Check Mate Pt. 02

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We sat there in her car, the club was distant and the quiet was closing in. I could hear my heart racing in my ears. I moved my leg but I couldn’t hide my erection in my tight jeans. Emma could see it, she would know. But she wasn’t looking. She was staring out, at the row of parked cars.

“I was skipping your class because I didn’t know what to say to you.” She answered my question from back in the club. “If I saw you again, I knew you’d just keep pushing me away.”

“I don’t like pushing you away.” I admitted.

“Then stop.” She said.

I could hear the tears in her voice. She turned the key and the car rumbled to life. Her smile was back on her face as she pulled on the road. I tucked my hands under my legs. I wanted to touch her. I couldn’t touch her.

“I know you like me.” She laughed.

“I can’t like you, Emma.”

For the first time I wondered what was behind that laugh. How she switched from sadness to laughter so quickly.

“Let’s go back to my house.” She said. “My mom isn’t home.”

“I am going to my house.” I told her. “And you are going to yours.”

“But that’s no fun.” She whined.

“Why would you not want to date someone your age? I’m old and I’m boring!”

“Does that mean we’re dating?” She smirked.

“You wouldn’t like me if we started dating.”

“I know you have a big dick.” She told me. “I’m betting I’d like other stuff too.”

“I can’t believe you just said that.” I covered my face with my hands.

But underneath the shame it felt good. What man wouldn’t feel good after hearing that?

“Will you come to my house and let me see what else I like about you?” She asked. “Or do you want to tell me where you live?”

“I live on Main Street near 57th street.”

“I live on Main and 60th. We’re practically neighbours.”

Oh no. Oh no. no no no no no.

“That doesn’t mean you can make house calls.’ I told her.

“Not even if I’m have trouble with my homework?”

“Maybe then. But call first!”

“I don’t have your number.”

“That’s also on the syllabus.”

“I threw it away.”

“I write these things for a reason. They take time. They take effort. It’s so you know what to expect from me. And I know what to expect from you.”

“What should I expect from you?” She asked.

I felt her fingers on my leg. My hands were bunched into fists, my fingernails dug into my palms. The bright lights of downtown Main Street gave way to the dark, shadowy trees. The dark lights, the closed curtains of sleepy houses. Her hand was moving up down, wrapping around my cock though fabric. My voice was stuck in my throat.

I needed to stop her. It felt so good.

“Touch me.” She said, her eyes never leaving the road. “Please.”

Her hand tugged at zipper on my jeans, pulling me free. Her grasp was firm, her thumb moved up over the head of my cock. And for one second, I got a taste of what it would be like to fuck Emma.

I grabbed her hand.

“I can’t.” I told her. “I’m sorry, I really can’t.”

“But you want me.” She said. “And I want you. So why not?”

“We may not know each other that well, but I do know you’ll regret it if you’re not with someone your own age. And I will regret it if I take advantage of you.”

She pulled to a stop on the corner of 57th street. She was gone as soon as I slammed the car door shut.


The next week I barely spoke to Emma. She came to class, sat though my lessons, and then left when it was over. She didn’t come by after school. She didn’t write me any more notes. Everything was exactly as it should be.

And I hated it.

I was always watching her out of the corner of my eye. She started wearing jeans to school instead of her short skirts. Her make-up was softer, more subtle. The memory of her hand on my cock started feeling distant and dream like.

But it happened, I know it happened. I could see it every time I closed my eyes. Her hand wrapping around my me while my fists were bunched under my legs. I had been ready to come as soon as she touched me.

I sat at my desk, my head in my hands. I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t keep fantasizing about her, this wasn’t right!

Maybe I needed to get a girlfriend.

“Mr Wilson.” I heard Emma calling my name.

Oh god, I think I might be getting a little too lost in my fantasies.

“Mr Wilson!” She said again.

I opened my eyes. Fuck, this wasn’t a fantasy. She was standing in the doorway to my classroom. Her hair was in braids and her sweater had slid down one shoulder. It was different sort of appealing, in a girl next door sort of way. But it seemed inauthentic.

We were alone again. Everyone else had gone home for the day. Fuck, I hadn’t realised just how much I was dying to be alone with her. I dug my nails into my leg.

“I’m not going ambush you, if that’s what you’re worried about.” She told me.

“I’m not.” I swallowed. “Worried about it. I’m not.”

“Does that make it okay if do then?” She smiled. Then she frowned. “Sorry I wasn’t going to hit on you anymore.”

