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Big Tits

Jared stepped up over the rise of the rocky hill, smiling as he turned to look behind him, back the way he had come.

The way down was always harder, wasn’t it? he said to himself.

Stretching below him on that lovely June day was a vast forested parkland. Jared had set out earlier this morning from his family’s campsite, telling them he really wanted to get around the national park they had taken up in for the summer.

And now he was free of his younger siblings and doddering grandparents. His parents were still far away in the city, working hard as usual. He had dreaded spending three months out in the bush with his two younger brothers, younger sister, and Grandma and Grandpa. But if he could get away like this, do some real hiking and camping on his own, it might be worth his while.

The sun was in mid-flight across a blue sky streaked with wisps of white. It was time to get moving. Jared wanted to see what was on the other side of this small mountain.

Carefully the young twenty-year-old began to pick his way down the hillside, avoiding the slippery patches of loose rock and gravel, and trying to cling to the bigger boulders and stones.

Then something caught his eye.

Was that the reflection of glass down there, Jared wondered, eyeing the tree line at the base of the hill.

Something was down there, something metal or glass that was reflecting the sunlight. Then it was gone.

Jared kept moving down the mountain’s side, heading towards what he had seen.

If the reflection had moved, then it likely meant people. Maybe he’d be lucky and stumble upon some other campers. Maybe they’d be a set of wild partiers like his own college friends, and maybe Jared could make the best of this camping trip after all.

Moving more carelessly now, Jared didn’t watch as his foot found a strip of loose shale-like rock and he lost his footing. Down he tumbled, scratching elbows and knees and shins and chin all the way down. Fortunately, he hadn’t had that far to fall.

Out of breath and lying on his stomach, Jared found himself dazedly looking at a set of hiker boots right at eyelevel. From out of their low cut tops came a lovely tanned set of shins and calves. Wincing in pain, he couldn’t force himself to look further up, and just lay still, huffing in the dust until he caught his breath.

“Well what should we do with him?” said a feminine voice from somewhere behind him.

“I dunno,” answered the person wearing the boots, also a female.

Suddenly she was squatting down in front of Jared’s face, her ice-blue eyes gazing into his.

“Let’s take him back to the cave,” she smiled, not talking to him but to her companion.

“Hand me your rope, then. I’m not about to let him wander off and tell everyone where we are.”

Jared could feel his hands being tied behind his back, and he was almost afraid. But his ribs hurt too much for him to think that far ahead.

He gasped as the two women hefted him up to his feet. And he found he could barely stand. But he did manage to look around while they led him around the side of the hill and through some trees.

The girl on his right was blonde, that golden color of blonde that most people have to use dye to achieve. Her hair in the sun was like an angel’s halo, and her bright blue eyes were startling in a face that was chiseled and perfectly shaped.

Her companion was a raven-haired beauty with eyes so dark blue they were almost black. Her lips were full, her face round and shaped like a doll’s. And her grin was almost demonic.

Both women were slender and quite a bit shorter than Jared. And he began to grin inside. He really didn’t think he’d have much to worry about here, unless one of them produced a gun or a really big knife. But if they felt safer tying him up, well, he’d let them have their moment of security. He could already feel how loosely the knots around his wrists aydınlı escort had been tied. He could escape any time he wanted to. Yet he didn’t; for some reason, this little hiking trip of his was turning into an adventure, and an otherwise boring and dull summer in the woods was starting to look up.

At last, the threesome came to a cleft in the hillside, where a large rock jutted out from an almost sheer cliff that only an expert rock climber would bother to climb. And beneath the outcrop was the darkest shadow of a cave, surrounded on all sides by overhanging pine trees. No one would notice this cave, if they weren’t looking for it.

And it was into the cave that the girls led Jared.

It appeared they had been in it for some time, and had made quite a home for themselves. Several backpacks leaned up against one wall. Along one side of the cave was a shelf of black stone that they had made into a bed, laying sleeping bags over an air mattress for greater comfort. With an inner sigh of disappointment, Jared realized that there was only one bed.

Just his luck, he thought to himself.

I stumble onto a possibly erotic scene, only to find myself bound and tied in a dark cave with lesbians!

One of the girls pushed Jared roughly to the stone floor.

“Do you know what we have in mind for you?” said the dark-haired girl, her hands on her hips as she sneered down at Jared.

He shook his head no, praying inside, hoping against hope that he had been wrong about the single bed for two women.

“Do you want to know?” said the blonde, crouching down and taking Jared’s face in her hands.

