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It was late on a Friday night. I had just gotten off a long workweek and needed to relax. I had been working so much lately I had no time for a social life, so I was without plans for another Friday night. I stopped at the local grocery to pick up some beer and munchies. As it was just after midnight there was few people in the store. As I move through the isles I caught a glimpse of an attractive woman. Being the horn-dog I am I worked my way to the area where she was to get another look.

She was younger then me, wearing cut off jeans and an oversize sweatshirt. She looked good, long brown hair, and nice legs. She looked over her shoulder and caught me looking. Then smiled. I responded with an embarrassed smile for getting caught. She turned down the next isle. I went on with my shopping.

As I went down the beer isle I saw someone at the other end. I did not realize it was her till we both ended up at the same spot. I picked up a 12 pack of Killian’s, and she did also.

She broke the ice, ” I see you have good taste in beer.”

I said, “Thanks, but I think the frozen pizza loses it,” (pointing at my cart).

With that she gave a little giggle the asked, “Are you a good cook, I was going to make some chili and could use a hand. Maybe you can come over and help, we can have your pizza while it’s cooking.”

I was a bit taken aback by her boldness, but yet attracted to her at the same time. She could see by the smile on my face as I approved of the idea.

We went on from their together and got more things for the chili, and then checked out together. We had split the goods into two carts so it was easy to ck out. She went to her car and I loaded my stuff in my truck. I followed her a short distance to her place, and then we took the groceries in. It was a very nice two-story house, and seemed to be a well to do area.

We sorted the goods and I placed the items for the chili out on the kitchen island, she put the rest away.

Getting us both a beer she asked, “would you like a tour of the place before we start cooking?”

I said, “that would be great.”

As we walked through the house I could not keep my eyes off her ass. It looked so firm and tight in her shorts. Then it happened, she caught me looking! As I looked up into her eyes she smiled.

I tried to cover by saying, ” you have a nice place.”

She just grinned and said, “it was time to start cooking.”

As we got back to the kitchen she said, “make yourself at home, and lets see just how good you are in the kitchen.”

She had a subdued grin, but I caught it. Not saying a word, I washed my hands while looking around the kitchen to see what I thought was the basic layout and went to work. I placed the food items to one side on the island then grabbed three different sizes of knives from the block and a cutting board. As I did I asked her to grab two frying pans. I think she was surprised at my ease in the kitchen. She quickly picked up that I was good in the kitchen and joined in. We worked like a team dicing and mixing all the items in the large pot for the chili.

As we grabbed another beer I said, “all we need to do now it let it cook.”

She said, “We have time to play then.” with a smirk.

She lead the way to the basement. It is fully decked out, pool table, TV, stereo, chairs, couch and a bar.

She looked at me and said, “rack’em!”

It’s her place, and I know I am playing on her field. As I set them up, she rolls the tunes. I have the rack set and it is her break. She walks up and grab a stick, then looks over her shoulder at me and grins. I know I am being set up! I can see the table is not for just show, she knows how to play. She sinks two stripes on the break.

Looking up at me she say’s, “nice rack.”

I say, “yea, looked good from here.”

She missed on her next shot. I think it was what she wanted. I make a few shots and it goes back and forth till she wins. She tells me to rack them again while she goes to stir the chili and get us another beer. I set up the rack then check out the basement. It is rather large and well set up. I flipped through the cds and found a wide assortment. I look over the bar and see it is well stocked. Then to the TV nice sized, a cabinet has several DVD’s in it, several are unmarked. It seems like a long time while she is gone.

As she returns I notice she has changed, she has on a pair of men’s silk boxers, and a satin tank top, which seems to form to your body very well.

She sees the stunned look on my face and just smiles and says, “I’ll just put these in the fridge.”

It is then that I see she has several beers in hand.

I ask, “do you need a hand?”

She replys, “no, I’ve got it.”

She walks toward the bar as I watch her every move. As she gets to the fridge and opens the door she slowly bends over and puts the beers on the bottom shelf, the boxers rise up and cup the globes of her ass, I can’t help but stare. She looks over her shoulder to see if I Kıbrıs Escort am looking. I catch your look and smile and raise an eyebrow in approval.