“There’s never been bursa escort a problem with you hitting on me.” I told her. “The problem is that I liked it. I let it go too far. But I don’t want you to feel guilty about something you have no reason to feel guilty about. I don’t want you to feel ashamed.”

“David I…” Her voice trailed off. She swallowed. “Mr Wilson, you’re on the list of people chaperoning the dance next week.”

Fuck, was it that time again? I hated chaperoning these things.

“If it says so, I guess I am.” I said.

“We’re doing a Frost Fair theme.” She said. “Since it’s so close to Christmas.”

“Wait, I didn’t know you were on the activities committee.”

“Well they always need people.” She tucked her braids behind her ears. “And chess club didn’t work out so I still need those extra curriculars for my applications.”

“Come to chess club.” The words, they just fell out.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea?” She asked.

“Maybe it’s not.” I shrugged. “But I don’t like seeing you acting like you’re someone you’re not.”

“I thought you would like me more if I were serious.”

“You’re fine the way you are.”

“If I saw you every day, I might end up hitting on you again.”

“I don’t care.” I told her. “Let’s play.”

“I’m not finished confirming the chaperone list for the dance.”

“Oh.” I was suddenly, very disappointed.

“I could call them from home.” She smiled.


I got up and walked over to the chess board in the corner. I pulled out a chair.

“Sit.” I told her. “I still need to finish teaching you the rules.”

“You know I’m not very good at rules.” She sat.

“Neither am I.”

“David, are you flirting with me?”

“I don’t know.” I answered honestly. “But it’s just a game, right?”

“If this what you call a game.” She said.

“If it’s for fun.”

“Yeah. It’s fun.”

“Then that’s fine. As long as it’s only for fun.”


I stood there in the corner of the gym sipping my non-alcoholic punch. The music was bad, the decorations were cheap, and again, I was reminded of why I hated being nominated to chaperone. The students were all laughing, having their pictures taken, and switching between dancing and playing games for crappy prizes. Frost fair my ass.

Fuck I was in such a bad mood. It was already nine and I was starting to wonder if Emma had decided not to come. After all, that had been the one single thing I had been looking forward to tonight. I’d even worn a nice suit.

Seriously, David? She probably has an actual date tonight. A date that isn’t you.

I’d been tiptoeing around all week as she sat across from me at the table. And she’d been tip toeing around me too, her suggestive comments were all subdued. As if we both were trying not cross a line. I hated it.

I tossed my empty cup into the trash can and headed off down the hallway. I needed a break from the top 20 hits off the chart that was blaring in my ear. I pushed the gym doors open and was hit by the cold night air. November had already turned into December without me noticing. Winter break was coming soon.

I walked past the small group of students standing out front of the gym. I couldn’t help but look for her long legs and blonde curls. But she wasn’t there either. I headed around the side of the building. I might as well do a patrol while I was out clearing my head. Though if the students wanted to get up to a bit of mischief it didn’t really bother me. Getting drunk behind the school during a dance felt a bit like a tradition.

I walked out towards the field. You couldn’t hear the music out here. The night was clear and you could see the stars. I took a deep breath and exhaled. My breath rose through the cold air like a cloud of smoke.

“David!” she called my name.

It wasn’t. It couldn’t be.

“Emma?” I called back.

I turned my head toward the bleachers. And there she was, sitting half way up. I climbed the creaky metal steps towards her. She was wrapped in a heavy winter coat with her long silvery skirt spilling on to the seat below her. Her curls were straightened, and her long blond hair was tumbling over her shoulders.

I sat down next to her.

“You look hot.” She told me.

“Where’s your date?” I asked.

“He came and went.” She shrugged. “He left with that bitch from the soccer team.”

The moon light was bright and I realised she had long trails of dark eyeliner running down her cheeks.

“Have you been crying?”

“I’m not having a good night.”

She shivered in the cold. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, sliding closer to her. She leaned over, resting her head on my chest.

“I waited.” She told me. “My mother said she would come home on her break to see me in my dress so we waited. But she never came.”

“Where is your mother?” I asked. “Why is she never home?”

“She’s nurse.” Emma answered. “She works the night shift because it makes more but I never see her. I know we need the money but I just really wanted to see bursa escort bayan her tonight.”

“So you waited and your date went with someone else?”

“Yeah. I drove myself here but then I felt like maybe I didn’t want to be here at all.”

