body seemed to want more, the sensations contradicting reason and common sense.

Sarah continued with the kissing, noticing that her sister was no longer trying to repel her. She got bolder and used a hand grabbing her other breast and massaging it over the blouse, slowly exposing it. Her lips now moved to Kristanna’s nipple and licked it softly making the redhead moan with the touch. This felt too good; she literally couldn’t stop now, driven by all these new sensations she didn’t know how to handle yet.

A rush of lust rushed through Kristanna’s entire body, a shiver coursed through her spine making her arch her back involuntarily. In an instant, Kristanna turned over her sister, taking the upper position and pinning the younger girl on the bed. She grabbed Sarah’s chin approaching slowly, planting a kiss on the girl’s lips. Just a soft kiss initially, but in the next seconds, it grew into a passionate tongue french kiss that completely sent both girls over the edge. Kristanna’s hand caressed Sarah’s leg and belly softly as they started making out.

What the redhead had not realized was that Sarah’s hand was about to explore her body. And the first place it went was her crotch. At this point, Kristanna was bearing a massive erection under her pajamas, and as the girl touched the hard member her eyes opened wide in surprise. It was impossible to mistake such massive, steel-hard piece of meat with anything else but what it was in fact: a huge and throbbing cock.

Before anything could be said or done, the door of the room opened accompanied by a scream. It was their mother, Amanda. She entered the room just in time to witness Kristanna over Sarah kissing her and caressing her body. Fortunately, because of the angle, she could not see the bulge in the redhead’s pants, unlike Sarah who had a clear view.

Nevertheless, Amanda had seen all she needed to see, “W-WHAT is this! Get off of my daughter!” The woman screamed as she stormed into the room and grabbed Sarah’s arm, pulling her away.

Kristanna just pulled the sheets over herself, concealing her erection, “No! Amanda, I can explain!”

Taking Sarah out of the room in a fit of rage and indignity Amanda barely heard the cries from her adoptive daughter. Before she left the room she turned around pointing her finger at the redhead, “You invite the devil into this house, girl! I’ve always known! You’re grounded until me and your father decide what to do with you!”

Amanda grabbed the key on the bedroom door and left, pulling Sarah by the arm. The younger girl looked at Kristanna one last time with confused eyes before the door was shut and locked behind her, trapping Kristanna inside her room.

Up to this day the Smiths had never openly shown favoritism towards Sarah, although she was their biological daughter, Kristanna barely remembered she was adopted sometimes. Now the words “Get off of my daughter” repeated themselves in Kristanna’s mind, she was supposed to be their daughter as well, right? Apparently not, as both girls had been caught making out on the bed but the only one of them was the wrong one who “invited the devils into the home”.

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