She returns to the table and asks, “Ready to play?”

I smile with an evil grin and say, “Yea, let’s play.”

She breaks but doesn’t drop anything. She looks at me thinking I did not rack them as well. I just step up to take my shot. I clear six balls before I miss. She evens it up before missing. I drop the rest of my balls and the eight ball. She is impressed and I am amazed. I have never done that before.

I ask, with a smirk, “one more game?”

She looks at me a just nods, I feel that I am in trouble; she is going to kick my ass. As she leans down to get the rack her top sags and I can see her breasts. My cock hardens. She racks the balls, fondling them as I watch. She knows. As she steps to the side, I set up for the break. She slides her hand under her top and caresses her soft skin then up to her breasts.

I do my best to break, she is so hot. But I can play also.

I drop two solids, and ask, “are you playing dirty or teasing?”

She gives me the (what me look). I take my next shot and flub it. She grins, and then sets up her shot. I am just staring at her hot ass as she bends to shot. My cock is getting harder in my pants; she turns and sees the bulge in my pants. Its getting to the point that I don’t think I can even hit the cue ball let alone anything else.

Before she can shot I speak up and say, “how about a shot?” Nodding toward the bar.

She says, “yea that’s a good idea, what do you want?”

I tell her I will let her pick, she agrees and walks behind the bar setting up two small glasses and pulls out a bottle of Tequila. She pours some in each glass, more then a shot and puts the bottle on the bar. She gets lime from the fridge and lays it out for us. We don’t speak while she does this. But I have not taken my eyes off her.

Every time she moves her tits sway against her top, and she has a hot ass too. She does not wait for me; she takes the salt, the shot, then the lime and shakes her head while making a face. I just grin. I put some salt on my hand while holding the lime. I pick up the shot then toss the salt over my left shoulder, down the shot and the dab the lime behind my ears. She just looks at me for a second then busts out laughing.

We go back to the pool table to play, but I want to start a new game. As I walk up behind her I place my hands on her hips and squeeze gently.

She says, “I don’t think I can shot like that.”

I say, “I know I could”.

With that she turns to face me and says, “Show me!”

I turned her around slowly pulling her toward me and kissed her, she opens up and our tongues meet. Our hands are slowly moving, exploring each other. I slide up under her top and find her hot firm tits. Her nipples are large and hard. As I pinch them I hear a muffed moan as she push’s her tongue deeper into my mouth. It is then that she works her hand down to undo my pants. She pushes them past my hips and they fall to the floor, my cock springs up as they do. She moves her hand down and strokes me through my boxers, feeling it throb in her hand. I let her stoke it a few times then push her away. Looking into her eyes, I pick her up and set her on the edge of the pool table. As I near her, she reaches out for my cock. I stop her and smile. Slowly I reach up and push her top up just above your tits. They are so firm and full, and her nipples are very hard. I take time to suck and lick them both, making sure they have equal time. By now she is squirming, she is rocking her ass on the table. I can see the wetness on her silk boxers.

I slid my hand down from her tits slowly, and making my way to her thigh. I moved closer to her wet spot and I feel her twitch. I slowly rub her through her silk boxers and she spreads her legs open for me. As I pull the boxers off she rises up to let them slide off. I push her back across the table, squeezing her tits as I do. I lean forward across her body and kiss her lips, then work my way down.

I kiss my way down her right thigh, to her knee and on to her ankle, and then place her foot in the corner pocket. Sliding up to her firm tight belly I do the same her left leg, placing it too into the other corner pocket. I move once more to her abs and tongue her belly button, making her squirm. Then I work my way to the sweet spot. She is so hot and has me so worked up I want to just dive right in, but somehow I find control and go slow. Kissing softly around her hot lips and legs, and softly blowing on her clit, seeing it swell a bit more. I softly start to finger her lips and can feel the juices running out of her, she is so ready. As I slide a finger in to her pussy, she lets out a gasp, as if she were holding your breath.

