Clara the Babysitter Ch. 02

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Note: You may want to read the first chapter to find out how Clara started out on her knees…


Clara was still on her knees. Her hands by her side, looking at the Jim and Karen. A part of her felt embarrassed, but she also felt so horny being caught sucking a cock, and having sucked and licked the two of them.

She never knew who she was servicing before. It always turned her on, but now knowing, and seeing the two of them naked in front of her, her juices were completely soaking her panties.

She had been hired to watch their kids, but they found her sucking off boys. “Oh God! How many did they see me blow? Was this the first time?” she started to worry some more.

Karen stood over her. Looking imposing with her hands on her hips, legs spread slightly. Clara had just been licking that pussy, and could still taste it upon her lips. She could see the pussy lips slightly protruding, and puffy from excitement. She was sure hers looked similar right now, if they weren’t being covered up with the rest of her clothes.

She wanted to leave. To get home and strip down to play with herself. But she was too afraid to move a muscle.

Karen looked over at the boyfriend. “Get out.” He started to mumble something. “Now. And if I were you, I’d forget that you were here tonight.” Her face was firm, her voice commanding, but not loud.

He didn’t argue anymore. Tucking his shriveling dick back in his pants he left without a word.

Clara knew she had better stay quiet. And for some reason, she didn’t even think to get off her knees. They started to ache, but she feared what Jim and Karen might do to her. She looked down ready. Were they going to tell her parents. She was an adult after all, but still a kid to them.

“I can assume” Jim started, “that our kids are safely tucked into bed.”

Clara nodded her head.

“And Anadolu Yakası Escort they’ve never witnessed this, ” Karen’s voice was still firm.

Clara could only nod again.

“How many times have you done this?” Karen continued. “I know this isn’t the first time.”

“Here? Or total?”

Jim and Karen looked at each other. “My oh my” he thought to himself, a slight smile appearing on his lips.

Karen saw the smile, and smiled too. “Oh yeah, we have a little cock sucking slut here don’t we”, she thought. “Both.”

“This was my second time at your house. I’ve done it more other places too.” She feared they’d see through her lies, so she thought she’d just come out with it. “I guess it’s been going on for about four weeks now. Maybe a 6 or 8 times.”

“How about you tell us all about what’s going on.” Jim extended his hand to Clara, offering to help her off the floor. She looked at it, and finally took it. She wasn’t expecting them to be kind like this. But she wasn’t expecting to give them her sexual history either.

“Come, sit in the chair” Karen said. “It will be more comfortable.”

Clara started to walk over to the chair. Karen and Jim were sat on the loveseat. Her legs were slightly spread, and soon she had a hand slowly stroking his still hard cock. Clara was mesmerized watching them.

“You know Clara, you’re the only still dressed,” she said. “I found your bra. Why don’t you shed the rest of your clothes and put it with it. ” Karen held the bra up. It wasn’t anything spectacular. Just a plain colored bra to keep her breast held in place.

“I’ve never been naked in front of other people before.”

“Seems like a minor thing since we’re naked, and you’ve gone down on both of us tonight already. I think it will be much more comfortable, for everyone involved. You can’t say you’re shy, and Kurtköy Escort I know you’re enjoying checking out my husbands cock.”

It was true, Clara had never been fully naked in front of others. It was hard to imagine her being as shy as she actually was. That’s what the blindfold was for. She saw it discarded off to the side. She slowly pulled her shirt off and threw it near where her bra was. She pulled her jeans and panties down at the same time. Maybe if she did it fast enough it would be over sooner the thought.

Clara sat in the leather chair. Her legs pinned together so tight. Hands in her lap – trying to cover her breast and pussy the best she could. The harder she tried, the more naked she felt.

“So,” Karen started. “How did this start?”

“Well I got here tonight…”

“No,” Jim interrupted forcefully. “Not tonight. How did it start? Let’s go back to when you started being a blindfolded cocksucker.” A smile escaped his lips. He liked the sound of it.

It startled Clara a little. Jim and Karen always appeared so proper. She never expected to be naked in front of them, talking like that.

Clara closed her eyes and thought back. “Well it started shortly after I started dating my current boyfriend.”

“We’d only been dating a week. I’ve never let a guy go past second base, over clothes stuff, but I soon found myself going further with him. At the end of our second date, we’d been kissing kind of heavy, and next thing I knew my hand was resting on his dick. I guess he’d fished it out while we were making out and I didn’t realize it.”

“I’d watched a little porn, and talked to other girls, so I basically just jacked him off. I guess that what he wanted. He came a couple minutes later. As soon as we were done, our date ended, and I walked inside like nothing happened.”

“The next date was the Pendik Escort same thing. We were at his house watching a movie, which led to making out. Next thing I know, I’m stroking him, but I’ve never touched his clothes. I guess I was good because he came again for me, and he was taking it out for me to play with.”

“The fourth date we’re watching some dumb movie. Lots of girls in skimpy clothes making out with guys type of thing. All of a sudden he just asks ‘Don’t you like my dick?’ I just looked at him, so he points, and says ‘Why don’t you take it out and play with it?'”

“It wasn’t the end of the date, but I went ahead and did it. I fished his dick out and started stroking it. I guess he liked what I did. After a minute or so he’s kissing me and pulls back. ‘Why don’t you kiss it?’ His hand is on my head, and he pushed it gently that way. I looked at the screen and saw a girl going down on a guy, so I guess that what he wanted. I started kissing the tip, and went to give it a big kiss, and as it’s passing my lips, he shoots his load inside my mouth.”

“I left to clean up. When I got back, he was still hanging all out, watching this cheesy flick. Topless girls, monster’s chasing people. You know, basic stuff to get guys excited. His dick was getting hard again and he wanted to know if I wanted to suck on him proper like. I felt nervous. I hadn’t done anything like that, so I left.”

“But I had to admit it. I liked it. Or something in me liked it, because I was super wet walking home. I got home, locked myself in my room, and rubbed my pussy till I made myself cum.”

“So you were wet then, like you are now?” Karen asked her.

How did she know?

“Darling, everyone in this room knows you’re horny as fuck. Hell, we all are. Don’t look surprised,” Karen continued.

“So why did you start doing it blindfolded?” Ken asked.

It was a reasonable question. One which Clara felt stupid for doing the first time, that was until she learned how much she enjoyed it. Just like she was enjoying telling about her adventures. He hands were no longer trying to hide her breasts, and her legs had separated a little.

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