Can’t Get Enough of These Two Guys

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*Continued story (Two Guys and a Gal) of my wife’s sexual awakening at the hands of one of her married boyfriends in her early 20s*

B slept, nude, between her two men. Rob, her hot Canadian visitor lay on his back, one arm around B as she lay with her head on his chest, one long sexy leg across his muscular thigh. The Husband (as she referred to her married boyfriend) lay on his side, snug against her, his cock mashed to her bubble butt, one leg thrown over hers.

She had been dating the Husband for several months. He opened her eyes, among other parts of her body, and helped her realize her sexual identity and desire. He and his wife had seduced her, at the behest of her now ex-boyfriend. Her relationship with the male half of her seducing couple had taken her to a sex party in Canada where she had enjoyed multiple partners (at the same time), to sparking a relationship with Rob, the venue’s hot bartender. That spark initiated with her giving him a blowjob behind the bar, at the end of the night, after they had flirted when she walked up, topless to order a drink.

He slipped her his number, as she was leaving with her boyfriend. A few weeks later, bored and horny in her apartment, she reached out to him and they began connecting on line. He flew to the States to visit her, the first chance that he had.

They had intense, sensual sex as soon as they were alone in her apartment. The spark was definitely burgeoning into a flame. In the span of just a day, they had feelings and a connection, she had not experienced in quite some time.

There was an issue that had to be addressed. The Husband knew that Rob was coming to town, and he was blowing up B’s phone to come over, so they could have another MFM encounter. She was conflicted. She really liked Rob, but she also had discovered that she had a strong appetite for more than one man at a time. This was Artvin Escort no surprise to Rob, as he (along with a room full of strangers) had watched her take on not two, but three men simultaneously.

She asked Rob what he thought about the three of them having sex. While he admitted that he had feelings for her, he also was not going to be jealous or try and dampen her desires. Plus, she was so hot, he was willing to go along with it.

The three of them had met for drinks, and ultimately she found herself between the two men, in her bed, and they had given her numerous orgasms before they both came in her ass and pussy.

Now the three of them slept nude in her bed, satiated and exhausted. There was no question, that there would be another round of sex in the morning.

When the sunlight finally brightened the room, B was the first to awaken. She was an early riser, by nature, and she lay between them, already aroused and eager to take them inside her again.

She ran her fingers across Rob’s chest and down his tight abs until she felt his pubes and the root of his shaft. She could feel her wetness develop between her legs as she gently traced its length down to the head. He murmured in his sleep as his cock stirred. She eagerly watched as it began to swell and grow. Rolling to one side as it began to twitch, little by little, until it was a fully engorged phallus standing up off his stomach.

Resting her head on his abs, she caressed his balls and took the head in her mouth. He moaned again in his sleep as she gently began to suck on his swollen head. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on it and swirled her tongue around his pee slit. She gyrated her hips against The Husband, he round smooth cheeks massaging his cock. She began to feel it stir as well, and she moaned in anticipation.

She felt Rob’s hand stroke her hair as she Artvin Escort Bayan continued her oral service, a clear indicator he was waking up. Almost at the same time, she felt The Husband’s hand on her hip as he adjusted his now erect cock to park between the cheeks of her ass. This was going to be a great morning!

Both men began to slowly pump their hips in her direction. Rob thrusting up to feed more and more of his cock into her hungry mouth, while her other lover began sliding his erection up and down in the soft warm valley of her ass. She arched her back, pressing against him and his hand slid from her hip to her glistening lips. His fingers easily slipped inside her as his thumb pressed down on her clit. She moaned on Rob’s cock as the fingers began to work their magic. Everyone was now fully awake and intent on another round of satisfaction.

She opened her thighs and reached between them for the hard cock rubbing against her ass. She guided him inside her as Rob put both hands on her head and started to pump deeper into her mouth. It all felt so good as she took both her lovers inside her.

Soon both men were setting the pace that they needed and she could feel her orgasm already building with each long, deep thrust into her pussy as she swallowed copious amounts of precum.

“It’s my turn to reclaim that pink little ass, B,” The Husband said lustily as he pulled out of her pussy and started rubbing his slick head against her backdoor. She reached back with her free hand and pulled a cheek open to make it easier for him to push his way inside, since she knew he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

She felt the pressure as his head pushed against her tight ring. She winced as it slipped inside and she stopped sucking Rob as she held her breath. His gentle hand stroked her shoulder, helping her relax. After a few moments Escort Artvin of inching up her ass, she felt his balls brushing against her body as she was entirely impaled on his shaft.

He gave her a moment to adjust to the deep intrusion before he began to slowly pump in and out of her butt, gripping her hip for leverage. She reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy fast and hard, seeking an orgasm to distract her from the cock in her ass.

Rob reached down and moved her hand away from her clit as he pulled his throbbing, wet cock from her mouth. He helped her adjust in the bed until she was lying on her side pressed tightly against him, and he kissed her puffy lips. With a cock fucking her ass, he guided her leg over his as he steered his cock to her pussy. She helped him get it in and she moaned loudly as she was suddenly double stuffed and sandwiched between the two men.

She kissed Rob hungrily and clung to him as he fucked her pussy, her clit grinding against his pubic bone. Her climax was sudden and loud as she exploded with both men grinding against her body. Her orgasm encouraged both men to pump harder. She was pinned between them and could do little more than moan and move her hips slightly.

“Oh fuck, I want to feel you both cum inside me!” She encouraged. They both grunted in agreement as they used her holes to get themselves off. The Husband was the first to announce his shot as he jammed into her hard and held her hip against him and flooded her rectum with a huge load of cum. Rob felt the spasming of the other cock through the thin membrane between her canals and that was enough for him to call out her name and start cumming in her pussy. His hips bucked up against her sweaty, trembling body as he emptied his balls inside.

They lay there in a tangle of panting, heaving flesh. Both men showered her with kisses and praises, suddenly tender and loving after they came. She basked in the attention and loved every minute of the afterglow. She cared for them both, in different ways, and was glad to have this opportunity to be used by them, together. She really couldn’t get enough of these two guys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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