Careful Observation

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The meeting ended, and everyone was clearing out of my house on their way home for lunch. It was the middle of the afternoon and my appetite was nearly insatiable, though, I hungered little for food. I had been watching you for some time; they way you move, the flow of your hair, the many little things that make you so sensuous. As I watched you from the corner of my eye, I noticed that you were lingering behind, chatting with a few people as they left, but not moving for the door yourself.

“I’ve got something I’d like to show you, if you’ll stay a bit,” I said. I hoped you were just looking for a reason to not leave with the others. You acquiesced, and remained behind as I cleared the litter from our studies. After all had gone, and the door closed, you asked what it was I wanted to show you.

“Follow me,” I told you, walking past you into the hallway and through the door to the bedroom. Without hesitation, you followed. “Come over here,” I spoke, as I lead you in front of the mirrored closet doors. I positioned you facing the mirror, with me behind you, and asked you to tell me what you saw.

“I see you and me standing in front of a mirror,” you replied. Knowing you would not understand what I was asking ahead of time, Isparta Escort I was ready with the reply of, “when you look at yourself, what do you see?”

“I see me… in a brown shirt and jeans,” you said. “Would you like to know what I see,” I asked. You just nodded, so I continued, “I see you… … with beautifully flowing hair, a lovely neckline, shoulders as soft as the morning dew … a fabulous figure with your narrow waist and shapely hips, and finely formed legs hidden by these terribly concealing jeans.”

Your eyes followed my every move as I gently touched and accented each part of your delicious body while I spoke. When I had finished, you looked at me in disbelief. “Are you looking at the same thing I am,” you asked, “because I look nothing like that…”

“I suppose I’ll have to make a stronger case then, because I’m certain it is you that I see. Maybe I can show you more of what I mean,” I responded, “let me give you a better idea of what I see then.” I put my hands on her hips and turned her slightly, so she was no longer directly facing the mirror, but turned at an oblique angle. I ran my fingers through her silky hair as I said, “besides this gorgeous, silky mane of hair — smells Isparta Escort Bayan lovely, by the way — you have scrumptious lips that beg to be kissed,” I started as my fingertip brushed over her moist lips, “a little bit pouty, but firm and beautiful in their unique way.” I continued, “Your small and high cheekbones highlight the furious amber of your eyes, so clear and lustrous that they beg nothing but to be lost in them. And the fine line of your jaw, juxtaposed against the softness of your neck make for a very sexy frame to your face.” I brushed my fingers along the beneath of her chin and gently over the angle to touch her neck. “This spot right here,” I touched her ever so lightly, “just wants for the warmth of my lips.”

My fingers trailed away to the front of her blouse, where I started to unbutton the top until it was about halfway undone. “Your shoulders are so fine and feminine, leading to graceful arms with strength and beauty in kind,” I said as I pulled the neck of her blouse wide to expose the soft flesh of her shoulders. The remaining blouse buttons strained at holding it together with her shoulders exposed, so I finished unbuttoning it and she allowed the shirt to drop to the floor. “And Escort Isparta as for your waist, so deliciously slender, but full, I can hardly stand to see you without putting my hands against your warm sides,” I began again as my hands caressed her sides and moved gently around to her belly, then upward. I continued in saying, “and these incredibly sumptuous breasts are hardly plain… more fabulous I would say, wouldn’t you?”

The reason for me turning you became evident as I pointed out your breasts… which we both could see much better from this new oblique angle. “They’re hardly special,” you shot back at barely a whisper. Your breathing had gotten heavy by this point. “I strongly disagree,” I stated.

“And as for those sexy legs of yours, let’s have a look shall we?” I reached forward and undid the button of her jeans, unzipped them, and peeled them off over her finely formed ass. You kicked off your shoes and stepped out of them as I pulled them to the floor. I stood up behind you, with you there in front of the mirror in your underwear… me taking in all of your body, and you watching my eyes devour you. “You see, these legs are delicious and shapely, asking for my caress,” I whispered into your ear. “And you’ll see here that there’s nothing left wanting as well,” I said as my hands covered your bare ass after tracing the line of your thong around your hips.

“I’m starting to see what you mean,” you panted as your chest and face flushed. “Just a little more and you’ll probably have me convinced…”

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