Catholic School Mom’s – Basketball

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Thanks to MissZ. Your editing skills and ideas are a tremendous help.

Catholic School Mom’s – The Basketball Season

Kate O’Brien is an incredible kisser. She has her arms draped over my shoulders. She’s hugging her freely hanging C-cup breasts into my right side and grinding her well-fucked pussy against my thigh. I can feel her wet pussy lips dripping into my bare leg.

Our lips are moving against each other and our tongues are rolling together. My hand is tightly holding a fist full of short, red hair and pulling her lips against mine. Kate has told me she gets off on having her hair pulled.

I let go of her hair and let my finger tips brush over her shoulders and move down to cup her spectacular thirty six year old ass. As I push a finger against her anus, it opens easily and accepts my digit.

“Oh, God, lover. Be careful. I’m a little sore.”

I can feel my load of semen at the entrance of Kate’s cum-filled asshole. It’s dribbling out as I gently finger her tight butt.

As we continue our kiss, I moan into Kate’s open mouth, “I’m getting close. It feels so fucking good.”

We both look down. Mary Lawless is kneeling between my thighs. Her shoulder-length, blond hair masks her face, but her head is bobbing over my thick eight inch cock. Mary is naked also. It’s a turn on to be able to look down her bare back and see the cleft of her heart-shaped ass as she kneels on the locker room floor.

“I can’t believe she can take you down her throat,” Kate marvels.

She’s right. Mary is the only woman I know who can easily deep throat me. I’ve already cum twice; once in Mary’s cunt and again in Kate’s rectum. Mary has been working my hard cock with her throat for ten minutes.

“She can deep throat me. You can take me in the ass. And both your pussies are tight as virgins. Together you make the perfect woman,” I tease.

Mary lets her teeth gently bite my cock and Kate reaches over to savagely pinch a nipple in response to my teasing.

“Keep pinching my tit,” I say, letting my head roll back.

As I approach my last cum of the night, Kate rolls my nipple between her thumb and finger. We’re kissing hard and I’m fingering her sloppy asshole. I’ve got a hand at the back of Mary’s head and I start fucking the first half of my meat into her mouth. Her lips are applying the perfect amount of pressure.

“Oh fuck . . . OOOOhhhh . . . FFFFuucckkk . . . I’mmmm cummmmiiinngg.”

As I pump my cum into Mary’s mouth, she continues to bob her head along my dick, draining the last of my seed.

I reach for Mary, help her to her feet and kiss her hard. I love the taste of my cum in a woman’s mouth. I turn and kiss Kate again. While regaining our composure, we gently kiss for a few minutes.

“I can’t believe the basketball season is over already,” Mary says.

I’m Chris, a very recently divorced, forty-five year old man. I am 5’10” and weigh 180 lbs. I have short, salt and pepper brown hair. As I strenuously exercise daily, including running, swimming, weight lifting and karate, I am in great physical shape.

Around Our Lady of Perpetual Hope School, most, including Sister Mary Joseph, the principal, call me Uncle Chris. Except during the basketball season, when nine eighth graders call me Coach. I had taken over coaching this group of boys, five years earlier, when they were in third grade

I took over the team, when their Coach and my brother were tragically killed in an automobile accident. Wanting my nephew, Josh, to have a male influence in his life, I showed up at the next practice with a whistle and practice schedule and got to work.

In the last five years, we’ve developed into a great team. Our biggest challenge every year, and it is a big challenge, is that we are the only suburban Catholic School in our league. The other School’s are from the inner city. Even though we’re in an eighth grade league, most other school’s have older, bigger and stronger kids on their teams.

At the conclusion of the first game of our season, I had the team gathered together in the hallway outside the gymnasium. The boys were lined up and sitting against a wall, I was standing in front of them and their parents were behind me.

I have some very easy rules that I ask of the parents. I don’t allow parents to participate in practices or pre-game meetings. I demand that they attend games, cheer in a positive way and join with the team in an after-game briefing.

During the after-game talks, I look each of the young men in the eye and tell them, specifically, what they did well. I’m always positive and very generous in my praise, whether we win or lose. After praising each player, I tell them what we need to improve upon as a team, in order to get better. It’s done in a positive way and I don’t single anyone out for criticism.

However, today, looking at the team and seeing tears, hanging heads and slumped shoulders, I decide they needed a shock.

“I’ve never been . . .” I started barely above a whisper.

When I had everyone’s balçova escort attention, I continued louder, “I’ve never been . . .”

