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Amber stood in front of Andrew, naked except for her stockings and garter belt. He took her hand and led her through the door to the bedroom. The bed had been raised until it was almost waist high and the bedclothes replaced with a thin sheet of plastic. Amber frowned at the sight and turned towards him, her mouth already opening to ask her question. Andrew placed his finger to her lips and spoke, softly but commandingly.

“Lie on the bed, on your right side and pull your left knee up to your chest.” Andrew instructed her.

Amber laid on the slick plastic and arranged herself as he ordered. She could feel the strange posture opening the puckered rosebud of her asshole and, for a moment, she felt a tiny frisson of apprehension, as she realised that she was totally vulnerable. Andrew rested his hand on her head and stroked her long, silky hair. Then he crossed the room and pushed a small metal cart up to the side of the bed. Amber craned her head to look at the items arranged neatly on top of the cart. There was a large rubber bag, connected to a length of orange rubber tubing. Next to the bag were a jug of warm water, steaming gently, and a couple of bottles of plant oils. On a soft cloth were a small bottle of lubricant and a hard rubber plug.

Amber felt his hands easing her buttocks apart, as Andrew slowly eased the tip of his finger along the cleft between the cheeks of her bottom. She felt incredibly vulnerable as he caressed her, lavishing slow gentle caresses on the tender ring of her anus. Blushing, amber recalled that she had not used the lavatory since breakfast and, now that she remembered she could sense a feeling of fullness in her belly. She opened her mouth to warn him, just as Andrew pressed the tip of his finger into the warmth of her ass. Her words were lost in the shuddering groan that built in her throat as she surrendered to the probing finger stretching her rear entrance.

Amber whimpered softly as Andrew slid his finger out of her yielding ass. Thrusting her bottom towards him, she looked over her shoulder Nevşehir Escort and opened her eyes wide, giving him her best little innocent girl look.

“Andrew, darling, fuck your dirty little slut in her ass.” Amber whispered.

“Patience, sweetheart, it will be worth the wait, I promise.” Andrew replied, smiling.

He took the end of the rubber tubing and smeared the lubricant around the tip. Then, parting her buttocks with the fingers of his left hand and opening her anus, he pressed the tip of the rubber into the dark opening. The first inch or so of the rubber slid easily into Amber’s ass, stretching it very, very slightly. Amber gasped at the coolness of the lubricating jelly and then moaned deep within her throat. Andrew slid a little more of the tubing into her bowel, feeling the contents pressing against the tubing. Amber pressed back against the intrusion and Andrew passed another inch of the cold rubber into her passage.

Gently but insistently, Andrew maintained the pressure and the tubing slid into Amber’s bottom. She could feel the rubber, cool at first but rapidly warming to the heat of her ass, snaking into her gut. The room was quiet, except for the sound of their breathing, Andrew’s deep and sighing, while Amber panted and snorted as the long tubing was fed into her tender back door. At last, Andrew was satisfied that the tubing had penetrated Amber’s bowels to the necessary depth and he poured some of the warm water into the bag, adding a few drops of the oils. Gently squeezing the sides of the bag, he forced the warm mixture through the tubing and into Amber’s taut belly. Amber groaned softly as she felt her belly distending.

“Oh God, Andrew, what are you doing?” Amber asked, in a soft groan, looking down at her belly and watching it tighten and swell as he increased the pressure.

Amber’s belly was taut and swollen, bulging as though she were heavy with child. Andrew watched as the skin stretched and pressed a little more firmly on the sides of the bag. He reached over and picked Nevşehir Escort Bayan up the rubber plug, then took a firm grip on the tubing, just at the point where it disappeared into her anus. Smoothly he slid it from inside her and quickly, before anything could escape, he forced the hard rubber plug into her backside.

Amber groaned, quietly, as Andrew took her hand and helped her to sit on the edge of the bed. Then he bent down and carefully slipped her feet into a pair of strappy sandals, with pointed heels, six inches long. A quick tug on her arm brought Amber to her feet and she stood, swaying a little on her heels, the rounded curve of her taut belly accentuated by the jut of her bottom. Andrew gestured to Amber to walk up and down.

Amber slowly paced the room, the bellyful of liquid sloshing uncomfortably and making her tummy cramp tightly. The fullness of her belly made her want to lean forward but Andrew had a thin rattan cane and he would bring it swishing through the air to crack against her bare buttock, jerking her upright, leaving a scarlet weal against the creamy smooth flesh, every time she tried.

Amber walked slowly back and forth for some minutes, the liquid in her belly sloshing uncomfortably and making her look as though a pregnancy was just beginning to show. She felt the tightening of her anus around the ring with every step she took and she could see a lascivious gleam in Andrew’s eyes as he watched her stuttering walk around the room.

It seemed to take forever but, at last, Andrew stood up and went into the bathroom, returning a moment later with a large, galvanised, bucket. He set the bucket in the middle of the floor and made Amber squat over it, her arms on the bed to balance herself. Then he reached down and prised the hard rubber plug out of her anus. Amber sighed as she felt the liquid gushing out of her bowels to splatter noisily into the bucket.

Andrew walked around the bed and grabbed amber’s wrists. As soon as she had finished emptying her bowels into the bucket, Escort Nevşehir he pulled her forward and fastened her wrists together, behind her back, so that she could not get up again. Then he moved back to her side of the bed and positioned himself behind her, the tip of his cock brushing the cleft between her buttocks. Amber moaned softly as she felt the tip of his hard cock pressing against her and sliding along the slick cleft between her buttocks. She moaned, deep in her throat, as Andrew pressed more firmly, watching her glistening asshole opening up under the gentle but relentless pressure of his cock.

Amber whimpered as he slowly stretched her asshole and Andrew looked down at the head of his cock, as he pressed onward. He could see the opening to her bowels stretched tightly over the rim of his cock head. A jerk of his hips and the purple glans slipped inside, amber crying out as she felt the familiar ‘pop’ as Andrew entered her bottom.

Breathing deeply and slowly Andrew pushed, forcing the length of his cock deeper and deeper until his heavy sac was pressed against the rounded cheeks of her bottom. Rocking his hips, Andrew gently drove his cock into Amber’s tight ass. Gradually he thrust harder and more deeply until he was sliding the length of his cock smoothly and rapidly in and out of her ass. Amber could only grunt and moan softly as Andrew fucked her tight ass like an animal. Her moans became tiny shrieks of frustrated pleasure, as Andrew varied the pace and depth of his thrusts, keeping her just on the edge of cumming.

At last, Amber was begging for Andrew to let her, no make her, cum.

“Andrew, please,” Amber moaned, “Make me cum.”

“Hush, sweetheart, in a moment.” Andrew answered.

“Oh G-G-GOD! NOW, PLEASE!!” Amber screamed

Andrew thrust hard and deep, then held Amber still as his cock jerked inside her, again and again, spraying thick sticky roped of cum deep inside her. It seemed to take a lifetime for his cock to finish spurting into her and filling her ass, filling her to overflowing. At last, though, his cock began to subside and slip out of her ass. Andrew just wiped the end of his cock against the smooth skin of her bare ass and then padded over to the bathroom to clean himself up, leaving her spread like a cheap slut on the end of the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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