I push my finger in deep then pump it slowly before adding another, causing her to arch her back. Her hands were gripping the rails of the table. I press my face Kıbrıs Escort Bayan to her pussy and to suck her hard clit. As soon as my lips touch it she screams out with pleasure and thrust her hips into my face. I push two fingers into her wet hole as deep as I can and suck hard on her clit. I catch a glimpse of her gripping her tits and squeezing her nipples hard. This has her really screaming, telling me to suck harder and fuck her. And that’s just what I do till she orgasmed so hard she gushed all over my face. I am surprised but quickly recover and suck up every drop of her pussy nectar as she twitched and had spasm’s under me. I continue to lick and suck till I feel her legs go limp.

I have cum dripping down my chin as I look up at her. Her feet are still in the pocket, but her legs have gone limp to each side as well as her arms, they to are spread to each side of the table. I gaze upon her while catching my breath and can see her breathing very heavy, almost as if gasping for air. A smile crosses my face knowing I made her cum so hard.

At this point I could cum in an instant, and thinking she will need to settle a bit helped me cool down. But that was where I was wrong.

She sat up suddenly; catching me by surprise and looking into my eyes with a fiery gleam said, “FUCK ME NOW”!

I did not think, I just acted, and did as she commanded! Dropping my boxers, I stood there with my cock ready. As I neared her pussy she grabbed my cock and guided it in, she was so wet I slide in with ease; it was then she clinched and I felt the pressure. I did not think I could take it, then she relaxed and I watched her as she pinched her nipples as if trying to rip them off.

And again she looked me with the look of evil and said “FUCK ME NOW, HARD”!

I was almost scared at this point, I had never been with a woman so demanding and yet it was erotic. So I did as she demanded and drove into her as hard and deep as I could. I could not believe I did not cum as soon as I entered her, it must have been the shock of her dominance and the excitement it caused in me that held me back. I pumped her till I thought my legs would give out, and I was going to cum. It was then that she yelled out the she was cumming, and I could feel her pussy clinch my cock so hard. It sent me over the top; I burst inside if her cumming like I have never cum before! Pumping hard as I shot into her I could feel her pussy clinching with each wave of her orgasm till I could not thrust any longer, and just lay on top of her as she milked my cock dry.

As I pulled out, my legs gave out and I managed to fall into the chair behind me. I sat there panting for breath seeing her not moving, laying spread open on the pool table with cum oozing out of her pussy. I was wiped out, so I lay my head back to rest. As I did I could see she had relaxed and heard her breathing settle to a calm. It was then I drifted off to a semi-sleep state.

Not knowing how long I was out, I woke to find her sucking my cock. And it felt sooooo good! She had me hard again and ready to go. Once she saw me open my eyes and clear my head, she gave me a few deep sucks then smacking her lips.

She said, “you taste so good!”

Then she stood up and walked to the bar, still naked, my cock throbbed just watching. As she reached the bar she turned and motioned for me to join her. She poured us both another shot, and without any hesitation we both downed them.

It was then she said, “we need to go check our chili.”

Taking me by the hand we walked up to the kitchen naked. As I walked behind you I could not help but to look at your firm round ass and think about putting my cock into it.

We went to the sink and washed our hands, then went to inspect our chili. The crock-pot was full to the rim and was doing well. You gave it a stir and we both took a taste.

It was funny, we both said at the same time, “needs more spice.”

Laughing we dumped in the added spices and gave it a good stir. After covering the pot, I turned her around and planted a kiss on her that would have started a fire. And that is just what happened.

Pushing me back lightly, she asked me to get us both a beer. As I did, she took something from a cabinet, then went to the living room just off from the kitchen. I could see her lighting a fire in the fireplace. I switched off the lights in the kitchen and walked to the room as the fire took off. I could see her standing naked in the firelight. Her body was aglow with the fire and the gleam made you shine. I brought our drinks, and as I did she looked down and smiled. My cock was hard. She took the beer in one hand and cupped my balls with the other. Not missing a beat she took a big swig of beer then dropped to her knees and went down on me. I was in shock till her warm lips and the grip she had on me brought me out of it.

She was amazing, licking and sucking, just driving me crazy. Then she stopped, looking up at me she took one last long lick up from my Escort Kıbrıs balls to the tip of my cock, and circled the tip. It was then that she slowly laid down on the soft rug and started to rub her tits. She wanted me, and she wanted me now!

