Co-worker’s Man Ch. 28

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“Okay cocksucker. I love your enthusiasm but let’s save it for lunchtime. Now you better get that cum-filled ass of yours into work,” Mr. Wolfe said. “I’ll be waiting outside at noon.” I let his beautiful cock slip out of my mouth and got off my knees. I grabbed my overnight bag and headed out. My legs were shaky from my recent fucking as I made my way to my car. I was glad I wasn’t walking to work! I felt incredibly content after having been filled at both ends by Mr. Wolfe. His piss and cum were making a nice warm spot in my stomach and my ass felt like it was pleasantly vibrating with the afterglow of orgasm.

I got to work just a minute or two before starting time and settled into my desk. I saw Lori outside her office talking to one of the managers. She had on a tight-fitting dark red dress that came to about mid-thigh. It had long sleeves and a high collar and hugged her curves suggestively. Her legs were covered in sheer black stockings and she wore patent leather black high heeled pumps. Her shoes accentuated her muscular lean legs and made her look even sexier. My eyes were immediately drawn to the ample swells of her huge tits pushing out at the clinging fabric.

I settled into my desk and turned on my computer and got to work. I was only about twenty minutes into it when my phone buzzed and I saw Lori’s extension displayed.


“Yeah, Jon. Come on in and bring the Newman file. I need to go over with you what I need you to do tomorrow.” Her voice had a very stern sound to it as if she was pissed off about something. I grabbed the file and made my way to her office. I knocked as I entered.

“Yeah, lock the door behind you,” she said as she continued writing on some papers on her desk. I locked the door and then went and sat in one of the chairs facing her desk as she continued to write. She finally stopped and took off her sexy-librarian glasses and set them on the papers she’d been working on. She looked pretty serious and maybe I had been right about her being pissed off about something.

“Well Jon, just to let you know, Frank refused to fuck me this morning,” she said as she almost glared at me. She obviously noticed the look of shock on my face. “Yeah, he said he wanted to save it for you. Now…..I’m not used to coming to work like this. It puts me in a bad mood. So if I’m not getting the orgasm I need from having Frank’s cock in me, you’re gonna have to make up for it with your mouth.” I gulped as I looked down at her massive chest straining at the front of her dress. She rolled her chair back slightly from her desk.

“Now c’mon girl, crawl over here. I don’t want to get even more pissed off than I already am,” she said sternly as she nodded towards the floor in front of her. I set the file on the desk and dropped to me knees in front of the chair. I crawled on all fours around her desk until I was right beside her. I looked over at her beautiful legs encased in the sheer black gossamer stockings. Her dress had ridden up well above mid-thigh.

“Get under the desk, girl,” she instructed as she nodded towards the dark area beneath her desk. I crawled beneath the desk and turned myself until I was facing her. Her big desk was the type that had a solid front panel so that even if someone was in the room, they wouldn’t have been able to see me. She slid her body forward in the chair which caused the hem of her dress to pull even further back. I watched as the tops of her stockings came into view and then the creamy expanse of her upper thighs. With her ass perched on the front edge of her seat, she rolled her chair towards me until she was right in front of me. As she rested her arms on the desk above me, she let her legs drift apart and pulled herself the rest of the way forwards so that it seemed like she was in her regular working position.

“Oh god,” I unconsciously said out loud as my face was inches away from her glorious womanhood.

“What’s wrong girl?”

“Uhhhh…..nothing Miss…’s just that your pussy is so beautiful.”

“Well then show me how beautiful you think it is.” I was looking past the dark stocking tops, along her smooth creamy inner thighs, to the full pink lips of her treasure. They were already shining with her juices and I could see the thrusting nub of her huge clit peeking out at me from the top of her slit. If she had been wearing panties earlier, she must have taken them off before she called me into her office. Her warm womanly smell was intoxicating. I moved my face forward as I extended my tongue. I slid it deep into the bottom of her oozing slot and dragged it slowly upwards.

“Oh fuck, girl. That’s just what I need,” Lori said from above me. When I reached the top of her slit, I let my tongue swirl around her protruding clit. She whimpered in delight as I bathed the sensitive organ. I pushed my face as far between the lips of her weeping box as I could as I slid my raspy tongue over the soft warm folds of her inner sheath.