Standing with my hands on my hips and looking up and down the row of boys, I finally shouted, “I’VE NEVER BEEN . . . SO DISAPPOINTED IN THIS TEAM.”

We had just lost, by one point. My nephew Josh had missed two free throws in the closing seconds that would have tied and won the game. The boys were wide-eyed as they stared at me. I’m sure their parents thought I had lost my mind.

Winning is very important to me and I think it’s vitally important to instill a winning attitude in a team. However, winning is never the most important thing, especially when dealing with boys, who are barely thirteen years old.

“Today, this team went out and played their butts off, against a bigger, taller, stronger, older and more athletic team. You kicked their butts for three and a half quarters. They left this gym bruised and battered.”

I started pacing slowly in front of the team, before continuing, “Today you ran our slow-down offense . . . JUST LIKE WE PLANNED! Today you ran our box and one defense . . . JUST LIKE WE PLANNED! Today you held last season’s leading scorer to six points . . . JUST LIKE WE PLANNED!”

Standing in front with hands on hips again, I shouted “TODAY YOU PLAYED LIKE WARRIORS.”

Then in a normal voice, “I was proud of every one of you and can’t believe you’re not proud of yourself. We came to win today. We failed . . . together. But we played like warriors . . . LIKE WARRIORS FOR EVERY SECOND OF THAT GAME.”

“And yet, I see a team with tears in their eyes and hanging heads.”

Deciding to end with a bang, I finished, “I guess it’s my fault. We’ve spent too much time talking about basketball and not enough time teaching you the importance of being men, of being a team and being proud of your achievements. I’m sorry I let you down.”

I turned and left the school.

It was Saturday, barely before noon and I had a day’s worth of chores to complete. I met a work associate for happy hour. We ended up having a light dinner at Chili’s. I finished Saturday evening, doing some clothes shopping at the mall.

As I was getting ready to leave the mall and was walking toward the entrance, I heard “Hey Chris! Great speech today, Coach.”

I turned to see Kate O’Brien, one of the moms from the team, standing in the doorway of Victoria’s Secret. Kate is a tall slim woman. She has short, red, stylish hair and brown eyes. She’s 5’8″ and weighs around 130 lbs. Her curves are striking with C-cup breasts and a round, athletic ass.

Tonight, she’s professionally dressed in a white blouse. The first two buttons are undone revealing a fair amount of cleavage. She has on a navy wool skirt. It’s fairly short and falls within two inches of her knees.

I like Kate. She’s active within the school and our team. Most importantly, her son Kevin is a good kid. She must be doing something right as a single mom.

She is also a huge flirt.

“Thanks, Kate. I’ve been second guessing myself for giving them the guilt trip, but they really pissed me off.”

Kate patted my shoulder and arm and then rested her hand on my arm. My arms aren’t big, but they’re hard as steel from a life time of exercise. It’s a turn-on for me when a woman caresses my arm.

Still holding my arm, Kate continued, “I couldn’t figure where the talk was going, until the end. I really think you hit a home run. The boy’s should have been proud of their game.”

As she finished, Kate caught me checking out some of the bra and panty sets in the Victoria Secret display window. “See anything you like?” she teased.

Deciding to tease her back, I said, “I’m not going to be able to look at you the same way, knowing you wear VS underwear.”

Kate gave me a wicked smile and did a little dance. “Do you think you can guess what I’m wearing?”

She was flirting hard and I decided not to back down. “I don’t have to guess. I know what you’re wearing.”

There were sparkles in her eyes as she pushed, “Prove it, big boy.”

“Loser buys the drinks at TGIFriday’s?” I asked.

“I was heading to a party, but . . . it’s a deal,” she replied.

I nodded and gave her body a long hard look. Kate stood proudly in front of me. When I discreetly circled my finger, she blushed a bit, but continued to play the game. She turned, cocked her hip and watched over her shoulder as I checked out her butt.

After Kate turned to face me again, I smiled and told her, “Thigh highs and a white bra and thong set. The cups of the bra and front of the thong are see-thru lace.”

“Jesus, Chris.” She turned a deeper shade of red.

“There’s more, if you want me to continue?”

Kate was wide eyed and breathing a bit deeper than necessary. She nodded her agreement.

I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “You’re a natural red head . . . and . . . very nicely trimmed.”

Kate seemed to be holding foça escort her breath, when I continued, “I’m heading over to TGIFriday’s. You’ll have to let me know whose paying.”

