“Clare” Unconventional Aunt Ch. 03

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I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be. I have met almost his entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years. I don’t know how, I asked, he didn’t say.

They all have in one way or another committed incest. I doubted Daniel and others I talked to at first. I soon learned how naive I was. Over the last three years I decided to put them to paper. There are ten stories in all. I started submitting them here for your consideration.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long. Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

Daniel insisted I talk to one person before any others. That person was JB.

This story is one that almost never saw the light of day. Jay at first rejected any attempt to publish this. Clare on the other hand encouraged it. They are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

This is the third chapter. With Odell gone Jay begins learning more about Clare.


Breakfast was really more like brunch. Clare was up and showered by the time I headed that way. Mom and dad were in the kitchen when I came in. The coffee smelled good but I decided on orange juice. Clare was serving pancakes and crisp bacon. The conversation was centered on the weather, and prospects of the upcoming football season. I had just finished eating when Jesse walked in. I cleared my plate and offered her my seat. I even poured her a cup of coffee. Clare stood up to serve her breakfast.

“You still tired?” Mom asked Jesse.

“Yeah a bit. We need to buy these two steeled toe shoes!” Jesse looked at Clare and me. “These two keep stubbing their toes!”

Mom looked at me first then at Clare.

“I thought we agreed you two would take it slow!” Mom scolded Clare.

“We did at first…”

I don’t know what she was going to say after that because Jesse and I burst out laughing.

Jesse actually slipped off the chair and was on the floor balled up she was laughing so hard. Even dad was cracking up now, at least until mom gave him the evil eye. Clare even caught on after a few minutes.

When the meal was finished I showed everyone Odell’s boxes and all of Clare’s old clothes. Mom and Jesse readily agreed to take her shopping again. Dad went with me to look over the job we were doing for the city. It was almost completed. Mike and I made a list of details we thought should be handled. Some were small but he always said under commit and over achieve. With the next job lined up I intended to do that.

Mike took us all for dinner. He and I just sat back and listened as the girls dominated the conversation. It astounds me they can be together all day and still have something to say all through dinner.

With the family gone Clare and I were home alone. She started washing the sheets all over again and cleaning the house. I went to my office and started to fold the futon up when she walked by.

“What are you doing?” Clare asked.

“Just folding it back to a couch.” I explained.

“Aren’t we sleeping together?” She looked at me oddly.

“Well I thought we would use the bed in the master bedroom!” I said confused.

“Jay I will never sleep in that bed again!” Clare informed me in no in certain terms.

She need say no more I lowered the futon and then went in the master bedroom and started removing the bed. Clare just looked on and smiled. When it was at the curb with the old carpet I came back in the house to face her.

“Is there anything else you don’t want?” I asked.

“Follow me!” By the time we were done the front yard was filled with stuff for the garbage truck. The house was empty but Clare glowed in happiness. I had spent part of my inheritance on Wrecker and now it look like a large part of it would be spent on furniture.

Sweaty from moving the furnishings out she took a shower in the master bath while I took one in my bathroom. Meeting me in the den she kissed me then instantly curled up inside me. I was happy to have her with me. I just held her. I wanted to initiate sex but she seemed intent on sleeping.

Monday dinner was on the table when I came home. With Odell gone Clare didn’t have a car to drive. She had been taking the bus or carpooling. I was driving a car but really with the business a truck would be more practical. I called Mike and he said if the business owned it we could use it as a write off on the taxes.

The next day I found a good used truck from an older man. It was nicer than I need for a work denizli seks hikayeleri truck but it had low miles and was in perfect shape. That night I took Clare out in the new truck to shop for a bedroom set. I dreaded just the thought of it. High pressured sales people and an innocent woman. I could not have been more wrong. Clare was steadfast in her decisions and ruthless in negotiations.

I probably would have bought her anything but Clare chose a very modest but quality ensemble. When we were done I almost felt bad for the sales lady. More than that I was proud of Clare. She kissed me and rolled over to go to sleep again. I was a bit horny so I pulled her on top of me kissing her again. Clare seemed surprised by my attention.

