Confused Ch. 04

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Thanks to my lovely editor, I wouldn’t have been able to have this as polished without you. Also, a big thanks for all the great feedback on my little Drama. I know this chapter may start off a bit sad, but stick with it and you’ll find a nice little surprise at the end. 😉


Chapter 4

10 years later

I walked into the pub and sighed as I saw the crowd. It was going to be another long night at work. I had just finished helping Rob on the farm all day to only come serve a bunch of ruffians, who enjoyed teasing me immensely. Somehow I doubted there would be much teasing tonight, as tomorrow was my father’s funeral.

I made my way over to the bar and prepared to cross the threshold onto the serving side when a pair of strong hands stopped me.

“What do you think you’re doing here?” the gruff voice said behind me. It was Boris the pub’s owner. I would recognise that deep strong voice anywhere.

He released me and I turned around to face his heavy set build. “I’m working that’s what I’m doing here,” I responded.

He gave me a grave look. “You’re not working tonight, or tomorrow night, or the rest of the week for that matter. I want you to take as much time as you need.”

I had heard this so many times throughout the past couple of months. I have been taking on too many things at once; I was going to wear myself thin, blah, blah, blah! What else did they expect me to do? I had to take care of my family and then I also had my own expenses to take care off.

“I’m fine,” I said defiantly.

“You’re not fine.” He gave me a once over shaking his head. “You’re almost as thin as a rake. If you don’t slow down, I’m going to have no choice but to fire you.”

I was shocked, he couldn’t fire me. I needed this job. “You can’t do that Boris. You know I need this job.”

“I can do whatever I bloody hell want to do. This is my pub and if you don’t start to learn how to take care of yourself, you’re going to end up getting sick as well.” My mouth was hanging open, he had never spoke this frankly with me before and he had certainly never made such an inside inference about my parents getting sick before. He must have been really worried.

“Ok,” I said, looking him dead in the eyes. “But, that was a low blow and you know it. Plus I expect my job to be here next Thursday.”

“I only do it because I care.” He looked at me empathetically. “You know I could never fire you, the customers would cull me,” he said with a half smile on his big face.

I wacked him on the shoulder. “You’re such a big meanie.” I slid past him. “See you tomorrow,” I said leaving. He just nodded and went back to work.

As I drove home from my little stint at the pub I couldn’t stop the flow of thoughts coming to me.

It was my father’s funeral tomorrow. He had died of bowl cancer last week. He had been battling it for about six months and he lost all hope last month when mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. He just stopped fighting and we all knew it would only be a matter of time before he left us. I guess that’s why I wasn’t as sad as people thought I should be. I had had time to prepare for his death and to tell you the truth I didn’t think about it that much. What I now thought about was how our family’s farm was going to stay afloat and how to take care of all dad’s old medical bills and mum’s ever growing ones. My brain had officially turned into a calculator and I had no room for emotions.

I wasn’t alone though. Rob was still living at home working on the farm and trying to take care of mum, even though she insisted she didn’t need any help. Brad also helped where he could, but he had a young family of his own and he had his own troubles. So, it was mainly Rob and me, like always.

I drove into the driveway of my small cottage. Well actually it was Grace and Anna’s old cottage. When Anna had left, two years later Grace had followed her daughter, as she couldn’t stand the separation. Me being a naïve twenty year old, I couldn’t stand to see the cottage taken up by some Kütahya Escort other family, so I bought it from Grace. At that time I was already working part-time at the pub and going to university in the next town over. So, suffice it to say, it was a struggle trying to make mortgage repayments on my cottage. There was a few times when I thought I was going to lose it, but Rob, seeing me struggling, helped me with the repayments.

I never got to a big university in the city like I had always dreamed of. When Anna left that last year of high school my grades flopped and there was no way I was getting a scholarship anywhere. So my only option was to go to the community university in the next town. I had ended up earning a Bachelor in English literature, which I still have no idea what I’m going to do with at twenty eight years of age.

It had seemed ever since Anna had left, my life had gone down the crapper. We had stayed in contact after she left, like we both promised we’d do. But, once Grace left, Anna was finding it harder to make it down to see me, as she was so busy with her studies. It was too hard for both of us being able to talk to each other, but not physically be there for each other. So, gradually over time, about five years ago we stopped talking. It killed me that we couldn’t be like we used to be, but the separation was taking its toll on both of us. I didn’t want to think about that though, it was probably the only thing that actually got me emotional these days. I am in denial about my father being dead and my mother being sick, to me they are still safe and sound at home, not a scratch on their heads and Anna is the only person who actually causes me emotional pain. I can’t imagine what it’s going to feel like when I actually have to come to terms with my parents. I suspect it’s not going to be pretty.

I parked my rusting 1963 Mini Cooper in the driveway and set off to get some sleep in my little cottage. It was going to be a big day tomorrow.

It was nine o’clock and I was at the funeral early, helping with the preparations. The job of funeral director sort of fell on my shoulders, as mum couldn’t cope with the stress of the preparations and Rob had his hands full on the farm. I liked doing it though, as it gave me something to do. Not that I liked the thought of burying my father, I disconnected from the fact that it was his funeral; otherwise I could probably not cope also. I just thought of it as another job, maybe I could start a business as a funeral director.

