Chain Reaction

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This is a sequel/spin-off from “It’s Not Sex If You Use A Condom” You don’t have to read that one first but it’ll help. All characters are 18 or over.


“That’s it just a little faster Jack.” His mom said as he lay above her thrusting his long hard member in and out of her.

“That’s it just a little bit more.” She said as he increased his tempo.

“Oh my god!” Jack said “This.. This..”

The phone started to ring.

He grabbed her breasts and tried to kiss her.

She stopped him.

“Shouldn’t I answer that?” she said to her son.

“You’re kidding me right?” he said looking into his mother’s eyes with sweat dripping from there fucking.

“No sorry, what was I thinking”

He continued fucking her. Touching her body, stroking her thighs and…

“Hello who’s speaking?”

He stopped annoyed.

“Don’t stop!” she mimed to her son.

He continued pumping in and out of his mom.

“Hey I heard about Frank are you OK?” The voice at the end of the phone said.

“Who?” she said momentarily confused “Oh right my husband Frank… Err yeah I’m fine.”

“Are you sure, you sound a bit short of breath?”

“No I’m fi… fine…”

Her head was becoming cloudy as Jack pushed her legs up near her head to thrust himself deeper into her.

She smiled at him.

“Ok then to be honest you do sound better I was speaking to Frank the other day and he was in hysterics. Literally, I couldn’t get a comprehensible sentence out of him. He just kept going about you and Jack. I think he’s worried about how the break up will affect him.”

“Oh I think he’ll be fine… just fine.” She laughed

“Oh my God!!!” She said abruptly

“Have you got some one there with you”

“No… No… no one’s here but me” she smiled

She could hear a man breathing on the other side of the phone.

“Look if you were getting back in the game so soon you should have told me.”

“Do I know him?”

“Where did you meet him?”

“Was it at ‘The Bottle’?”

“You know David was telling me that a friend of a friend of his was caught fu…”

“I didn’t pick some guy up last night.”

“Well then then who was it then your son?”

“Yes. Diana I’m fucking my son” she said seemingly sarcastically

Jack stopped. Worried.

“She thinks I’m joking, carry on” she mimed to him.

“Ha ha very funny what you do put Viagra in his school lunch”

“N… No. Look c… can I call you back.”

“Of course, just wanted to invite you out for a coffee at three.”

“Y… Yes, sure, three”

“Oh my god, oh my god, I’m Cuuuuuuuuuming oh… oh… ohhhhhhh I love so sooo much” she said

Then kissing him shortly on the lips

“Well whoever it is she seems to be having a lot of fun.” Diana said the phone now lying on the floor

Later that day at near 3pm she went into the coffee bar. It was reasonably empty, apart from Diana the staff and a guy in a business suit with a girl who looked strangely in distress. They left quite soon after she entered.

“How long you been here?”

“Literally just sat down, so who was the guy on the phone?”

“Just, some guy.” she knew she should have thought of an alibi first but she couldn’t think of one that wouldn’t fall apart in about three seconds.

“Yes but who?” Diana looked at her excited on who her friend’s new boy toy may be.

“Look what makes you feel like you would know him anyway or have you screwed every guy in town now.”

“Ok no need to get catty!” Diana said “Anyway there all sleaze bags round here, that or they go on a runner when they find you have a kid to be honest I haven’t had sex in about a year. That’s why I was so excited when Frank said you two had split up. I thought I might have my wing-woman back.”

“That’s a tad cold hearted isn’t it?”

“Are right and fucking some new guy a week after the old one left is fine.” she laughed.

“I didn’t plan it like that it just kind of happened.” she said softly

“Yes what happened? And with whom?”

“Does it matter?”

“YES!!!” she screamed

The staff looked round at her.

“Sorry got a little exited, not often gossip like this comes along.”

“Oh that’s all you care about the gossip, also what gossip you don’t know anything.”

“That’s how I know you’re hiding something good. Come on I’m your best friend you can tell me.”

“All you care about is the gossip; I knew I shouldn’t have come.”

“Don’t be like that.”

“I’ve got to go, I’ve left Jack to cook dinner better make sure he doesn’t burn the house down.”

She started getting up

“Jacks home? You were screwing a guy that loudly with your son in the house?”

She sat immediately back down.

“Err… No… he… went down the shops”

“What he didn’t see the guy go to your bedroom”

“No.. he was asleep when we got back to the house”

“And when he left?”

