Charlotte’s Desires

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The lights dimmed, flickered, then went out as I sat reading a book late on Friday night. This storm was a bad one, the weather man said it would be but I didn’t think it would be this bad.

A few minutes later a sharp series of knocks at the door startled me as I was looking for a lighter to light candles. Smiling to myself at my own foolishness I went to answer the door. A flash of lightning illuminated a tall broad-shouldered figure at the door.

Opening the door I greeted him, “Hey Brad, what’s up?”

“Hi Aunt Charlotte, my dad wanted me to come make sure you were ok and stay with you, if you wanted, till the storm is over.”

Opening the door wide I pulled him in “It’s raining like crazy out there, get your ass in here. I just lost power right before you knocked, you guys have lights over there?” Looking across the street at his house he said “Nah, that’s why dad sent me, thought you might be scared in the new house with no lights.”

“Well get out of that jacket, I’ll light a fire while you go get a towel from the upstairs linen cupboard.” Brad took off his shoes and jacket and bounded up the stairs in the dark. “Don’t trip over that box in the hallway by the bedroom.” I called out. “I won’t.” I heard the cupboard open then close.”Where is it again?” Thud. “FUCK! I found it.” He groaned as he walked down the stairs with the towel wrapped around his neck, rubbing his thigh.

“What did you do?” I asked with a chuckle.

“I tripped over the damn box and stabbed my thigh on the corner of the hall table.” he complained.

“Are you OK?”

“Yeah I think it’s just a scrape but I couldn’t see it.”

“Here, come by the fire and look at it, I’ll turn my head.” I said with a smile.

“Aunt Charlotte, I don’t have anything you haven’t seen before, it’s OK.” With that said he proceeded to unbutton, unzip and pull his pants down past a slightly bloody welt on his upper thigh.

“I’d better clean that out or you’ll get an infection.”

“Nah, it’s alright.” he said as he started pulling his jeans back up.

I put my hand on his, looked him in the eye and said “No, it’s not, it needs to be cleaned.”

I guess here is where I will explain a few things. My name is Charlotte and I just turned 30 last month. I’m 5’6 and 152 pounds, brown hair and eyes with a 40C bust. I’m sure some would call that fat but not me, I used to be fat, almost 250lbs at my heaviest. When I started working out, watching what I ate and dropping the pounds my husband lost interest, apparently he only likes big girls. When I found him in our bed with the neighbor his excuse was that he no longer found me sexy, now that I wasn’t fat. Needless to say a divorce is in the works.

While I have no children of my own I do have a large family. My mom had 3 girls before she met my step-dad and he had 3 boys and 2 girls of his own. After the wedding they had twins, a boy and a girl. This brought our total # to 10, with me right in the middle. As the years went by my siblings had kids and I became an Aunt, many, many times. My oldest nephew is 27 and my youngest niece was just born so there’s quite a range in ages.

I just bought a house across the street from my oldest brother, he and his wife have 2 boys, Brad 18 and Greg 17. They both helped me move in but I must confess that Brad has always been my favorite. He has the height, build and intelligence of his father but the blonde hair and blue eyes of his mother. Quite an interesting combination to look at: blonde hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders, 6’3 with a 6-pack. Did I mention big feet? He wears a size 14 and has to special order his shoes online. Anyway…

As I went into the kitchen to get the cotton balls, alcohol, band aids, and antibiotic ointment from the first aid kit I realized that I was alone in the dark with a man for the first time in 8 months. He is my nephew but unfortunately I still found him attractive. I’ve found myself checking him out, watching him talk, looking at the front of his jeans to try to determine if the big feet-big cock saying is true with him. I rummaged under the sink for the kit and found myself thinking about him in this way again, my panties were instantly damp. Shaking my head I grabbed the kit and returned to the living room.

Brad was sitting on the couch next to the fire, gazing Kars Escort into it. His pants were down around his ankles with his knees slightly apart. He was wearing boxers that you could almost see up the leg of. I walked over to him and knelt on the floor beside him, putting the kit on the couch. I took out my supplies without saying anything or looking at his face but I could tell that he was watching me.

“This is going to sting but I have to clean it out.” I put my left hand on his thigh in case he jerked at the touch and dabbed at his cut with the other hand. To his credit he didn’t jump or gasp as the alcohol burned his scraped skin. I would have if it were me but then again I like the sting of alcohol on an open cut, strange thing to like but it’s true.

After I finished cleaning the cut out I applied some antibiotic ointment to my finger and rubbed it gently over the scrape. I looked up into his eyes when he inhaled deeply to see if I had hurt him but I couldn’t read his expression. “Does that hurt?” I asked.

“No.” was all he said in reply but his eyes held mine for a split second longer before I returned to my task.

“It’s not really that bad, I don’t think I need a band-aid.” he said as I was about to rip open the package. “I don’t want to have to rip the hair off my leg and have 2 bald patches later anyway.”

Leaning back on my heels I looked at the now shiny scrape.”Well at least you let me clean it out so it’s up to you but that ointment is going to get all over your pants.”

