Close Encounter Long Overdue

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I’m at a hotel. I have lit candles around the room and the atmosphere is very calming.. I’m waiting for you to arrive… Nervous, anxious and excited, wondering what will happen in those first few moments when we see each other for the first time after all these years…

There is a knock at the door. I open it and there you are. We smile. You look very handsome and my heart skips a beat. You then reach out and take my face in your hands and kiss me. It’s a beautiful kiss, soft yet hungry. We stumble into the hallway and you rest me against the wall. Our hands still feeling each other as if they don’t believe we are actually in each others presence.

We are still kissing against the wall, I kick my shoes off. You slide your hands along my arms until you find my hands. You hold them and then reach my arms above my head and hold them there while you kiss down my neck. I shiver at your touch. Your hands then follow the shape of my body until they find the back of my neck. You gently squeeze and caress which makes me softly moan. You continue kissing down my body over my clothes until you reach my belly. You nuzzle here for a little bit. It makes me giggle. My hands drop and I run my fingers over your head, gently massaging…

You look up at me as you undo my jeans. They slide to the floor. You feel my legs, grab my ass and squeeze. You continue kissing my belly. I wonder if you are going to go any further. You squeeze my ass again and lift one leg over your shoulder. My heart beat quickens. Kocaeli Escort My eyes close and my head falls back in anticipation.

Your fingers caress my mound and I feel them part my lips. Your thumb gently rubs me and my breath catches. You move closer as I watch you and soon I feel your hot tongue on me, searching for its prize. It feels like a little bit of heaven. You work on me until I start to shudder, then you kiss your way back up to my face. We kiss again, our tongues circling. I can taste where you have been.

Still holding each other we move the bedroom. Once there, it’s my turn… I take off your shirt and caress your torso. Your arms are strong and beautiful. They comfort me.

I kiss your chest and move to one nipple. I gently suck and lick at it as it hardens at my touch. I feel this one with my fingers while moving to lick the other. I can feel your heart beat through your chest. You’re excited and it turns me on more.

I kiss my way down your body and kneel down in front of you. I watch you as I take your pants off. Wow…. what a beautiful sight. Your cock is hard and so inviting. I gently caress it, feeling the head and gently grasping the shaft. I slowly tug making sure you’re comfortable with what I’m doing. Your eyes are closed so I think all is ok. I want to taste you too so I lower you down to lie on the floor. I take my top off and watch you admire me in the candlelight. I sit to the side of you and watch your face as I take your cock Kocaeli Escort Bayan in to my mouth. I hear you sigh. I still hold your cock in my hand and pull as I take you in and out of my mouth, licking and sucking and I also caress your balls, taking them in to my mouth as well. Your body starts to move beneath me and I stop for now. I’m not ready to be done yet.

I straddle your hips and gently rub your throbbing cock against my pussy. I’m so wet and ready to feel you inside me. I guide you in and we both moan. You feel amazing. I begin to ride you slowly, watching you. You reach out to grab my breasts through my lace bra. I put my hands on top of yours and ride you a little faster. I lean forward to kiss you again, kissing your neck, nibbling at your ear. My hot breath making you dizzy. I hear you moan in pleasure.

But I’m still not ready to stop.

We move to the bed and I get on. I turn away from you, kneeling on my hands and knees, my arse in the air and just the right height… inviting you. You stand at the end of the bed and grab my hips. I reach one hand between my legs to feel for you. I help guide you inside me again. You are so deep inside me now and you begin to thrust in and out. I feel one of your hands trace the tattoo on my lower back and I shiver. I turn my head over my shoulder to look at you and you smile. You are enjoying all of me. I reach my right hand between my legs. I rub my clit while you fuck me. I reach a little further and put Escort Kocaeli 2 fingers either side of my opening so I can feel you entering me. It’s so wet and hot. I squeeze around your cock and add to the tightness…

You lean forward to undo my bra and grab my tits that are swinging in response to your movements. You squeeze them gently and I moan more. I ask you to pull my hair and you do. It makes me arch my back and the feeling of you inside me becomes more intense. You feel so awesome inside me. I cant get enough.

You feel you are going to cum soon but don’t want to. You roll me over on to my back and move me up the bed. You fall on top of me and look in to my eyes. It’s such an intense look. You kiss me with passion and hold me as close as you can. You trace my face with your fingers. Such a soft touch. I kiss your fingers.

You spread my legs again with your knees and enter me again. But this time tenderley, and with care. I wrap my legs around you amazed at the closeness I feel to you.

You make love to me.

We are still kissing, barely coming up for air. Your hands caress my body again finding my hands. Our fingers are entwined as we move together.

We kiss, we touch, we move. It’s beautiful and I begin to feel the sensation coming from my toes, up my body and soon I am ready to burst… My orgasm is intense and I arch my back and let my head fall back as I let out a loud pleasureable moan. You are amazing.

You’re not far behind me and I feel you quiver inside of me. You moan too and it’s music to my ears and I feel your juice warm inside me. You fall on top of me, your head on my chest. Our hearts beating in sync. Trying to catch a breath.

We look at each other and have a little chuckle.

What an amazing way to say hello…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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