“He was sneaky!”

“But why did he have to be when jack was at the shops”

“Ahh well… That was some other time”


“Some Kars Escort other time the guy you were fucking was sneaky.”


Diana looked at her friend sternly “What going on?”



“Fine … Look just make sure you don’t over react.”

“Yes course what is it, are you ok? You look…”

“It was Jack!”


“The person I was having sex with was Jack”

“What he was called Jack or like… your son Jack?”

She looked at her seriously

“You can’t be serious!”

“Look it’s not that bad”

“Not that bad your FUCKING YOUR SON!”

“Calm down!”

“Sorry but … well come on! How did this happen anyway?”

“Well it’s kind of hard to explain there was this movie and then this disagreement then he got out a condom and before I knew it we were fucking!”


“Look does it really matter how it began”

“I guess not but why?”

“Dunno one thing led to another and well it was kind of good” She said with a desperate smile.

“But he’s your son?”


“Well I’m not going to give you all that moral guardians crap, although it’s rather funny I’m wondering how your sons going to react to your new boyfriend turns out he is.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” she cringed

“Than what is he?”

“He’s more like a fuck buddy; we just have sex apart from that everything’s normal”

“Oh yeah! Normal apart from the fact you’re fucking your son”

“Look we’re not going to get married or anything, we’re just fulfilling our needs, I mean it’s like you were saying earlier. How it’s hard to get a safe guy now days?”

“Yeah but I don’t go screwing David, also that’s what Franks for, you know your husband?”

“Franks been distant for years, he’s just always been too jealous to let it go, also maybe you should?”

“Still… I mean… I’m his mother?”

“You mean ‘your’ you haven’t done anything.” She said slyly “Anyway I’m still a good mother; I said I’d give him anal if he got an A on his English test”

“You’re kidding, right, have you seen that kids grammar.”

“Well, at least now his motivated he already got the lube yesterday.”

Diana had her hands between her thighs, Eyes dilated.

“Yes but doesn’t it mess him up, like in the head”

“No he’s 18 not 6 he knows what going on”

“Yes… but”

“Look just leave me up to what I want to do. Anyway you haven’t looked at David before the guy looks like a supermodel.”


“Really after a year going without”

“I said almost a year it’s been about 10 months”

“Alright 11 months”

“And 12 days… but sill that’s incest!”

“So what? Look I’m having fun that’s it I’m not killing anyone”

“What about Frank”

“That prick kept me locked away from everyone for 19 years who give a crap about him”

“But… But…”

“Let me do what I want.”

“But what do I do?”

“What do you mean just don’t interfere”

“Yeah I know but… like… is he good?”

“Hell yes!!! I don’t know if it’s him or because we’re so alike but he’s just so fantastic.”

“Doesn’t it like gross you out?”

“I was a bit freaked out when he stuck it in but well. I guess not really.”

“So how long you think it’ll go on for”

“As long as I like really. How long do fuck buddy relationships go on for”

“Dunno really a night? Then again, my marriage lasted around 5 years.”

They both laughed.

Then the phone started to ring, it was Jack.

“Oh… Oh for Christ sake look the fire extinguishers under the stairs.” She covered the phone “Look I’ve got to go speak tomorrow?”

“Yeah sure. “

Diana’s friend left the coffee shop talking to her son in a flirty tone “No Mister not until after your English test”

Diana sat alone, thinking, wondering how to process this information.

“Are you OK?” The coffee boy asked.

“Yes… Yes of course”

The boy must have been 18/19 and while she sat there kept stealing glances down her top.

She buttoned up her coat and left.

Diana drove home almost running a red light on the way.

“Hey mom, want a hug” David said as she entered the door.


“Ok…” David replied confused and sounding a tad hurt.

“Sorry dear, had a bit of a strange day” She said hugging him. He wrapped is strong muscular arms around him and her breasts squeezed on to him.

“Stop it!” she said quietly

“What?” David replied

“No I … erm didn’t say anything. “

“Ok well I’m going upstairs alright?”

“Yes of course” She did an unconvincing smile and nodded.

“Ok…” He ran upstairs

She put the TV on.

“I wonder if he’s masturbating up there?” she thought to herself

“He does go upstairs a lot. I wonder who he thinks about?”

The TV began its ad break.

