Caroline 99 Total

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Caroline’s Total

The complete Caroline stories.


Copyright Oggbashan October 2005; September 2006; December 2012; January 2013. This omnibus edition September 2015.

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Caroline is an artist. She uses an unusual form of media. Her speciality is giant inflatable figures with some animation.

Normally her creations have a serious theme. For Halloween the City Council had commissioned her to produce some inflatable witches to ‘fly’ across the square outside City Hall. Caroline was reluctant to commercialise her art. The local publicity rather than the fee decided her to accept the commission. It was sweet to be wanted by her home town.

The flying witches were nearly ready. The suspension wires had been installed during the day. Caroline had attached the deflated witches to those wires. All she had to do at the evening commissioning ceremony was turn on the power to the air pumps and the servo motors that would ‘fly’ and animate the witches.

As usual when Caroline had a structure to install I was an unpaid helping pair of hands. We had been friends for a long time and although the car accident had strained our friendship she still turned to me when she needed help.

The car accident had been two years ago. I had been a passenger in Ivan and Caroline’s car when a heavy truck with faulty brakes hit head on. Ivan had been killed outright. Caroline had been carrying Ivan’s baby due to arrive in a couple of weeks. When we got into the car Caroline was in the front seat and didn’t put her seat belt on. I was sitting behind her. I passed her the front seat belt and suggested she put it on. She didn’t want to because it was uncomfortable across her bump. I insisted. So did Ivan.

If she hadn’t been wearing her seat belt she would have died with Ivan. If I hadn’t been wearing mine I would have crushed her from behind. That seat belt saved her life but killed her baby as her weight slammed forward. The car was too old to have airbags that might have saved the baby.

When Caroline came out of hospital after a Caesarean operation to remove her dead baby she wouldn’t see me or speak to me for months. I had written her a couple of sympathetic letters without getting a reply. Eventually her need of me as a useful pair of hands brought her back to me. Her first request was that I should be a guinea pig for her latest commission. Six months after the accident it was ready. Her recovery from the operation had delayed its completion. She had intended that she and Ivan should test it.

It was her most controversial and expensive private commission called ‘The Ideal Partner’. The whole idea was weird. She had been asked to make an inflatable sex toy that could be either male or female. She had succeeded.

The ‘Partner’ was six feet tall but operated lying down. It had a control panel at the back of the neck under the short black hair that could be either a crop for a woman or long for a man. The first switch was marked ‘Prepare’. That switch inflated the ‘Partner’ from a flaccid shell. The second switch was labelled M/F. If F was selected, the breasts inflated, the waist constricted to a female shape and the thighs slimmed. If M was chosen, the penis emerged from a concealed pocket above the vagina and inflated. The torso remained flat and the thighs grew thicker.

The third and largest switch was marked ‘ON/OFF’. The operator would place himself or herself in position on the inflated doll before pressing the switch.

If the ‘Partner’ is set as Male the legs will stay in position. The arms clasp the woman, pressing down on her buttocks, and bucking under her, impaling her on its penis. It will continue to fuck her tirelessly until the OFF switch is pressed.

If set as Female the legs spread allowing penetration of the vagina. The ‘Partner’s’ legs and arms wrap around the man pulling him into a tight embrace. One hand will move to the back of the man’s head to bring his lips into contact. A tongue would inflate and push into his mouth. That tongue will move inside his mouth as the ‘Partner’s’ pussy contracts rhythmically. Those movements continue until the OFF switch is pressed.

Caroline wanted me to be there while she tried the ‘Partner’ set as a male in case something went wrong with the mechanisms. I was reluctant. There had never been anything sexual between us. We had shared a hug or two and a passing kiss on the cheek. That was it. Now she was asking me to witness her being fucked by a doll. I could appreciate her dilemma. She and Ivan had been inseparable. She needed a man and I was the closest.

‘The Ideal Partner’ performed as designed. I was embarrassed as Caroline, impaled Muğla Escort on her creation, experienced a number of orgasms. She had fitted a condom to the erect penis before starting the mechanism. She peeled it off.

“OK, Nick, it worked for me. Now let’s try it for you.”

