Gina, My Teacher Ch. 2

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When I got home from Gina’s, Bill was asking all kinds of questions about what had happened. He could see the glow on my face, knew that I enjoyed it, and was impatiently waiting for me to tell him about it. I told him that he was in for a surprise and started describing in detail how the evening went. He could not believe that Gina had gotten her whole hand in my pussy, and quite frankly, neither could I. Bill was hard as a rock and wanted to fuck right then and there but I told him that I was too sore and tired and that if he gave me a rain check, I would make it worth his while. He reluctantly agreed and we went to bed.

The next day, all I could think about was Gina and how she had made me feel. I couldn’t wait to talk to her and see if we could get together again tonight. I called her at work and since we were both rather busy, we made the date for this evening. After dinner, I told Bill where I was going and with a grin on his face he said “Sure wish I could watch, but I will settle for the story in detail”. “Have a great time” he quipped. With that, I was quickly out the door.

When I arrived at Gina’s, she told me that Bob would be home this evening but that we had the bedroom to ourselves. “Are you ready for lesson number two” she asked. I was more than ready and took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. “I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel last night” I explained. “Honey, I know you will” she said with a smile. With that she leaned over and kissed me deeply, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. porno indir Soon we were both naked and kissing on the bed and she lightly pushed my head down toward her chest. I took the hint and moved down taking a nipple in my mouth. I sucked her nipple and lightly pinched the other, making her moan with approval. After spending about ten minutes sucking her tits, I moved slowly downward, kissing her every inch of the way. When I reached her smooth pussy, I spread her lips with my fingers and exposed her clit. I was surprised at how large it was……much larger than mine. I touched it with my finger and almost made her jump off the bed. “Easy baby” she said. “My clit is super sensitive as you will see. Please lick it and make me cum. I need to cum so bad” she moaned. I moved into position and lightly flicked the tip of my tongue over he big clit. She jumped a little then reached down and pulled my head tightly to her pussy and begged me to make her cum.

I really went to work on her clit, licking and then taking it into my mouth and sucking. She tasted so sweet and I wanted to make her cum hard. While sucking on her clit, I inserted a finger into her soaking wet pussy. “Oh yesssss!” she squealed. “Finger fuck me while you eat me”. I knew then that I was starting to make her feel good and I added another finger and turned my hand palm up, searching for her G-spot. When I found it, she nearly jumped off the bed and I continued to massage the spot while eating her pussy. She started cumming and didn’t seem rokettube to stop for five minutes. She finally begged me to stop for awhile so she could rest. I withdrew my fingers and moved up to kiss her. “Thank you! You learn fast” she said.

We rested for about 10 minutes, talking about my new experiences. Why had I not done this before, I wondered. Gina opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out the biggest dildo I had ever seen. It was at least a foot long and wider than my wrist with balls at the end. She handed it to me and said “You made me feel great, but now I need to be fucked”. I moved between her legs and kissed her pussy again. She was still soaking wet so I took the head of the dildo and placed the tip at the entrance to her pussy. I didn’t see how that huge fake cock was going to fit in such a tiny hole but was reasonably sure that this wouldn’t be the first time. I grabbed the dildo about halfway down and started pushing harder at her pussy. Surprisingly, the tip of the dildo slid in easily. I continued shoving on the tool and soon, all but about 2 inches were buried in her. “That feels soooo good” she moaned. “Now fuck me hard. Ram that thing into me like you want to hurt me”.

I slowly withdrew the dildo until just the head remained inside and then with all my might, shoved in back into her as far as it would go. This time it sank in another inch. Gina moaned and asked for more so I repeated the motion several times, each time it seemed to sink in just a little further. Gina was now screaming porno with delight and begging me to fuck her. I kept slamming the fake cock into her as hard as I could and she kept begging for more. I saw her juices flowing around the dildo and running down her ass, then got an idea. I used my left hand and started to smear her pussy juice around her asshole. I then inserted a finger into her ass and she came immediately. “Do you like that?” I asked. “Oh yes” she moaned. “Finger fuck my ass”.

I started moving my finger in and out of her ass, fucking her like she wanted. I then added another finger and soon another, stretching her ass further that I thought was possible with the big dildo in her pussy. Gina was going crazy with lust and screaming for me to fuck her harder. It became increasingly more difficult to concentrate on moving the dildo while I finger fucked her ass but I did my best. Gina was moving all over the bed and wildly bucking her hips to me my every thrust. Without warning, she bucked her whole body into the air except her heels and head and screamed “I’m cumming, I’m cumming so hard”. Her whole body violently began to shake and I noticed additional wetness squirting out of her pussy around the fat dildo. This went on for a minute or so and then she just went limp. “Are you alright?” I asked. “Oh baby, that was the hardest I have cum in a long time. Thank you” she said.

I kissed her deeply and asked if she wanted to rest before going again. “Honey, I can’t go again. I am worn out but I think he can help” she said as she motioned toward the door. I turned around and there was Bob with a huge hardon, playing with himself. I knew that I had to have his cock deep inside me so I got up from the bed and walked over to him, taking his cock into my mouth.

To Be Continued…

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Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 15

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Later in the week the level of sexual activity at Alpha Beta Delta decreased, as the girls became preoccupied with preparing for the open house that Saturday. The entire first floor, which was where the party would take place, was thoroughly cleaned; decorations were put up and a menu planned.

Jenny grew increasingly anxious as the day grew nearer. Life at ABD had brought her out of her shell to a large degree, but the prospect of a house full of strangers still made her nervous. It didn’t help that Kristin was largely unavailable – as sorority president, she had numerous responsibilities related to the big event that kept her busy.

The day of the party dawned gray and drizzly, and Jenny woke up alone in the barracks. All the other freshmen were with their seniors, and Jenny lay in bed feeling sorry for herself. She had barely seen Kristin for the last three days and felt neglected and alienated.

She finally roused herself from bed around 10:00 to find a whirlwind of activity going on downstairs. The kitchen especially was bustling, and Jenny was immediately roped into helping prepare dips and hors d’oeuvres. The day passed quickly after that, and before Jenny knew it the first guests were arriving. They were mostly frat boys who had arrived early to cherry-pick the best food.

Jenny was finally discharged from kitchen duty just before 7:00, the open house’s official starting time. Just as she was starting up the stairs she looked up and saw Kristin on her way down, seemingly floating there in a long, flowing white dress. She had never looked more beautiful – her blue eyes sparkled and her lustrous blond hair tumbled down around her shoulders. As they approached each other, Jenny wanted desperately to throw her arms around Kristin, but knew that she was covered in flour and grease and didn’t want to do anything to tarnish Kristin’s loveliness.

“You look amazing,” Jenny said quietly, feeling dirty and humbled in the presence of such glamour.

“Thanks,” said Kristin, beaming. “Are you getting changed?” Jenny nodded. “Good. I’ll see you down there.”

Back in the barracks, Jenny showered and dressed simply in a pink top and black skirt. The room was full of girls chattering and primping, and there was an excited buzz in the air. Jenny was still a little apprehensive but when the group made its way downstairs, she allowed herself to be swept along with it.

The house was crowded and noisy now, with music blaring and a hundred conversations going on at once. After taking a minute to enjoy some of the food she had helped prepare, Jenny wandered around trying to get her bearings. A couple of boys tried to engage her in conversation; she listened politely for a minute or two, then excused herself at the first opportunity.

As a school-sponsored activity, the open house was officially alcohol-free, but flasks were being openly passed around and a keg of beer had somehow appeared in a neglected corner of one room. Jenny happened upon one of the juniors pouring vodka into a bowl of punch, and decided to help herself to a cup. It went down smooth and she followed it with a second. Jenny was not used to drinking hard liquor and before long her head started to swim. She drifted closer to where the music was coming from, and spotted Kristin at the other end of the room. But she was surrounded by people and there was no hope of getting to her.

Disappointed, Jenny walked out into the garden to get some fresh air. Almost immediately someone handed her a joint and she took a long pull on it, coughing and trying to say thanks at the same time. It was strong stuff, and immediately everything around her seemed brighter and more colorful. She heard a familiar voice to her left; squinting, she saw that it was April and was hd porno beside herself with joy at seeing her friend. She wrapped April in a clumsy bear hug, nearly tumbling the two of them over into a hedge. April laughed; her ex-roommate was obviously a little buzzed, but it was good to see her enjoying herself.

A would-be comedian was holding forth nearby, and he was actually pretty funny, or so it seemed at the time. Putting an arm around April’s shoulder, Jenny listened and laughed, then laughed even harder after the joint came around a second time. Soon her throat felt scratchy and dry, so she took April by the hand and led her to the punch bowl, where both girls filled extra-large cups.

Jenny was now officially more loaded than she’d ever been in her life. April led her to the dance floor where they shook their butts to a throbbing, bass-heavy track as red and blue lights flashed in time to the beat. Music had never sounded to Jenny the way it did at that moment; it seemed to rumble up through her feet, resound throughout her body, and shoot out the top of her head.

When the song was over, she leaned up against the wall to catch her breath. She saw Kristin in the doorway talking to two extremely tall, athletic-looking guys; they must be members of the basketball team, she thought. Suddenly an image flashed through Jenny’s head: Kristin was on her hands and knees, her pretty white dress hiked up around her waist. One of the guys was fucking her from behind as the other plunged his cock into her mouth.

Shaken by this vision, Jenny felt lightheaded and decided to look for a place to sit down. After what seemed like an hour she found a dimly lit room far away from the center of the action. The music was barely audible here and the only light was from a couple of flickering candles. Jenny stretched out on one of the several couches in the room and tried to collect herself.

After a few minutes her eyes began to adjust to the light and she realized that she was not alone. Two of her fellow ABD freshmen, Natalie and Rachel, were curled up together on a couch to her right. Natalie looked up at Jenny with heavy-lidded eyes.

“Hi, Jenny,” said Natalie, a dark-haired, dark-eyed beauty with the most piercings of any freshman.

“Hi,” answered Jenny. “What are you guys doing?”

“Oh, just chilling. Why don’t you come sit with us?”

With some difficulty Jenny squeezed herself onto the couch. Red-haired Rachel rested her head on Jenny’s leg and smiled up at her groggily. “You feel nice,” she said.

“Hey Jenny,” Natalie said, holding out one hand. “Take one of these.” Focusing intently, Jenny saw that she was holding a bunch of little blue pills.

“What are they?” Jenny asked.

“Ecstasy!” giggled Rachel.

Normally, Jenny would have been appalled at this idea; her small-town high school had filled her head with all sorts of horror stories about the evils of drugs. But in her current frame of mind she was very receptive to trying something new. Before her better judgment could kick in, she popped two of the pills into her mouth and swallowed them down.

* * *

The morning after the open house, Jenny woke up in bed with Kristin, who was still snoozing contentedly. Feeling both hung over and floatingly blissful, she struggled to remember what had happened the night before. She had been laying on the couch with Natalie and Rachel, and everything had felt so wonderful. She loved being with the other girls, feeling their warmth and softness and beauty. Hands roamed over her body, and she reached out to feel a leg here, a breast there. Lips brushed against hers and tongues darted into her ears. At some point Jessica, another ABD freshman, joined them on the couch. Faces appeared in the sex izle doorway, some familiar, some not, then disappeared again.

Jenny lost all sense of time, and all sense that there was a boundary between herself and other people. She could happily have stayed indefinitely in that warm pile of flesh, but she was suddenly overcome with the desire to share the great joy she was feeling with Kristin.

Disentangling herself from the other girls, Jenny walked back out into the party, which was in its last dying throes. A soft song was playing and there in the corner was Kristin, looking tired but still radiant. She and Jenny slow-danced together in the empty room, then made their way upstairs. Jenny helped Kristin out of her gown and joyfully licked every inch of her body from head to toe. She lingered on parts she normally overlooked, like Kristin’s underarms and knees, savoring the salty taste of her. When she reached Kristin’s pussy it was deliciously wet and willing. Jenny explored every corner of it with her tongue, bringing Kristin to a series of quietly ecstatic orgasms. Afterward Kristin held Jenny close and fingered her clit, which was on fire with need.

This morning everything was glowing slightly, though Jenny’s head felt tender and she badly needed a drink of water. Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. “Emergency house meeting!” yelled a voice. “11:00. Don’t be late.”

Kristin stirred and looked over at Jenny. “That doesn’t sound good,” she said.

The girls showered and went downstairs, where they joined a crowd of quiet, slow-moving Sisters who were drinking coffee and eating pastries. At 11:00 they filed out of the kitchen, through the main living room, and into the parlor, where a door was open that Jenny had never noticed before.

Jenny noticed that the front door of the house, normally open at this hour, was still locked securely. She followed Kristin through the unfamiliar door and down a long stairwell that led to a cavernous basement room. Something about this place was slightly sinister, almost medieval. Chains were strewn about and there were numerous items of strange-looking furniture whose function was mysterious to Jenny. At the far end several dozen chairs faced a small stage, upon which sat what appeared to Jenny to be gymnastics equipment.

The assembled Sisters took their seats and murmured quietly among themselves, wondering what was the cause for this urgent summons. There was complete silence when Alexis White appeared at the foot of the stairs and strode toward the stage. She had an especially stern, almost angry, look on her face. Jenny felt her stomach tighten and turn.

“Are all present and accounted for?” asked Miss White, addressing Sasha, the Sergeant-at-Arms.

“Yes, ma’am,” answered Sasha, who had been checking names off a list.

Miss White took the stage and addressed the girls in a firm, authoritative voice.

“Ladies, it has come to my attention that some of our freshmen engaged in indiscreet activity during the open house last night. I find this very upsetting. Exhibitionism is not what we are about here. This kind of behavior endangers not only Alpha Beta Delta’s status on campus, but its very existence. You seniors out there remember the complaint filed against us by the Campus Christian Association three years ago, and you remember the difficulty that caused.

“These unacceptable indiscretions must be punished. Does anyone care to come forward and confess?”

There was silence in the room as Jenny struggled inwardly. She knew she should speak up, but she didn’t know what the punishment would be, and she was mortified at the prospect of being embarrassed in front of everyone.

“Very well, then,” said Miss White. “All the freshmen altyazılı porn will be punished alphabetically. Sasha, who’s first?”

“April Shanti-Jones,” answered Sasha.

Jenny glanced over at April, who stood up looking apprehensive. At that moment, she made up her mind to do the right thing.

“I confess,” said Jenny, standing and facing Miss White as bravely as she could.

Miss White nodded her head. “Thank you, Jenny. Anyone else?” Again, there was silence. “Very well. Jenny will take the punishment for all of you. I hope you appreciate her courage.”

Kristin quickly spoke up. “Miss White, I should be punished in Jenny’s place. I failed to instruct her fully regarding proper behavior. This is my responsibility.”

Miss White answered her commandingly. “I will decide who is punished, Kristin. Now be seated.”

