Caribbean Holiday Ch. 02

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We flew out of Miami early the following morning and were in Negril Beach, Jamaican and finished unpacking and showered by 11. We put on shorts and T-shirts and went looking for some famous Jamaican Red Strip beer and Bar-B-Q jerk chicken. I happily noticed that Irina was not wearing a bra today. I could clearly see her erect nipples sticking out and her firm tits jiggling as she walked. I had not seen her go without a bra since living in Europe. I was seeing a different Irina here in Jamaica and I liked the change.

There was sign saying Beach Bar and Restaurant. We walked through a long jungle canopy of plants and there it was, the blue sea, the white beach and the bar. Just like a travel brochure. We took a table in the sun with a view of the beach. All along the beach couples were playing volleyball, throwing Frisbees, playing paddleball, walking on the beach or sunbathing. Almost ever girl was topless and wearing Tonga’s that exposed their entire asses. Even at the tables around us the girls were topless. Irina was quick to join them removing her T-shirt. Her firm 36C tits were beautiful and attracting a lot of looks.

A couple set at the table next to us. The girl was around 22 or 23, maybe 5′, short blond hair and blue eyes. She was a little thin with some beautifully tanned 34C tits. She was very pretty. The guy with her was around 30 like myself and had snorlking gear with him. I asked him if the snorlking was good here. After talking for a few minutes I discovered the diving off the resort beaches was very good with some small reefs. They ended up joining us at our table for a beer. Their names were Allen and Sam and were from Winnipeg, Canada. They had been to Jamaica seven times before and offered us some help with things to do and where to go.

Allen and I hit it off really well and Irina and Sam were in that special girl zone place chatting away. Sam took a lot of my attention. Each time she brushed her hair from her eyes or lifted her arm to take a drink her tits would do a little dance. They were nice 33 or 34 and firm with these half-inch nipples that looked very tasty. I was really beginning to like Jamaica. I liked a place where almost naked women sit with you.

Allen and Sam had two more days of holiday before returning home to Canada and offered to show us a great beach spot that is usually deserted. We stopped at the beach bikini shop on the way for Irina to buy a new bikini. While in the shop she pulled me aside and showed me this tiny black lace bikini bottom, there was no top, the lace was large and I could see right through it. I said Ok with me whatever she wore.

After picking up another set of fins and dive mask we walked a good ways down the beach to an area with lots of rocks in the water. Allen and I were walking behind Irina and Sam. Sam suit was of some type of yellow material that may have been silk and was so sheer that I could clearly see the slit of her pussy. From behind all of her ass was showing. Irina’s ass was totally out in her new tonga. Allen and I had a nice view following them.

The girls laid out the towels and Allen and I headed for the water. We were out snorkling for about an hour and when we came back Sam and Irina were asleep in the sun. My cock jumped to attention. I was having some mixed emotions at that time and was jealous and excited at the same time. I wanted Allen to look at her tits and pussy. I enjoyed seeing Irina sitting in çekmeköy escort the crowed beach bar and have all the men look at her. And at the same time, I wanted to cover her up and protect her. I was so proud of her. I asked Allen why nobody was on this part of the beach and he said that everyone goes to the other end where the sports equipment and bar is. He said that he and Sam have come here a few times and spend the entire day without seeing anyone.

Allen and I got a couple of beers and sat beside the girls. We spent a few minutes just looking a both of the girls. Sam was lying on her stomach with her legs apart. I could see part of her pussy where her tong had shifted. Irina was on her back and getting red. She gets a great tan but due to being Scandinavian it takes awhile. I woke her as I started putting some lotion on her legs. As I worked my way upward from her feet I noticed just how transparent her lace bottoms were. Her legs were apart and blond pussy hair was clearly visible and her pink clit could be seen with no trouble. I know Allen was enjoying the view of her pussy also. Irina was half awake enjoying the slow lotion massage. I did her legs and tights working upward sliding my hand inside of her bottoms putting lotion on her pussy. Irina actually moaned a little. I did her stomach and spent a long time on her tits enjoying seeing Allen watching every move I did.

