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It was Saturday night. It had been a while, because of studies and work etc., but tonight I would go clubbing again. I was horny as hell and I decided I would dress up as sexy as I could. So it would be my black leather pants, which covered a small black g-string and a black lace top over a black lace bra. I put on my make-up to make my eyes look as piercingly blue as they can be. After that, off I went to my favourite club downtown.

When I entered the club, I saw no-one that really charged my interest. Some were too young, others too old and other others too obvious. Tonight I wanted someone who could be my equal, not just a toyboy. And then I saw him. He was surrounded by a bunch of eighteen year old girls who were offering him anything a guy could dream off, but the look in his eyes showed me he was bored, bored as hell with the bimbo’s without brains…When our eyes locked, there was something. I couldn’t look away and neither could he. He came to me, took my hand without asking and off to the dance floor we went. Although there was an upbeat song playing, we were dancing slow and close to each other, closing the distance between us further every second. His hands were on my ass cheeks, my hands were in the dark hair in his neck. Slowly we danced, ignoring the pounding base which surrounded us. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his. His face was getting closer to mine. Then his lips were touching mine. I didn’t get much time to get used to the feeling, because his tongue was immediately probing Kocaeli Escort between my lips. His kiss spoke out the hunger we felt. I could feel the eyes of the people around us staring in our direction. It only turned me on more.

His hand left my ass to take mine. Without saying a word he lead off the dance floor. We knew we both wanted to go further, but this was not the place. So we went out of the club, but we didn’t take the time to get to a car or to go home. He took me into a small alley where he pushed me against a wall and we were kissing again. We didn’t waste any time exploring, our tongues were waging a full scale war. My hands went to the buttons of his shirt as if they had a mind of their own. After I had all the buttons undone, I wandered over his chest. I could feel it was well muscled and not too hairy. I wanted to see it, but I didn’t get time to think that over, because he was going down to my neck, nibbling there softly, while his hands slid under my top. They were so warm against my quivering skin. My nipples were poking through my bra now and clearly visible through the thin top I was wearing. His tongue by now had reached my cleavage, but I wanted to feel it on my nipples. My g-string wasn’t able to hold on to my juices anymore. They were dripping along my legs.

My hands had gone a little lower by now, first at the back, feeling his strong, well trained ass, to move to the front quite quickly. I wanted to feel his cock in my hands, at least for now. Kocaeli Escort Bayan I opened his button and zipper. When I pushed him back a little to be able to look down I saw a dick that hadn’t gained it’s maximum strength yet, and a pair of boxers that already were stretching at their max to keep it in. My mouth was watering. I wanted to see it in full power and knew how to get it there. I slid down to get it at the right height and slid down those boxers a little to set it free. I took it in my hands and slowly slid up and down a few times. This was already working, for it was growing a little more. Then I took the head in my mouth. I softly sucked it a little. He groaned as a reply. While it was in my mouth I started circling the head with my tongue. His hands were in my hair now, urging me to take it deeper, but I resisted his pressure, I was going to do this my way. I took it out and licked his big dick from it’s head to it’s base, at the end licking his balls. This lead to another deep moan. The cock became even bigger. I took it in my mouth again, and started to really suck it now. He lost some of his precum and it tasted delicious to me.

Then he took me by my arms, pulled me up, and set me up with my hands against the wall, facing it now. His hands went to the front to unbutton my pants and down they went. I felt his fingers sliding down over my ass cheeks to the inner side of my thighs. He was sliding them up and down, every time he went up barely touching the Escort Kocaeli outer lips of my pussy. Then he slid my string aside and I felt his tongue on my pussy, first going up and down over my lips. He was going to make me suffer as I had made him. Then he went inside, taking a good taste of my juices. I had to concentrate on two things now, to keep breathing and the pleasure he was providing. When his tongue touched my clit it was my time to moan, and moan I did. He was sliding back and forth over it, his speed ever increasing. I felt I was getting close and that this was going to be a huge orgasm. When I thought I was almost there he changed tactics. He sucked my clit into his mouth and kept sucking on it. This sent me over the edge. I was cumming and I was cumming hard. He wasted no time and pushed his cock between my spasming pussy lips in one slow stroke. He was filling me completely, as if we were made for each other. He started to fuck me, prolonging and actually increasing my orgasm. This was it, this was the ultimate fuck. By the time I was done trembling he was fucking me at full speed, or so I thought. With every stroke he went faster. I could feel his balls banging against my legs and it only aroused me more. His hands went to my pussy again, this time entirely concentrating on my clitoris. His stroking went simultaneous with the speed his cock was filing me up time and again. It was only minutes before I came again. This time he came with me. We were screaming in unison while he was squirting load after load of cum deep inside me.

Putting both his hands next to mine for stability, his cock still inside me, but losing it’s strength, he kissed my neck. The first words he spoke to me were ‘You want to come home with me?’ In reply I asked him where his car was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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