He gulped. And then he knew for sure he had been very wrong about the single bed.

Blondie leaned forward, giving Jared a long lick with her tongue, right across his bottom lip. He closed his eyes, mouthing in her direction with his own lips, but she had pulled away and was laughing.

“Get the gag,” she said to her friend, who immediately went to one of the packs.

A stiff black sash made of silk was tied around Jared’s head, forcing his mouth open and his tongue down. He couldn’t do much more than moan, now.

Then Blackie pulled out a rather long and dangerous knife. She hoisted Jared up to his feet, and began to rip his shirt off. The grin she gave him was almost hostile, and if he hadn’t had that enormous erection bothering him just then, he might have been afraid.

But he wasn’t. He had to admit to himself that something about all this was incredibly erotic to him — being bound and gagged by two gorgeous women, out in the woods where no one would know… The fortune of it wasn’t lost on him.

Now Blackie was using the knife dangerously close to his groin. He could feel the blade edging up the inside of his shorts. Then it turned, dull edge against his flesh, and sliced his shorts wide open. Blackie pushed the blade up higher and soon, the shredded material was falling from Jared’s waist.

“Wow, look at him! He’s huge!” Blondie said, coming over from where she had been lighting kerosene lamps to gape at Jared’s thick cock.

“Well, let’s not let that go to waste, then!”

Blackie tossed the knife carelessly away, pulling Jared after her up onto the shelf of rock.

She climbed onto the mattress, getting onto her knees while Blondie watched in seeming wonder. Then she put a hand on either of Jared’s hips, and pulled him into her mouth in one fell swooping maneuver that left him shivering and trembling, biting against the gag.

He had to stand with his legs wide apart, to keep his balance, as the girl’s lovely mouth moved over him, way too quickly for his liking. If she kept that up, he’d be cumming in no time. And if ever there was a time when a man wanted to go slow and enjoy everything, now was Jared’s time.

As if on cue, Blackie pulled off of Jared, smiling bağdat caddesi escort at her friend.

“Come on over, silly. There’s more than enough to share, here.”

And Blondie came rushing over, tearing off her shirt as she ran. Her large white breasts bobbed in the near darkness. And Jared had to tear his eyes away. But she had had an affect on him, and his cock was bouncing where Blackie had left it, wet and stiff.

“Mmm,” Blackie said, watching as her friend got down on her knees on the mattress.

“I think he likes your tits.”

Blondie smiled.

“That’s okay, just means he has something in common with you.”

And before Blackie could say a word, Blondie was suckling Jared’s cock.

Incredibly, her mouth was even tighter than Blackie’s. And her tongue was amazingly skilled as it ran over and over his veined and throbbing shaft.

Jared could feel drops of precum spitting out of the tip of his meat, and he knew Blondie must be tasting that. But she didn’t seem to mind as she bobbed up and down over his rod.

Blackie was now amusing herself with Blondie’s tits, pinching at the dark and perky nipples, rolling both of the soft breasts in her hands. Her mouth went to her friend’s neck, nuzzling there and beginning to bite.

Blondie groaned, her mouth vibrating around Jared’s cock. He hissed inwards, the silk gag wet from his saliva. This was so hot.

Then, as he looked down, Blackie let her tongue join Blondie’s, and both began to lather and suck on Jared. He almost couldn’t contain himself, watching as both women worked on him as only the experienced could.

Blackie’s fingers crept up Jared’s thighs, cupping and cradling his balls in her palm. Blondie’s hands circled his nearest leg, then began to trail over his ass. Her nails were digging in now, showing her own pleasure as her tongue went insane. Then her tongue met Blackie’s, right before his eyes.

And as Jared watched, the two women engaged in a deep kiss, their hands still working him over fervently. He could see their tongues pressing against each other. Blondie’s heaving breasts were pressed against Blackie’s shirt. And their fingers and palms were doing the most amazing things to his body.

Jared couldn’t help himself any longer.

Under their firm administrations, he felt himself ready to cum, and he moaned loudly, trying to get their attention.

Hearing him, the ladies laughed and opened their mouths. And each took turns as Jared came in spurts. His head felt dizzy, watching them drink from him like he was a water fountain. When he thought he was done, they kept going, sucking him until he was sure he was dry.

“That’s so hot,” Blondie whispered to Blackie.

Blackie gave Blondie’s nipples another pinch, then removed her own shirt. Her breasts were smaller, whiter, the nipples even darker. She moved her fingers over her breasts as she leaned back on the mattress.