“Jay what are you doing?” Clare asked seeming surprised.

“I am kissing you is that ok?” I pulled her close and kissed her passionately again.

“Yes!” She hissed as she broke loose from me. ‘Kiss me Jay!”

Just like the other night we started kissing. She took the lead her passion building quicker than mine. I reached for her ass she ground her pussy against my stomach just like before. She started inching up but this time I wanted all of her naked. I started pulling off her top and latched onto her tit. With my hands behind her back I sucked her nipple firmly.

“Jay! What are you doing?” Clare whimpered her breath sort and shallow. I pulled her top off.

She was straining to get free I moved my hands to her shorts and slipped them down her legs. She knew what this meant and soon she was sitting on my mouth all over again. With no one in the house but us I knew she could be vocal and vocal she was. The empty house echoed with my name as she came flushing my face with her cum. She moved back slowly recovering from her orgasm. I once again latched onto her tit and suckled as she quivered over me.

“Jay! Why are you doing that?” Clare asked her breathing coming in gasps.

Letting go I asked. “Does it feel good?” Before moving to the other one.

“Yeeesss!” She hissed. Clare offered her tit deeper in my mouth.

“That’s why!” She moved down to kiss me as I knew she wanted. She was a creature of habit. When she had cleaned my face and kissed me several times she slipped my boxers off raking her nipples along my body.

With limited experience she attacked my cock much like last time but now at a less frantic pace. Knowing this would be unorthodox I just laid back and let her bring me off. I warned her like before. Clare ignored it and swallowed all that my cock could give.

She moved up to kiss me like before. I thought of stopping her this time and explaining what she was doing. She looked at me with those big brown eyes I knew then this would be something I would do as long as she wanted me to. We shared cum like we shared our love, unconditionally.

Clare curled up inside me not even putting her pajamas back on. That night we slept naked together. Alone just the two of us. We did the same Wednesday night without any other activities to mention.

The new bedroom set didn’t arrive until Thursday afternoon. I left the job sight to let the movers in and help them set up. Clare arrived to make dinner but I offered to take her out for dinner and to shop for carpet. Once again she proved she was more adapt at buying than I was. Clare had been learning all about carpet, thread count and all that stuff. Again she purchased practical and durable instead of expensive.

I was planning on breaking in the new bed properly. Clare snuggled up to me, we were both naked like the last two nights. I had it all worked out. I started kissing her then slip between her legs to get her wet with my tongue. After she was thoroughly lubricated we would have real sex for the first time!

“I told her how nice the bed was she picked out. How it was big and comfortable. Clare turned to face me happy for the compliment. I figured she didn’t have too many with Odell, so I did every chance I got. I started kissing her. She wanted to say something but I held her lips.

Soon she gave into my manly advances and was kissing me with the passion I was accustom to. When I felt the time was right I slipped down and nipped her tit she groaned in response. My goal was lower so I moved down and with my hands under her firm ass lifted her pussy to meet my mouth.

“Jay!” Clare squealed. Her legs opened giving me greater access. I buried my tongue deep in her pussy.

“Jay!” Her hands gripping my hair. She was responding to my efforts. I almost had her where I wanted her.

“JAY what are you doing?” She yelled. I let her ass down and moved over her. She kissed me then licked my face. My hard cock poised to finally find comfort started to drag along her upper thigh.

Clare’s eyes opened wide. Her mouth opened but nothing came out! She was as desperately waiting for me to take her for the first time. Right here in our new bed. It was perfect!

“STOP NOW! It was an earth shattering scream that I feared would leave me deaf.

She was pushing me and trying to get away. My cock had just grazed her pussy lips so I know I couldn’t have hurt her. I move off her as she scampered to her feet.

“What were you trying to do to me?” She screamed. More than upset she was terrified.

“Clare I just wanted to make love with you!” I tried to remain calm but how could I? She looked at me like I broke in the house to attack her.

“You wanted to have intercourse?” How could you be so cruel?” She screamed.

“Clare please calm down. I thought you would like it?” Still stunned I couldn’t even comprehend what she was saying. All I know is she was now crying.

