Class Reunion

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Sarah rode with her friends, former classmate, Kayla Young Taunton, and her husband, John to her 40th class reunion. None of them were sure where to park in the hotel parking lot. She immediately spotted Brad’s car as soon as they pulled in.

“That looks like Brad Martin’s car, so this must be where we park.” Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of seeing Brad again. She hoped he was going to be able to make time for her while he was home. She loved her longtime friend, especially since he had become a friend with benefits. It had been a long nine months since she saw him last.

Brad was good for her. Even her therapist agreed. Of course, to the therapist, he was Wayne. She would never give his real name since they both agreed mutually that they would be very discreet about their relationship because they were both involved with other people. He made her feel so much better about herself. It’s sad, but it was a very rare thing for her to feel good about herself.

Ever since her long time love, Damian, quit having anything to do with her intimately and sexually years ago, it made her feel like she was dying inside a little each day. She couldn’t even remember the last deep kiss they had shared. He would give her a peck when he left the house in the morning to go to work and when he came home from work. Once in a while, she would lift her shirt and he would play with her tits for a couple of minutes but that was it. It was almost like living with her brother or a platonic roommate. It had been so long since he had put his fingers or dick inside her. He could eat pussy with the best of them. He knew just how she liked it. He’d put his pointer fingers on each side of her larger labia and pull it away from what he called “the good stuff.” He expertly moved his mouth and tongue to make her come again and again.

“Guess that comes from being with someone so long,” she surmised. How she missed those days when they’d had a great sex life. She sighed loudly.

“Sarah, is something wrong?”

“Oh no, Kayla. Everything is fine. I am just tired, that’s all.”

Her thoughts turned back to Brad. He brought those parts of her back to life she thought were long dead. He made her feel like a woman again. He didn’t like to hear her put herself down, and was always complimentary of her. She felt Brad to be such a caring friend and felt very blessed to have him in her life. It would be impossible for his zest for life not to rub off on her somewhat. It is one of the reasons she loved being around him.

Kayla, her husband, John, and Sarah stepped out of Kayla’s orange Jeep Wrangler, and started across the parking lot when Sarah spotted Brad dressed in casual clothes headed to his car. Since they had been grown, it had been rare that she had seen him dressed casually. He was always impeccably dressed in a suit, well manicured, and clean, which is another thing she absolutely loved about him. It wasn’t that she minded casual dress. She found him so attractive, she didn’t really care what he wore; she especially liked it when he wore nothing at all! Such a sexy body! She was attracted to large, tall men. He definitely fit that bill. She loved his beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile. That smile could light up any room.

She was sometimes asked by friends why she had always had a preference for larger men. “I don’t know how to answer that except to say that it is just my preference. A larger man keeps me much warmer than a thinner man, and makes me feel more secure for some reason, and best of all,” she said, “there is more to hold!”

Sarah waved enthusiastically. “Mr. Martin!”

He waved, and walked over to them, giving her one of his awesome bear hugs. She lived for those hugs. “How are you? It’s Kıbrıs Escort good to see you!”

“It’s good to see you too, Brad! You remember Kayla Young, don’t you?”

“Of course I do! How are you, Kayla?” He gave her a big bear hug too.

This is her husband, John Taunton.”

“Nice to meet you, John,” he said, shaking hands with John.

“Nice to meet you too, Brad.”

“I will meet you all in about 15 minutes. I have to run to my room and change clothes.”

“Okay. Where do we go?”

“The banquet room is on the second floor,” he replied as he walked briskly away.

Sarah had messaged him through social media prior to the reunion, and asked him if he would save a slow dance for her. His reply had been, “you betcha.”

When they got to the second floor, their classmate, Amanda, was sitting at a table giving out name tags. She greeted them with a big smile on her face.

“Sarah! Kayla! So great to see you both! Here are your name tags!”

“Thanks, Amanda. Great to see you too!”

Sarah had her longtime friend, Carol, put hers on for her. “Wow, everything looks really nice.”

“Yes, it does. They really went all out this year with it being our 40th reunion.”