“Yeah, but I don’t feel ‘done’ yet, ya know?”

Blondie grinned, and surprisingly, Jared felt his cock bounce in response.

He stood very still as Blondie moved between her friend’s legs, helping to remove her denim shorts.

“I know what you need,” the yellow haired vixen whispered.

“I need you,” the brunette replied, reaching out for her long-time lover.

But Blondie shook her head.

“No. This time, you need a cock…”

Both Jared and Blackie gulped in surprise. It was obvious out of the two that Blackie was more the lesbian than Blondie. Blackie could suck good cock, for sure, Jared thought. But she took a great deal of interest in Blondie’s succulent breasts. The kind of interest that made a man jealous.

“I don’t think…” Blackie started to say.

But Blondie hushed her with a kiss, then leaned back, straddling her friend’s thighs.

“That’s just bostancı escort it. This time, don’t think. Just feel. Look at this guy, he’s ready to go again!”

And Blondie was right. Jared was hard again. Just seeing Blackie sprawled on the mattress like that, that dark curly patch of fur, those almost-onyx peaked breasts. Her eyes, so dark in the shadows of the cave, and her mouth, so plump just now.

Jared definitely was ready for another round.

Blondie moved away from Blackie, spreading her friend’s thighs. Then she stood up next to Jared, forcing him down to his knees. He fell onto the mattress, and Blondie moved with him.

“Just let me take care of the details,” Blondie said, grinning.

Her fingers snaked around Jared’s cock, and he looked down. She was steering him towards Blackie’s pussy, her one hand opening and parting those swollen labia, her other flicking over his cock. She pushed his bulbous head against the wet clitoris, then lowered its point to the darkness of Blackie’s own cavern.

Then she put a hand on Jared’s ass, and mercilessly pushed him forward.

He felt something within Blackie break, and realized the girl was a virgin — or had been, up until now. Then he was feeling the thrill of a tight, never-before-fucked pussy around his swollen cock, and all thoughts or concerns were lost to him.

In the corner of his eye, he could see Blondie standing now, taking off her pants. He almost spent time thinking about what she might be doing. But Blackie was writhing beneath him, in pleasure, not agony. And he felt the need to push against her.

He lowered himself over her torso, feeling her cool, smooth breasts pressing against his chest. Her hands ran up his sides, her touch accepting and inviting as her legs moved to clutch him behind his calves.

“More,” she whispered, her eyes closed.


Jared’s hands were still tied behind his back. It was very hard for him to maneuver at all. But he did his best, grinding against Blackie’s clitoris, giving her the stimulation she was used to while his cock pulsed and throbbed and thrust inside her.

Suddenly, Blondie was climbing on his back. Her delicate weight made Jared’s work harder. But her snake-like manner of molding her body around his was so erotic. Her fingers ran the length of his spine, up and down, up and down. Her own wet pussy was dragging across his ass. And her fingers were threatening to go far too close to his sensitive anus.

Desperate now, Jared began to move up and down, in and out of the brunette beneath him, his muscles supporting the blonde astride him. Blackie moaned loudly. He could feel her tightening around his cock, her pussy walls seething with pleasure.

And soon, she was crying out, her finger nails digging into his ribs and his back. Blondie was gasping for breath, as well.

“Yes! Yes!” she was saying from behind Jared.

Then, his own orgasm was matching Blackie’s, and Blondie was suckling at his neck, dragging her fingers around his body in the most forbidden manner. And he was lost in an explosion from deep within his loins.

It took about ten minutes for the two weary girls to finally fall asleep, and for Jared to get his breath back. Noiselessly, he slipped out of the loose bindings and put his shirt back on, and found a pair of black jogging pants on the floor of the cave. They were women’s pants, but right now, that didn’t seem to phase Jared. He picked up his pack and walking stick, smiled at the shelf where the two ladies slept, and walked away, grinning.

The sun told him it was late evening. He should probably leave the women’s camp as best he could, showing no trail of where he had gone. For all he knew, they were a bunch of crazies. Having sex with strangers was dangerous as it is, with all the diseases out there.

But damn, that had been hot, he thought to himself, heading back up and around the hill.

The sun was still warm, and he stopped to turn his face to the dark orange rays, closing his eyes and just absorbing energy like a plant.

Then a shadow cut across the sky.

A female silhouette was looking at him.

And a deep and sultry voice, sounding something like a purr, spoke to him.

“I don’t recall saying you could leave…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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