“Oh fuck……yeah…..that is so good……so deep…..” I heard her say as she was letting out a stream of low guttural islahiye escort growls. I swirled my tongue around in circles deep within her sweet snatch as she moaned and groaned with pleasure. For about ten minutes I displayed as much of a variety of my oral expertise as I could. I was unrelenting in my attention to her needs. My tongue was probing and prodding insistently all around her sopping pussy.

“Okay girl, get back on my clit. I need to cum now,” she instructed. I withdrew my tongue from deep within her and slid it back upwards between the clinging folds. I took the engorged bud of her clit between my lips and drew on it firmly as I pressed my tongue against the very tip of it. It felt like a little cock in mouth and I made love to it, just like I did to Frank’s 10 ½” monster.

“That’s it girl…..yeah….right there….suck that clit.” I felt the warm insides of her creamy thighs as she closed them to lock my eager mouth against her throbbing pussy. “Yeah….fuck….yeah…..oh….oh…..aaaaaahhhhhh,” she was panting like a steam engine as her orgasm overtook her. I felt a wash of her juices splash against my chin as I kept my mouth glued to her clit. She was twitching and convulsing against my face as ecstasy radiated throughout her body. I could feel my cock rock hard in my pants again as I luxuriated in the pleasure of servicing Lori. Her orgasmic convulsions finally ceased and she sat back in her chair as I released her throbbing red clit and slid my tongue down between her drooling labia to lap up her sweet nectar. With my face pressed against her sodden womanhood, I looked up at those massive breasts heaving as she fought to regain her breath.

“Oh, you are a sweet girl,” she said between gasps for air. “Now I know why Frank wanted to save it for you today. Well, as pissed off as I was earlier, I promised him that I’d give you this.” She pulled open a drawer of her desk and pulled out another zip-lock bag. She opened it and drew out another condom heavy with another milky-yellow load of Frank’s. She held it by the open end and waved it back and forth in front of my face.

“This is one from last night but I’m sure a girl like you will still love it,” she said as she gripped the tip of the receptacle and turned it upside down over her crotch. The pearly fluid ran down onto her clit and slid downwards towards my busy mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned with lust as I sought out the precious semen with my tongue. I licked with my tongue all around her pink pussylips as I gathered in all of his captured cum. It was cool and musky and I let the masculine flavor languish on my tongue. I was purring with pleasure as I swallowed all of it. She then held the condom as I licked all her dried fragrant juices off the outside.

“That’s a good girl,” she said as I pulled on the condom with my lips as I slid my tongue all around the outside of the latex. She drew it out of my mouth and dropped it back into the bag and closed her drawer. She drew her legs back from under the desk and I watched as she brought them up and hooked her heels on the edge of the desktop. She was splayed wide open before me and the angle had shifted her hips slightly upwards. I watched mesmerized as she teasingly slid her middle finger all the way into her mouth and then she seductively drew it slowly out from between her ovaled lips.

“I hear you’re real good at eating ass,” she said as she took her glistening finger and I watched the blood-red nail trace a line down from her clit to her pink puckered rosebud. She drew the tip of her fingernail in a circle around the beautiful moist pucker.

“Oooohhhhh,” I moaned with lust as I moved forward hypnotically and extended my tongue toward her clean fresh hole. She scratched across my tongue playfully with her shiny nail and then withdrew her hand to leave me full access to her wide open ass. The deliciously fragrant smell from her nice clean ass combined with the juices of her recent climax to create an alluring cocktail of scents. I inhaled deeply and her smell seemed to settle like a warming elixir on my eager tongue.

I pressed the flat of my tongue against her smooth ass and as I swirled my tongue all around her sensitive opening, I heard her hiss with a sharp intake of breath. I kept circling and circling as I slowly made my way closer to the center of her hot pink hole. I soon felt my tongue slide over the wrinkled membranes of her opening. I heard her gasp as I probed right on the center with the tip of my tongue. She immediately relaxed her sphincter and my tongue slid easily deep inside her. It made think that she must be used to taking Frank’s thick cock into her ass.