Irina and I sat together at the water’s edge enjoying the warm sun, sand and each other. Her new suit was a very small white lace triangle on a string tied at the sides. When she sat as she was now, the front became lose and I could see her blond pussy hair. Allen and Sam came to join us with some cold beers. Allen and I were both looking at Irina’s pussy. She had her legs open to get some sun on them and we could clearly see her pink clit trying to come through one of the holes. Allen told Irina he liked her suit, especially the holes and wished they were bigger. I could tell that Irina liked the good natured sexually attention she was receiving. She never received comments like this back in conservative mid-west USA.

Once Sam reached over me to get another beer and her tits were pressing against my thigh. Her attention, hard nipples and tits felt wonderful. I saw that Irina was not missing Sam’s playing and smiled.

Sam took Irina away for a swim and when they returned they were whispering and laughing and both were completely naked. Here was my wife naked on a beach in front of other people with her tits and pussy was totally bare for them to see. I loved it and wanted more.

Irina told Allen and Sam that this was her first time to be naked in front of someone other than her husband. Sam said that her first time naked was also on this very beach last.

Irina was leaning back on her elbows with her feet in the water with her legs slightly apart to catch the sun. Sam, Allen and I kept looking at her blond pussy and then at each other smiling. I’m sure that each of us wanted to play with it. Irina’s pink clit was sticking out a good inch between her pussy lips. I do not think Irina knew this. After a time she opened her eyes and saw where we were all looking and started blushing and closed her legs saying it embarrassed her a little to be naked.

Sam said it was not fair for only the girls to be naked and that the guys have to take their shorts off. cevizli escort Allen and I stood up and took our shorts off. At first I tried to hide my hard cock but gave up and let it stick out. Both of our cocks were hard but Allen’s cock must have been at least 11 or 12 inches. His balls looked big as tennis balls. Irina and I both just stared at this huge monster cock in awe. It was slowly jerking and pulsating as if it had a life of its own. It was very thick and looked very heavy. Irina had never seen another cock other than mine and was fascinated with the size and mass of Allen’s cock.

Sam put her hand around Allen’s cock saying all of his brains went to his cock and this is why she married him. Her hand only went half way around his cock and it looked very small holding Allen’s huge cock. Allen was leaning back on his elbows and his hard cock was lying on his stomach reaching his belly button. When Irina leaned across him to get the sun lotion from Sam, Allen raised up till his cock was pushing against Irina’s tits. I saw Allen’s cock jerking with excitement. His balls were huge and moving up and down. Irina spent a long time getting the lotion.

Sam asked if we minded having a photo of us together. I said no and that we had a new digital camera we wanted to try out. I took it from our bag and told Allen that nobody would believe our big cock story without proof. He was resting on his elbows with Sam and Irina on each side. I asked them to get little closer for the photo. Allen reached up and put his arms around both of the girls. He soon had one hand on Sam’s tit playing with her nipple. When he reached up and put his other hand on Irina’s tit Irina flinched a little but did not do anything about it and Allen was soon playing with Irina’s nipple also. My beautiful wife was naked on a beach with a man playing with her tits. My cock was straight out and doing a little dance on its own. I took many photos with each camera.

