Christmas Toy Run

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The thunder of the huge V Twin motor echoed around the workshop-come-garage as the tall man kicked it into life and settled down into the comfortable saddle. He allowed the motor to ease to a low rumble while the door slowly opened and the magnificent low rider slid slowly into the daylight.

She was a beautiful ride with cherry red frame with a tear-drop tank with matching paint and long licks of blue flames, matching side covers, guards and air cleaner. All done in the rich cherry red, even the leather king and queen saddle was done in red leather.

He rolled her slowly down the driveway and turned onto the road. The deep throb of the V Twin turned into a howling scream as he cracked the throttle open and accelerated to speed.

He looked tough, was tough in his biking world, but once a year at Christmas, the gruff exterior showed a softer side. He helped to arrange, collect and deliver toys for under privileged children, even dressing up for the part.

Today was the beginning of the toy run for them. He has forgotten how many times he has joined this tradition. But what he could remember was the smiles and laughter of the children as they received their Christmas gifts. The magic and wonder of meeting Santa, of feeling special when he smiled and handed them their special gift. That was priceless to him and melted his heart.

Heading across town to pick up his girlfriend, the big V Twin ate up the road. The sun climbed slowly into the sky and it was going to be another hot December day in the southern hemisphere. He idled back as he approached her fancy condo so as not to annoy all the suits that lived in the overpriced neighbourhood.

Parking the heavy v twin on her veranda, he took his personal key out. Quietly he opened the door to her house. He smiled. He could hear the shower running. As usual she was running late.

A wicked idea popped into his head and he smiled widened even more broadly.

He dropped his clothes, one by one, as he moved towards the bathroom. He pushed the bathroom door open and he saw her with water running over her firm body. Her body glistened, firm, well-formed and sexy as hell. Moving silently, he closed in on her. A predator after his prey. She was oblivious of his presence as the sound of the shower robbed her of hearing outside of her immediate area.

Suddenly he was in her personal space, her shower area and looming over her. He grabbed hold of her. She yelled in surprise but recognised his hot masculine figure and arrogant manner immediately. He moved in close, his hard cock sliding between her thighs. He placed one arm around her waist and the other on her back pressing down. He forced her to bend over, bringing her pussy backwards to him. He pushed her feet apart with his leg, causing her pussy to open wide. The hot water from the shower ran from her pussy lips while the tip of his cock teased her. Then with a grunt and massive thrust he entered her sex and impaled her on his cock.

At his touch, she tensed and tried to pull away but he was too strong. His massive arms held her in a vice like grip pulling her backwards towards him. His thick cock pushed in her deeper, overcoming the tightness of her pussy. He pushed right in until he was completely engulfed in her velvet sheath. Remaining stationary, he allowed her pussy to accommodate his cock. The hot water cascaded down their bodies. He enjoyed the shower splattering on his body and his tense muscles were relaxing under the repeat pummelling of the hot water.

Slowly he began to move inside her. She braced her arms against the glass wall, spreading her legs and pushing her pert butt back towards him. She wanted him with an animal lust, gladly offering her body to him. Grabbing a handful of her red hair, he pulled her head back and kissed her hard and passionately. His hands roamed across her body, exploring her contours again as if for a first time. She groaned, sexually turned on as much as he was. Her pussy flooded with her wet desire, coating her man in her womanly scent.

Slowly he began to thrust deeply into her tight pussy. Powerful muscles driving his stiff shaft deeply into her intimate depths. Rapidly his speed and force increased as he began to pound hard against her slight body. His climax approached fairly fast, due to the circumstance of entering her home, invading her shower and fucking her without a word spoken. His lust reared up, like an unleashed stallion. Again and again he rammed into her body. He continued to ream her tight cunt till with a loud groan he flooded her velvet sheath with hot sticky cum. His body shuddered with each spurt until he drained everything into her. He felt her internal muscles milk the last drop from his softening cock.

Feeling guilty and selfish now his lust was satisfied, he turned her to face him, kissing her passionately. His hands caressed her breasts and fondled her stomach. He whispered, “Your turn baby.”