Kristin obeyed reluctantly, and Miss White nodded to Sasha, who led Jenny to the stage. Jenny was stripped naked and bent over a sort of pommel horse so that her ass stuck out toward the audience. Her arms were stretched out to her sides and her wrists securely chained. Mercifully, Jenny couldn’t see the other Sisters from this angle, but she could see Miss White, who was brandishing a formidable-looking bullwhip.

Jenny’s whole body vibrated with fear. She struggled against her bonds but to no avail. Miss White shook the whip to extend it to its full length, then lifted it into the air and snapped her wrist. There was a whistling sound as the whip traveled through the air, and a crack as it connected with Jenny’s rear.

Jenny cried out. The pain was sharp, and hot, and her face was burning with shame. But she deserved this punishment, she knew it, and that made the pain something different: a kind of fulfillment.

The air sang again as the whip flew, again there was the sound of impact and the groan in response. Jenny might have found it hard to believe, but she was actually getting off easy. Miss White was extremely skilled with the whip, and the stroke she was using made a lot of noise but did not deliver maximum impact. Because Jenny had taken responsibility, she wanted to make her point without hurting Jenny any more than necessary. She gave Jenny a dozen lashes, then dismissed the Sisters.

Everyone filed out quietly except for Sasha and Kristin. Kristin knew what was coming next. Miss White always became highly aroused when administering a whipping, and often indulged herself with the victim afterward. Sure enough, when everyone was gone Miss White put down the whip and buckled herself into a frighteningly large strap-on, even bigger than the one she’d used on Jenny in her office.

She approached Jenny, who was still chained down with her red ass sticking out, and pushed the phallus into Jenny’s mouth to wet it. Mounting the stage, Kristin reached between Jenny’s legs and found a surprising wetness there. Apparently she had been aroused by the punishment too.

Soon Miss White was fucking Jenny from behind with powerful thrusts that made the whole apparatus to which Jenny was chained shake. Kristin leaned down in front of Jenny and kissed her tenderly as the gigantic plastic cock pounded into her. Sasha’s job was to reach between Miss White’s legs and rub her clit as she continued to slam into Jenny’s cunt.

Jenny, for her part, scarcely knew where she was or what was happening anymore. The pain and pleasure had gotten all mixed up into one pure sensation of freedom. She gazed into Kristin’s eyes, trying to express something, but she didn’t know what.

When Miss White came she dug her nails into Jenny’s side and made one last deep thrust as if releasing a load of semen. Then she stood still for a moment, breathing heavily, a look of deep satisfaction on her face. She pulled out and dangled the strap-on between Jenny and Kristin so the two girls could share the duty of licking the juices off it. Then Miss White stroked Jenny’s head, expressing a lot in that simple gesture, and was gone.

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Dark Paths Ch. 02

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“This is a novel written in collaboration over the past 12 months with the lovely Bellora Quinn, who has written many more delicious tales of the sexy dancer, Xavier and his friends. Her details are on my profile page so go and check her out and give her some feedback if you enjoy this story. And we sincerely hope that you do.

“The usual terms apply; copyright for Dark Paths belongs to Sadie and Bellora. Do not take, copy, reproduce or link to this story for any reason without permission from ourselves, or we will active the surface to thieving-arse missiles in your precise direction and expand your anal sphincter in ways you’ve probably never imagined before. Enjoy!” — Sadie xxx


It was the rumble of Clay’s husky voice, reminding him that he was not alone with the kid that stopped Rayne biting Xavier then and there. His friend’s powerful hands ran up his arms to his shoulders, massaging him almost cautiously and drawing him back.

“Take it easy, tiger!” the bigger man urged and he knew from the sudden wary edge to the man’s words that he had seen enough. Rayne felt cold inside. He had known Clay long enough not to fear him but he had no idea how much of a wedge this revelation would drive into their friendship. For the moment he was just grateful that Clay had not over-reacted. Perhaps he owed that much to their history. Whatever it was, the words stayed him briefly and he moved to his knees between them, eyes closed, kissing his way down Xavier’s lean, downy torso into the hot well of his groin. Half-turning he then bestowed his kisses on Barclay’s powerful, sculpted triceps and abs, biting his stiff, dark nipples and letting his tongue trail down that firm, chocolate-dark body, right to the base of his shaft. He stroked Xavier’s upward curving cock in one skilful hand whilst his lips worked over Clay’s magnificent erection, soothing both of their anxieties simultaneously. Rayne felt his fangs recede as he concentrated determinedly on satisfying them both.

Xavier had managed to stifle the soft whimper at being let go, and it turned into a sigh of pleasure as those long fingers wrapped around him and stroked. The sight of Rayne’s soft lips stretched around Clay’s dark pole was exciting, making him throb in Rayne’s stroking hand. Xavier caressed his arm and Clay’s taut thigh next to him. He lifted up so he could kiss his way along the back of Rayne’s arm and across his shoulder and then inhaled the delicate, minty scent of his hair. His tongue came out to trace the shell of Rayne’s ear while he got a closer look at the way the smaller man slid Clay deeper into his throat.

Xavier’s soft moan vibrated his lips where they touched Rayne’s skin.

“Mmmm…. I can tell you like that as much as I do,” Xav whispered across his ear. Trailing soft tender fingers down Rayne’s smooth shoulder and supple back he circled a fingertip in the little hollow at the base of his spine. “Will you let me fuck you?”

Rayne knelt up a little, his jaw slackening enough to release Clay so that his lips slid back to the hood of his glistening shaft. The silver stud in his tongue flickered back and forth just beneath it, making the bigger man groan hungrily as Rayne considered this proposition. From the flashes of recollection he had shared with the boy he had presumed that Xavier would be completely submissive but the urgency of that whispered suggestion told him more than a hundred fragments of memory. He was no blushing virgin and Xavier had a lovely cock. Rayne already had a good idea how it would feel inside him but even so, as he curled his hand around Clay’s pulsating sex and kissed the leaking head, his green eyes slid sideways to meet Xavier’s curious gaze. A little smile curved his lips as he nodded his head.

“Sure,” he whispered, a small, husky sound that was muffled as he took Clay back into his mouth and his long black lashes shuttered that acid-pale stare once more.

“Get him ready for me, baby,” Clay rumbled with a broad white smile, stroking Rayne’s silken, black hair, then reaching out to caress Xavier’s cheek.

Xavier came up on his knees so he could reach Clay’s lips. He kissed and bit his new friend’s bottom lip lightly before moving to make a trail of kisses down Rayne’s back. Such a sweet ass the singer had! He would have been happy with anything tonight, but this was a special treat.

His hands caressed over the smooth skin. He took his time with his kisses and little nips and licks until he couldn’t wait any longer and ran his tongue up and down that delectable crack. His fingers circled Rayne’s hips as he wriggled the hot tip of his tongue into his tight puckered hole.

The singer quivered again, caught between the two men, engaged in a couple of his favourite activities; giving head and having his ring vigorously rimmed. Xavier’s breath was quick and hot between his cheeks and the boy’s tongue teased and tickled him with so much skill that he relaxed at once, reassured that he was in the türkçe altyazılı porno hands of an expert. His lips stroked Clay’s slowly pulsing shaft greedily and he ran a hand between the porn star’s muscular thighs, steadily milking his heavy balls whilst rocking his arse gently back into Xavier’s grasp, riding the surge of his lapping tongue.

“Mmmmmhhhh…” he growled in a low, needy tone, hoping that the sound alone would convey his pleasure.

It did. And it sent urgent quivers up and down Xav’s back. One hand reached for the little tube of lubricant Clay had used on him earlier and left on the bed. With hardly a pause Xav replaced his wriggling wet tongue with a hot slippery finger. He knew exactly the right way to stretch and tease and curl the pad of first one and then more of his fingertips over the smooth spot inside until he knew that Rayne was more than ready. The singer moved fluidly as he was touched and teased, squirming onto his side, then sinking down on his back beneath them both, spreading himself with the flexibility of an acrobat. His head tilted back so that he could take Clay into his mouth again. Encouragingly he ran the sole of his right foot up and down over Xavier’s flank as the younger man knelt between his thighs.

Xavier eased his rigid cock into the singer’s snug channel steadily, but with no rush. He was always a considerate lover. He bent to kiss and nibble along Rayne’s shoulders and the crook of his throat while he pulled back slowly and then drove forward again. Harder this time, because he felt that was what was desired of him; a shunt at the end of the thrust that sent quivers through them both. He fucked like he danced, smooth and hard and grinding, utterly focused on his partner.

Under him, Rayne exhaled urgently with each thrust, circling his lean hips to press down on his mate’s sex each time he was impaled. Clay gripped his hair, surging between his lips in perfect synchronicity, looking down at Xavier with an appreciative smile on his dark, handsome face.

“God you feel wonderful…” Xavier whispered over his skin as he stroked in and out of him. He dragged his lips and the tip of his tongue down Rayne’s chest, tasting him and breathing him in before sucking and nibbling the stiff peaks of his nipples. Having come once and got the edge off, he could go all night… usually. But the way Rayne squeezed him and writhed under him and looked so damn sexy, taking Clay’s monster down his throat, was edging him up again already.

Warm, skilled fingers wrapped around Rayne’s erection and fisted him in time with the hard thrusts of Xavier’s hips. The thick shaft pulsed under Xavier’s strokes, he moved his thumb repeatedly over the sensitive underside of his head, sweeping up over the tip and swirling the slick drops of pre-cum around the ultra soft skin there.

His teeth grazed the taut nipple in his mouth, sucking hard, and then his tongue laved it. His breath was hot over the wet spot he made when he lifted his mouth. What an erotic picture, this beautiful creature under him, his body gripping him so tightly… Xavier’s hand moved a little faster, the deep thrust of his hips quickening.

“… oohh, baby, I can’t wait to make you come again!” he breathed in a husky timbre.

Rayne Wylde made a small sound that could have been agreement but could also just have been forced out of him by the urgency of his mates’ thrusting cocks. In Xavier’s hand his erection jumped violently and a spill of pearly pre-cum seeped from the straining slit. His head tipped right back between Clay’s legs so that he could rub his cute little nose against the black stud’s enormous, low-hanging balls. At once the bigger man eased up off him whispering; “Uhhhh… suck ’em for me, honey!”

Clay knelt over Rayne on the bed, his muscular body and ebony skin glistening with moisture as the singer’s soft, skilful lips drew gently on the looser flesh of his shaven ball sac and his jaws parted wider, swallowing those big hot nuts one at a time.

Rayne lifted both his legs, scissoring them around Xavier’s lean body as the younger man pulsed between his thighs. He pulled Xav into him urgently as he rode on the beautiful dancer’s straining cock and his vigorously pumping hand. A long, low, needy groan escaped him, along with another slow flood of semen. Rayne’s sex twitched violently again in Xavier’s sticky hand and his slender body contracted fiercely around the fabulous member scratching an itch of need, so deep inside him. He cried out again, with less inhibition this time, almost ready to explode for the delicious stroking sensation in his loins.

The hand touching him so expertly slowed, slid down around his shaft, more like a caress then a stroke now, easing him back from the edge. Xavier’s warm tongue traced lazy teasing circles around his nipples.

Such lovely pale cool flesh wrapped around him, Xavier thought. He had to wonder how Rayne could be xnxx so cool when he was burning up. He slowed his rhythm for a minute… two, and then slowly began to build once more, driving harder and faster until they were close. Then he changed pace again. He kept up the tease, bringing them up and easing them down several more times and he found to his delight that after a time he’d warmed his lover up quite well.

He could keep this going; he was after all trained by some of the best, and he loved to give pleasure, but the sexy little moans and soft sounds of delight emitted by his lover had gone from needy to nearly frustrated. Xav knew the steel-hard pole in his pumping fist was aching for release… not to mention that his own need was getting almost unbearable.

This time when he built the pace to a heated, frantic frenzy he didn’t back down. He spread his knees, changing his angle to drive that much deeper into Rayne. He warped one arm around Rayne tightly, pulling him in with each thrust. Bending his head and bowing his body, his lips sucked at the tender skin of Rayne’s throat as his hips bucked and a light sheen of sweat turned his tanned skin to honey gold.

“…Mmmrrrrrrraaaaaaaah!!” The scream was muffled into the side of Rayne’s throat as Xavier spilled his hot young seed into the tight sheath gripping him.

“Rrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh… yeaaaaahhhhh!” Clay roared, exploding into the singer’s mouth, unable to hold back any longer.

Rayne tried to find words as Clay pulled out of his cream-filled maw but discovered he’d forgotten how to speak. He swallowed hard instead, fighting to catch every last trickle and spurt of salty goodness from his friend’s clenching balls. He was shuddering uncontrollably as Xavier bent over him, his knees drawn back and his heels pressed into the dancer’s naked back just below his shoulder blades, bracing himself hard as he felt boy’s thrusts quicken inside him again. The young dancer had not lost his erection and he was not slowing this time; nor showing any signs of stopping at all, in fact. His clever tongue was sending delicious tendrils of electricity from Rayne’s erect and painfully sensitive nipples to his bucking groin. Clay had moved around behind the blond and was slowly rubbing against him now, running that big, wet, slippery love muscle up and down between Xavier’s pert cheeks as he watched them bobbing urgently between the singer’s slim thighs.

Amazingly Clay was showing no signs of wilting either, even though men had been known to drown in less fluid than he had just ejected from that powerful tool.

“Jesusssss!” Rayne growled, his tongue still greedily seeking out every last trickle of cum in and around his mouth as he felt Xavier’s clever hand pulling vigorously on his twitching cock again. The head of the boy’s gorgeous fuck rod was impacting on his sweet spot with every thrust and sending powerful aftershocks through his loins that almost drove him crazy with desire. “Uuuuhhhhhhh… sweet fucking Jeeeesus!”

He tried hard to keep his jaws together as Xavier curled into him, licking and nuzzling at his neck. Even with his face turned right into the pillow he could still feel the blond all over him, rubbing him and touching him outside and in until he wanted to scream because it felt so good. Xavier smelled so hot and delicious and the pounding of his heart driving the blood through his young body was like a tribal drum beat in Rayne’s head.

The cum had just been an appetiser, and he knew it. As Xavier stabbed up hard inside him and held his hot cock in there, flooding him again with his invasive heat, Rayne felt his body jolt furiously. He exploded in the boy’s hand sucking in a sharp breath that whistled like a boiling kettle in his throat, a long, sharp, helpless keening note that shook him physically from head to toe. He was out of control and he knew it. The waves just kept coming and he gripped Xavier’s shoulder and his damp blond hair tightly in both hands as the massive sexual quake rocked his senses. Xavier’s face was buried in the hollow of his neck and he did not see the impulsive extension of his mate’s magnificent dogteeth. The first he knew of them was when Rayne Wylde sank them smoothly into his jugular and began to suck ravenously on his slender neck.

Xavier felt the sharp canines sink into him on a sort of distant level. The endorphins pumping through him after such an explosive climax had him almost high. He hung limply in the Vampire’s tight embrace, if not between his legs. Each draw of that succulent mouth seemed to pulse through him and made the little aftershocks in his still-hard cock throb.