Sarah and Kayla walked around mingling with some of their classmates they hadn’t seen in many years. She saw Brad as soon as he walked through the door. So tall; so handsome. She looked away quickly as he greeted some of their classmates. She sure didn’t want to be obvious about anything since most knew she was with Damian. Brad and Sarah basically were just really good friends, with benefits; however, she had always enjoyed his company.

The festivities started with a buffet dinner, and after everyone finished eating, the dancing with a DJ started. That is one thing about this class, they still knew how to party! After a few fast dances, the DJ said for this particular slow dance it was lady’s choice. There was no question who Sarah was going to ask. She quickly made her way to Brad. He was talking to another classmate, Tina.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but it is lady’s choice for this dance, and I’d like to dance with Brad.”

“Oh, that’s fine, Sarah, go right ahead.”

She grabbed Brad by the hand and pulled him to the dance floor. He had such soft hands compared to Damian’s which were always so rough due to being in the construction field since his teen years. Brad ran his own computer company.

Finally, after nine extremely long months, she was back in his arms where she had waited for so long to be. It was so nice to be closer to him since it was a slow dance. She had missed him terribly, and couldn’t help but wonder if he missed her too. He often told her he did. She had no reason to doubt him. He was one of few men she trusted implicitly. As they started dancing, she put her mouth to his ear and said, “I want to kiss you so badly right now.”

“Do it.” Of course she couldn’t kiss him like she really wanted to right there in front of everybody. He kissed her on her cheek.

“I missed you so much, Brad.”

“I missed you too! I am in room 402, by the way.”

“Is that an invitation?”

“Only if you want it to be.”

“What do you think?

“I think you want me as much as I want you, Sarah!”

“Well, too bad we are in a room full of people, Bradley, or you could put your hand down my pants and feel between my legs and see for yourself how wet I am just at the thought of having you inside me again.”

“You’re so bad.”

“You mean you are just now figuring that out?” She smiled at him coyly.

Such soft hair and nice skin; it was all she could do to restrain herself from reaching out to touch both. She had Kıbrıs Escort Bayan always thought facial hair on a man was sexy, but it would be a crying shame to cover up his smooth baby face. He was most certainly aging gracefully. She always noticed things like that about others, even envied them, because she felt her skin to be so bad.

As the dance ended, they made plans for Brad to leave the banquet room first, and she would follow shortly thereafter. He was waiting for her in the lobby. They walked quickly to his room. He opened the door and they stepped inside. “Wow,” she couldn’t help but exclaim. She had never been in a hotel room that had a sitting area separate from the bedroom. It was a quite a nice room. Brad led her into the bedroom area. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her. She didn’t think she did it very well. She usually enjoyed him holding and kissing her a lot before they fucked, but tonight, she wanted to feel him inside of her right then and there. The anticipation was killing her.

“I’m going to the bathroom to freshen up, Brad. I will be back in a few.”

“Go ahead, darlin’. I’m not going anywhere!”

He started undressing. Sarah went into the bathroom and took her shoes off, then her pants. folding them nicely, laying them on the counter. She had brought her toothbrush and brushed her teeth. She got a washcloth and freshened up a bit, then walked back into the bedroom. Brad was waiting near the bathroom door.

“You are going to have to help me get out of this top.”

“I don’t mind a bit.” He pulled the top over her head, and her camisole as well, which left her standing there in her black bra and panties.

“I love black.”

“Do you?”


“Well, I guess I wore the right color. The clasp is in the front, by the way.”

“In the front?”

“Yes, you should remember that from last time.” Sarah smiled at him demurely.


They walked over to the bed and finished removing their underwear. Sarah dropped her panties right beside the bed.

“I need them to be where I can find them.”


Brad gently pushed her back on the bed, and put his tongue in both ears.

“Mmm, you remember how I like feeling your tongue in my ears.”


He lifted her left leg over his shoulder. He pushed his way inside her nice and slow. She loved fucking slow, feeling every throb, every vein of his dick. They looked into each others eyes the whole time.

“Do you like the feel of my dick inside you, Sarah?”