Caroline switched the device to Female. I was aware that she was covering herself with her clothes. I barely noticed, fascinated as the body changed. The alterations were small but the result was impressive. The whole aura became female. The penis retracted and hid itself, the breasts grew with erect nipples, the waist, thighs and arms slimmed and even the face changed shape slightly. The legs splayed apart in an invitation.

Caroline held out a condom packet. I turned my back on her and stripped my clothes off. I had to give my tool a couple of quick pulls before I could fit the condom. When I turned back to look at ‘The Ideal Partner’ my erection grew. She looked as titled. I lowered myself between those spread legs and penetrated.


Caroline had her hand on the switch. I nodded. She pressed.

The Partner slowly reacted. The pussy opened wider to receive me. ‘Her’ legs wound around my back. I didn’t move fast enough to avoid the arms that clamped mine to my sides. One arm held me tight as a hand pressed my head towards ‘her’ lips. They opened to meet me. My lips covered hers. ‘She’ was beginning to move under me as her tongue extended into my mouth. Suddenly I was aware that I was helpless in the ‘Partner’s’ clinging embrace. I couldn’t move an arm to reach the OFF switch. My tool was being sucked remorselessly inwards into a warm pulsing vagina.

I tried to ask Caroline to stop the device. I couldn’t. That tongue had gagged me as effectively as a ball. She was standing out of my line of sight. I tried wiggling my fingers to attract her attention. She didn’t react.

My helplessness was erotic. I knew that I wasn’t in any real danger while Caroline was there. I let myself be carried away by the ‘Partner’s’ simulated passion and came into her. ‘She’ took no notice and continued to pump away at me as if demanding an orgasm of her own. I ejaculated twice more in the hour that Caroline left me at the ‘Partner’s’ mercy.

When Caroline finally pressed the OFF switch I lay exhausted on that doll. I wanted to shout and yell at Caroline. I hadn’t got the energy. Caroline helped me to the spare room and put me to bed. I slept for hours until she brought me a cup of coffee.

I railed at her for leaving me so long. Caroline didn’t seem impressed by my anger.

“It doesn’t matter, Nick. You had a great fuck, didn’t you?”

I had to agree.

“Then why are you complaining? I needed to test ‘The Partner’ beyond what the client will take. He’s middle-aged. There’s no way he would run the device for an hour.”

“If he has a choice, Caroline. I couldn’t get free from those arms and legs.”

“I know. Shame. They won’t be like that when delivered. They’ll wrap round his body, not his arms. I adapted them just for you.”

“Why? Did you want to punish me for something?”

“Punish? Most men would think I had given them a reward.”

I was unconvinced. Caroline must have seen that I was in some distress and yet she let me suffer.

That was eighteen months ago. Tonight her witches would fly, releasing small parachuted bags of sweets to the children below. They would be a success.

Caroline had invited me back to her place for an early evening meal as thanks for my help. She would go to inaugurate her witches. I might be in the crowd or I might go out to a Halloween event at a pub. My work was done.

After the meal Caroline asked me to join her in her studio. She had another work in progress.

“This was a commission that came from someone who saw ‘The Perfect Partner’. Remember that one, Nick?”

“How could I forget it, Caroline? She sucked me dry.”

“This one wouldn’t. This is ‘Fertility Goddess’, another of my action toys.”

“What does this one do?” I asked.

“It gives birth.”

“It does what?”

“Gives birth. I’ll show you. I haven’t finished the baby yet. It can give birth to the owner or to one of my mannequins.”

“Give birth to the owner? That’s weird, even for you.”

Caroline pulled the cotton dustsheet off the Goddess. She was at least twelve feet tall. Her skin was realistic, just like ‘The Perfect Partner’ had except over the distended stomach. That was clear plastic and very transparent. Inside was a large bed quilt roughly tacked together in a vaguely human shape. The vague head-like part was downwards inside her pelvic bones.

The Goddess was slumped against a large rolled cushion with her arms extended along it. Her legs were together with a pair of black satin, lace-trimmed panties around her knees. A matching satin bra held her breasts. Her mouth was slightly open. The whole impression was of extreme exhaustion. I felt that the Goddess had reached the final stage of a long Muğla Escort Bayan labour and was about to give birth. This was one of Caroline’s most powerful works.