“What if he thinks about me? I mean he must of at least once, you know just to see what it’s like”

“That’s silly I mean I’m his mother anyway I’ve never thought about him.”

“I am now.” she continued to think to herself “I wonder if Jack ever did before he Kars Escort Bayan took his mother.”

She tried to imagine what was happening when she rang earlier that day. Jack and his mother in some loving in brace surrounded in a room of red velvet.

“Stop it! Diana this is sick”

“Of course it is what am I thinking.”




“What… what’s going on?” David was at the door.

“I just wanted to know what’s for dinner.”

“Oh I was thinking some kind of spaghetti?”

“Yep sounds great.”

“Ok then” she said composing herself and walking to the kitchen.

She reached for the spaghetti but it was on the top shelf.

“David can you help me with this?”

“Yeah of course I can.”

He stood behind her and tried to reach for it pressing his groin into her buttocks. She pushed further onto him and rubbed a little without thinking. He thrust further against her.

“It’s right at the back I can just about reach it.”

“Well do what you got to do darling” she said in a whisper.

He pushed her further against the counter. She could feel the shape of his hardened cock against the top of buttocks.

He reached further, bending her over the counter her head flooded as she breathed heavier.

He relaxed against her then pressed against her once more. Thrusting his bulge between the indentation of her buttocks as her heart pounded.

“Got it!” he said out the blue. Before then slamming the packet down on the counter and then running upstairs as fast as he could, then slamming the door.

She remained bent over the counter for quite a while, breathing heavily before letting out a whimper.

“Well at least he is now.” She said to herself.

Dinner passed without really a word they just sat down and ate as fast as they could not trying to make eye contact.

Then after dinner he ran back upstairs then she watched some TV and then returned to bed.

That night she couldn’t get that incident out of head she just kept thinking the incident over and over again.

She imagined herself bent over the kitchen again with her son behind her. Pulling down her jeans, putting an arm round her stomach, then taking his large penis in his other hand and guiding it into her.

She pushed her fingers inside of her and massaged her clit.

She imagined him thrusting in and out of her. Kissing her neck, exploring her body, and groping her bare breast with both hands.

She kept on imagining what it’d be like until she lost herself and came.

A wave of guilt rushed over her as she went to sleep.

She woke up the next day; it was a Monday and she had the day off work due to a strike being held with many of her colleagues. She got out of bed had a shower before drying off looking at the mirror.

“I don’t look that bad” she said to herself.

She turned sideways looking better to look at herself, and then grabbed her firm breasts.

“No not bad what so ever” she thought.

Diana knew she was good looking she had herd David’s friends call her a M.I.L.F. when she was around. They didn’t think she knew what that meant but she did. She wondered if Jack and his friends ever had those sorts of discussions.

She went to her room to get dressed. Looking at her underwear it occurred to her that it was all rather plain she rummaged through trying to pick something good enough, until she arrived at some lingerie she had got a couple of years earlier when a two month relationship started to get serious. Two months as in that’s how long it lasted not how long it took her to buy the lingerie.

The bra and panties were both pink and had red frilly bits round the edges. She liked the way it looked and the way it shaped her breasts, but would David like it?

“No. No I should be thinking like that it doesn’t matter what David thinks.”

“But it can’t hurt if he thinks I’m a little sexy can it.”

“Yes but one thing could lead to another and before I know it…”

“Oh what am I thinking I’m 38 I know what I’m doing.”

“Don’t look 38…” she smiled at herself in the mirror. Before putting on a black dress with netted cleavage.

She walked downstairs to see her son out the door.

“Oh, hi mom.”

“Hey you good?”

“Y.. Yeah I’m good” he said his eyes glued between her breasts.

She smiled, “So you going to give me a hug before you go?”

“What? Err yh sure” he gave her a very quick hug before moving his bag over the top of his legs and moving awkwardly out the door and left the house.

Later that day she was down the shops just walking around clothe shopping not really knowing what to do with herself, until she received a text.

“Still fancy a coffee, already there if you still what to see me :S ”

She walked down the escalators and round the corner to the coffee shop.

“Didn’t expect to see you here so soon” her friend said receiving there coffees from the cashier girl.

“Well I was already down the mall, didn’t really know what else to do with my day.”

“Oh yes, you’ve got the day off today. Is that Escort Kars why you’ve dressed up” She said walking awkwardly then sitting down in obvious discomfort.

“Are you ok?” Diana asked worried as she was handed her coffee.

