Chance Encounter of the Sexual Kind

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The dark mysterious stranger:

It is a stormy night. I am in a stranger in this little town, here for a meeting. I ask the hotel manager for a quiet restaurant nearby.

His recommendation is only a block away. “Great Italian food,” he says. “But watch the wine, it is very potent.”

I walk briskly to the restaurant avoiding the raindrops as much as possible. It is almost empty. I look at my watch. No wonder, it is almost 9:30 pm. I get a table in a dark corner of the room and order a bottle of the house red wine and some oysters.

I see the door swing open and you walk into the hallway. You are carrying a broken umbrella and are drenched from head to toe. I could not help noticing the cotton dress clinging to your breasts outlining your erect nipples. It’s obvious you have no bra on.

You are given a table next to mine. I can’t take my eyes off you as you are seated. Even in your wetness you are so deliciously beautiful. The waiter brings my wine. You cast me a glance.

“Would you join me for some wine,” I ask.

You hesitate, then slide over to my table. You can’t help but notice that I am looking at your firm breasts under your wet dress. We sip some wine. The warmth of it going down your throat makes your cheeks rosy in the candlelight. We share the bottle and order another.

The oysters slide over our lips like an erotic sex act. We have Kastamonu Escort hardly spoken a word but I am so infatuated with you. You can feel my eyes mentally undressing you. You like the feeling and imagine what it would feel like to lie naked next to me on this stormy night.

You drop your spoon and I lean down to retrieve it. Under the tablecloth I can see your dress is hiked up over your hips. Your wet panties are around your ankles. Your legs are spread wide revealing the most delightful shaved pussy. I cannot take my eyes from the sight. You know what you are doing to me. Your hand drops under the table and a finger rims your lips then moves up and down to harden your clitoris. I still haven’t gotten up from retrieving the spoon. The sight is too exciting and the wine has me crazy.

Finally I sit back up and can feel the erection in my pant growing. You take your hand from under the table and lick your finger. My eyes almost roll back in my head with lust for the taste of your pussy.

Without a word you get up and slowly walk out the door. I get up to follow but I have not paid yet so I throw a hundred on the table. I glance down to where you were sitting and see your panties under your chair. I snatch them up and I cannot believe the heavenly aroma of your body and juices. I want it so bad! I rush to the exit and look up and down the street.

The Kastamonu Escort Bayan hot, needy slut:

Standing back in the alley between the buildings, I see you rush from the restaurant and frantically look up and down the street. I notice you have my panties in your hand and as you raise them to your nose, inhaling deeply, you mutter a curse.

I raise myself up onto a large wooden box and at the sound you turn your head toward me. Your eyes light up as you see me, pulling my dress up over my head and dropping it on the box behind me. Since I don’t wear bras, I’m now naked but for my high heels. I raise my legs and brace my feet on the box beside my hips, which causes my pussy to gape open and you stare at my shaven snatch glistening wetly in the faint light.

As I watch you slowly turn and walk toward me. I reach down and begin to finger my pussy which is already sopping wet. As you come closer you reach down and open you belt and unsnap you slacks.

Pulling your rock hard cock from your pants you step between my spread legs and, looking intently into my eyes you ram yourself home, deep into my waiting pussy. You grab my ass in both hands and yank me deeper onto your throbbing cock. Closing my eyes, I throw my head back and let out a deep, primal groan at the feel of your thick cock stretching my pussy wide.

Lowering Escort Kastamonu my head I grab your hair in my hands and growl “Fuck me! Fuck me like a wild animal. Do it…do it NOW!”

And grabbing my tits you shove me back onto the box and begin ramming deep and hard into my grasping cunt like a man obsessed. You’re grunting with every stroke of your cock as you strive to get every inch deep inside me.

“Take it bitch! Take it all.” you growl. Raising my legs over your shoulders you lean over me, grab my tits hard and pound into me like someone gone mad. Just like the raging beast I need you to be! It doesn’t take long for me to feel my orgasm building.

I grab your hair, pull your head down to my swollen breasts and moan “Bite them, bite them hard, chew on my nipples…please!”

With my legs still over your shoulders you begin chewing on my tits like a starved animal as my orgasm overcomes me. Throwing back my head I scream. You slap your hand over my mouth to muffle the god awful sounds I’m making, pumping harder and faster as your cum begins to pulse out of your cock and spew deep within my grasping, sucking pussy. With the last spurt of cum from your cock you fall against my limp body, both of us breathing hard and fast.

Slowly you straighten up. Your now soft cock falls from my pussy with a wet sucking sound and you reach down and pull up your pants and begin to fasten them.

Sitting up and stepping down from the box I pull my dress over my head and adjust it over my body.

Walking to the end of the alleyway we stop, look at each other, smile and turn to go our separate ways without saying a word. You still with my panties in your hand!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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