But I had other plans for her! I knelt down with my cock just inches from your pussy then brushing along her inner thighs. Teasing her I nudged the head of my prick to her lips, then backed off. I could see she wanted it, and now, so I teased her more. Grabbing her legs and pushing them back to her shoulders as if to drive deep into her, but I moved down and dove in face first. I did not tease, I did not play, I went hard on to her clit and sucked it all in. As my fingers reached her wet hole I pushed two into her causing her to buck harder. She had gotten so wet; her juices were running out and down her ass crack. By now she had gotten into it so much she had her hands on her legs pulling them till they were above her head.

I took this as a good sign and went for it all. I swiped my tongue along her pussy then moved to her ass and circled her tight hole. With the way she moved I took it as a good sign and went on to lick her till her pussy was running. I wet my finger and pushed it into her tight hole. She must have been ready cause I slipped in easily. She’s so tight dare I try two? She push’s back onto my fingers as if wanting more. Slowly working her hot ass, her pussy is still oozing wetting my fingers as they push into her.

I ready my cock to enter her, but she lowers her legs and reaches under the near table for something. She brings out a small bottle of olive oil. Pouring a small pool in her hand she coats her pussy and ass, dipping her fingers into her tight little hole lubing it up even more. Then pouring just a bit more in her hand she reaches for my hard cock and stroked it rubbing it down with oil. Setting the bottle to the side she griped my cock and gently pulls me to her, aiming it for her hot ass. I saw the look in her eyes and knew she wanted it, so I let her guide me to her puckered little hole till I nudged against it. It was then she released her grip and grabbed her cheeks spreading herself open for me. Her asshole was closed tight, but the playing and the oil let me pop in with ease as I pushed forward.

I held back a bit as not to hurt her, or me, then feeling her relax I pushed in more. Holding mid-way I waited again, it was then I could feel her muscles working me and she rocked back on me till I was fully in her. I started slowly sliding in and out, working her ass with my cock. It was so tight and hot I just kept pumping. Then she pressed her hands to my hips and held me, I stopped.

Looking up she said, “let me turn over.”

As I slid out of her ass I could see her bite her lip, then she rolled over planting her knees on the rug and lowering her face to it also. This pushed her ass up and exposed one of the hottest sites I have ever seen.

She looked so hot bent over I did not know which hole to fill first. Her ass was gleaming with pussy juice and olive oil. As I knelt down behind her I could not help myself, I to a long swipe with my tongue up from her wet pussy to her ass. This made her moan with delight. It was then she reached a hand underneath and started to finger her pussy. So since she were working that, I would go for the other hole. I took the bottle of oil and dribbled more on her ass till it was trailing down to her pussy. Not that it needed it as wet as she was, but it was fun. I took a swipe of oil and coated my cock, then lined up to her rosebud. I pushed slowly and then she pushed back suddenly taking me all in with one thrust. I thought I would cum right then till she clenched on my cock and that made me stop.

She slowly rocked forward then pushed back hard driving me deeper into her ass with a slap. Her hand was working her pussy and I could hear the wetness as she pumped in and out with her fingers. I took this as a sign that she was ready for a good ass fucking.

I pulled out slowly till the head was at the rim then hesitated for just a second and drove it in all the way. I think I caught her by surprise, but she pushed back looking for more. It was time to go for broke! I pumped her ass and even gave it a little slap which seemed to excite her even more. My dick was getting numb, and I knew I was close to cumming again. She was close too and went into overtime on her pussy. I could not hold any longer and shot a load of cum in her wanting ass. This set her off and she started cumming also. I could tell from the way she was screaming and the fact that her ass was clenched on my cock so hard I could not pull out.

I just held on to her with my cock softening in her ass as her orgasm waved over her. Slowly she calmed down and released me as she collapsed on the rug. Her hand was still under her and flooded with cum. I could not believe I was still able to sit upright as I sat back on my heels and tried to catch my breath.

As I sat there, I looked at her in the firelight. Still laying face down with her hand between her legs and her ass oiled up from a good pumping, I was stunned. Being as spent and totally satisfied as I was my cock gave a twitch, and I let out a giggle. It was then she looked up and saw what I thought was funny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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