“Right! I’ll just stay like this till it dries, these jeans cost me 95 bucks.”

“Holy shit Brad, I could buy 2 whole outfits for that much! You’re nuts paying that for just one pair of jeans.”

Brushing an imaginary speck of lint from his shirt he countered “Well you know, it costs a lot of money to look this good!”

“Oh God, someone’s got a big head! Conceited ass! Like you’re that good looking? Whatever!” We both started laughing at that statement because he WAS that good looking and we both knew it.

The laughter died down and we both stared into the fire for a while. Why the hell I didn’t get off the floor is beyond me, but here I was kneeling in front of my very attractive nephew who had his pants down around his ankles. I chuckled at the absurdity of the situation and I saw Brad look at me out of the corner of my eye but didn’t explain myself so he asked “What’s funny?”

“Nothing.” How could I tell him what I’d been thinking? How do you tell your nephew that you want him to fuck you? You don’t.

“Not nothing, what?” he persisted.

I sighed and decided to just tell him a version of what I was thinking, a partial truth. “I was just thinking that it’s weird being alone with a man after all this time. Even though you’re my nephew, it’s nice to joke around with a man again.”

“I don’t think it’s weird. I was thinking that it was nice being here like this with you too. It didn’t feel like you were my aunt a few minutes ago, it felt like we were just a guy and a girl hanging out.”

“Me too.” I said as I turned my eyes back to the fire.

Brad started to move his feet restlessly, trying to kick off his wet jeans. “They’re starting to get cold on my feet.” he said. I reached down and pulled at the cuff to help him get one leg out of them, then the other. He bent down and grabbed up the jeans saying “I’ll just hang these over the back of the chair to dry.” And before I knew it he had stood up, with me still kneeling on the floor in front of him. His crotch was right in my face and I caught the intoxicating scent of his body wash. After standing there for about 30 seconds he sidestepped away from me and hung his jeans over the back of the dining room chair before coming back to stand next to me. I had leaned back onto my heels when he stepped away from me, I didn’t think I could control myself if I was in the same position when he came to sit back down.

He didn’t sit back down on the couch, he lowered himself onto the floor next to me instead, with his legs out and crossed at the ankles and back against the couch. I turned around and assumed the same relaxed position, our shoulders almost touching.

“Now what?” he asked.

“Don’t know, wait for your pants to dry?”

“Guess so. It doesn’t look like the power Kars Escort Bayan will be back up anytime soon.”

“No,” I said. “the fire’s nice though, good thing that’s gas not electric.”

“Or else we’d be sitting here in the dark.”

“Yeah and I’m a-scared of the dark ya know.” I joked.

He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”

“Sounds good to me.” Did I just say that?? Charlotte get a hold of yourself. This is your nephew, not just some man. No way should you be thinking about straddling his narrow hips and fucking him…

Brad interrupted my conversation with myself. “Aunt Char?”

I looked up into his face and it was mere inches from my own. “Yeah?” I said in a breathy whisper.

“This…” he replied before bending his head and touching his lips to mine.

My hands went instantly to his chest as his lips caressed mine slowly, building the passion.

My eyes opened wide as he pulled away from me to remove his shirt. “I want to feel your skin on mine.” he said looking into my eyes.

“We can’t do this Brad, it’s wrong. I’ve told myself over and over that it’s wrong. We just can’t.”

“So you HAVE thought about it before. I knew it. I want you Aunt Char and you want me, there’s nothing wrong with that.” He tried to lean down to kiss me again, I stopped him with my fingers against his lips.

“I’m your aunt, Brad. It is wrong.” His lips parted, and I felt his tongue graze my fingertips.

“Step-aunt and I wouldn’t care either way.” I almost melted, the feeling of his breath rushing over my fingertips sent a wave of heat down my chest, into my belly and settled between my legs. I moaned as my pussy went from damp to wet instantly. I gave up, I wanted this too.

Brad saw the passion in my eyes and tightened his arms around my shoulders then leaned in for a hard kiss that took my breath away. His tongue snaked out to part my lips and thrust inside. A whimper escaped my throat. The kiss continued as I ran my hands all over his chest and stomach. I paid close attention to his nipples and he thrust his tongue into my mouth deeper to show his approval.

Breaking the kiss he pulled away slightly, moving his long fingers to my breast. “You have way too many clothes on.” Grabbing the hem of my T-shirt he pulled it up and off to reveal my aquamarine bra. After gazing at my straining breasts for a few seconds he reached behind me and unclasped the bra with no trouble at all.

“How did you learn to do that? Never mind, don’t tell me.” I really didn’t want to hear about his past conquests. I slid the straps down and off my shoulders. My tits sprang out of their prison and I gasped as the cool air hit my hard nipples. They weren’t cold for long. Brad grasped my breast in his palm. He has such big hands that it was just a handful for him. He grazed his thumb back and forth over my nipple, making it even harder and sending sparks shooting toward my pussy.

Moaning, I leaned my head back against the couch and he took advantage of the position to bend and lick my other nipple before sucking it between his teeth.