Allen was still playing with the girl’s tits and with a lot more passion. I could tell both of the girls were enjoying it and did not want him to stop. Irina was breathing heavy and her nipples were hard and very swollen. My cock was harder that it had ever been in my life and I actually had watery pre-cum coming out the end. I asked Sam to hold Allen’s cock up for a full photo. Her hand was at the base of his cock and there was a good 8 inches above her hand. Sam asked Irina join in the photo. Irina looked at me and then reached over and placed her hand around Allen’s cock above Sam’s. There was still enough cock left for another hand full. Sam moved her hand upward taking Irina’s with her and soon both the girls were playing with his huge cock. Allen’s huge balls were swollen and jerking up and down. Irina was breathing hard and her nipples were swollen to the point where I know they hurt. Allen was enjoying the girls playing with his cock. Pre-cum started to run down his cock onto the girl’s hands. Sam moved Allen’s cock till it was rubbing against Irina’s tits and nipples every time they stroked it. There was pre-cum all over her tits. Sam took her hand away and Irina kept stroking Allen’s cock. He was now basically fucking her tits. Sam and I were taking some great photos. Sam started stroking my cock and I was soon shooting cum everywhere. Sam told Irina that I was cuming. Irina stopped and ask me if I was OK. San erenköy escort was still stroking my cock when Irina leaned over and took my cock in her mouth started sucking me dry.

Irina and Sam started stroking Allen’s cock again as I watched. My cock was still hard as a rock and ready to go again. Sam stood up and sat down very slowly on Allen’s huge cock. Sam’s pussy was stretched to what I thought was impossible. Irina and I watched ever inch slowly disappear into her pussy. When she had all of it inside of her I could not believe my eyes. Irina started holding and squeezing Allen’s big balls. They were jumping around in her hands.

Sam asked Irina if she wanted to try and take Allen’s cock. Irina did not even look at me as she said yes. Irina stood up and squatted down over Allen’s cock and Sam helped her by putting the head of Allen’s cock against her pussy. Sam started coaching her. When the head disappeared inside I could not believe it. Irina started cuming with just 2 inches of Allen’s cock in her. I was up close watching my wife get fucked by this huge monster. Her cum was flowing as orgasm after orgasm swept over her. I though she may pass out. Irina soon had half of it in and kept slowing going further and further down on his cock. When she reached the bottom she stopped and asked Allen to be still. She told Sam she had never felt anything like it. Every time she moved she would cum. The base of Allen’s cock was slick with cum and it was running down over his balls. Allen started moving his hips up and down. He then rolled Irina over on her back and began to fuck her with these long hard strokes that brought loud moans from Irina. I could hear his big balls slapping against her ass.

Sam was stroking, rubbing and sucking my cock and watching the show. She faced Allen and Irina and sat on my cock and started fucking me like a possessed demon. I had lost count of how many times I had cum.

Allen started really fucking Irina hard and his big balls were really dancing up and down. He started cuming in waves. Cum was flowing from Irina’s pussy. He pulled his cock out and came all over Irina’s face and tits. He offered his huge cum covered cock to Irina. Irina took as much as she could in her mouth. Irina soon had cum flowing from her mouth. Allen then fucked Sam while I got one of Irina’s great blowjobs. Allen may have been fucking his wife but he was watching Irina suck my cock.

I pulled Irina up from the beach and into the sea for a nice long cooling off swim. This had happened very fast and I needed time to digest what had happened. Irina practically raped me in the water she was so horny. She just raised up and lowered herself on my cock and started cuming. I was not jealous of Allen and Irina fucking. I know it was a physical fuck and not love. And, I had a tremendous time fucking Sam.

After about 30 minutes we went back to the beach and I changed places with Allen for some photos and really enjoyed touching Sam’s tits. They were so firm and the nipples were like little pencil erasures. She was really enjoying what I was doing and brushed her leg against my cock a few times. Irina and Sam had a couple of photos of them together. In one photo their arms were around each other and holding each other’s tit. I took photos of all of us together with the timer and of Irina and myself.

Sam wanted a photo of Irina and Allen. Irina went and stood in front of Allen and leaned back against him. His hands went straight up to her tits and his hard cock was pressing against Irina’s leg. I could see his cock jerking. After the photos we went for a swim. The sun was falling into the sea when the four of us walked naked up the beach towards our hotel. I was wondering what the rest of our holiday would be like.

To Be Continued…

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