Ten minutes later, we were together at the bar at TGIFriday’s. It was crowded and we were able to find one bar stool. Kate was seated at the bar and I had wormed my way next to her.

We ordered a round of margaritas and Kate tossed her credit card to the bartender. “Keep the tab open,” she instructed.

When I chuckled, she said, “Hey, nobody likes a sore winner.”

“You’re right, Kate. But you have to admit, it was a pretty good guess.”

“Oh, you’re just a dirty old man.” She slapped my arm and then continued to caress it.

I liked the feel of Kate’s touch. “I am that. I’m also glad I stopped when I did. I was going to tell you something else I could tell about you.” Giving her my best naughty boy look, I continued, “But you would have gotten mad. You may have even slapped me.”

“You can’t tease me like that. You have to tell me.”

“Nope. A boy has to have his secrets.”

As Kate’s two children were with her ex for the weekend, she didn’t have to hurry home. As we finished a second round of margaritas, Kate asked, “I really need to go to the party. It’s a farewell affair for a friend being transferred to Dallas. I want to make an appearance.”

Kate seemed at a loss for words and then said, “I really like your company. Would you like to come with me?”

“Yeah, Kate. I’d like that a lot.”

Her smile was dazzling and I could see flares in her eyes. ‘Man, this woman is smoking hot,’ I thought.

Kate followed me a short distance to my condo. She parked outside my home, jumped in my Range Rover and directed me across town to the party.

The party was at a private home and was hopping when we arrived at 9:30 p.m. Kate was instantly the life of the group. She tried to introduce me around, but it was obvious I was slowing her down.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m a big boy and can take care of myself. Go enjoy yourself.”

I found the bar and a surprisingly good bottle of scotch and poured a couple of fingers over some ice. As I already had two drinks at TGIFriday’s, I gave myself a one drink limit.

I wondered around the home for a bit, before being included with a bunch of guy’s talking sports. I positioned myself facing the open room and Kate. I wasn’t trying to keep track of her, I just enjoyed watching her.

Shortly after midnight, Kate found me. “I’m getting tired. Can we go?”

“When ever you’re ready Kate. You sure don’t look tired.”

She gave me a wicked look as she said, “Actually, I just want to leave with you before I get tired.”

Saying our goodbyes, we left the house and walked hand-in-hand to the SUV. I opened the passenger side door for Kate. Instead of climbing in, she leaned against the vehicle.

I could tell Kate was back in flirt mood as she asked, “So, what else could you tell about me at the mall?”

“Oh Kate, I don’t want to take the chance of ruining a great night out.”

She slapped my arm and gave me a, ‘I’m waiting,’ kind of look.

“What do I get, if I’m right?”

“What do you want?”

“I want a real good kiss.”

Kate simply nodded.

I stepped close to her and put a hand on her waist. “Let’s see. I’ve already guessed a white, lace thong and bra set,” I started.

Kate’s gaze was lust filled. Moving in closer, I continued, “And, I was right about you being a natural redhead and nicely trimmed.”

“Quit stalling buster.”

“I can also tell Kate, that you are more than a little . . . much more than a little . . . aroused.”

I was standing directly in front of Kate. We stared at each other for a few moments, before I asked, “Am I right?”

Kate shifted her feet slightly, then spread them further, cocked her head and said, “Why don’t you find out for yourself?” Her smile was electrifying.

I moved my hand from her waist and to the bottom of her skirt. Her inner thigh was steaming hot as I moved my hand up and palmed her mound. She was drenched and groaned as I pushed two fingers around her thong and into her pussy. They easily slid in.

“Oh . . . my pussy . . . feels soooo . . . fucking . . . fuuuullll.”

I slowly moved my fingers around and explored her wet tunnel, looking for her g-spot. When Kate shuttered and her eyes rolled back in her head, I knew I found the right spot.

“YYYYeeeesss . . . rightttt . . . ffuuuccckkking . . . thhhhheerrreee.”

Kate’s eyes were like windows to her soul. When her head slumped forward and her chin rested against her chest, I grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head up.

“God . . . yessss . . . pulllll . . . my . . . fucking . . . hair . . . and . . . fill . . . my . . . cunt,” she hissed.

I wrapped my hand further into her hair and pulled tight. At the same time I slipped three fingers into her steaming hole. As I ground my fingers into torbalı escort her twat, my thumb circled her clit. Kate exploded like a firecracker. “I’m cccuuummming.” Her screech filled the neighborhood night.

We leaned against the car and as Kate relaxed, we kissed. Our tongues explored each others mouths until Kate urgently asked, “Please, take me back to your place.”