“I’m sorry that happened.” I turned my head towards her, kissing her forehead.

“I’m not upset about him.” She shook her head. “I didn’t even like him.”

“You’re upset about her.”

“I don’t want to be.” She told me. “We can pay the mortgage and I go to a nice school. All because she works so hard.”

“You can understand why something happens and it can still make you sad.”

“I even got this really great dress because I knew you’d be here.” She laughed. “I thought I looked really good.”

“I even wore this suit.” I admitted. “Because I knew you’d be here.”

“I wanted you to be my date.”

“Show me your dress.”

“Just don’t look at my face.” She stood up, pulling her coat from her shoulders. “I cried off all my make up.”

I reached up, wiping the streak of mascara and eyeliner from her cheek. My hand travelled down, along her neck, over her shoulder, down her arm to her waist. The thin silver fabric skimmed over her body, caressed every curve, hugged her breasts, it left nothing to the imagination while leaving everything to the imagination. Her skin looked pale white in the moon light. I moved my hand across her stomach, stopping between her hips. Her nipples hardened in the cold night air.

“Come here.” I held out my hand.

She took it, and sat down on my lap. I wrapped my arms around her, running my lips along her bare shoulder.

I couldn’t. I shouldn’t. My hand moved from her stomach to her thigh.

“David.” She breathed out my name.

“I’ll stop.” I told her.

“Don’t stop.” She told me.

I moved my other hand up and over her breast, pinching her nipple between my fingers. The fabric was tight and I couldn’t get my hand under her dress. My lips, my tongue, were sucking hard on her neck. She reached back, behind her, where my erection was pressing up against her ass. She got the button of my pants undone in seconds and my zipper down in few more.

I pulled her dress up over her thighs, a small lace thong was all she was wearing underneath. I found her clit, already feeling wet through the fabric, I pressed down, moving it around under my fingers. She let out a small moan, and covered her mouth with her hand.

“I want to hear you.” I whispered, running my tongue along her ear. “I want to hear if it feels good.”

She moved her hand away, her fingers pulling at my hair. I pulled her panties to the side, my finger slid inside her. She was so hot. So wet. It went in so easily. I wanted to make her come.

I felt her rubbing her hand along my cock trying to pull it free. Her hands were cold and her touch made me so sensitive, for a moment it was almost uncomfortable. Then she found her rhythm, down, up, over then head and back down again.

“Emma.” I said her name. I felt it roll off my tongue. I bit down, sucking on her neck.

“More.” She said. “I want more.”

I slid another finger inside her. Then out over her clit and back in again. I wanted her so much. I wanted to fuck her so much. She was tight, and I wanted my cock inside her. Her hand was moving faster, and I knew she would make me come like this.

I wanted to make her come first. The palm of my hand tugged at her clit while my fingers fucked her silt. I went deeper, my fingers moving inside her. I didn’t want to finger fuck her so hard so soon. But she was squirming around in my lap, shoving her pussy onto my hand, forcing it deeper. I moved my other hand from her breast to clit. One hand played with her outside while the other fucked her inside.

I felt some relief this definitely wasn’t her first time like this.

Her hand was holding my cock tighter, moving around me faster.

“David, I…” Her voice trailed off, replaced with a small moan.

“David.” She tried again. I felt her tightening around my fingers.

I was loving playing with her like this, her leg splayed wide, her heels on my knees. She was getting wetter, I felt her soaking through my pants on to my leg. She moaned again. It felt good knowing I was playing her right.

“Don’t stop.” She pressed herself into my hand. I moved my fingers inside her.

“It’s okay.” I kissed her neck. “Come for me.”

Her legs started shaking. I felt her whole body tense up, and then relax as she came. She let out a small squeak. She grabbed on to my hand, holding it inside of her. She tightened around me again. She was breathing so fast. Then she let go of me, moving my hand away from her slit.

Her hand was on my cock was moving again, faster, more purposeful than before.

“Emma, stop.” I grabbed her hand, pulling it away from me. I shifted her to side, so she no longer sitting directly on my lap.

“What?” She said.

“I’m not going to come on your dress.”

“I want to make you come.” She said.

“Give me escort bursa you hand.” I held my hand out. She put her hand in mine and I wrapped it around my cock. Then I wrapped my hand around hers. “Like this.”