He moaned, melting against Rayne, pliant and submissive; too caught up in the delicious warmth to worry over much about such things as blood loss. The love bite was actually very erotic. He moved his head slightly, stretching the long line of his neck and opening the wound ever so slightly more, sending a hot gush of thick porno izle blood into the Vampire’s eager mouth.

Rayne stretched and undulated against Xavier like a lithe little cat rubbing up for attention. He rolled the blond onto his side and moved up over him, trying to contain the fountain of crimson that erupted from the bite. Generally he tried to ascertain with a bedmate if he or she had any issues with blood clotting but it was a bit too late for that now. Clay, who had been vigorously stretching Xavier’s ring again, his view of all this obscured by the curve of the young dancer’s naked back, now protested a little at the shift of position. His murmured objection tailed off as he spotted the steady stream of blood that ran down the blond kid’s bare chest from the point where Rayne was hungrily kissing his neck.

“Holy Jesus!” the big guy whispered in horror. “What in fuck’s name are you doing to him?”

Xavier’s arms slipped from around Rayne’s body, falling bonelessly to the bedspread. He paled under the tan of his skin, and the body that was so hot moments before began to feel cool. A little whimper escaped him as he teetered on the brink between conscious and unconscious. That strange dark pull he felt with Rayne was sucking him under like a tide pool he couldn’t escape. Drowning! He felt like he was drowning in heavy syrup, so sweet he didn’t care.

Each pump of his strong heart sent a new glut of blood, and a fresh string of memories. It was as if his life was laid out, bared, fanned like the pages of a gritty, tragic book for Rayne.

The Vampire’s consciousness flashed on a beautiful young woman with pretty blue eyes, the same as her cute, blond son’s. She took him to see the ballet and he loved to watch the dancers; transfixed by their lithe, flexible bodies and the bright colours and exotic plumes of their stage garb. He was torn from that bright spot of happiness into a dark pit of pain and despair. A hard hand held him face down on a mattress; his mother’s boyfriend’s hand. He was a kid, maybe eight years old. He couldn’t see much in the dark room but he could feel the dirty bastard’s hands on him, smell the stale scent of tobacco and beer and sweat.

That was replaced by another horror. This time he was thirteen, kneeling on the living room floor, panic gripping him. His mother lay unmoving, unresponsive as he tried to bring her ’round. She was cold, not breathing; the belt still tight around her upper arm, a blood-filled syringe hanging limply from the crook of her elbow. This mainline was her last.

There was a swirl of half-remembered faces; social workers, then a foster family. In an attic bedroom an older boy gripped his hair and pumped his cock down his throat. He hated the boy and wanted him desperately at the same time, the throb in his groin a hard guilty ache.

The memories started to speed with his heartbeat. Only tiny snatches coming now in a rushing tumble. Money and drugs coming easy; a great many faceless older men eager to open their wallets and their pants; it all rushed past in a warm tide. Rayne fell back from Xavier, on his knees, catching his breath although he knew it was not even necessary. Some habits were hard to break. His pulse was racing with the young dancer’s as he touched his lips to the bite wound that was already healing on the boy’s neck, stunned by the memories; unsure for a moment if he was seeing Xavier’s past or his own.

Then Clay’s powerful hands were on his shoulders, not consoling but pulling him clear of the kid and virtually throwing him off the bed. Rayne bit his tongue and the insides of his mouth involuntarily as he crashed to the floor and the bigger man sprang up to loom over him. Barclay might not be a young man but he was still no weakling.

“What the hell did you do to him, you crazy bitch?” he yelled, shaking his head as the slender Englishman reeled on the sumptuous rug at his feet.

Rayne was struggling to stay calm, though he raged inside at this rough handling as the memories that were not his own still jostled in his head. He knew there was still blood on his face from the bite and tried to wipe it away.

“He’s gonna be okay,” he slurred, still feeling drunk from the rush of emotionally charged images. “I didn’t hurt him.”

He was used to some transference during a feed but the pictures in his head were rarely this strong. Usually he could block them out if he chose to. Either Xavier was a potent empath or the similarity of his past recollections to Rayne’s own had broken through his emotional shields. He could not be sure without talking to the boy.

“Go check on him. It’s nothing more than a scratch, I swear!”

Clay was already turning back to the pale, breathless blond boy on his bed, concern in his dark eyes; his erection rapidly wilting. Behind him Rayne slumped supine on the floor for a moment, closing his eyes and willing his pulse to slow down.

Xavier vaguely felt the hands on him. Soft, gentle hands, and so warm. The fingers touched his throat and he winced a bit. Must be the biggest hickey ever. He opened his eyes and tried to focus. His pupils were dilated so far they must be dark pools, ringed with blue. Everything looked gray and slightly fuzzy around the edges.

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Gotcha Ch. 05

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It took several days for the piercings to stop hurting, and even after that they itched like crazy. Morning, noon and evening Jen would bathe the affected areas with antiseptic and she made sure her personal hygiene was meticulous but, even so, her vaginal lips were sore and inflamed and walking was a real trial. Each evening, she was brought before Wendy who would check her over carefully but, aware that rough treatment would only prolong he healing process, was very gentle with them. However, having Jen’s vagina and breasts out of action did not stop the abuse, instead Wendy began to concentrate her efforts around Jen’s anus. One morning she produced a fly whisk of the sort used by African dignitaries and, after bending Jen over her knee and giving her buttocks a light dusting, turned it round and inserted the handle.

As the handle was quite short and little more than one centimetre in diameter, it was neither as intrusive nor as uncomfortable as the dildo attached to the frame when the piercings had been fitted and Jen, knowing full well that resistance would not be helpful, relaxed as far as was possible to help ease its entry, and, bit by bit, it was worked back and forth until only the horsehair whisk protruded. Wendy was delighted and insisted that Jen do two laps of the office on her hands and knees, neighing like a horse. Jen was surprised to discover that, once she’d got over the initial discomfort, she rather liked the full feeling it gave her and, whilst playing at being a pony was humiliating, the tail was producing a smorgasbord of sensations and, though she’d be loath to admit it, she wanted it to remain. She couldn’t help but flex her buttock muscles savouring the conflicting waves of feelings that it produced and Wendy, alert to the slightest sign, picked up on this.

“It looks like my little piglet likes having a pony tail, is that so?” Wendy enquired. Jen, still on her hands and knees bowed her head and blushed.

“Well, speak up, do you?”

“Please, Mistress, I… I don’t know,” Jen stammered.

“Oh yes you do. Come along now, I won’t wait all day.” Wendy’s voice was acquiring that edge of impatience that Jen knew and feared.

“Yes, Mistress. Yes, I do,” Jen replied eventually. “I mean, it hurts and all but…”

“I thought so. Now come here.” Wendy patted her thigh, a sign that Jen was supposed to go over and rest her head on Wendy’s lap.

“You know, piglet,” she continued as she stroked Jen’s hair. “The sooner you learn to be honest about your sexuality; honest to yourself as much as to me, the better it will be for you. I’ll bet you quite enjoyed having your bottom filled when you were on the cross having your piercings done.”

Jen didn’t reply; she hardly knew how. The whole incident had been so intense that it was difficult to single out any one aspect or any one emotion. Her main memory was the burning, searing pain from the piercings but there had been other aspects that had had a profoundly disturbing effect on her. The sensory deprivation, the total inability to move, the sense of helplessness, the vulnerability of being spread wide open and exposed, and, dare she admit it, the powerful sensations that resulted from having her anus brutally penetrated, had taken her to places she never knew existed and, for all the pain involved, places to which she knew that one day she would have to return. Was this what she really was? Would she one day welcome the pain and servitude as the price to be paid for feeling that way? She had been Wendy’s slave for little more than two weeks and already she had learnt to accept her place knelt at Wendy side with her head on her lap; how much more would she learn to accept, how much more did she want to?

Wendy patted Jen on the head and sent he back to her desk to work. She had to sit carefully; the fly whisk was to remain in place for the rest of the day.

At long last it was time for the West Coast trip. The tickets were booked, the meetings arranged and all Jen’s hard work was ready to be put to the test. She was busy filing away the essentials when Wendy called her over.

“Do you want to go on this trip?” she asked.

“Of course, Mistress. You know how much I’ve been looking forward to it.” Jen was taken aback.

“It’s just that I’m not going to be able to keep quite as close an eye on you as normal. It might be that ungrateful little piglets might feel they would want to run away. Maybe it would be safer if I left you behind.”

“Please, Mistress, I won’t run, I really won’t.” Jen fell to her knees, shocked. She could understand Wendy’s reasoning but she had been so focused on going that to have it snatched away at the last minute porno indir was devastating.

“Hmm… Look me in the eye.” Jen did as she was told, meeting Wendy’s steely glare without flinching. “Do you promise not to try to run away?”

“Yes, Mistress, I promise.” Oddly enough she meant it. She had got so caught up in all the planning that the possibilities of escape hadn’t crossed her mind and now, well she didn’t want to miss out on all the fun, she didn’t want to miss seeing the fruition of all her hard work.

“Hmm… I guess I’ll trust you, but, just in case you get any silly ideas, remember that, should you run away I will come after you and you’ll spend what little is left of your life looking over your shoulder. No-one double crosses me and gets away with it. I do hope that is completely understood.”

“Yes, Mistress, of course, Mistress.” Jen was shaking. She had forgotten just how scary Wendy could be and she didn’t doubt her threats for a moment.

First class passengers may get special treatment at Heathrow Airport but, since 9/11, they are subject to the same security screening as the rest of us. Wendy had no problems with the metal detector but Jen set the alarms off as she passed through. One of the attendant security guards, a thick set woman with a short, brutal haircut waved the handheld detector over her and, when it sensed metal near her groin and her breasts she was taken aside. As the security officer closed the door of the interview room she went straight over to Jen and grabbed at the padlock on her collar.

“Well, er, piglet,” she sneered, reading the name off the padlock. “Let me guess, you’ve got piercings, tits and fanny, right?”

“Yes, yes I have,” Jen replied, taken aback by the brutality.

“Well, come along, show me.” For a moment or two Jen just stared at the security guard but her face was implacable.

“Come along, I haven’t got all day, neither have you if you want to catch your plane. Anyway a little subbie like you should be used to being told to strip.” Jen blushed furiously at the security guards onslaught.

“Yeah, that one struck home,” she continued. “We get your sort through here all the time. I’ll bet any money you like you’re not wearing any knickers. Now, are you going to get on with it or shall I call for some assistance?”

For travelling Jen had been given a light cotton summer dress that buttoned down the front and, along with a pair of sandals, that was all she wore. Shaking she reached down for the hem and pulled it up.

“As I thought, no knickers and piercings on your fanny. Take them out and we’ll scan again.”

“I can’t,” Jen replied. “They haven’t healed properly yet.”

“In that case you leave me no choice. Bend over the table. Don’t worry, a pain slut like you will rather enjoy this.”

Jen bent over as instructed. Behind her she heard the snap as the security guard fitted a rubber glove and then the back of her dress was lifted and she felt the cold sliminess as the well lubricated glove probed her nether regions. A long forefinger was pushed inside her vagina and turned from side to side. Then it was her anus’s turn to get the same treatment; this time Jen couldn’t suppress a little gasp as the tight ring of her sphincter was breached. Jen got the impression that the guard spent rather longer than was necessary, turning her finger this way and that, pushing as deep as she could go.

“Ok, you’re clean. Now stand up and show me your tits.”

Jen stood up, turned round to face the guard and, blushing furiously, undid the top few buttons of her dress. The guard pulled the material aside and gave each breast a good feel.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” She snarled. “We get them all the time, little sluts like you who get their kicks from being assaulted by women in uniform. Well, today your luck is in ‘cos I just love to see subbies squirm.”

The guard took Jen’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed until Jen gave a squeak of pain.

“You like that, don’t you?” the guard sneered.

“No, please, no,” Jen replied.

“Liar!” The guard increased the pressure and Jen’s legs began to buckle and she sank to her knees.

“Ok, yes, I like it,” Jen sobbed realising that unless she agreed she would never escape.

“That’s better,” The guard let go of Jen’s nipple. “Now, what do you say?”

“Thank you, thank you, Mistress.” If thanking Wendy for punishment was hard then it was nothing compared to having to thank this brutal bitch of a security guard.

“That’s it, that’s a good little girl. Now, fuck off out of here, you worthless piece of shit.” With rokettube a snort of derision the guard dismissed her.

Shaking from her ordeal, Jen returned to the main concourse where Wendy was waiting impatiently. With a look of displeasure she strode off to the first class lounge with Jen trailing behind. When they got there she angrily demanded to know why she had been kept waiting but as Jen told her tale her mood improved and, as Jen related the succession of indignities she had been put through she laughed and demanded more detail. Jen begged to be allowed to go to the rest rooms and clean herself up; she could feel the lubricant dripping down her inner thigh and she dare not sit down for fear of marking her dress. Wendy enjoyed stretching out the discomfort and insisted she remain until she had heard every detail.

London to Los Angeles is a long haul but if you’ve got to do it then first class is the best way. Jen’s previous flying experience was a couple of package holidays in Alicante and the comparison between being crammed like a sardine in a holiday flight to the luxury of first class in a 747 was marked. Whilst they were airborne Wendy indulged her and Jen relaxed, pampered by the air hostesses as the long hours passed.

At LAX they had a pleasant surprise waiting for them. Emerging from immigration they were met by a pretty young blonde wearing a dark brown chauffeur’s uniform. She informed them that ‘Mistress Tanya’ had heard that they were arriving and that her limousine was at their disposal. Wendy said that they would be delighted and the three women headed out to where the limo was parked. Once they got there it turned out that Mistress Tanya was waiting for them in the back of the car and as Wendy got in Jen heard the pop of a champagne cork. Jen rode up front next to the chauffeur.

Like most Brits visiting the USA for the first time Jen was amazed at the size of everything. The car, for a start, was huge but it fitted in well with everything else and she felt like a little girl arriving in wonderland. As they headed out of town she even got a glimpse of the Hollywood sign and felt that she had really arrived.

After an hour or so of driving they arrived at a large house in its own grounds. The car drew to a halt outside the front door and the chauffeur leapt out to open the door. Wendy and Mistress Tanya got out and went into the house with Jen and the chauffeur following. As soon as they entered Jen could see that it was a hotel, complete with lobby and reception desk. A woman with an air of importance had come out and was busy greeting Wendy and Mistress Tanya. Although Jen was very much on the outskirts of the discussion she got the gist of the conversation. This was the manager greeting Wendy as an honoured guest. It was obviously not the first time Wendy had stayed here.