“Mmm, yes Bradley, I do like the feel of your dick inside me. It’s been way too long. You feel so good!”

“Ah, Sarah. I missed you, Darlin.”

“I missed you terribly, Bradley. It has been a long nine months for me! I know you haven’t been without for nine months!”

She cupped his face in her hands staring into his exquisite eyes while he continued to fuck her nice and slow.

“Are you ready for me to come inside you, Sarah?”

She wasn’t ready for it to end. “No, I want you to keep doing what you are doing, though she knew from experience when one reaches that point, it really can’t be stopped. After their release, he got on to the bed with her.

She turned on her side away from him, expecting him to get behind her to hold her.

“Come here.”

She rolled over. He held his arm out for her. She laid her head on his shoulder while he put his arm around her. Reaching for his dick, she wrapped her fingers around it and started stroking it just to be able to feel his cum on it knowing her juices were mixed in with it. It even covered part of his balls which she found to be a huge turn on. He took her hand in his.

“Let’s Escort Kıbrıs rest now.”

She didn’t mind. Her skin was touching his skin and she loved the feel of that. That was another thing she craved, skin on skin. They rested for a short time, but they both knew they needed to be getting back to the party. He got in the shower to rinse off.

“You are more than welcome to use the shower to rinse off if you need to, Sarah.”

“No thanks, I will use a washcloth to clean myself up a little. I’ll pass on the shower because I like knowing I will be carrying some of you with me”.

Just the idea of his cum seeping out of her after they went back to the party felt naughty, and she loved being naughty. It was their naughty secret. He really had no idea how naughty she could be. They had barely scratched the surface of what she was capable of sexually. He always wanted her to come, but she could care less about that. She craved that intimate connection becoming one during the sexual act itself. She was capable of coming multiple times, but had to be stimulated properly. She had never come just with fucking.

It concerned her previously because she had a former boyfriend who had told her she was frigid. She talked to her doctor about it and he told her that only 25% of women have orgasms just from having coitus. That sure was a relief!

Sarah knew she could tell Brad what he needed to do to make her come, but she thought it would be more fun letting him explore and figure out for himself what made her tick. They were usually in such a hurry, and didn’t have much time to be together, so there really hadn’t been time for much else.

She often fantasized about going away with him for a weekend somewhere having leisure time to pleasure each other properly. They were both well known in their hometown. Many people they knew mutually go to the popular resorts and such, so she was a bit afraid they might run into somebody they knew. Neither of them could risk that.

It didn’t stop her fantasizing about him though. She pictured them somewhere they could enjoy being together without running into anyone they knew. Perhaps a cabin somewhere with a Jacuzzi, and a nice shower large enough for two people. She closed her eyes imagining the feel of his aroused dick against the crack of her ass, having her back to his front, while he soaped her body very slow and sensual, pausing at her tits, soaping them slowly and squeezing them, then rolling her nipples between his thumb and finger, then pulling them. The bathroom was lit by candlelight only, with her favorite apple cinnamon scented candles. The shower head came off with an attached hose so he could rinse her well.

She pictured herself pulling him against her the same way soaping him up and giving him a bit of a hand job when she got to that favorite spot. She felt that with him all soaped up, it would be quite pleasurable for him. She was really all about pleasuring. She’d rinse him well then get on her knees and really pleasure him. She’d love to suck his balls while giving him a hand job, then reverse and suck his dick while playing with his balls. She wanted to make him moan and call out her name so she knew she was doing her job properly.

After pleasuring him like that for a few minutes, she’d stand up and kiss him while he explored between her legs, finger fucking her and massaging her clit. She knew he would definitely get some moans out of her that way! He might even hear her scream out his name begging for more! He’d turn her around and tell her to bend over with her hands against the shower wall while he fucked her from behind, smacking her ass a time or two…or three…or four for being so naughty. While he was fucking her, she’d be massaging her clit. Perhaps then, he’d feel my body shake like he wants. He’d rinse off and get out while she cleaned herself up, then pull her to the bed, where they’d lie down and rest for a bit. It might just be a fantasy, but she enjoyed imagining it over and over and over again.

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