“Oh yeah… are good,” she said as she looked down at my face pressed tightly between her parted asscheeks. “Keep that tongue deep in there.” I was only too eager to comply and kept probing all around the hot lining deep within her ass. I placed my hands against the smooth surface of her inner thighs and used my thumbs on each side of her asshole to help hold her wide open for my oral assault. I looked up and saw her sitting back with her eyes closed as she languished in the pleasure of my tongue reaching deep inside her. I started to alternate withdrawing my tongue and bathing her beautiful full asscheeks as she allowed her rosebud to close instinctively. I would then switch back to a direct attack on her pink hole and she would always have it completely relaxed so my tongue would slide deep within her.

We both seemed to lose track of time and I guess I kept my mouth busy pleasuring her backside for about fifteen or twenty minutes. For the last little while she had started to become more agitated as her breathing became more ragged. I also noticed a distinct trickle of fresh juice flowing out of her pussy and running down to seep into her asshole and onto my tongue.

“Okay girl. Get that tongue deep inside my pussy now. It’s time to cum again,” she said as she pulled my hair to bring me up to her sopping cunt. As I delved my tongue into her weeping box, she took her fingers and started to rub around the base of her engorged clit. I pressed my face as far into her as I could and used my tongue to prod deep and continuously against the hot folds of flesh inside her vagina. Her heart rate was escalating as she rubbed frantically around the erect spire of her bright red clitoris.

“Oh yeah…..keep that tongue deep in there…..I’m almost there,” she panted thru ragged breaths as I unrelentingly kept eating her out. I could see her huge nipples protruding against the tight fabric of her dress as her desire increased. I took a chance and pressed my middle finger against her slick asshole. Her pucker seemed to instinctively flex open to try and draw me inside. I took that as an invitation and I pressed forward and my finger slid all the way in to the hilt. She gasped and I felt her inner membranes grip down on my finger. I started to slide it in and out of her ass at the same time as I kept my tongue swirling around deep within her leaking box.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” She yelled and I was afraid people outside her office might hear her. “Oh fuck…yeah…keep doin’ that…..” she encouraged and I kept my rigid finger sawing back and forth within her clutching ass.

“OH FUCK…….OH FUCK……..OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH,” she bellowed as a tremendous climax shook her whole body. Her fingers were a blur on her protruding red clitoris as I kept my finger probing deeply in her bucking ass. My face was awash with a wave of her succulent nectar as her shattering orgasm had her twitching uncontrollably. I continued swabbing away at her velvety soft snatch as she convulsed and gushed while the exquisite sensations of her climax flowed thru her. I had never seen a woman have an orgasm that lasted as long as this one of Lori’s. It seemed to go on and on and she became a sweating twitching mass before it finally subsided.

I looked up to see her sitting back with her eyes closed, totally spent and drained. I was enthralled by those big hard nipples pushing against the front of her dress. Those big tits of hers were heaving up and down as she gathered in big gulps of air. Her hand that had been furiously rubbing her clit was lying still, draped across that throbbing nubbin. Her legs remained up and apart as the heels of her shoes were still hooked under the front edge of the desk. She finally pushed back with her legs and her chair rolled backwards.

“Oh fuck. That was so fucking good,” she said as she opened her eyes and let her feet drop to the floor. “Come out of there,” she said to me. I crawled out from under the desk and awkwardly got to my feet. Awkwardly, not only from being in a cramped position under her desk, but also because of my hard cock jutting uncomfortably at the front of my pants. She sat forward in her chair as she looked at my protruding bulge.

“Okay girl, drop those pants.” She sensed my nervousness as I hesitated. “NOW!” she commanded. I obediently undid my belt and pushed my pants down to my ankles. “Underwear too!” she said sternly. I grabbed the waistband and pushed my fitted boxers down on top of my pants. My rock-hard cock sprang straight up and slapped against my stomach. I looked down and could see that the tip was shiny with precum.

“Not bad for a cocksucking little girl,” she said as she sat forward and stared intently at my throbbing rod. I looked down at her huge breasts beautifully encased in the clinging fabric of her tight dress. My cock was surging as it was inches away from those tremendous mounds. She reached forward and with one pointed fingernail traced a line from the tip all the way down the underside of my pulsing cock. I felt a gob of precum rise to the top and start to roll sluggishly down the V on the underside of the crown. I gasped in shock as she took her hand and wrapped it firmly around my cock and drew it downwards to point right at her thrusting chest.

“Is this where you’d like to blow that load, Jon?” she asked coyly as she looked up into my eyes with a sensually smoldering look on her face.