Without any of the normal booking in formalities they were taken upstairs to their suite. Jen looked around in amazement; the sheer luxury of it all was jaw dropping. First there was the main living area with plenty of floor space, soft furnishings and an attached kitchenette. However the biggest surprise came when they entered the bedroom. There was, naturally, a bed of gigantic proportions but, at the foot of the bed, was something not normally found in hotel rooms: a large dog basket. A short length of chain hung from the bedpost ready to be attached as required. Wendy gave Jen a meaningful look and inclined her head towards the basket and, with a sinking heart, Jen realised that her tour stopped there. For a moment she hesitated before taking off her dress but the simple fact that she was to be chained to the bed, along with the way that the chauffeur had deferred to Mistress Tanya implied that Mistress Tanya was, at the very least, aware of Wendy’s proclivities and in all likelihood she shared them so there was no point in trying to retain any modesty. She shrugged of her dress and, folding it, handed it to the chauffeur. Then she knelt down in the basket and Wendy attached the chain to her collar. Some wrist cuffs were retrieved from the bedside cabinet and Jen didn’t need to be told; she put her wrists behind her back ready and waiting to be restrained. Having thus disposed of Jen, Wendy and Mistress Tanya left and, as the door closed behind them, Jen was alone.

Fortunately the dog basket, like everything else in the hotel, was luxurious and Jen had no problems snuggling down to rest. After a while the door opened and the chauffeur returned but it was only long enough to put a bowl of water next to the basket and leave again. Jen drifted in and out of sleep, her body clock disturbed by the jet lag. At one point porno she woke up and, feeling parched, lapped at the bowl of water. It was hard with her hands behind her back but she managed to slake her thirst and, settling back down, returned to her wait.

After a while Wendy entered and, without so much as a glance at Jen proceeded to strip off and prepare for a shower. One of the advantages of being super rich is that all Wendy’s luggage had been sent on ahead and was already unpacked so Wendy had all that she desired already laid out in the wardrobes and bathroom. Jen lay still watching Wendy out of the corner of her eye. Although she had seen Wendy many times dressed in only her silk dressing gown and had often been intimate with her this was the first time she had seen her completely naked, and not just naked, naked and relaxed. Wendy was behaving as if Jen simply weren’t there and Jen found this intimate peek into Wendy’s private life made her appear more beautiful, more desirable.

Returning from the bathroom Wendy dressed, selecting from the wardrobe a black cocktail dress that, combined with high heeled court shoes and a simple but classy selection from her jewellery box, left her looking a picture of elegance. The phone rang and Wendy answered it. Jen couldn’t catch much of the conversation but she did hear “I’ll be right down” and as soon as Wendy put the phone down she left.

Wendy hadn’t been gone long when the door opened again; this time a maid entered. She went through to the bathroom and Jen heard her moving around as she cleaned up. Then she returned to the bedroom and started to tidy, picking up the used towels, sorting out the dressing table, and turning back the bed. Like Wendy she behaved as if Jen were not there except that she refilled the water bowl. Jen wasn’t sure whether the hotel specifically catered for those with slaves or was simply prepared to pander to any request as long as the guest was rich enough. She suspected the latter.

Jen settled down to wait. Oddly enough she wasn’t bored, she found that being bound and helpless helped her to switch off and she could just lie there, curled up in her basket waiting for her Mistress. She’d enter a sort of trance, floating, barely existing as the hours drifted by. That was until her bladder started sending urgent messages. The jet lag had left her thirsty and earlier she’d drunk time and time again from the bowl. After the maid had left she’d drained the bowl again and now, hours later, she was paying the price. At first she just clamped her thighs together hoping she could hold it in but the pressure just kept building and holding it back was getting harder and harder. She knew that if she wet her bed she would have to pay the price and soiling the carpet was going to be no better. And then it came to her, she could use the bowl.

It was as awkward as it could be with her wrists restrained and her neck chained to the bed but eventually she managed to manoeuvre herself so that she was kneeling over the bowl which was clamped between her calves. Scared that she might splash she tried to let go gently but, once she had started, she couldn’t stop and the relief was such that, quite frankly, she’d given up caring whether the urine splashed or not. Finished at last she looked down; the bowl was full but not dangerously so and, with a bit of careful manoeuvring she was back in the basket without spilling any.

Some time later Wendy reappeared with the chauffeur in tow. She was slightly tipsy; evidently she had been partying and she was holding on tightly to the chauffeur. As she approached the bed she saw, or more importantly smelled, what Jen had done.

“Oh, piglet, you mucky little puppy, couldn’t you control yourself.” There was an air of resignation in Wendy’s admonishment. She turned to the chauffeur. “Be a poppet, will you, and tidy this up and then hurry to bed. I want you, now!”

Whilst Wendy got undressed the chauffeur took the bowl to the bathroom to empty and, noticeably didn’t bring it back. When she returned she quickly stripped off and slid into the bed next to Wendy who was already waiting for her.

As Jen lay, curled up in the basket a ball of bitter jealousy burned inside her. She had done all the work, travelled all this way and now she was ignored, surplus to requirements. Whilst Wendy was out partying she was chained to the bedpost and, even when she returned that little slut of a chauffeur was pleasuring her. Wendy couldn’t see from where she was, nor did she particularly want to, but neither Wendy nor the chauffeur were being restrained in their love making and were noisy enough to leave Jen in no doubt as to how athletic they were being.

With a sob of frustration Jen settled down and tried to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow she could be useful. That little bitch of a chauffeur may be good looking, blonde, and good in bed, but when it came down to business the she would be the one Wendy turned to.

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Hannah’s Magic Ch. 03

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHORS/ARTISTS – This series is a series about a girl named Hannah who has discovered that she actually has magical powers (levitation, teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, and a whole heck of a lot more). She in turn uses her powers to have amazing sexual adventures with various partners as well as her friend Cindy. This series has many parts, but we like to think that each story can stand alone just fine.

While the ‘magical’ aspect of things mostly sets up the scenarios that Hannah enjoys, there are various times where she does use her magical powers to enhance her sex. The sex mainly found in this series is that of the lesbian nature, but expect to occasionally find heterosexual and group sex. If you do not believe that is in your interest, we advise you to look elsewhere. If you are open to this idea, enjoy.


Cindy was having a very difficult time accepting who she was and where her life was going.

Cindy sat on her bed in the late morning with her legs folded over. She just sat there and tried to grasp the last few months of her life. Her friend Hannah had paid her a quarter million dollars just to quit her job and stay at home, among other things. So for the past month, that’s what Cindy had done; stayed at home. She had little to no contact with the outside world, and had not seen Hannah since her last amazing day of work.

It was over these months that Hannah had even helped Cindy perfect her body to that of a super model or a porn star. Cindy’s breasts were larger, her waist was smaller, and even her hair, legs, hips, and ass were too good to be true thanks to her friend. On top of all that, it seemed as though all the dreams she had been having lately were not dreams but real. It was in these ‘dreams’ that she had amazing and passionate lesbian sex with the same girl Hannah. Cindy had never considered herself to be even bisexual, but the way that Hannah and her made love was so magical. The way Hannah touched her made her feel so sexy and good. The things that Hannah showed her were spectacular. It wasn’t one of those ‘a girl knows how to treat a girl’ kinda things that some lesbians say; it was Hannah’s sexual talents and lustful ways. Hannah was just a sexual goddess.

Yet it wasn’t the thrilling lesbian sex that had caused Cindy to have such a strange view of her life. It wasn’t the money, or even her new flawlessly luscious body. It was something far different. It was something far more amazing.

Cindy closed her eyes as she sat calmly on her bed with her legs folded. She thought of her body; her very busty, sexy and gorgeous body she had tucked underneath her pajamas. She though of that very body being lighter; not smaller, but lighter. She concentrated her thoughts and thought about being lighter than the air she was breathing.

Within less than a minute of thinking hard about that idea, Cindy realized she could no longer feel her bed beneath her. She opened her eyes slowly and saw looked down at her bed; her bed that was three feet below her legs.

Cindy was flying.

She remained there in the air as she smiled for she knew that it was her thoughts that allowed her to float above her own bed. But her concentration was lost not moments after she opened her eyes. As if someone simply let her go, Cindy fell from her levitation back on to the bed. She violently bounced onto her back, and landed on her pillows.

Cindy was learning magic, and she having a very difficult time accepting who she was and where her life was going. She was learning how to fly, learning how to pick herself up off of the ground and soar through the air with simply her thoughts. Accepting that she was actually capable of magical feats was something she had to overcome if she wanted to fly like her old college roommate Hannah could. Hannah made flying seem so easy. Cindy had witnessed Hannah’s ease with levitation and watched as Hannah soared through the skies above the city in a skimpy bikini, tiny lingerie, and even completely naked. She could even lift other things up into the air with her mind, like a wine glass, Cindy’s own body, and even something as large as a king-size bed. Cindy knew that Hannah could do more magical things, and neither girl seemed to know how or why. Cindy wanted that kind of magic.

Having failed to keep her mind on her flight, Cindy crawled to the edge of her bed, and headed out of her bedroom in her skimpy pajamas. She entered her bathroom, and thought she could ease her mind with a long hot shower. She looked at her self in the mirror, a self she was still getting used to. She looked at her large breasts tucked under her tiny shirt as they pushed out firmly from her chest. Her clothes fit awkwardly as her new body was taking some getting used to. Her pajama bottoms fit loosely, hanging barely to her tiny waist as her shirt was stretched to its limits around her bulging breasts.

Cindy loved her new immaculate body; an erotic and irresistible türkçe altyazılı porno figure that Hannah had simply given to her with her phenomenal magical powers. But she had long since had no clothes that fit her right. She knew that Hannah wanted her to stay home and practice so that she could improve and discover her full magical qualities, but living in uncomfortable clothes wasn’t, well comfortable. As she looked at herself, hating how her clothes now fit, she thought it was time to spend some of that money that Hannah had given her. There was tons of money in that black briefcase to be wasted, so why not waste it?

But a shower was needed. It had been a few days.

Cindy quickly pulled the string on her large pajamas, untying them as they hung loosely to her tight waste. With just the normal pull of gravity, her bottoms fell to the floor and revealed her tight pussy. Cindy softly ran her hand over her vagina shaven pussy. It was so amazingly smooth and soft, and Cindy hadn’t shaven since she reunited with Hannah. It was as if her body would no longer allow hair to grow there, keeping her pussy hairless and naked. The same went for her legs as she ran her hands down her body and along her sensual legs. Her legs were just as hairless and smooth as if she had just stepped from the shower. Yet again, she had not shaved in almost two months. She no longer had the need to.

As Cindy stepped from her pajamas that were now a pile on the floor, she lifted her now-tight top from her chest, releasing her bra-less breasts from their firm imprisonment. Now naked in front of the mirror, Cindy looked over her entire body. As she modeled for herself, she realized that Hannah had definitely worked some serious magic to permanently alter her body in such a flawless way. Her large D-cup breasts perfectly stood atop her chest, shadowing her tiny 22″ waist. She ran her fingernails over her breasts, feeling how firm and exemplary they were. They looked unachievable without plastic surgery. They magnificently sat on her chest, perky yet massive and without the support of a bra. Yet as Cindy closed her eyes and squeezed her own breasts in her hands, she felt the softness that could only come with a real set of un-enhanced breasts.

With her hands on her own body, Cindy felt that her body wasn’t just perfect; it was enchanted. She felt a warmth radiate from her skin that wasn’t there a few months ago. She may not have known how to use it yet, but for the first time she felt her magic flow through her.

Keeping her eyes closed, Cindy continued to run her hands over her own body, feeling the sexiness of her figure through her fingertips. As she felt her magical warmth, she couldn’t help but touch herself with greater and greater passion, clinching her hips and her thighs and pressing her breasts together in her hands. As the magic in her veins rushed through her body, she slowly stepped backwards and leaned against the wall of her bathroom as her hand climbed between her legs and uncontrollably pushed against her needy pussy.

The need for an orgasm was too much. With one hand on her breast and one hand between her legs, Cindy looked to the shower and knew that she had gone beyond the point of no return. She needed to cum.

With a turn of the shower knobs, hot water blasted over Cindy’s sensational figure. Water ran down her chest, covering her wonderful breasts and dripping down her legs. She lifted her hands up around her breasts, pushing them up into the water and letting the spray blast her curves. With her breasts firmly in her hands, she squeezed them together, enjoying the amazing sensation she gave herself as she felt her immaculate features. Cindy closed her eyes and stuck her head under the rushing water, feeling its warmth through her face. Cindy took in the bliss that was the warm water running over her body, but she needed to get down to business.

Relaxed and ready, Cindy fell against the wall of the shower and let her fingers creep between her legs. With her wet hand on her wet pussy, she began to rub herself, feeling her own clit in her fingertips. She sunk her fingers in and out of her pussy as the water trickled down her chest. Her chin rose as the erotic sensation took over her body. She bit her lip and moaned as her finger’s probed her pussy and massaged her clit. She braced herself with her free hand against the slippery wet tile wall of the shower, trying to hold herself up. But as the water made the shower far to slick, Cindy soon lowered herself to the edge and sat herself down.

With her legs spread wide and her pussy being battered by the water that fell from above, Cindy joyfully massaged herself. She clinched her left breast with her free hand, squeezing and massaging her wet body as she fingered herself. As the water rained down, she rubbed her clit furiously and moaned to herself. She plunged three fingers inside herself, and arched her back outward away from the wall xnxx at the penetrating sensation. She roamed her free hand all over her tight wet body as her fingers climbed in and out of her pussy.

But her fingers would not be enough, and Cindy longed for her favorite waterproof vibrator, a toy that she had been using quite frequently since her stay-at-home magical practices started. Cindy stopped pleasing herself and prepared to rush into her bedroom to grab the vibrator, but then saw it sitting a mere few feet away on the bathroom counter. She didn’t remember putting it there, but luck was now in her favor. Cindy quickly reached out of the shower, latched onto the toy, and ducked back under the warm water.

Cindy sat down and positioned herself on the edge of the shower, still letting the water rain down on her busty body. After a simply twist, a smile climbed onto Cindy’s face as the vibrations filled her body. She calmly rubbed the toy up and down her pussy, spreading the electrical sensation all over herself. She probed her clit with the tip of the rubber sex toy. She ran her hand along her inner thighs as she plunged the toy deep. Seven inches of rubber pleasure climbed deep inside her and spread vibrations to all her sexual nerves. She cried in pleasure.

“Oh, Mmm. Yes!” She screamed out as she fucked herself. In and out the toy moved, faster and faster as Cindy knew there was no going back. She pinched her perfect nipples as she pulled the wet toy from her pussy and probed her clit once more. She pressed the toy hard against her pussy, enjoying the sexual throbbing that the toy was causing. She enjoyed the toy, the water, and everything that was going on with her new perfect body. She needed to cum, and cum hard and she wasn’t going to stop until she climaxed.

Cindy spread her legs wider and braced herself up against the tile wall of her shower. She plunged her vibrating toy deep inside her, farther than it should have gone, and then pulled it out again in hopes of driving herself over the edge. She frantically fucked herself and rubbed her clit up and down as the water continued to pour down on her.