“Jack got the A” she said adjusting herself on her seat.

“What in his English test or… “

“In his English test, well guess he also got the other A later in the day. Motivated little bugger rushed right home.”

“Ah so how was it?”

“Funnily enough not that bad, it hurt a bit haven’t really done it like that since before he was born but I kind of got into it, and Jack REALLY enjoyed it.”

“Sounds nice so he use the lube or?”

“What no ‘He’s your son!’ or ‘No, no that wrong’.”

“Well I mean, well, you’re not hurting anyone.”

“That’s good I was wondering what you thought of me when I left yesterday. I’ve kinda been well worried.”

“Nah I mean I think more of you than that and anyway the thing with your son I mean well it could be kind of fun really when you think about it.”

“Well yes I know it is… oh… oh this is why you’ve dressed up is it?”

“No I mean… well… yesterday I was getting dinner ready and he started grinding on me”

“What out of nowhere?”

“Well no I asked him to get the spaghetti out and I was in the way but I could feel his erection rubbing into me.”

“So did you…”

“No, no of course I didn’t but my god was it hot I mean his steam rippling muscles pressed against my frail body out to sexes so close but so far away from … what… why are you laughing,”

” ‘his… steam rippling… … muscles pressed against my frail body'” she said between laughs “What does that even mean?”

“Well you know? What wasn’t it like that with you and Jack?”

“NO! We were watch a movie then I said it’s not sex if you use a condom to win an argument so he got one out to prove me wrong and stuck it in me.”

“What that’s it no weeks of longing, no slow flirting leading up to more”

“No, of course not! You read too many romance novels. It just happened.”

“So why did you continue?”

“Well I could hardly not, the line had already been crossed beside once Frank saw us the thing was kind of set in stone.”

“So Frank caught you two having sex then?”

“Yeah.” She smiled “You should have seen his face it was priceless.”

“I can imagine.” Diana said concerned.

“Oh don’t be like that I thought I’d finally got you round to seeing things my way.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh come on, you grinding with David yesterday now you’re dressed up like a hooker today.”

“I thought I looked rather nice but still I mean I wouldn’t, and you shouldn’t either!”

“Well it’s too late now, me and Jack have already crossed the line.”

“What line?”

“What do you mean what line ‘The Line’! Me and Jack can hardly go back to being just mother and son not after all we’ve done together” she adjusted herself in her chair while Diana sat there and thought.

“Do you think I’ve crossed the line?” she said quietly concerned.

“Well you two did dry hump yesterday, is he acting any different around you?”

“Well he was acting different this morning and last night.”

“Well then you have to ask yourself is he attracted to you, you obviously are him.”

“His cock was pretty hard up against me.”

“Then go for it!”


“Why not!”


“Look I’m not an expert but from the clothes in your bag you want it and it sounds like he does too.”

The phone started to ring.

“Hey there naughty boy, look I’ll be home soon.”

“Just be patient mommy will be home shortly.”

“Oh… Oh have you now. Look can you just wait a little.”

“Oh ok just wait right there I’ll be home as soon as possible, just don’t start without me you naughty, naughty boy”

She hung up the phone with a look of excitement on her face.

“Look I’ve… got to go.”

“Go on I’ll be fine. Same time tomorrow?”

“Yeah sure.” She said almost running out excitedly.

Later that day Diana sat alone on the coach as David came home.

“Hi, mom I’m going upstairs.”

“Wait!” she stood up and yelled.

“What, what do you want?” He said walking into the front room

“Erm nothing I just.” Her mind raced as she tried to think of something she didn’t know why she said that all she knew is she didn’t want him going upstairs, well not yet. Meanwhile she thought her son seemed transfixed by her dress his eyes traveling from her breasts to her legs and back.

“Erm you’re in Jacks English class right?”

“Yeah he is although he’s been acting a bit weird recently.”

“Weird, how?”

“Well just more confident he’s been acting like he’s won the lottery or something he even got an A in our last test bunked off after mind you.”

“Yeah his mom was telling me.” She grinned “Amazing what the right motivation can do.”

She adjusted her dress making it tighter on her and squeezed her breasts together for good measure. He sat strait down and put his arms over his groin trying to cover the effect she had on him.

“So why are you so interested in Jack all of a sudden?”

“Just been talking to his mom recently apparently things have been a bit different with them recently and well she sounded rather happy about it.”

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