Our breathing became uneven and I knew that I had to fuck him soon or I’d go insane. I reached over and felt the big bulge in his boxers. He was still tweaking one nipple and sucking the other but he had definitely noticed the sensation of me rubbing his cock through the fabric because I felt him start to nibble more and more.

“Oh God, it is true.” I whispered. “Big feet- Big cock.”

Sitting up with a grin he said “You know it, almost 9 inches.”

I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to see it so I hooked my thumbs into his waistband and started to pull down. He lifted his ass off the floor so I could pull them all the way off. His cock was standing straight up, hard as a rock, with pre-cum glistening at the tip. I leaned down to lick it off, it was slightly salty. His cock bounced when my tongue touched him.

I licked under the head and down the shaft before working my way back up and sliding my lips over the crown. I inched my way down, my tongue working to get it wet. Lower and lower I went until I felt my gag reflex kicking in then I swallowed and he groaned, thrusting his hips up. I backed off his cock slightly as I started to gag Escort Kars again and began to move my mouth up and down his now-wet shaft.

His hand tangled in my hair and set the pace. Soon I felt his balls tighten up so I slid my mouth off of him. I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth, I wanted to fuck him. He pulled me up and kissed me, his tongue swirling inside my mouth, before reaching down and unzipping my jeans and tugging them down my legs, my panties followed the same path, to be tossed across the room.

As soon as I was free of my clothes I knelt over him and rested my pussy against his cock rubbing up and down, spreading my juices over him. He reached down and grabbed the base of his cock, positioning it at the opening of my pussy. I leaned down and felt his head pop into my pussy. I gasped as I sat back up and repeated the movement. This time I lowered myself slowly all the way until my ass was resting on his thighs. It was a tight fit but I managed to take him all in.

“Holy shit aunt Char, you’re tight as hell.” he gasped.

“It’s been a while for me but God your Cock feels great stuffed into my pussy.”

I started to move up and down on his lap, feeling the friction excite me even more. As my speed picked up I was bouncing up and down on his cock, my tits bouncing along with me. He grabbed my ass cheeks, spreading them before holding me still and thrusting up into me hard and fast.

“Oh God Brad, You’re gonna make me cum like that.” I moaned.

“Do it, cum on my cock!”

Oh Oh, I’m so close… Cum with me Brad! Cum in my pussy! Cum in me!!”

I felt my orgasm slide over me and my juices rushed out of my pussy, soaking his cock, balls and thighs.

As my pussy convulsed around him he shouted and started to spurt into me, hitting all the right spots to prolong my orgasm.

He lowered my ass to his thighs again and I collapsed on top of him. Both of our breathing was fast and hard. When my breathing returned to normal I noticed that Brad’s cock didn’t go down at all. Ahhh the power of youth.

“Brad, you’re still hard.” I commented.

“I know, even though I just came I want to fuck you again. Apparently my cock agrees.” he said with a smile in his voice. I looked up into his blue eyes to see that he was indeed smiling.

“Wanna go again Char?”

“Hey,” I said with a playful slap to his shoulder. “That’s Aunt Char to you.”

“Actually no, it’s just Char now that we’re lovers.” he replied with a straight face.

“Ok, only in private though. I have to be Aunt Char when we’re around our family.”

“Deal. Can we fuck again now Char? My cock wants more of your tight pussy.”

I laughed as he flipped me over, his cock still inside me.

He positioned himself on his knees between my thighs, my legs bent at the knees and in the air. Placing a hand on the floor behind him he leaned back and thrust into me very slowly. In this position his cock was bent down and hitting just the right spot to wake my pussy back up. After a few slow, deep strokes he leaned back up and grasped my ankles, thrusting into me faster. After a few minutes like this I felt the familiar tingles in my cunt that preceded my orgasms. I reached down and rubbed my clit, my fingers gliding over the wet nub easily.

“Holy Fuck. I’m gonna cum again, so fucking hard.” was all I could get out before my pussy started contracting again, pushing his cock out as I rubbed my clit faster and faster. To his amazement my pussy started squirting. He must have really loved the site of me squirting all over him because he grasped his cock near the crown and stroked it fast and hard, his hips thrusting into his hand. With a loud shout his cum burst out of his cock, all over my dripping pussy. He worked his cock until there was no more cum left inside then collapsed on top of me, his breathing out of control.

“I didn’t know you could do that! That has to be the hottest shit I’ve ever seen in my life.” he rasped into my ear.

“Glad you liked it, I know I did.” I said with a giggle.”Now get offa me, I can’t breathe!”

He peeled his body from mine, our crotches sticking together where his now soft cock had lain in our mixed cum. He flopped onto his back next to me, pulling me close to his side, I rested my hand on his chest.

“Next time we do it doggie-style, I can’t wait to see your ass bouncing every time I slam my cock into you.” he whispered before he fell asleep.

Laying on my side, cuddled up against my nephew I fell asleep with one thought on my mind.

“This is going to get complicated.”

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