Finally, her body cringed. Her leg jerked. Her teeth clinched. She latched onto a the side of the shower. The shower head spat out water violently and frantically. Shampoo bottles fell down into the shower. Cindy came.

“Oh fuck!” Cindy cried out as she came hard. Waves of pleasure hit her as her body jerked about. She fell off of the edge of the shower and into the tub, still holding the vibrator on her clit. Water hit her naked body as she collapsed in the shower. A smile climbed onto her face as the lie there in the tub, quivering still as the orgasm moved about inside her. She just waited there on the floor of the shower without a care in the world and let the water fall onto her naked body.

Cindy arrived at the mall not far from her house with her purse stuffed with over five thousand dollars of Hannah’s gift. She passed clothing stores, trinket stores, and other notable and average booths that littered the two story building. She noticed the signs above her of all the trendy clothing stores, but wasn’t sure which one to check out first. She hadn’t really been in public much lately except to get food, so being among people again was a nice change.

Yet, with all these people around her, Cindy felt somewhat alone in that large mall. Despite the crowds roaming the walkways, she was such a stranger among them. This morning she was levitating above her bed, and none of these people could do that nor would they ever know that she could. It was to remain a secret. She was going to have to get used to being different from the rest of the world, being that just this morning she was floating above her bed simply because she wanted to. Magic, as amazing as it was, was something that could alienate her from others.

The other fact was that she really had no friends to go shopping with. Cindy’s social life revolved around the few people she had known at her job, and didn’t exceed that much anymore. She hadn’t kept in touch with anyone since she quit either. No one seemed to miss her.

“Cindy!” a voice echoed out that broke her wandering thoughts. She found herself in the food court of the mall among dozens and dozens of other people. She didn’t recognize any of them.

“Over here!” the voice called again, and Cindy turned and saw someone she did not expect to see in that mall, or in public at all. Cindy’s blonde friend Hannah was calmly sitting in the middle of the food court in a blue tank top and shorts. In the middle of this quintessential mall was an equally average looking twenty-five year old girl-next-door who secretly possessed magical powers that seemed to allow her to do just about anything and everything. Cindy was startled to see her for she obviously knew Hannah’s abilities unlike the rest of the world around her. While Cindy noticed her right away, no one else would have any reason porno izle to notice her for she didn’t have her glamourous looks or her impossible curves like she did when she visited Cindy in the past. Hannah was very plain, average, and even a tad pudgy compared to Cindy’s exceptional body. She was currently doing her best to keep the truth of her powers a secret and look like the average girl in the average mall and not a sexual goddess.

“Fancy seeing you here.” Hannah said as Cindy stood before her table.

“What are you doing here?” Cindy asked.

“Honestly? Waiting for you.” Hannah answered. “Have a seat. It’s been a while.”

It had been a while without any contact from Hannah, well over a month. Cindy sat down in the small plastic chair in the middle of the food court. Hannah just calmly smiled back as Cindy seemed uncomfortable sitting with Hannah in public. Cindy was concerned about making a scene because the last time she saw Hannah, Hannah decided to take her clothes off in the break room where Cindy worked. Hannah had sent a double-sided dildo through the mail and had it delivered to Cindy’s office. Hannah even had sat on the desk of Cindy’s boss completely naked as she simply sprouted a majestic pair of angel wings from her back. With Hannah’s lustful attitude, mischievous ways, and magical powers, there was no telling what she might do next.

“Chill out.” Hannah told Cindy as she heard her thought process with her amazing telepathy. “I’m not some freak who’s going to rip her clothes off and run around naked. I’m just a normal girl.” Hannah then put her hands on the table top. She looked down at her hands as she held them close, covering a small portion of the table from view of anyone else. She then quickly pulled her hands apart as she revealed a powdered doughnut sitting atop a small plate.

” … well, sometimes.” Hannah finished as she simply created the small treat with her mind. “So, looking to spend some of that money I gave you?” Hannah asked, ignoring Cindy’s question completely. Cindy was momentarily shocked to hear that Hannah knew of her reasons for being there, but quickly got over it.

“Yeah… I don’t know. I just wanted to get out and about.”

“Of course. You’ve made amazing progress.”

“Are you kidding? I can only fly … ” Cindy stopped her words, and leaned in closer to whisper so no one walking by would hear. “I can only get up off my bed if my eyes are closed.”

“Well, you’re probably not going to figure it out over night.” Hannah pointed out as she finished her treat.

“Or in a month?”

” … or in a month. Trust me, it took me a long time to do what I can do. You ‘re going to have be very patient.”

“You just make it seem so easy.” Cindy said with the sound of jealously in her voice.

“It will become easy. Just hope it doesn’t become too easy. I used to accidentally let my mind wander and suddenly people around me would have orgasms or my clothes would vanish off my body. I like to think I have a bit better control now.”

Hannah slowly brought the last remains of the doughnut to her mouth, but stopped just before she was about to take a bite. She just starred past Cindy, frozen in her glare.

“Now is one of those times I need to keep control.” Hannah said as she held the doughnut outside her mouth. Cindy was confused as to what Hannah was doing, but as she turned and followed Hannah’s sight to see what was behind her, she realized what Hannah was talking about.

Hannah, the intense lover of both men and women had spotted a girl. Cindy saw that this was more that a girl, however; this was a woman. This was the epitome of beauty. This was a woman that surpassed Cindy’s magically enhanced body in every way. Even Cindy’s jaw dropped as both her and Hannah could not stop staring at this woman who’s own glamourous looks put theirs to shame, and she didn’t even have magic.

There, leaning against the railing on the second story of the mall was a brunette woman of roughly thirty-five years old. She looked over the edge, paying no attention to the two girls entranced by her beauty. Her round ass shook every so slightly in her dark blue jeans as she looked over the side. She then stood up and ran her own hands through her black hair. Hannah dropped the left over doughnut from her hands as this brunette arched her back, pushing her giant breasts that were tucked underneath her white tank-top up into the air. She shook her hair about, and then turned towards Hannah and Cindy.

Like two girls caught snooping, Hannah and Cindy quickly turned away for fear they would be spotted.

“Wow.” Hannah muttered quietly.

“And I thought my body was hot …” Cindy said with the slight sound of defeat in her voice. Cindy looked across from her to Hannah and saw that Hannah’s eyes were firmly closed.

“Her name is Erica.” Hannah told Cindy quietly as she kept her eyes shut. Cindy realized that Hannah was scanning this girl with her magic, reading her mind and most likely her memories, her turn-ons, and her desires. As Hannah talked, Cindy turned and watched this woman as she walked away from them, headed down the walkway of the large mall. Cindy was hypnotized by Erica’s hips as the swayed beneath her tiny waist.

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My body needed attention. I looked forward to my massage all week. Every inch ached. Today, my pussy ached, too. I have been alone for a while. Never a shortage of men, but I am taking a break. Nothing like a good break from the men – too much emotional stress. I am focusing on myself this year.

I have never had had a lesbian relationship before. However, the thought of having sex with a woman sounds great. I think I need to experience this at least once in my lifetime.

I began to fantasize the first thing when I woke up. I wondered what my massage therapist today would look like? I imagined a hot voluptuous woman with strong hands spreading my ass apart, rubbing my buttocks. My pussy was slippery – when I walked, I could feel a huge gush of wetness dripping down my thigh. The horniness was incredible. I was determined that today my massage would result in a happy ending.

I love the spa I go to. The environment is sensual. The dark colors on the wall, the muted lighting, the soundproof rooms with spa music piping through the sound system. It’s perfect. I could stay all day.

When I walked in, the receptionist smiled. The general waiting room was empty. She confirmed my appointment for today and said Mandy will be out to get me shortly. I sat on the brown leather sofa and just sinked in. Ahh. It was great. The anticipation of a massage was increasing.

Mandy opened the door. Wow! Finally, a massage therapist that turned me on instantly. She brought me to the changing room. I removed my clothes and put on the soft robe and spa sandals. As I passed the mirror in the dimly lit room, I opened my robe again. Damn, I looked good. My tits are huge. My nipples are always erect. My pussy is smooth and shaven. My clit can be seen from across the room – it’s so swollen. Feeling a bit risqué, I stuck my finger in my pussy right there in the middle of the public dressing room. No one was there, but the sensation of getting caught was a turn on. I pulled out my finger hd porno and licked the juice – mmmm…I tasted so good. I closed the robe again, leaving it loose with my cleavage exposed. I went out and sat in the small dark waiting area – no one was around. I opened my robe enough to expose one large nipple on “accident.”

Mandy entered the room and immediately saw my breast. She smiled and asked me to follow her. The room smelled great. The peppermint and lavender was a turn-on to me. It was dark, but I could see Mandy had a great body. She asked me about the areas that needed attention today. Although I wanted to tell her my pussy needed attention, I told her my lower back and thighs were sore. I was secretly hoping if she spent a long time massaging those areas, she would get the hint.

Usually the therapists ask you to lie on the table after they leave the room. However, for some reason, Mandy said she would like to help me get on the table, and offered to help me with my robe. My back to her, I opened the tie. She pulled the sheet down from the heated massage table, then took my robe down from my shoulders. Never before has a massage therapist taken my robe in that way. What a turn on.

I crawled on the table – nude. My tits jiggled and needed to be adjusted before I felt comfortable lying on my belly. Mandy pulled the sheet up over my hips, but left my back and arms exposed. She jumped right into the back massage. She then did each shoulder and arm wonderfully. She pulled the sheet over my back after it was done and exposed my right leg. After a thorough rub down of the right leg, she repeated the motions on the left side.

She asked if I was warm enough because she wanted to remove the sheet to on the hips and lower back. Of course, remove the sheet. And there I was completely naked on the massage table. I felt so comfortable. And I could feel the chemistry between us. It increased as soon as her hands were on my buttocks. She pulled the large muscles sex izle up and out and you could actually hear my wet pussy opening up when she did this; over and over again. I took advantage of the opportunity and spread my legs further.

Mandy focused on the left buttock. Both hands worked it and got dangerously close to my pussy and anus. She moved to the right – same thing. Her hands brushed my swollen pussy mound. A moan slipped out – a sign to her that I really need this. One more time, her fingers touched my pussy. Finally, a massage therapist that might deliver what I really need – an orgasm.

Mandy told me it was time to turn over. Usually, at this time, I am completely covered. This time, I am naked without a sheet. I turned over and my tits flung around – feeling bigger than ever. My pussy is bald and pink. I left my legs open, inviting Mandy inside.

She didn’t offer to cover me again. She said I looked hot and asked me if I felt as hot as I looked. Her hands were already on my breasts rubbing oil into them to get them moving. She pinched my nipples at the same time. Oh my god – harder, harder! Her hands slid down to my abdomen as she walked down toward my hips.

She surprised me when she took the fragrant oil and poured it over my mound. The feeling of the dripping oil between my legs was enough to make me cum. It dripped right into my asshole.

Her hands spread my legs further and she pulled me down to the end of the table – sort of like the gynecologist table. She pulled up a small stool and sat at the foot of the table – strange. Is this a gyno exam?

Her fingers explored the outside mounds and massaged my clit. She asked if I would like an internal massage – of course I would I said.

Just then, she slid one finger inside my pussy. The finger stretched and massaged the inner walls. Next, her second and third fingers found their way inside my pussy. I could feel her middle finger finding my g-spot.

She would not altyazılı porn stop rubbing my g-spot. I could feel the urge to piss, I think that is what she was waiting for. The pressure was so great on my g-spot. The moisture was intense. I swear I have the wettest pussy on earth – almost freakish. The slimy juice was oozing out. And now, she was trying to get me to squirt.

I have never squirted before. I have always been skeptical. That’s not female ejaculate – its piss! Isn’t it? Now, here’s my chance to see for myself. As long as she doesn’t stop.

She slid in her pinky and then her thumb. Yes, her whole hand was inside me, and her middle finger was going back and forth on my g-spot. She pushed up so firmly and I let out a heavy moan. I felt something I have never felt before. I could feel my pussy getting ready to explode – literally. I knew I was going to squirt and I didn’t care.

When the juices started to flow, Mandy giggled. She said she loves it! I could feel the warm liquid and when I looked down, I could see it squirting above and around her hand. My legs shook, my whole body shook.

Mandy pulled her hand out and one final stream of my liquid shot into the air. Her hand was covered in my pussy slime. She pressed it back down against my pussy as if to calm the trembling muscles.

My hour was up. She rolled her chair up to my chest. She put my nipple in her mouth and sucked it. She said that weekly massages are very therapeutic and recommended I come back every week. She suggested that there are so many techniques that can be used that it would never be the same boring massage.

She left me alone on the table. I sat up and my heavy tits swang. When I jumped off the table, I saw the damage. A huge wet spot right in the middle of the table. I laughed to myself. I didn’t care. I put my robe on and wandered out to the dressing room. It was crowded now. I dropped my robe and the one younger customer checked me out. Fully satisfied, I just kept walking to the showers. I left the curtain open a bit – enough for her to see me rubbing soap all over my tits and pussy. Another fantasy began – and I closed my eyes as this young woman walked up to the shower and looked inside…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Big Tits

The Dream:

Watering my plants always reminds me of Angela. I putter with the watering can, clearing away dry leaves, placing tiny stakes of fertilizer in the soil, doing my best to nurture their little green lives.

Our first “date” was a tour of her spring garden…rows and rows of glorious irises, tulips, daffodils, and luscious spring fruit. I remember strawberries and tomatoes I tasted from her fingers. She made me hungry, and later, when we were in bed together, much too soon for polite company, she let me feed.

That throaty laugh, the conspiratorial tone she’d get on the phone. .”I’m closing up. Want to keep me company while I’m finishing up?”

Please. As though I had anything to say about it, having completely lost control of my hands, feet, and cunt. Fortunately my car could find its own way there.

I peered through the locked glass door, shielding my eyes with my hand on my forehead. She was bent over at the waist, lifting a large plant onto a display table. She was wearing her customary jeans and a green smock, the kind that went over your shirt and tied on the sides, with pockets in the front. Only there was something odd. What was it? Then I realized she wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath. Or a bra. Just the smock. The brutality of this girl. My palms were already itchy, wanting to fill themselves with breastflesh, as I started to twitch under my clothes.

She turned the key in the lock and let me in, locking the door behind us. She turned away and began to talk, not even commenting on her partially-clothed state.

“I’m nearly finished. I’ve still got to mist the hothouse plants, but then I’m done.”

“I’ll go with you,” I said, pulling her back toward me, wrapping my arms around her waist. I lifted her dark hair off her neck and kissed it, her tiny shiver vibrating against my lips. She placed her hands over my hands, resting on her hips, and began to “walk” me to the hothouse.

Reaching into the cooler where the cut flowers were kept, I picked up three yellow roses, their stems dripping. She raised an eyebrow with a smile. “I’ll pay for ’em….damn!” I said in mock frustration, breaking off the blossoms and slipping them into her smock pocket, but my mind was working ahead to the hothouse.

