Carlo and Bob Work My Knob

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The following story is true. The names have been changed to protect the horny.


One rainy summer day…

My plans to wash my car before work were once again stymied by the foul weather. So with a few hours to kill and no errands to run, I decided to see what my old buddy Carlo was up to. Carlo and I have been hooking up off and on for a few years now, and I have never been disappointed- he is a totally uninhibited cock-hungry Latino guy who has always taken my 8-inch dick like a champ.

A few minutes after texting Carlo, he wrote back and told me that he happened to be at a local no-tell motel and that another fuck buddy of his was about to arrive. Knowing that he is always up for some group action, I responded and asked if three would be a crowd… the answer was “of course not” and I quickly hopped in my car.

As I headed down the road to the inn, it dawned on me that I knew nothing of this other guy that I was about to meet, other than his name- Bob. This mystery only made my cock grow harder in my pants, and before I had time to reconsider this meeting I had arrived outside of the room.

I knocked on the door and was quickly let inside to find Carlo laying naked on the bed while Bob, who had let me in, climbed back on top of him and placed his cock in Carlo’s face while straddling his chest.

Never one to waste time, I quickly stripped and walked to the bed, where Carlo and Bob repositioned so that I could get my throbbing cock near Carlo’s mouth as well.

As my slender Latin friend took both cocks into his mouth I was Sakarya Escort able to check out Bob. He was a bit older than me- probably in his early 40’s- and while there was nothing particularly good or bad about his outward appearance I was very impressed by his thick cock which I guessed to be 9-inches long as I watched and felt as it rubbed against my own fat dick while Carlo hungrily licked and sucked them.

I was thoroughly enjoying the sensations of Carlo’s tongue and lips lavishing my dick while Bob’s cock slid next to it, but soon Bob decided he wanted a taste and moved so that he could lick my shaft as well. If you have never experienced the glorious feeling of two mouths simultaneously working your dick, I cannot even begin to describe it. Needless to say the sensation was nearly overwhelming, and not wanting to blow my load so early into the fun, I told Carlo it was time for him to take my cock in his ass.

Now sitting on the edge of the bed, I slid a condom onto my dripping cock and slathered it with lube before handing Carlo the bottle so he could spread some on his hole. Standing with his back to me and his legs apart, Carlo lowered his ass down onto my erect dick. His hole, which I had fucked many times before, was particularly tight today as the head of my cock pushed past his muscle and was quickly buried in his hot asshole. I began to enjoy the warmth and tight grip of being inside of his body as he slowly slid his hole up and down the length of my rock-hard dick. Meanwhile Bob stood in front of Carlo and fed him his huge cock, Adapazarı Escort which our Latin fuck-toy eagerly sucked as he continued to bounce on my tool.

After several minutes of Carlo swallowing Bob’s dick while riding my fat cock, Bob pulled out of his mouth and I knew he wanted to fuck some ass. I pulled Carlo back so that he was laying on top of me, and my cock naturally popped out of his now-gaping asshole. After quickly donning a rubber, Bob got between our legs and slid his long dick into Carlo’s well-lubed hole and started plowing away while I held my sweaty Latin friend on top of me while pinching his nipples.

As he was pumping his cock in and out of Carlo’s willing hole, Bob was reaching under his balls and holding my dick so that it rubbed against his balls and poked at Carlo’s hole with each stroke. At one point he pulled his cock out of Carlo’s ass and guided my own hard dick back inside. Taking Bob’s cue, we began alternating strokes as our tan-skinned friend writhed between us.

All of this was beginning to make me very sweaty and holding onto Carlo was getting a little tricky, so I suggested that Bob and I switch places. Carlo rolled off of me, and I was able to stand up and grab a towel to wipe some of the man sweat from my body and put on a fresh condom as Bob laid down on the bed with his feet on the floor. Clearly a fan of the “reverse cowboy” position, Carlo lowered himself onto Bob’s massive member as I stood between his legs and took in the sight.

Not wanting my pulsating hard-on to go to waste, I lowered Serdivan Escort myself towards Carlo’s well-stretched asshole and slid the head of my cock against Bob’s shaft until it was pushing against Carlo’s taint. Carlo moaned at feeling this potential second intruder, and I took the sound to be an invitation to try to get my cock into his ass while Bob was already deep inside.

Bob knew what I was trying to do, and paused with his long dick lodged deep inside Carlo’s ass so that I could apply more pressure to the anal ring. Slowly but surely his ass started to stretch beyond what any of us thought was possible and my cock slid along the top of Bob’s as we double-penetrated Carlo. The feeling was incredible, beyond any tightness I had ever felt around my cock. Bob and I quickly found a good rhythm where we could slide our cocks in and out of that gaping hole without popping out. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around Bob and my shafts to help in our double-fucking endeavor. After ten minutes or so the combination of sensations was becoming too much for me and I declared to my two fuck partners that I was ready to cum.

With Bob’s monster cock placed deeply and firmly in Carlo’s asshole, I put both hands down on the bed and began to really pound that man-cunt, which was being stretched and filled by two giant dicks. The faster pace, the feeling of Bob’s dick pressing against mine and the pre-cum flowing from Carlo’s dick sent me into a blinding frenzy as I made a final deep slam into Carlo’s body and released multiple streams of hot semen into the condom.

I don’t know if Bob even came, but shortly after I exploded we both slid out of Carlo’s over-worked anus and sat there for a minute taking in what had just happened. We had just double-fucked our boy toy. I still can’t believe it, but I sure hope it wasn’t the last time…

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