I stood looking at the Goddess for some time. I was in awe of Caroline’s mastery of her genre. This statue epitomised the pain and wonder of childbirth. I could see why ancient peoples had worshipped a childbearing Goddess.

“Like to see her in action?”

Caroline’s voice broke my mood.


Caroline turned on the power at the wall socket. She reached for the sole of the Goddess’s left foot. There, under a flap, were the control switches.

“This is how she gives birth…”

The Goddess sat up, reached forward and pushed her black panties down her legs until they were around one ankle. Her legs spread apart and she leaned backwards. Her mouth opened in a soundless scream as her labia opened wider and wider. I could see clear bands of muscle around the transparent uterus contract, pushing the ‘baby’ downwards towards her hips.

There was a pause. The Goddess bent forwards, panting loudly. As if in obedience to a silent command to ‘Push!’ she lifted her hips slightly and spread her legs further. Gradually the ‘head’ began to emerge followed very slowly by the rest of the quilted ‘body’. When the whole was out the Goddess reached down, hooked her black panties around her other leg and pulled them up to a normal position. She slumped back against the cushion as if totally exhausted.

It had been a remarkable and very realistic portrayal.

“Like to try it, Nick?”

“Try it?”

“Yes. She can give birth to you.”

“Wouldn’t that be dangerous? To me?”

“No. The only thing that might be dangerous is loss of air. I have provided a breathing tube for the owner to use. It is plastic, like a snorkel tube. You have snorkelled, haven’t you?”

I nodded.

“Then you won’t have any problem. Please Nick?”

“You really want me to do this, don’t you Caroline?”

“Yes. A large commission depends on its successful operation.”

“Have we got time before you switch on the witches?”

“Of course we have. You saw how long it took. Even with the extra features it should only take half an hour. We have two hours to go.”

I shouldn’t have let Caroline persuade me. The preparations became more and more alarming as she went on. Once I had agreed I didn’t want to chicken out.

She explained that the Goddess was incomplete and some of the features were temporary. For example the uterus was made of thinner plastic than the final version and might puncture if caught by a finger or toenail. Once I had stripped to my boxers she covered my feet and hands with soft cotton bags like mittens. She fastened them around my ankles and wrists. I could have released the mittens with my teeth except that my mouth was filled with the breathing tube. The mouthpiece went behind my teeth. Outside my mouth the plastic sealed over my lips and nose. I could breathe easily through both. I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t displace the tube once Caroline had strapped it to my head.

I climbed into the Goddess’ womb feet first. I had to turn my shoulders to pass through the hard plastic bones. Caroline kept hold of the free end of the breathing tube. At the outside end of the tube she had fitted a wide shallow funnel so that I couldn’t accidentally drag the tube through the labia.

I had to curl myself into an appropriately foetal position inside that constricting womb. My head was between the pelvic bones but I could see out through the clear plastic skin.

“Nick? Are you ready?” The plastic surrounding me muffled Caroline’s voice. I couldn’t speak or nod my head. I held up a thumb.

“OK. I’ll just add some lube to the passage.”

She reached inside with a tube and carefully squeezed two lines of clear liquid near the inner end of the passageway and close to the outer edge. I didn’t understand why she took a pencil to push the used tube in with me. It came to rest beside my head.

“Starting now. She’ll go into the rest position first, pulling her panties up.”

Caroline touched one of the switches under the Goddess’ left foot. I was tipped backwards as the large legs lifted. The panties were pulled up the thighs, hitched around the buttocks and settled in place. The funnel at the end of my breathing tube was hidden under black satin. I could still breathe with slightly increased effort. I had to strain my eyes to see through the clear plastic above the waistband of the panties. The Goddess’ mechanisms came to rest.

I could see Caroline climb a short stepladder beside the Goddess’ head. She was clutching a mass of black material. She slid it over the head and down over the shoulders and breasts before climbing down. She pulled at the back, moved round to the front and tugged the material. It was sliding down towards the edge of the panties. What was she doing? If that material came any lower I wouldn’t be able to see out.

She reduced Escort Muğla the gap between to a narrow slit. Her face appeared in that slit.