“Yes Miss,” I answered emphatically. I knew I was almost ready to cum and it would only be seconds more before I exploded.

“Well, we can’t have you ruin my dress, can we?” she said as she reached past me with her other hand and picked up a drinking glass she had on her desk. I watched hypnotically as she slipped the opening of the glass over the head of my dick and started to shuck her hand back and forth. Her soft hands felt incredibly firm and hot as she pumped away at my throbbing rod. She knew exactly what to do with a cock in her hands. She used a pumping and twisting action at the same time. The precum was leaking continuously from the gaping end of my cock.

“Cum for me Jon. I know you’ve thought about cumming on these tits many times. This might be as close as you’ll ever get…….then again……you might get the real thing soon……” she said as she looked up at me and ran her tongue around her full pouting lips. That look and her words were all it took…..

“OH FUCK!” I moaned as I felt the pulsing semen speed up the shaft of my cock and rocket forward against the back of the glass. She kept pumping at my spitting cock as it erupted time and again. I was trembling all over as I kept shooting and shooting under her skillful handjob. My legs were quaking and I thought I might collapse as I unloaded gob after creamy gob of semen into the glass. I was looking down at her huge tits beyond the white milky fluid in the glass and I fired a few last shots into the growing pool until my climax finally slowed and just a few last drops oozed forth from the end of my cock. I was gasping and panting as she slowed her pumping hand and firmly milked a last whitish gob into the glass. She pulled the glass back slightly and drew the glistening eye against the lip of the glass. She released my deflating cock and I stood there, totally drained yet totally exhilarated.

“Pull your pants up girl. A girl shouldn’t be caught with her pants down.”

“Yes Miss,” I said obediently as I bent down and pulled up my underwear and then my pants. When I was done buckling my belt, Lori stood up from her chair and smoothed down her dress. She was taller than me to start with, and in four-inch heels, she towered over me. As she stood right in front of me, I could almost feel her protruding nipples against the front of my shirt.

“Well, here’s your reward for being such a good little girl,” she said as she brought the glass up in front of my face. I could see that I had shot a big load as she was swirling the cloudy fluid around in the bottom of the glass. From her vantage point above me, she looked down into my face as she brought the edge of the glass to my lips. I opened my mouth immediately and she tipped it up and I felt the creamy texture of my own cum slide between my lips. It was warm and salty as it settled on my tongue.

“That’s my good girl,” she said as she tipped it further up and the remainder of my cum slid forward onto my tongue. I swallowed my own creamy seed and plunged my tongue into the glass to capture the whitish morsels clinging to the walls of the glass. When I had cleaned the glass of every last drop, she set it back on her desk and walked over towards the coffee table area.

“C’mon Jon. We need to talk about the Newman account and what I want you to do for me tomorrow.” She sat in the chair and I sat on the couch and for the next hour we went thru a number of documents she had spread out on the coffee table. Not once during that time did she refer to me as “girl” or anything other than “Jon”. She was very professional and no one would have ever known what had just occurred. We were just two co-workers carrying on a briefing about an assignment. When I finally had all the information I would need to know for the meeting in The City the next day, it was mid-morning.

“So you’ve got all that down now, Jon?” she asked.

“Yeah, Lori. I think I’ve got it.”

“Well girl, there’s one thing more I want you to do,” her voice had instantly taken on that authoritative tone. I looked quickly into her eyes and she had that sensually smoldering look again. “Get down on the floor with your head back on the edge of the couch,” she said nodding towards the floor in front of me. I pushed the table away and sat down on the floor and laid my head back on the edge of the couch. She rose from her chair and stepped over until she was straddling me. Her long legs were parted and I could see her creamy inner thighs as I looked up under the hem of her dress.

“You better get used to this position girl, this is one of my favorites and I expect you to be seeing a lot of it,” she said as she kneeled on the couch with her knees on either side of my face. Her spread knees had caused her dress to ride up to her hips and I was looking directly up into my pink glistening labia. She grabbed the back of the couch with both hands and settled down as she dropped her steaming twat right onto my mouth. My tongue was instantly busy probing and licking as I ate her out. She bounced and rolled her hips against my insistent tongue as she rode my face. She was in total control and rode my tongue wherever she wanted it, from her pink puckered asshole to her erect clit. I was hers to use….and use me she did.

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