My tongue was in her mouth even before we stumbled into the humidity of the room. Sweat started to dampen our upper lips, foreheads, under our hair on the backs of our necks.

My fingers moved to the smock ties at her waist, pulling them loose, stopping the kissing long enough to pull it over her head, sucking in my breath as I always did when I saw her bare. I filled my mouth, my hands with the bounty. Her eyelids drifted closed, her moans becoming more “little girl,” higher-pitched, more keening.

I backed her up to the worktable, letting her ass rest on the rough surface. My clothes had vanished, vaporized. No, they were there in a pile, littering the hothouse floor, tangled up with Angie’s jeans and panties. I took the rosebuds from Angie’s smock pocket, fanning out the petals on the table, before tracing her mouth and nipples with the last blossom. She lifted her legs and swiveled to lie on the table on her back, her thighs falling open.

I cranked the handle to the misting system, and foggy moisture began to permeate the room. We knew it would eventually drench us. We’d be wet and shivering with the cool mist and the heat of our own need, with our sweat and honey. My fingers moved to the smock ties at her waist, pulling them loose, stopping the kissing long enough to pull it over her head….oh, godddd….sucking in my breath as I always did when I saw her bare breasts…succulent fruit…sweet, ripe…I filled my mouth, my hands with the bounty.

Her dark eyes flamed, locked on mine, before her eyelids drifted closed, her moans becoming more “little girl”…higher-pitched, more keening…

I moved around taksim escort into position, parting my thighs over her head and reaching for her core with my mouth. Lowering my mouth to her hot, soft sex…taking her inner lips quite firmly into my mouth, sucking…she nearly sobbed into my own sex as her flickering tongue found my clit. She fed me again…as I fed her…licking all around inner and outer lips…tongues teasing the entrance to each other’s cunts, slipping inside with tongue and fingers….clits engorged, taken between lips and suckled…moans becoming cries becoming screams…I came first, practically erupting into her bloom of a mouth…trying not to grind into her face too hard…wanting to take her there too….letting loose with a flurry of licks and tender, sucking nibbles…holding her ass in my hands to keep her from squirming away as she sometimes did when she got close to a really intense orgasm…making her take it, take it all…

She screamed once more into my cunt as she joined me….falling, falling….bucking into one another…the mist soaking us like a gentle rain….bodies slick, warm and chilly at the same time somehow…sated, fed.


The Apartment:

I’m awake, and the room is shifting. Angles and lines are moving, every blink the aperture of a camera, photographing a moving target. Kerry’s next to me, oblivious to my flailing, and to my failing. My hair is sweaty and matted against my neck.


Later, Kerry finds me on the couch, the dog snoring away, wedged against my belly.

“Rough night?”

I shift and stretch. “Yeah…I think my fever spiked in the night. Or the fucking antibiotics are making me restless.”

“You’re starting to worry me, Grace. Are you going to go back to the doctor?”

“Nah. It’s only been a week. I’ve still got another week on the meds.” I kiss her cheek and rub her shoulders for a bit. She’s in great shape. Her back is broad and muscular, like a rower. I remember really loving those broad, tanned shoulders when I first met her. A strong shoulder. Somebody who can carry the weight. I liked it. I still like it.

She turns over, her torso in my lap, glances up at me. I do what I normally do when she’s watching me too carefully, which is to tuck her head under my chin. Funny how such an intimate gesture creates distance, by keeping her from seeing my eyes. She knows what I’m doing, lets me get away with it. Kerry’s great like that.

My stomach is sour. Fuck.


The Memory:

I wonder sometimes what it was about Angie that left such an impression. I dated a lot of women during that time. Angie was beautiful, no doubt, but there were others who were beautiful too. She was earthy and vivid and passionate, but we were only together for a few months.

Angie’s hands I remember, painstaking whether turning earth, pruning shrubs, handling delicate seedlings, or setting out bulbs. Her hands were rougher than the average woman’s, calloused in spots, even a couple of little scars. You wouldn’t see fake nails on her. What would be the point? Even when she was “cleaned up,” her hands were a bit rough for real refinement.

But everything else on her was velvet. The touch of her tongue, the rich, husky brandy of her voice, the almost spongy softness of her belly, the taste of her need.

Her softness, her femininity brought out my warrior, made me feel protective and capable. I was her knight, and she was my lady. I would have slain dragons, warded off attackers, carried her to safety had she needed me to.

In return, she tended me as surely as any garden, coaxing more and more of me to burst through the surface of the earth to meet her sun, her food, her soft etiler escort rain. She sweetly tormented me until I began to draw again, my crude, amateurish work delighting her. As fanciful as Kerry is practical, Angie found symbolism in everything–poetry in a teacup, music in the sound of the washing machine, dance in hard-driving sex.

Honestly, it drove me crazy sometimes. But I miss it now.

As impolitic as it might sound, Angie made me want to be a man. I have never felt that way before or since. I wanted to be inside her with my own cock.


The Bath:

“God, what a day. Phone calls, endless meetings of people talking just to hear themselves.”

I’m exhausted, still battling the infection, but going to work anyway.

Kerry sighs. “Just come home, Gracie. Come home as soon as you can, and drive safely. I’ll take care of everything.”

She meets me with a kiss to my hot forehead, a glass of orange juice, and a sturdy shoulder to take my things. She’s drawn a bath for me, pouring fragrant oil under the stream of water. She’s lit some candles at the tub’s edge, and placed two fluffy towels on a warmer.

She helps me slip out of my clothes, her smooth, cool hands steadying me as I perform the required motions like an exhausted child, leaning back against that broad torso. She helps me step into the tub, then rubs some body wash into a mesh sponge.

She takes my hand and presses a kiss into my open palm, then works the sponge up the inside of my arm, then back down the outside, taking her time. My other arm, then each leg, are soaped and rinsed at the same unhurried pace, as she kisses the arch of my foot before setting it back down into the water.

The mesh sponge trails down over my breasts, squeezing warm soapy water over each peak, her tugging fingers behind each pass of the sponge. Then down my belly and between my legs, soaping, rinsing, then pressing two fingers inside while rubbing my clit with her thumb.

I sputter and gasp, gazing up at her as we both start to laugh.

“Baby…what’re you doing?”

“Ummm, taking your mind off your day?”

“Oh, my mind is OFF, trust me!” My thighs part as I begin to chase her fingers with my hips, until I slip and nearly go under the water.

Howling with laughter, Kerry hands me a towel to dry my face. Still sputtering, I rest my sex against her hand. “Just don’t let me drown, okay?”

“You won’t go under, Gracie. I’ll make sure of that.”

I spread my legs wider, the spasms beginning to shake my body. Kerry closes her lips around a nipple, pulling and stretching as her expert thumb flicks my clit, faster and faster, her fingers curling, curling into the g. I cry out, grasping the edge of the tub. She drives her fingers into me, her palm slapping against my clit as she tugs my head back and back. I let loose with a half-sob, half-shout, falling into ragged spasms.


The comparison:

Angie wasn’t perfect. She was a little humor-impaired, she took herself too seriously, and for someone with her earthy sensuality, she was remarkably self-conscious about her body.

I remember once putting my hand on her belly, the loose skin of her stomach the result of a weight loss where the skin didn’t become taut again. She squirmed and tried to push my hand away, but I held it there, reaching for her hand to place on my own soft abdomen. We sat there for a few moments, experiencing the rise and fall of one another’s breath, before she disengaged herself from my palm, uncomfortable with the whole exercise.

The reasons we broke up were commonplace, prosaic. I got a terrific job offer out of town, she didn’t want to leave her business, and neither of us was particularly beşiktaş escort good at the long-distance thing. She eventually hooked up with the woman who runs the local farmer’s market. They’ve been together for years, and according to mutual friends, seem happy. I fucked around for a long time before I met Kerry through another mutual friend.

We seem happy too.

Kerry is all angles, a former athlete who has remained hard and firm all over. Analytical, irreverent, hilarious, and practical, she has a quick wit and a low bullshit tolerance. Unless, of course, the bullshit is mine, in which case she is more patient than I deserve. I always know where she stands, and where she stands is right beside me, always. Our sex life is really good. We’re well matched in so many ways. I rely on her and adore her, which makes this all the more frustrating.

I glance over at Kerry’s sleeping form and sigh. It’s not fair to her. Maybe I should leave and get my head together. But what if this IS together, for me? What then? There has to be a place where Angie can live in me undisturbed, and undisturbing, tending to some tangled unknown gardens. Angie deserves that place. Kerry deserves my whole heart. And I deserve some serenity.


The Hospital:

I am shaking, and my teeth are chattering. Kerry is already dialing. The words don’t make sense to me, but I find myself hustled into some sweatpants and a t-shirt, and tucked into the passenger side of the car with a blanket over me. Christ, I’m cold.

I spend a couple of days in the hospital with IV antibiotics and fluids. I am lucky, the doctor says, as he lectures me on the stupidity of continuing to work when I was that ill. I don’t feel lucky yet, but I’m working on it. Kerry’s been here nearly non-stop.

I take it back. I do feel lucky.


The Sketch:

It’s early on the third day, and I know the fever has broken even before I open my eyes. I reach for the pad and pencils, and turn to see Kerry’s tall frame forced into the unforgiving space of the hospital fold-out chair. The light from the hallway dapples her olive shoulder and neck, highlights the bit of gray in her close-cropped dark hair.


Kerry stirs. “Mmm?”

“Wake up for just a sec, baby. I want to see you.”

Kerry’s brows knit together as the words fight their way in. She sighs.

“You mean now?”

“Yes. Now. I want to sketch you.”

Her elbow bends to prop up the weight of her dark head. “Gracie, somebody’ll see. You know they don’t let you sleep fifteen minutes before they wanna…” she yawns…”put something in an orifice.”

My laugh is followed by a spasm of coughing.

“Bitchtease. You had to mention orifices, didn’t you? Look, you don’t have to be naked. Just give me something to work with.”

She reaches out from under the comforter, squeezes my hand.

“So good to hear you sounding like you, Gracie.”

Kerry lifts the comforter and folds it away from the front of her body. She untucks the chambray shirt and works the first four buttons free. Braless underneath, olive cleavage and one brown nipple are visible. She slips a hand into the opened waistband of her jeans, moaning as she finds her damp core, even as she drops back off to sleep.

Sighing at the sight, wanting desperately to lift that top leg from where it lay along the lower leg and slip my hand between, I keep that thought between me and the night, settling for the glimpses of her before me. I lean back, trying to study every curve, every angle and shadow.

Amazing how easily and fluidly the lines draw themselves. I know Kerry’s body so well. My fingers know every surface, every texture. Her topography is embedded in my hands.

Yet I can’t help but sketch a vine or two in the background. I like the image of Angie working in me, quietly, invisibly, helping me untangle the strands of myself.

I cover Kerry with the blanket, prop the sketchpad up on the chair so she will see it when she wakes up, and I fall back to sleep with my hand resting on her head.

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Exotic Seduction

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As she stood waiting for the door to open, Britney realized how nervous she was. She knew she was in awe of her boss, I mean who wouldn’t be. In her mid forties and running a big company yet she could easily be mistaken for a thirty year old. Britney had no idea what her Mrs. Carlson wanted her to do today, she just hoped she didn’t screw it up.

The door opened suddenly and there stood Mrs. Carlson clad only in a sports bra and gym shorts.

“Come on in Britney, I just got back from the gym. I’m glad you could make it to help today. Come on back to my bedroom, I won’t be a minute.”

As Britney sat on her bed, her boss went into her bathroom and from where she sat; she could see Mrs. Carlson stripping off her clothes in the bathroom mirror. Naked, there was no mistaking Mrs. Carlson for thirty as Britney could see her boobs were beginning to sag and her tummy was going soft. Even so, Britney thought she still looked sexy and she only hoped she would look as good when she got to be that age. She watched her slip a beach cover-up on and then return to the bedroom.

“I hope you’re not in a hurry, I’m just too sore from the gym to go right to work. I’m going to soak in the Jacuzzi for a while, will you join me.”

“Mrs. Carlson, I don’t have a suit, I…”

“That’s OK if you’ll go naked I will too.”

With that, she shrugged her shoulders and the wrap slipped off her body and fell to the floor.

Britney didn’t know what to do, did she dare tell her boss no and there was something else, she found she wanted to beyoğlu escort do it. Without a word, she started to unbutton her blouse. She folded her top and laid it on the bed and when she turned back around Mrs. Carlson was standing only inches from her.

“Britney, is that an under-wire bra you’re wearing? You know dear they are not good for your breasts, here let me show you.

She reached around behind her and unclasped her bra, then pulled the straps from her shoulders. She picked one of Britney’s breasts up and rubbed the upper part.

“Do you feel this muscle, right here? Well, if you keep wearing under-wire bras in your twenties when you get to be my age that muscle will have no definition and will feel like this.”

She took Britney’s hand and placed it on her breast to show her the difference. As she held her hand in place, she reached with her free hand to take Britney’s nipple in her fingertips.

“You have such nice large nipples; I love large nipples on a girl.”

All Britney could do was moan when next her boss leaned over and kissed her. As they stood nipple to nipple and lips to lips, Britney could feel the heat rising in her body. She felt her boss’ hands holding her hair and she put her own hands to Mrs. Carlson’s face. Somehow, they ended up on the bed with her boss offering her a breast. She hungrily kissed it and put it in her mouth. She found the faint salty taste of her sweat very erotic and began to lick down the side of her breast to taste more. They went back cihangir escort to kissing with their tongues entwined and their mouths wet. Their hands rubbed across each other’s bodies as they explored with passion.

When Mrs. Carlson broke their kiss, the disappointment was obvious in Britney’s face.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m not stopping I just want to get you more comfortable.”

She unbuttoned Britney’s shorts and as she lifted her butt to help, Mrs. Carlson slid them down her legs. Next to come off were the tiny panties that Britney liked to wear and when her boss held them to her nose to catch her scent, it made Britney even wetter than she was before.

She ached to feel her boss’ mouth on her sex but instead she lay on top of her and they began to make out again. They rubbed their breasts together nipple to nipple and Britney began to fear she might pass out from the heat the two were generating between them. Mrs. Carlson slipped down to her breasts again and as she kissed her nipples, she would bite them hard enough to cause some minor pain. Each bite sent shock waves straight to her groin and she began to hump her boss’ thighs to ease the throbbing in her sex. Lower and lower Mrs. Carlson’s kisses trailed down her body.

Britney could no longer stand the wait and she pushed her boss’ head down to between her legs. She reached to her vulva with both hand to spread them for her boss’ enjoyment. A strange thought popped into her head that she was acting as a wanton slut. But, that okmeydanı escort was just what she was, a wanton slut as she hungered for relief from the fires burning inside her womb. As soon as Mrs. Carlson put her lips around Britney’s clitoris she orgasmed but still she wanted, no needed more. She held her boss’ head to her sex in a demand for further satisfaction and her boss was glad to give it to her. Her orgasms were coming in waves, once, twice, three times and still more until all of sudden as if spent, she became too sensitive to be touched. She pushed her boss away and closed her legs tight.