“Nick. I think you can hear me. This is a Goddess-sized body stocking. It has poppers in the crotch. I’m going to wriggle it inside the panties and shut those poppers. You could have done that from inside. Or should I say you would have been able to do that before I sealed the vagina with superglue?”

I shook my head as much as I could with the breathing tube in place.

“Too late now, Nick. You are inside and are not coming out. The Fertility Goddess will do her best to give birth to you. Her best won’t be good enough.”

I struggled as much as I could inside the plastic womb. I tried to rip the mittens off my hands.

“Sorry, Nick. I lied. That plastic is heavy duty. Even with your hands free you couldn’t mark it.”

Caroline watched my struggles as if they didn’t concern her.

“Are you asking why?”

Of course I was but I was securely gagged.

“If you hadn’t insisted on me wearing a seat belt my baby might have lived and I would have had a reminder of Ivan. Your insistence killed my baby. I want you to know how my baby felt, crushed to death in my womb.”

Caroline held up a used envelope and pulled out a piece of paper.

“Remember this? You wrote this letter to me. I think it will be useful now. Shall I read it to you? You can’t object, can you? The really interesting parts say:

‘I’m sorry to have caused you so much pain. I would do anything I could to take the pain away. Nothing can replace your baby. Please believe that my intentions were for the best. I’m sorry that they had to end this way…’

It was so thoughtful of you not to date it. It will do very nicely as a suicide note.”

Caroline put the letter in a fresh envelope. The postmark on the old envelope would have given the date.

I kicked out as hard as I could with my legs. The womb absorbed the impact and forced my legs back in place.

“Now I am going to unplug the Goddess and re-plug her through a timer. I took this timer from your flat. It only has your fingerprints on it. A few adjustments with a tip of a pencil… There. It is set to come on at eight o’clock when I will be in front of a crowd of thousands. Goodbye. I am going to fit the body securely, then her wrap-round skirt. When the timer activates the Fertility Goddess will try to give birth to you. Do you want to know what will happen?”

I glared at Caroline. That was all I could do.

“Her uterine muscles will start to contract. Her legs will spread and she will slowly, ever so slowly, increase the pressure at the upper part of the womb. You won’t move. What a pity. Your exit is glued shut and outside the body and panties will still be in place because you didn’t press the switch to remove them. When she thinks, but of course she doesn’t think, does she? that you have begun to be born the rest of her uterine muscles will pull inwards to express you from her body. As you will still be there, those muscles will crush you to death. Or you might die of suffocation as the muscles break your breathing tube…”

I could almost feel the womb shrinking around me as Caroline spoke. She walked away, coming back without the timer. I had felt the change as the electrical supply to the Goddess had been cut. It had been a small effect like someone adjusting their position in a chair but it had happened. Would the Goddess be relaxed enough for me to fight my way out?

“That’s done. Now for the shroud…”

My light was cut off as Caroline pulled the black body down. I heard the snaps as she closed the poppers. I was moved slightly as she wrapped the skirt.

The last thing I heard was Caroline’s formal heels tapping her way out of the flat. How long would it be before that timer switched the Fertility Goddess on and I began to die?

Caroline would be bringing Halloween joy and laughter to hundreds of children while I died in the womb of her creation. She loved children. The seat belt had deprived her of the possibility of having any of her own.

Perhaps her intention was to make me the sacrifice to the Fertility Goddess. She had trapped me so that the Goddess would strain and strain and never give birth to me – reproducing Caroline’s pain at the loss of her own fertility.

I waited for the timer to start the process of crushing me to death.


Birthed again

Caroline had persuaded me to try being rebirthed by her massive creation ‘The Fertility Goddess’. Once I was inside, she had sealed the Goddess’s labia with super glue, covered the whole body with a black body stocking and wrapped a skirt around it.

She had plugged the Goddess into a time switch and that would start the process of giving birth at eight o’clock when Caroline would be in front of a large crowd operating her flying witches for the town’s Halloween celebration.

I was breathing through a snorkel tube. I was having difficulty because the Goddess’s black satin panties and the body stocking’s poppered crotch covered the end of the tube. What did that matter? Once the timer started the Goddess’s mechanisms into action the contractions to give birth to me would crush me inside her plastic womb as her uterus couldn’t open.

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