With his cock poking between her thighs, he reached down Kıbrıs Escort between her spread legs and cupped her cheeks in his hands. He was a strong man and he lifted her from the floor with an almost frightening ease. He slid her up the wall higher and higher, silently instilling his power and strength and her vulnerability into her psyche. Eventually her head was near the ceiling and her sweet muff was level with his head.

He grabbed her knees and spread her open wide till her cunt was spread for him as was his intention. He looked at her delicacy and buried his face deep in her pussy. His tongue slid up and down her lips and danced across her clit teasing her higher and higher in her own pleasure world.

Antonia looked down at him in between her legs, it was hot. It was dirty. It was fucking obscene.

She loved him when he surprised her like this and showed how much he liked to fuck her. She loved the desire they had for each other. She spread her arms wide, pushing at the walls to give her a sounder grip in her elevated position.

His tongue and mouth eating her made her pant and moan, “Mmmm, fuck yes. Right there baby!”

His tongue continued to probe and prod her sheath, flicking her clitoris and scraping his teeth and tongue on her vulva. Eventually he settled on her clit and sucks, increasing the pressure and suction each time.

Antonia began to thrust her hips giving him all he wanted, her pussy, her body and her lusty need. Nothing was hidden from him, everything was exposed and open for his access.

His tongue swirled across her clit’s sensitive head and while she squirmed and enjoyed him, he moved her legs to his shoulders. Her thigh’s now placed around his neck, he slammed two fingers deep into her slippery sheath. He fingered her strongly while he continued to suckle her clitoris. His fingers moved faster and faster in and out. He was never a gentle lover. His woman always felt the aftermath of his pleasuring and sexy attention.

He heard Antonia’s groans and moans and felt her body writhe. She cried aloud and then, “Damn baby your fingers are going to make me cum!”

He continued rolling his tongue around her clitoris as he rammed a third finger into her, faster and harder, fucking her with his fingers. Reaching up, he grabbed at her breast. He knew she loved that and kneaded each one firmly.

Antonia cried, “Don’t stop please. Fuck me with those fingers!” She moved in to her own little pleasure world and let her lust take over, just like he loved. Her hips moved on their own to a deeper rhythm; that old mating dance itself formed by instinct and passed down from generation to generation.

“I’m coming right here, right now, all over your hand and fingers,” She stated shrilly in her sexed up state.

He felt her orgasm begin to spread through her body. He began rolling her nipple between his thumb and finger and tugging it firmly. His fingers continued to work and squelch in her sopping pussy.

Antonia’s body began gyrating and shaking as he felt that throb and twitch in her pussy gripping and clenching down on his thrusting fingers. He twisted his wrist as his fingers ploughed her pussy, hammering her through her shattering and noisy climax.

He lowered her sagging body when he felt the waves of her orgasm fade and held her close for her to regain her strength and to convey his thanks and tenderness for the gift she had just bestowed on him.

After a while, they returned to earth and realised they had an errand to run. Drying themselves quickly, he dressed in the old Santa costume. It was a bit frayed now after years of use and a bit tighter around the middle, though the boots were in excellent condition. When dressed, he stood and watched as Antonia pulled on her Santa’s helper outfit.

He noticed it fitted her as well today as it did the first day he brought it for her. It fit snugly to her curves. First she drew on a tiny sheer g string that barely covered her sex and left her firm ass cheeks bare. He growled low in his belly in appreciation and admiration.

Then she put on the red fur trimmed mini skirt in red velvet that almost covered her arse! When she stood and straightened up, it fitted snugly around her flat stomach.

Antonia looked over at him and cupped her breasts teasing him, enticing him naughtily. His eyed glowed dangerously and when he stirred and began moving towards her, she bounced over the bed squealing, “NO we are already late!”

Quickly she slipped her ¼ cup bra on. He remembered when she didn’t bother with a bra, but now, being that little bit older in years, gravity affected them all over time. The top still looked hot as hell and barely covered her boobs.