Mrs. Carlson crawled back up to lie with her and as they kissed she could taste her own cum on her boss’ lips. Although she felt weak and maybe even a little shaky, she wanted to return the favor. She turned her on her back and reached down to put her mouth to her sex. She had never done anything like this before so she hoped she didn’t disappoint but she had to try, she wanted to try. She lapped at her slit experimentally and found the taste erotic to say the least. She plunged her tongue deep inside her and then ran it up her slit to her clit. She remembered what Mrs. Carlson had done to hers and tried to return the favor. She softly bit her clit as she licked the tip when she moaned in approval she bit down even harder. When her boss screamed, Britney feared she had injured her but instead she found she had made her cum and cum hard.

Later after coaxing two more orgasms out of her, she stopped and then lay down next to her and only then did she confess that she had never been with a woman before. This made Mrs. Carlson laugh and she told Britney that she would have to come over more often to practice. Britney sighed with pleasure as she told her she could think of no better way to spend a Saturday. Oh and they never did made it to the Jacuzzi.

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Fantasies Awakened

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I love my girlfriend, that’s why I didn’t understand why my body needed more. I can not begin to describe how ashamed I was for wanting something more out of our fulfilling and satisfying relationship. We enjoyed each others company still, after 7 years of “marriage.” We had a healthy sex life still. At least once a week, I would feel her mouth kissing the back of my neck and her hand creeping down my pants. Likewise, I would often see her and want nothing more than to rip off her pants, bend her over a chair and finger fuck her from behind. We made love frequently and passionately. It wasn’t until last September I found out what was missing.

Laura had to work late on night so I had gone to the movies with some friends. The movie was a suspense thriller, I can’t even remember the name of it now but I can vividly remember a scene. There was a sex scene in it that struck a chord with me. It was in a regular movie theater so it wasn’t too obscene but the gist was the female character had upset the male character in some way while they were getting it on. Then some crazy ‘can’t show the audience this’ effects followed by a loud smack. It didn’t show clearly what was happening but the implication was it was palm on ass. I expected a scream or some act of protest from the female lead but to my surprise she liked it! I had never witnessed this before. I stole a glance at my friends and in the small amount of light I had I could tell they were not aghast by this situation. I was fascinated and decided I wanted to try it.

I couldn’t ask Laura to do that for me. I couldn’t ask her for anymore than she was giving me. It would be selfish and almost hurtful in my mind to ask her to and imply that she was not giving me what I needed. She most certainly was, I just wanted more. Especially this. I know this would have a drastic affect on her and bring up ugly memories of her past. So I tried to inflict myself with sharp slaps while I was masturbating, I liked it but it was too difficult to do while losing myself in the sensations.

I was able to keep this fantasy in the back of my mind for the most part. Even so, sometimes when we made love, I imagined her doing things she wasn’t and foolishly thought it would be unnoticed. In early February we were in bed. She had me on my knees with my hands tied to the headboard. She was wearing a rather large strap-on and was drilling the thick blue cock into me. I was ramming my body back into hers so ensure I could get the cock as far into me as possible on each thrust. And so my ass would have firm contact with her hips. For in my mind she was not only fucking me but I was also receiving a spanking. Every time my ass slammed against her skin I focused on the sensation and envisioned her hand falling on that spot. I hear her say in my head ” look at how your cunt swallows my cock, fucking slut” with that I pushed my ass higher in the air, wanting to meet the next blow, I was so close to coming when suddenly it all vanished.

I felt her slowly pull out of me and I turned to looked at her but all was black, I was blindfolded. I heard “baby look at me,” and I opened my eyes, I was only blindfolded in my fantasy. “Where are you?” she asked looking concerningly in my eyes.

“I’m right here baby,” I stammered, unable to meet her eyes.

She lay down beside me, leaving me tied. “No you’re not. Please tell me what is going on.”

I looked up at her and felt a tear roll down my cheek, and her kiss it away. “I was imagining you were doing something to me,” I finally said.

“But I was doing something to you,” she said with a grin.

“Doing something in addition to what you were doing to me,” I said letting my gaze fall again in shame.

“Please tell me. I can’t do it unless I know what you want me to do sweetie,” she told me.

“No I could never ever ask you to do anything like it. I’m so sorry baby” beginning to cry harder I struggle against the fuzzy handcuffs holding me in place. “Let me out of these please,” I begged her through my tears. She released me from the restraints and I quickly left the room without another word.

I climbed into the big comfy chair in our living room. Pressing my eyes into my hands I try and calm myself down using the technique my mother taught me. I recited the alphabet aloud over and over again until I stop crying. Then I reach down and collect a composition book I had stashed in between the arm and the cushion of the chair. I had been writing down one of my fantasies when Laura had come home unexpectedly and I scrambled to hide the book. I opened it to the fantasy I had been writing and read through it again

I walked in the door to a dark, seemingly empty house. I kicked off my shoes at the door, dropped my bag next to them and reached for the light switch when a voice enveloped the room “Leave it alone,” it said. The unexpected sound started me and I jumped. The entry way was large and incorporated the living room and kitchen so I had no way of determining where the voice had come from. It wasn’t long before I found out. I heard the distinct tapping of high heeled shoes on the wood paneled floor. I sensed a hand reaching behind me and heard kağıthane escort the door I just walked through being locked. Before I could move away I felt a strong hand on my wrist and I was being pulled into the living room. “Where have you been you little slut,” my assailant demanded. “You will have to be taught a lesson, no one leaves me sitting at home alone and horny,” rasped the voice. It was then I realized it was Laura and instantly felt the effect between my legs. The roughness in which she was treating me, the authority she was demanding, and the promise of a lesson to be taught was sending my imagination into overdrive and I could feel the wetness pooling in my panties. I was dragged to the large cushy chair and forced over it so that I was bent over the back of the chair with my ass hanging out in the air. I felt my belt being ripped off and my pants being tugged down around my ankles. “Do you think this flimsy little thing is going to stop me from giving you what you deserve,” Laura asked in a mocking voice while she toyed with my thong. She chuckled to herself and them grabbed my thong and yanked! Ripping it straight off. I gasped as I felt the thin piece of fabric cut into me before giving way. Not a second later I heard a loud crack and a sharp warm stinging on my left ass cheek. Fuck that was painful and oh fuck how I wanted more! “How dare you leave me sitting at home pining for you!” she said as another blow landing on my skin. I felt blow after blow until my ass was burning; I jumped as a large object was shoved into my dripping cunt. It filled me up completely and I heard Laura grunt as she pulled out and slammed into me again. She soon got into a rhythm of thrusting and spanking, over and over

I stopped reading and took a moment to catch my breath. I had been writing that when Laura came home from work a few hours earlier and obviously it was still in my mind. I couldn’t believe I had let the fantasy creep into our sex session like that. I put the book back into the crevice in the chair and vowing not to think about my little fantasy again, I would throw that away in the morning. I got up and walked back to the bedroom. Laura had gone to sleep so I crawled into bed with her, not bothering to put any cloths on. I was trying to get comfortable and my foot accidentally brushed her leg. She groaned in her sleep, rolled over and put her arms around me, never actually waking up. I took comfort in her sleeping embrace and soon followed her to dreamland.

When I woke up the next morning Laura had already left for work. I glanced at the clock. 10:07 stared back at me in bold red glowing lights. I had the day off and after a quick calculation I gathered I had about 8 hours before Laura came back and I would be forced to explain yesterday. I stretched in bed and decided I’d go for a ride. Pulling on some workout clothes and sneakers I hoped on my bike and started peddling. Going nowhere in particular I started heading to town. I’d gone about 6 miles when I decided to turn back, half entertaining the idea of pulling a Forest Gump and just keeping going. It seemed like a more appealing option than explaining yesterday to Laura. I reached the house and was dismayed at the amount of time that had passed I’d only been gone an hour. That means I had 7 hours left to stew. I went into the bathroom and turning the bath dials on hot and took a long shower. With still over 6 hours of solitude I decided to clean. Hardcore clean. What my mom would call ‘Grandma clean’. After 4 hours of that the house was spotless, not a mote of dust could be found; new sheets were on the beds, all the laundry was done. I even took out the coffee stain in the carpet of the computer room. Having exhausted that means of distraction I decided to make a special dinner for Laura, in hopes I may combine spices in a way to erase her memory of the last 24 hours. After taking a quick stock on the kitchen I decided on one of her favorites, corn chowder and salad. Not really a dish that takes 5 hours to prepare so I decided to make some fresh bread first and brownies. I made up the batter for my extra fudge chocolate chip brownies and put it in the fridge for the time. I’ll pop them in the oven when we sit down to eat, I thought. Then I made two French bread loafs and the house smelled wonderful. Damnit, it was still too early to start the main course so I decided I may to a little online shopping.

I soon found myself at a lingerie site. I ran across a gorgeous little negligee that I knew Laura would do a double take if she saw me wearing. I quickly added that to my cart and was about to purchase it when I spied a ‘Fetish’ tab. I clicked on it, just to see what would be in there. Big mistake. The first object on the screen was a tall black woman in a leather teddy with tall leather boots holding a riding crop. I could feel my nipples strain against my shirt and my pussy tightens around an object I wished was there. I quickly left that page before my body reacted anymore. I went to the checkout and bought the negligee and went back into the kitchen completely distracted. I know the goal of the afternoon was to stay distracted so I levent escort wouldn’t think about tonight’s encounter with Laura but this was bad.

That’s it I told myself. I’m going to have to come clean to Laura today when she gets home. It’s going to be hard for her. When Laura was much younger she had a situation with her step father. He had raped her and beaten her. I had no idea how I was going to tell her my fantasy involved the roughness of rape and being beaten and whipped and spanked. The concept will be hurtful and probably unfathomable to her. And the last thing I wanted to do is bring those horrible memories back to the front of her mind. I don’t want her to think every time we make love that I want her to do the same thing her step father did to her. My knees felt weak and I let myself fall to the floor. In agony over what I had to do.

With the resolution to tell her I then started thinking about different ways to explain it to her. I was rejecting the ideas just about as fast as I was conjuring them up. I glanced at the clock and it was already 5:30. Yeah great, I think to myself, now the time just flies on by. What the hell is up with that? I scramble up from the floor where I let myself fall hours earlier and head to the kitchen to make the chowder. It was just about done when Laura came through the door.

“Hi honey,” I called out to her “how was your day.”

She didn’t reply but I heard her go back into the bedroom. Fuck, I think to myself, she’s pissed. The table was already set with the salad and I pulled two bowls out from the cabinet and filled them with the ladle. I heard her come into the kitchen but couldn’t bring myself to turn around and face her. She walked up till she was right behind me. I felt her place her hands on my shoulders and give them a quick squeeze. “My day was good, sorry I didn’t answer I had to run to the bathroom I had to pee sooo bad,” she said in a goofy voice. I felt myself expel the air I didn’t realize I was holding in. She must have sensed my relief “Are you OK baby?” she asked nuzzling the back of my neck.

“Yeah, of course,” I said finally gathering the courage to turn around and face her. My face went completely slack as I looked at her. She was totally naked.

“What?” she asked nonchalantly “I noticed how incredible the house looks and I could smell this amazing corn chowder before I even opened the door. I thought I’d dine comfortably and make your night just as good,” giggling at my expression throughout her explanation.

I opened my mouth to speak but just closed it again. I was utterly speechless. I finally just picked up the two full bowls and carried them to the table. I came back to retrieve a loaf of the fresh bread and Laura “M’lady,” I said to her and lead her to the table. I put the bread on the table and quickly retrieved one of the pillows off the couch and pulled her chair out for her and placing the pillow on it, so her bare ass would be more comfortable than sitting on the hard wooden chairs. “Thank you sweetie,” she said smiling at me, stealing a kiss before I made my way across the table to my chair. I remembered the brownies before I sat down and popped them in the oven before starting the meal. We enjoyed the meal and had good conversation and the oven started beeping just as we finished. I got up to pull them out of the oven and I thought to myself ‘how lucky is this! My evil plan is working. Maybe I will get out of explaining yesterday completely.’

She took my hand and led me to the couch. I sat down in the corner and she cuddled her naked body up next to me, her fingers toying with the top button of my shirt. “I have a confession,” she said softly “I was worried about you last night so I followed you out here and watched you pull that book out of the chair. I waited a bit before I came back in here and when you came to bed I was only pretending to be asleep. I came out here before I went to work and read what you had written in the book.”

My body was completely stiff listening to the words she was saying. Every inch of me I could feel filling up with shame.

“I understand now why you were so reluctant to tell me what your fantasy was,” she continued “and I want to thank you for being so concerned for me. I don’t think I could ever do something like that, I’m sure you know that, I’m sure that was another reason you tried to keep it from me.”

My head was hanging low and she gently grabbed my chin and lifted my face towards hers. She leaned in and kissed my lips so gently I could barely tell she had. “Since I know your fantasy I think it is only fair that you know my deepest fantasy too,” she whispered to me not even an inch away from my mouth. I looked into her eyes and saw them smiling. She was okay with my fantasy! It didn’t make her relive her terrifying experience, and I didn’t even have to say a word.

Swallowing hard I asked her “Wh- what is your fantasy?”

She smiled wide at me and climbed on top of me. Now straddling my lap she leaned into me with her mouth brushing my ear. “You’ve seen how big my desk is in my office.” I nodded, unable to speak. “I often envision şişli escort you under my desk while I’m meeting with a client. Teasing me, licking me, fucking me while I conduct a meeting. Actually I masturbate in my office to that scene often,” I’m squirming underneath her as she delivered this news to my ear.

“There, now we’re even on the fantasy subject,” she said leaning back again laughing, “Now I have a challenge for you.”

I swallowed hard, knowing it will be a doozy. “I challenge you to sit here and not touch me.” She said grinning, “But, I can touch you… and I can touch me.” She gives me a wicked look “What do you say?” she asked releasing the first couple buttons on my shirt. “You think you can handle it?”

“Oh yeah I can,” I replied confidently. “Or I’ll die trying,” I added with a grin.

With that she ripped my shirt open sending at least one button flying. I know that because I heard it land across the room, I let out a giggle but it was quickly transformed into a gasp as Laura’s mouth encompassed my nipple. She pulled the hard pebble into her mouth before squeezing it gently with her teeth. I heard a loud moan escape my lips and willed my hands not to move. She looked up at me with fake innocence, and then I saw her hand trail between her legs. I closed my eyes, hoping it would be easier to take on the challenge void of sight. I felt her hand on my check and a finger beckoning me to open my mouth. I did and to my delight her finger was coated in her nectar. I greedily sucked on her finger trying to get ever last droplet of it.