“Don’t you tell me to calm down!” She yelled back but more quietly. But mostly because she was crying now. “You know I can’t have kids! Why would you try to do that?”

Oh my God did she just say what I think she said? Never in a million years would I have guessed that. I was so stunned I was speechless. What could I say? Sorry I didn’t know you are so messed up? She went to the dresser and grabbed some pajamas and stormed out the room. I heard a door slam.

I sat weighing my options and none of them were good. I knew leaving her alone wasn’t going to happen. I slipped on my boxers, and headed down the hall. I knocked on the door and waited for her to answer.

“Jay?” It sounded like a question. Who else would it be I thought? I turned the knob it was unlocked. I found her setting with her knees pulled to her chest her body shaking. I looked down the hall and saw I left the lights on. I went and turned them off and came back to join her. I turned the light off in the office and moved to hold her. Clare flinched at first but then clutched me tight.

“You never have to do anything you don’t want to. Ever.” I whispered as I held her tight.

“You mean that?” She whimpered.

“I do. Clare, I am not him” I moved the hair that always hid her scar from her face and kissed it. “I should be mad at you!”

“Why?” She seemed surprised.

“You promised not to leave me alone.” I was teasing just a bit, but deep down I was serious.

“I am sorry.” She was still weeping.

“Clare you can talk to me about anything. I will do my best to listen. We can work this out.”

“I love you Jay Brown but intercourse is for making babies!” She repeated again.

“I love you Clare.” I knew now wasn’t the time or the place to have this discussion. In fact I wasn’t sure there ever would be. I pulled her against me and there we slept sitting upon the futon. The new bed sat empty. I guessed it might be some time before that changed.

I was up first and was showered and in the kitchen when she came out to go to work. The night’s sleep had done wonders for her. She kissed me as she sat down to eat.


“Yes dear?” I called her. It was a tease but she loved it I learned.

“Why did we spice Sunday ‘and’ Tuesday?” She asked. For a moment I thought it was a trick question. But when I glanced over I saw that innocent look. She really was that clueless.

“Well Sunday was great and I thought you might like to do it again Tuesday.” I tried not to laugh.

“And last night? You wanted to do it again?” She didn’t bring up the drama. I guessed in her mind she explained it and that was that.

“Of course! You are a very sexy woman!” I laid it on thick hoping to build up some points. But when I looked at her she was deep in thought.

“So we can do it more than once a month? Like maybe once a week?” Then she stopped and thought about it once again. “Wait! This has been three times…”

“Clare we can do it whenever we want!” I sat down and held her hand. “Although when you are on your period it can get a bit messy so we may have to do something else for that week!”

“Oh…OH! Jay you are such a bad boy!” She kissed me, then jumped up to leave.

“Anytime?” She asked just to make sure.

“Anytime you want!” I replied. She turned to leave not saying a word.

Friday night I had a business appointment, in the direction of Dr. Nelson’s house along the river. I thought I might bring Clare along and let her visit Nancy and Butch while I was in the meeting.

I had talked to Nancy during the day asking her if I she would be around and she simply gushed at the idea of Clare visiting. Butch was due any minute and Nancy knew Clare would cheer her up. One thing led to another and I started to explain to Nancy Clare’s views on intercourse. We both knew Odell was behind this but as my parents found out, once Clare gets something in her head it is difficult for her change it.

I asked if she had any suggestions for professional help. Nancy assured me she would talk to Clare and explain what she was missing. Clare and I had dinner before I dropped her off. The ride was short and the meeting took much less time than I expected. Thrilled to have a contract in my hand I headed back to Nancy’s. I pulled up just as Albert was carrying in some groceries so I helped him.

He wondered why I was here and I explained that I dropped off Clare for a visit and was picking her up. We finished unloading the car putting the packages on the counter. Albert starting putting groceries away and I walked upstairs assuming they would both be with Butch in her room.

“Jay!” Butch called out as I walked over. “It is so good to see you!”

“You look…look big!” I teased her.