He helped her pull on the thigh high leather boots that fitted to her shapely legs like a second skin. Damn she might be a mature lady but looked good and hotter than most 25 year olds! When she was finished, he admired her look, it was sexy but not indecent. He Kıbrıs Escort Bayan was constantly amazed that she loved an old broken down bikie, well past his use by date. He counted his blessings, taking every day with her as a gift.

He was proud that the men would admire her, the woman would watch her warily but the kids would love her like always, just like he did.

They had to get going. There was a lot to do before they arrived at the orphanage to distribute the Christmas presents that the motor bike club had collected since last Christmas.

They stored them at their club house which was their first stop.

Climbing onto the low rider, he kicked it into life and the rumble of the big V Twin filled the air. He couldn’t understand the new bikes that had only electric starters, but the new generations of riders were used to having everything push button. In fact he doubted if they could actually kick start a high compression V Twin. He chuckled to himself, “Bloody pussies calling themselves bikies!”

Settling into the saddle he gave Antonia a hand as she climbed on behind.

His naughty imagination pictured her skirt riding high on her arse, exposed to anyone behind. Her arms wrapping around his waist, hands resting on his groin and her breasts crushed to his back. It made it hard not to be distracted from the traffic and when she kissed his neck as they pulled onto the road, he had to fight hard not to toss her over the bike and take her there and then.

It was a short trip to the club house. They had the traditional BBQ breakfast with his club brothers and sisters. They were family connected by spilt blood, sweat and their love for their club and colours. The older members tended to congregate together reminiscing about past rides and adventures.

These days, the members were tame compared to the early years when they were first establishing the clubs territory. There had been some great rumbles but now the areas had been established and life had been peaceful for a long time.

Hooking the small trailer filled with wrapped presents to his bike, he was ready for the toy run and looking forward to the looks of joy and happiness on those children he was about to visit as Santa. It was a big day for them. The annual Christmas party one of the few highlights in their young sad lives, but it gave them hope and dreams for their future.

There was a substantial amount of organising required for the day to go smoothly. Presents needed to be matched to children’s names, age’s and gender. Mostly that was a job best left to the staff of the orphanage and Santa’s several helpers.

The club members did what they do best. They rode their big bikes giving the kids a ride around the oval marked out for the occasion and posed for photographs so the kids would have a memento of their ride.

Then they had a big lunch of traditional Xmas fare where everyone ate and drank far too much. They laughed, told the awful cracker jokes and wore the traditional paper crowns on their heads. Everyone enjoyed themselves but were waiting expectantly for the finale of the day, handing out of the truck load of presents by Santa.

The big tough bikies showed just how soft they really were when the kids hugged them all as they received their presents. Without fail, each male was choked with silent tears. Some even had a tear escape from their eyes and slip down to their grizzled beards. Of course, they all tried to act like they are not affected by the scene and by the thanks and gratefulness of the children and orphanage staff.

Antonia stood by Santa and gripped his hand to let him know she loved and supported him. He had just given out the last of the presents. He was too choked to speak. She leant forward to lighten the moment for him and whispered wickedly, “I took my panties off, you want to give your woman an oval orgasm on that big bike of yours?” She discreetly showed him the flimsy panties in her hand.

His only reaction was to take and push the panties into his pocket and pull her towards his big huge V Twin.

“God I love Christmas,” he thought silently, dragging her to his bike.

She giggled and fumbled in her heels to keep up with his determined strides.

The thought of allowing herself to get sexually excited in public, where children and adults could unwittingly see her, was the forbidden and naughty thrill that caused her pussy to suddenly quiver, sexually awaken and moisten.

She knew she would have to contain and try to conceal her building orgasm, and build she would. He knew exactly how much throttle and edge to give his bike for the vibrations to tease and titillate her pussy. All bikers did. They took pride in this sexual foreplay to bring their female passengers to orgasm on their bikes. They even bragged about it in the club house. Sometimes it was to fuck the woman afterwards. Sometimes it was just for their amusement and because they could.

Antonia was Escort Kıbrıs already wet when her bare pussy made contact with the leather seat on his bike. That initial cool touch on her hot sex roused her more. He knew just how to make his bike vibrate to make her squirm and scream in ecstasy into his neck. She flushed and smeared the seat in her feminine lubricant.