“Open your eyes,” she told me.

‘What!’ I thought ‘That wasn’t in the challenge!’

“Open them or I’ll be so loud I’ll not only wake the neighbors, but half the city may hear me,” she said interrupting my thought.

Damn. Though the thought of waking up half the city with sex was exciting it was not worth the hassle we’d receive from fellow tenants. I slowly opened my eyes.

“That’s better,” she purred and she started unbuttoning my pants. I was anticipating her pulling them off but she didn’t. Instead, she put her skinny hand down them and found my wetness. I gasped as one long finger made a passing sweep of my saturated pussy. She removed her hand, and I whimpered my dismay.

“Now comes the fun part,” she said grinning wickedly at me. She reached back down to her own pussy and thrust a few fingers into it. I instantly felt the change in her body. She tensed and arched her back slightly, pushing her taught nipples to within my mouths range. It took every ounce of will power not to pull them between my lips. She repositioned her self so she could sit with her fingers inside her and not hurt her hand. Then, she began grinding herself on her fingers, on my lap. She was moaning loud and all I could do was offer her whimpers of encouragement. I felt the stirrings of my own orgasm starting, seemingly unknown to her she had her knee up to my crotch, and each movement she made, I felt.

Before long, though it felt like an eternity, I heard the familiar sound of her orgasm nearing, her loud moans grew louder and higher pitched. She brought her other hand; the one covered in my juices up to her mouth and engulfed it, sucking and licking all my juices off it. That sent me over the edge and my hands tightened around the couch cushions. I felt myself leak a thick rope of juice and began wriggling beneath her. She grabbed my neck with her now juice-free hand and pulled me toward her to meet a fierce kiss. I heard her raspy breathing as our mouths assaulted each other and knew she was coming.

She collapsed on top of me and I held her close as tremors of her orgasm shot through her. I pulled the blanket we keep on the couch over us. “I love you so much,” I told her. She smiled up at me weakly and mouthed “I love you too,” and promptly fell asleep in my arms. Before following her, I realized that just because my fantasy wouldn’t come true doesn’t mean I couldn’t make Laura’s.

The next morning I began concocting my plan. I knew Laura had two business outfits that were very similar. Similar enough her coworkers wouldn’t be able to tell if she switched from one to another in the middle of the day. It was a light grey skirt/blazer outfit. I patiently went about as usual, trying to hold in my excitement waiting for her to wear one of the suits. Thursday of the next week she finally wore one of the two suits to work. It was perfect timing too, for it was Valentine’s Day and I hadn’t really planned anything for her. I had been rummaging through her date book every night while she slept, taking note of when her appointments were the next day, in case she wore the suit. I looked at my scribbling and saw she had appointments at 8, 11, 1, and 4 that day. I reasoned my best shot at getting in to her office unnoticed would be for the 1:00 appointment, hoping most of the office workers would be at lunch. As soon as she left the house I phoned my work and told them I’d come down with the flu. She sounded like she didn’t believe me, seriously who else would possibly call sick into work on Valentine’s day, it’s unheard of, but thankfully she let it go and wished me well. My negligee I ordered had arrived a few days before and I packed that as well as Laura’s look-a-like suit in a large over the shoulder bag. I stopped at the door and decided to bring something else. “Better safe than sorry,” I said to myself as I added our strap on to the bag before heading out to her office.

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Fiona and Ariel Ch. 10-11

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In these chapters Arial starts to feel guilty for hiding her relationship with Fiona and her previous lesbian affairs form her husband John. She decides she must tell him.

How will he react?


The fact that Ariel had been having an affair with Fiona behind her husband, John’s back so to speak had been troubling her for some time now. With her previous lesbian lovers Ariel hadn’t thought twice about it but with Fiona it was different because Fiona had become such an important part of her life. It was not that Ariel felt guilty in any way about her affair with Fiona, rather it was that she was used to telling John everything, absolutely everything, and the fact that Fiona had become such a central part of her life and John did not know about it, in her mind put a distance between them that should not be there.

They were just finishing their evening meal and talking about general stuff and touching and caressing each other like they always did and it was at this point that Ariel decided to drop her bombshell. In the end she decided that she would just have to say what needed to be said, she was not sure how he would react but she would have to trust in his love for her. Not being one to mess around Ariel just came out with it: “I am bisexual and have had affairs with other women all the time I have been with you.”

Initially John was in shock, then as he began to recover from this news he waited for all the negative emotions to kick in, surprisingly however it never happened. All John could think about was how much he loved Ariel. Finally John said, “I thought I was going to be angry but I am not, I feel hurt that you were not able to tell me until now but I understand why.” “In the end nothing has changed about how I feel about you, because I know that you will never leave me.” “The fact that you want to be with a woman at times does not affect me because I know that I fulfill all the needs you have for a man.” “Obviously I cannot fulfill needs you may have to be with a woman.” “Actually I am happy in away because by fulfilling those needs you have continued to be the bright happy loving woman that I love so much.”

At that point Ariel’s heart was filled with love for John and she said, “Oh God I love you so much”, and with that kissed John hard on the lips, her tongue invading his mouth. The kiss was turning John on and the love implied in it gave him a warm feeling of reassurance.

John started to think about past experiences with Ariel and he remembered one time they had gone to a disco with mutual friends he said, “So that time we were at the disco with friends and you were dancing with that black girl, grinding up against each other, I thought you two were just playing it up to amuse us but there was more to it wasn’t there.”

“Yes,” replied Ariel, “the way we were dancing it made me so hot I wanted to do her right there and then.” “You remember how I excused myself, saying I felt tired but for you guys to carry on, I would get a taxi” she commented “Well while we were dancing we had agreed to go to my place.”

“Yes,” said John, “I remember thinking it was odd the way that woman left a few minutes after you.”

“All I could think about was getting my mouth on her pussy,” continued Ariel, “when I ripped off her panties she was soaking wet.” “I sucked up all her juices and she was writhing and thrashing in ecstasy, then she did the same for me.”

Ariel continued, “Then there was the time when we drove out to the beach with your friend Andy and he took along his girlfriend Jill.” “You and Andy wanted to talk so I suggested you guys ride in front together, while we girls took the back seats.”

“Yeah merter escort I remember that,” remarked John, “I thought you were being unusually considerate because normally you always like to caress me while I am driving.”

“Well Jill and I were touching each other up all the way to the beach,” Ariel confided, “I even had the opportunity to suck some breast.” And there was more, Arial continued, “When we arrived at the beach and you guys were talking on the beach, Jill and I were standing out in the waves, feeling each other’s pussies and making each other cum.”

All this talking was making John rock hard and he was sure that Arial must be getting wet, he knew her too well. “Maybe we could retire to somewhere more comfortable,” John suggested, so they both went up stairs. As soon as they arrived in the bedroom Ariel removed on her clothes and laid on the bed, John removed his and lay next to her snuggling up against her back and cupping a breast in his hand.

“The reason I had to tell you about my lesbian activities,” confessed Ariel, “is because I now have a female lover called Fiona and who is much more than a casual affair, I really love her.”

“Does she add a lot to your happiness,” asked John. “Yes,” replied Ariel, “so much in fact.” “Then I am happy,” said John (Ariel sensed he really was happy), “because your happiness is very important to me.” Again Arial was stunned by the way John was taking this, she loved him more than ever, grabbing the hand touching her breast and pulled it harder against her breast, her nipple hardening noticeably.

Ariel then proceeded to tell John all about her blossoming relationship with Fiona.

As she told her story, John sensed she was becoming more and more exited, his hand moved to her pussy and the wetness confirmed John’s suspicions. When she came to the end John told her to lay on her back spread her legs and close her eyes.

She did so. Then John said half jokingly “Maybe you can pretend it is a woman eating your pussy, maybe you can pretend it is Fiona.”

“OH YES,” replied Ariel earnestly and unexpectedly. As John began to get to work on her pussy, Ariel thought about him for a while. He was very gentle and sensitive in the way he licked her, yet hard when it was appropriate always completely attentive to her needs in this area, more like a woman than a man. This was one of the many things that she liked even loved so much about him.

As the frequency of Johns licking increased, Ariel started to get more and more into the fantasy. She really felt it was like Fiona. She imagined Fiona’s lithe body, her pert breasts her soft skin, oh god it felt good, delicate licks of her clit, the gentle licking of the lips of her pussy the sudden thrusts into her opening.

As her orgasm began to build the licking and sucking began to get faster and faster and before long Ariel was writhing in ecstasy, shrieking a chorus of ever louder she shouted out, “oh…..Fiona……I………you.” At that point Arial almost fainted.

John held Ariel tenderly in his arms, his heart full of love for her. Eventually Ariel finally came to her senses suddenly she remembered how she had had shouted out Fiona’s name while John was eating her pussy and started to apologize but John said, “It’s ok, I told you to imagine that it was Fiona remember, no harm done, just call my name out the next time Fiona is eating your pussy.” “Deal?”

“Deal,” Ariel replied, suddenly she threw her arms around John and said “I love you so much.”

“I know,” John replied.

Chapter 11

Ariel lay with Fiona in her arms feeling so content. Here she was with zeytinburnu escort the woman she loved more than any other in her arms and now it was no longer a secret from John the man she loved more than any other. As Fiona snuggled up against her, Ariel felt the smooth beauty of Fiona’s skin against her own and she luxuriated in the feeling.

It was at this moment that John suddenly opened the door saying, “Hey honey I forgot that I did not have to work today, they gave everybody the day off as a reward for the good production figures this year,” then suddenly “OH, eh sorry.”

It was obvious to Ariel that her husband was nervous and had no idea what to say. If John’s returning home was a surprise however it was nothing compared to what Fiona said next, “John, it is not polite for you to be here with us dressed while we are both naked, so remove your clothes, we are going to make Ariel’s fantasy a reality.”

“You what?” said John, but Fiona was very insistent and was not going to take no for an answer. “Well take your clothes off,” she insisted, “or are you going to just stand there in your clothes while we are naked, making us feel embarrassed.”

Ariel was beginning to find this amusing. It was obvious that John much was more embarrassed than either Fiona or herself, and that he was a complete loss for words.

At that point Fiona started pulling John’s shirt off, saying to her, “Come on Ariel help me remove his clothes.” Soon working together they had John naked and he was actually blushing. Ariel was beginning to feel sorry for John and the situation they were putting him in but it was also turning her on, her pussy was dripping wet.

Fiona continued, “You always told me that it was a fantasy of yours to eat my pussy while John is doing you doggie style, well now we can make it a reality.”

Then she appealed to John, “You know that Ariel loves us both more than anything in the world, but this is one thing that we can do for her together that we could never do for her individually, something that will give her the greatest pleasure possible.”

Then she continued, “If you love her as much as I know you do, you will help me do this for her.”

At that moment Ariel took over trying to persuade John to help make her fantasy come true. She looked at John with a pleading look in her eyes, gently taking his dick in her hand. Despite himself and the awkwardness he felt in this situation John was already beginning to harden.

Ariel ran her hand over John’s smooth cock. God it felt so good he thought. As he started to stiffen further, Ariel gently took the head of his cock in her mouth and very slowly moved down it to encompass his whole length then slowly moved up and down his dick with her mouth.

John noticed Fiona looking at what they were doing and it was obvious that it was turning her on as she started to rub her clit. John also noticed an envious look in Fiona’s eyes she obviously wanted Ariel’s mouth on her pussy.

After a moment she said as much, “It’s my turn now,” she announced, “and John is nice and hard to do you from behind.” With that she piled up some pillows behind her and put a pillow under her ass, that way her ass was lifted a little for Ariel to maximize eating her pussy and she could also get a good view of Ariel’s back and what John would be doing to her.

Now Ariel got on her knees lifting her ass in the air and assuming position in front of Fiona. As she started to lick Fiona’s clit with short quick movements of her tongue at the same time she spread her legs a little giving John a clear view of her soaking cunt.

Fuck, John güneşli escort thought to himself, Ariel’s open wet cunt looked so inviting and at the same time he was getting really turned on by what Ariel was doing to Fiona. As Ariel licked and sucked her pussy, Fiona was emitting soft sighs of pure pleasure and John could see that Ariel’s pussy was responding to the impact that her licking and sucking was having on Fiona by producing more juices.

John’s dick was so fucking hard now from the blow job earlier and seeing the way that these women were so turned on by each other that he just had to be inside Ariel, so slowly he put the head of his dick into the opening of Ariel’s pussy and very slowly slid into her, the feeling was exquisite and somehow it was different than he had ever felt inside Ariel before, she was tighter, and he could feel her vagina rippling with pleasure. “Fuck, that is incredible”, he said out loud.

Ariel could not believe it when she realized that her fantasy was finally going to be realized and she felt enormous gratitude towards Fiona for pushing for it to happen. And from the point that Fiona assumed position on the pillows, she was completely concentrated on giving Fiona pleasure, apart from spreading her legs a little to give John better access. In all her licking and sucking and the deep probing of her tongue into Fiona’s cunt and the incredible sounds coming from Fiona, Ariel had almost forgotten that John was with them. That was until she felt him begin to enter her.

When she did finally feel John entering her Arial was not prepared in any way for how it would feel. She and John had made love doggie style many times but this time it was different. It was like her pussy had become super sensitized, that it was hyper sensitive to the slightest movements of John’s now rock hard cock. The movement of John’s dick inside combined with the taste of the juices from Fiona’s pussy and the noises Fiona was making was driving Ariel crazy, and as she synchronized the movement in her pussy with her licking and sucking of Fiona’s pussy by thrusting back into John so that he adjusted his pattern to match, her pleasure only increased further.

The effect of Ariel being fucked while she was eating her pussy was also noticed by Fiona. Fiona wanted to do this as a gift to Ariel because she knew that it would give Ariel immense pleasure.

What she did not realize was how Ariel’s, being fucked, would affect the oral sex being given to her Fiona. There was an urgency about it from Ariel, an intensity that Fiona had not experienced before, Ariel’s tongue probing ever deeper into her pussy, almost like an extension of the dick that was fucking her. At the same time she could see John’s straining face over Ariel’s back, their eyes met and a mutual understanding passed wordlessly between them, something they shared which was their intense love for the woman between them.

However much Fiona and John felt the increased intensity of this very special experience however, it was Ariel who experienced the most intense pleasure. The feeling of being fucked and eating pussy at the same time with the two people she loved more than anything in her life was unlike anything she had ever experienced in her life something incredible and precious, but above all it was the fact that she felt so completely enveloped by their love that took her mentally to another place, a safe place, a peaceful place, a blissful place.

At that moment they all began to cum in unison and when they finally parted they lay next to each other naked. Ariel without a word pulled a head to each of her breasts and her lovers each began to gently suckle on a breast. And like this Ariel drifted into a quiet and very peaceful sleep……..


I wrote this series more than a year ago and Chapter 11 was as far as I got. I did have some ideas about how to continue it but then became preoccupied with other things. If you want to see more of this series please let me know.

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