“Let’s go,” was my instant response. But as Kate climbed into my SUV and started to swing her legs in, I grabbed her knees. Smiling at her, I reached under her skirt, grabbed the sides of her thong, and slid it down her legs and off.

When I smelled and tasted the wet lace crotch, Kate said, “You dirty man. Hurry!”

The drive back to my condo set the stage for a continuation of a sex filled night. I had barely pulled away from the curb, when Kate reached over and caressed my stiff cock.

“My God, it’s huge.”

I smiled back as Kate pulled down my zipper and struggled to pull me through the small hole. When I was free, Kate leaned over the console and started to lick and suck my cock. She could only take three or four inches, but she used her tongue and lips like a pro.

As Kate was kneeling on the passenger seat, I reached over and flipped her skirt over her incredible ass. She groaned around my cock as my fingers found her drenched pussy and clit.

I worked my digits around her crotch. Wanting to see if she would protest, if I touched her ass, I slipped a finger between her cheeks. Kate bobbed her head faster and groaned.

“Do you like ass play?”

I almost drove off the rode as Kate pulled her mouth off my cock and said, “I love tongues, fingers and big fat cocks deep in my ass.” She lowered her head again and started sucking.

We were a short five miles from home, when I could feel the beginning of an orgasm. I was torn between waiting and exploding down Kate’s throat. Deciding we had all night, I pushed one and then two fingers into Kate’s obscenely tight anus.

I timed my anal finger fuck to Kate’s blow job. She hummed around my dick when I told her, “I’m going to cum baby. I’m going to fill your mouth.”

I had hoped that we would cum together, but when I exploded into Kate’s mouth, I came alone. A short time later, we pulled into my driveway. Using the garage door opener, I opened the garage, pulled in and closed the door behind us.

I was the first out of the car and Kate waited as I walked around and opened her door. When she swung her legs around, I took hold of them, spread them wide, leaned in and started to lick her pussy. She struggled for a few seconds, but when my tongue found her clit, she moaned, leaned back and gave me access.

Kate tasted so fresh and I loved the sounds she made as I licked from her clit to her asshole. She had an orgasm as I slide two fingers into her sopping wet box and lapped her clit with my tongue.

She exploded again a few minutes later, when I pressed two more fingers past her sphincter and into her bowels. As I continued to finger both holes and ate her clit, Kate shook her head from side to side and begged, moaned and pleaded that I never stop.

While working on Kate’s pussy and ass, I had regained my hard-on. After working my pants and boxers to my ankles, I pulled my fingers from her holes, stepped between her spread thighs and jammed my dick up her pussy.

“Oh, fuck YES! Fuck me . . . Fuck me . . . Fuck me hard.”

I screwed her hard, until Kate begged, “Please . . . take me . . . to bed.”

Deciding that was a good idea, I stepped back and reached for my pants. Kate slid out of the car. Still out of breath, she turned over and rested her head on the passenger seat. Her skirt was still up and over her ass. In this position, her ass and pussy where in line with my dick. I dropped my pants and pushed my cock into her pussy from behind.

“Your dick feels soooo . . . fucking . . . gooooood.”

I held Kate’s hips and jack hammered into her snatch. I pushed a thumb up her tight butt and told her, “Play with your clit baby. After you cum, I’ll take you to bed.”

After a few short minutes, Kate squealed and went rigid. “I’mmmm cummming soooo haaard.”

When she calmed down, she continued, “Please, take me to bed.”

I pulled my hard cock from her snatch, pulled up my pants and led Kate to my bedroom. As she pulled the covers down, I made a detour to the master bath and returned with a tube of Astroglide.

I covered my cock with a generous amount of lube and then squirted a large dollop onto my fingers. With a gleam in her eye and smile on her face, Kate scooted to the edge of the bed. She pulled her legs high, grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and spread herself open.

I massaged the lube against her anus and easily lubed her tight tunnel. As I lined my dick up with her rose, I said, “Don’t worry. I’ll go slowly.”

Kate gave me a slutty snicker and answered, “Just push it in and pound me. Fuck my asshole hard.”

Her rim gripped me hard, but didn’t slow my penetration. I slid balls deep into a groaning and begging Kate.

“Just fuck me. Fuck me hard. Bang my fucking asshole.”

That’s what I did. Standing at the side of the bed, I pounded into Kate’s tight asshole. Our bodies slapped together and I watched in amazement as Kate fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit.

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