I started moving again, slowly this time, with her hand underneath mine. My other arm way around her holding her tight against me. She was watching, focusing on our hands moving together. Faster, then faster again. I knew it wasn’t going to take long. Her hand was so small. So soft. I felt her thumb moving up over the head, around it. My breath was coming out fast, I could see it in the cold air.

It was building up inside of me. I kept watching her, watching me. Her hair was curling again from the sweat on her neck. Her eyes fixed on my cock like this was some important lesson. Her knees draped over my leg. I remembered the feel of her hot, wet pussy on my fingers. How it would feel if I was buried inside her now, her muscles squeezing onto my dick as she came.

Then I started coming and I came hard. Her hand was still around me as I started to catch my breath.

“I didn’t get any on you?” I asked.

“Only my hand.” She answered.

“Good.” I nodded.

I grabbed her coat off the bleachers and pulled it around her shoulders. Then I fixed myself, and tucked my shirt back into my trousers. I was so sweaty under my jacket.

We sat there, the dark winter night suddenly seeming so empty. Her head was resting against my shoulder.

“Can we go your house?” she asked.

Oh god I wanted to say yes. I wanted to fuck her. To really fuck her. This time it had been no fantasy.

“Emma, No. I… we need to think about what happened.” I said.

“I know what happened!” She shouted. She pulled away from me.

“Then I need to think about what happened!” I told her. “Because if I take you home right now I’m just going think ‘to hell with the consequences’ again.”

“We just did all that, and you’re worried now?”

“Well… yes actually. I shouldn’t have done any of that.”

“Why do you always do this?” She stomped her foot. It echoed across the metal.

“Because… I like you, Emma.” I admitted.

“You’re such a coward!” She scoffed.

“Let me drive you home.” I said.

“I drove myself!” She ran down the steps and disappeared in the dark.


“Did I just win?” Emma asked. She was looking up at me grinning.

“You did.” I told her. “Congratulations.”

“Yes!” She jumped up, her fists up in the air. She leapt up onto her chair.

Her skirt was so short, I could see her panties again. They were pink.

“We’ll try again after break.” I said. “But I think you can officially consider yourself a reserve player. The competitions start in February, so you’ll need to keep your schedule clear.”

“Come on David, be happy for me!” She sat down on the table.

“I am.” I said. “You worked really hard.”

“You’ve been acting weird since the dance.”

“I wonder why.”

“I think I have an idea to fix that.” She smirked. “If you let me come over.”

She leaned closer, then closer again. I could smell her perfume; her face was inches away from mine. My heart started racing. I pushed my chair back, away from her.

“No, seriously.” She said. “Can’t I come over? It’s not like my mother has off just because it’s Christmas.”

“Your mother is working on Christmas?”

“The ER is open on Christmas, and my mom gets time and half. Of course she’s working over Christmas.”

I knew I was going to regret this.

“Then why don’t you come over on Christmas.” I told her.

“I won’t jump you.” She laughed. “Or maybe I will. Who knows.”

“We’ll do presents.” I told her. “We’ll order Chinese food. I have a fire place. Nothing fancy.”

“Will you get me something really nice? Since it’s Christmas?”

“What do want?” I asked, feeling apprehensive.

“If I was your girlfriend, what would you get me?”

“I don’t know. You’re not my girlfriend.”

“Am I not?” she asked.

“No.” I answered.

I got up and started clearing off my desk. I was trying to figure out what I needed to take home for the holidays but I was drawing a blank. The truth was, Emma was as close as I had to girlfriend in a long time. I dated, sure. I dated a lot. Just nothing ever seemed to stick. I never found that spark I was looking for and we’d inevitably break up after a few months.

Emma and I had… well I don’t know what Emma and I had, except I would get fired if anyone found out.

“You really are gullible.” She laughed. “I totally just got you to invite me over.”

I sighed. “So your mother is home for Christmas?”

“No.” She said. “I wouldn’t lie to you like that. But you’re like ‘oh can’t be alone with Emma’ and I still got my way.”

“It’s late.” I told her. “Let me take you home, the school is already locked up.”

“I can think of a few other things I’d like to do.”

“Not happening.”

“What’s your address?” she asked.

“I’ll text it to you.”

“Okay, do I get your phone number?”

“You’re on the team now, so I guess so. But for professional use only.”

“Professional use… and Christmas?”

“And Christmas.”

“Don’t you celebrate Christmas?” She asked. “What about your family?”

“We’re Jewish. And I celebrate Chanukah after school. I only ever take off for the last day.”

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