Sat astride his big rumbling bike, she hugged onto his back. He kicked it into action and it burst into life.

“This is a treat in heaven.” She thought as she felt the first vibrations begin between her legs. She shivered ready for the familiar sensation. It happened within seconds and travelled straight to her clitoris and then out and up her body to her tits and nipples. Her body was invigorated and sexually charging.

He rode on to the oval. She moaned softly as her breath quickened and grinned wickedly. Her ride was just beginning and she was already panting with that big machine between her legs.

Anyone looking at the couple doing the oval run would just see a woman riding pillion on a bike with the rider, but if they looked closer, they would see no panty line through her dress and that she was slowly gyrating her hips in instinct to the throbbing machine between her legs and that her mouth was open as her breasts moved up and down in time with her panting.

He revved the engine and the tremors shook her bare pussy on the seat. She let out a small cry that only he could hear as he rode the bike round the oval. The strong vibrations darted to her clitoris and sparked up her body to shake her tits and tease her nipples. They hardened through her dress. Her clitoris engorged and swelled and became more sensitive. She felt a surge of heat to her pussy and her wet pleasure slimed on the seat.

He used and fondly caressed the gears of his bike, fully aware that he had turned it into one big vibrator for her. He even felt the pleasant quivers himself on his own cock and balls. That coupled with her writhing on his bike; her thighs and knees sexily gripping his hips; her pressing of her pelvis backwards and forwards and pushing those nice soft tits into his back, made him begin charging his own sexual batteries.

He couldn’t see her but his imagination could. She was a writhing mass of heated passion, ready for his taking. Fuck! He was turned on. His cock was as hard as iron right now!

He felt her panting breath on his neck. She was close, he could tell her intimate little noises by now. He purposefully bought the vibrations down on his bike to tease her more and to cause a promising throb on her pussy, not quite enough to push her to the brink but just enough to keep her simmering and on the boil.

He felt a punch on his back, between his shoulder blades and knew she was protesting and frustrated. He chuckled to himself and deliberately kept her hovering to build her anticipation and improve the strength of her orgasm when it came.

He wanted her to feel the naughtiness of the situation, of sitting on his bike with no panties on; the crowds of people not far away who could see them and realise at any moment, her wicked secret of using his bike to stimulate a climax and of course the thrill of being caught and seen in her release.

He fired the bike again.

Antonia was beside herself. She was so turned on. Her pussy was on fire. Right now, if he put his head between her legs, she would lie back on his bike, spread her legs and yell, “Hell Yes!”

She was past caring who would see her!

He knew of his power over her and that excited her more. He had enough experience to know how to use his bike to tease a woman to perfection and right on to the grand orgasm finale.

She gripped his arms and let her fingers caress and squeeze him. It was her way of covertly conveying her excitement to him. She simmered. She boiled. She sizzled on his bike as the vibrations rose and fell to sexually charge her attuned body.

He suddenly upped the ante. The vibrations grew stronger and her clitoris could take no more of the overload. It burst in unfettered joy. She let out a stifled cry and gripped his waist as tight as she could so she didn’t slump and fall.

A burst of bright colours hit her eyes as she shut them in her rapture. Her body convulsed in her ultimate pleasure, riding and edging the waves of her climax as he expertly controlled the vibrations of his bike. Her pussy gushed and smeared and spread her scented juice on his fine leather.

It was after all what he used to polish and clean that leather seat. Pure unadulterated pussy cum and juice. The best scented leather bike oil in the world!

Eventually he felt her slump against him and he upped the vibrations to make her sensitive clit jump in the aftermath. He loved doing that, feeling her jump and moan post orgasm, begging him to let her rest.

He heard the pleading gurgles behind him and took pity on her. He slowed and lowered them down to a quiet hum and rode more gently.

By the time he had returned to the start of the Oval run, she had recovered enough to stand. He helped her off his bike, smiling at her slightly dazed look. Then using her panties from his pocket, he polished the seat till it, like her, gleamed to satisfaction.

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