“Thanks, I needed that!” She teased back.

“So when is the big day?” I asked.

“Well the doctor says if it is not here by Tuesday he is going to induce labor.” She looked scared.

“A tough broad like you! This will be a piece of cake!” I teased her.

“Easy for you to say!” She sneered.

“Ah, we’ll make a man out of you yet!” I teased hoping I didn’t go too far. Butch looked at me for a moment not sure if I was making fun of her or not.

“Jay if it was anyone else but you I would get out of bed and fuck you up!” She glared at me. “But you really do care don’t you?”

I realized at that moment something I had never thought about. Butch really doesn’t have any friends. She had no one to tease her, put her in her place. No one that accepted her for who she is. I could see she was affected and now so was I.

“Of course I do! If I didn’t care I wouldn’t tease you!” I bent over and kissed her forehead. “You deliver a healthy baby and after you heal you can kick my ass then? How about it?”

“Deal!” She was getting all emotional.

“So where is our significant others?” I teased again. Butch gripped my wrist firmly but not hard.

“So Clare is your aunt? And you fell in love with her?” Butch asked now seriously.

“She is and I am.”

“Do you really love her?” Butch still held firm.

“More than I can stand. I know I shouldn’t but I do.” I replied assuring her I was serious.

“Jay she is in love with you too. She really is. But she is confused. I was like that before. Before Nancy that is.” Butch was looking at me making sure I understood what she was saying. “If you really love her remember she will test your limits, but in the end she will reward you!”

Butch released my wrist and she rubbed her belly. Her point was well taken but I didn’t have the nerve to tell her Clare could never repay me in the way she was repaying Nancy.

“So do you know where they are?” I asked again.

“If you want to go look you might start in the sun porch. They went to go talk about something.” I knew what that was.

As I started to the door Albert walked in with some fruit for Butch.

I went downstairs and was heading though the house in the direction of the sun porch. I could see Nancy laying on the wicker couch looking flush. Clare was standing over her saying something. Clare saw me through the window. She burst through the door walking quickly in my direction. Something was amiss even though she was grinning. Her bright white teeth contrasted with her dark skin and lips. She looked absolutely giddy.

“Jay…!” Nancy called out. She looked stunning in her short summer dress. I noticed the moisture on Clare’s face just as she pulled me down for a kiss.

“NO! Clare!” Nancy yelled from the other room.

It was too late! The tangy taste hit me first then the aroma of another female filled my nostrils. Locked in a kiss with the woman I loved my mind was spinning out of control. What had she done and why? Clare broke the kiss and pulled me close.

“Nancy spiced me!” Clare was so proud! The twinkle in her eyes let me know she had been successful in her efforts.

“Really?” Still shocked I was searching for words. “Did she enjoy it?”

Pretty lame I agree but it was the best I could come up with on such short notice.

“I think so. She spiced me all over!” She looked back at Nancy.

Nancy was already blushing before now. There was no way of knowing if she was doing it again.

“It was perfect!” Nancy smiled at Clare as she approached. She then turned her gaze on me.

She dared me not to say anything. Nancy had the way of letting you know what she wanted without words. I ignored her suggestion but accepted the message. I kissed Clare again. Not taking my eyes off Nancy. I then licked her cheek.

“Honey why don’t you go say goodnight to Butch,” I said to Clare. “She looked tired. We should go then. I will wait for you here.” Nancy gave me a wicked grin knowing she had made her point.

“Ok, I will be back soon.” Clare bound upstairs as I waited for Nancy to explain what just happened.

“Not sure that was the conversation I was expecting you to have with her?” I started.

“Now before you jump to conclusions…well it did take a turn that I wasn’t expecting.” Nancy began. “I was asking about what you two did. You know kind of starting off slow. She said you spiced each other.”

“I am listening.” I said as I moved closer.

“Well I figured I need to know what that was before I could go further. Clare said she couldn’t tell me.” Nancy’s hands were waving around in excitement. “Then she said she could show me!”

“So you expect me to believe that? A horny lesbian with an innocent woman?” I teased her. We both knew she was bi.

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