The funeral started at ten, so people started to gradually arrive after nine-thirty. I stood by the door to the church and greeted the guests with a fake smile. They all mentioned how strong I was for doing this all by myself, but my being strong had nothing to do with it. I was in denial. To me dad was still alive.

We had fifteen minutes before the funeral was to start when I saw mum and Rob making their way up the footpath to the church. Brad and his family had already arrived a few minutes ago, so all the family was here.

My fake smile turned into a real one when Rob came up the steps and swept me into a big bear hug. “Sorry, we couldn’t be here sooner,” he whispered than kissed me on the forehead.

“That’s ok,” I replied as he put me down. No doubt he would have been sooner, but by the looks of mum’s pale figure beside him I could tell she wasn’t feeling very well. If this wasn’t her husband’s funeral I would have made her go back home and rest, but she needed this time to help her grieve.

I took her frail body into my arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I love you, mummy,” I told her.

“I love you to baby,” she said in a soft voice. “Thanks for all your hard work,” she croaked out. It was hard for her to talk about dad’s death, so this day was going to be an especially tough one for her.

I felt Rob touch my arm and I faced him. “Why don’t you take mum inside and I’ll greet the rest of the guests,” he said, trying to smile.

“You don’t have to Rob, I’ve got it covered.” Kütahya Escort Bayan I still had one arm around mum as we talked, I was afraid she would buckle over if she didn’t have someone to help her stand.

“No you’ve already done enough. Don’t fight me on this Viv, I want to do something.”

I sighed and kissed his cheek. “Thanks Rob.” I understood that he needed to do this, so I let him. I just needed to find something else to keep me preoccupied.

I walked mum slowly into the church, where everyone told us what a great man my father was and how they were going to miss him. I just nodded and thanked them, not really listening.

We eventually made our way to the front seats, where I sat mum down next to one of dad’s best friends. I knew she’d be comforted by him, since I wasn’t planning on sitting down just yet. I decided instead to go check on the Priest. I told mum as such and without much complaint from her I made my way over to where the Priest was talking with a few older ladies near the back of the church.

Before I could make my way over to the Priest though a tall, solid body appeared in front of me. I looked up at a pair of deep grey eyes. But before I could say anything Jay asked in a kind voice, “Hey how are you doing baby?”

Jay was a regular at the pub. I saw him every night I went to work when he had finished his shift. Like me, Jay had stayed in town. He only left when he had to do his police training, but as soon as he had graduated he was back working at the local police station here.

He still had the same amazing body he had when we were in high school, only a whole lot more solid, if that was possible. When I asked him how he got his body looking so good he just laughed at me and said it was because he had to keep fit if he was going to keep up with me in the sack.

When dad was diagnosed with cancer I hadn’t known how to deal, well I still wasn’t dealing with it. But, all I wanted to do was forget and the only way I could think of to help me forget was to have sex. So, when Jay came into the bar as usual, I asked him to fuck me. No teasing, no innuendoes, just straight to the point. He thought I was joking at first. I couldn’t blame him, all we did was fight, but if our heated conversations where anything to go by I could just imagine the hot sex we could have. So, I told him to meet me at my cottage that night, where he got a pleasant surprise. I fucked his brains out.

Ever since then, after everyone of my night pub shifts Jay and I went back to my place and fucked like bunnies, but that’s all. I had made it perfectly clear to him that all I wanted to do was fuck.

“I’m fine and I’m not your baby,” I said in a hushed voice, as I stared up at his six foot two frame. Compared to me he was a giant.

Jay looked a bit hurt, but he immediately covered it with his cocky grin. “Well aren’t we a little touchy.”

I ignored his comment and looked around his frame to see if the Priest was still there when I spotted someone I’d never expected to see. I quickly pulled my head back. Thank-god Jay was double my size. Otherwise I may not have been as well hidden.

Jay must’ve seen the shock on my face as he reached out for my hand and asked again if I was alright.

I looked up his sexy body and realised what I needed to make everything all better. “I would feel so much better if I had your nice big cock in my pussy,” I whispered mischievously up at him.

Now he was shocked. “Viv it’s your father’s funeral, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“I know it’s my father’s funeral and we have ten minutes before it starts, so if you want to get laid you’d better follow me. Otherwise I’ll just have to satisfy myself with my fingers.” I turned my back to him and walked over to the side of the church where a door was located that led to the Priest’s offices.

I knew he would follow me. I knew Jay too well. I just hoped that she didn’t see me.

I slipped through the wooden door and gently shut it behind me. I didn’t have to Escort Kütahya wait very long before the door opened again and Jay slid through.

I took his strong hand and pulled him to the closest door. I knocked on it a few times to make sure no one was in there and I heard no voice from the other side, so I grasped the handle and pulled open the door to reveal a darkened study. I pulled Jay in behind me.

I let go of his hand and walked over to the desk situated at the back of the room and sat on top of it. “What are you waiting for, Jay?”

A massive smile spread over his face. “I’m just admiring the view.”

I couldn’t help but smile at that. “Well we only have about eight minutes left, so if you still want to fuck me then you better get over here.”

Jay wasted no time and was kissing me before I could blink.

I locked my legs around Jay’s hips, as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I could feel Jay’s massive hard-on and ground my pussy against it.

Jay released me from our kiss and gave me a naughty smile. He pulled my black knee-length dress up around my waist. He still had that naughty smile on his handsome face as he ran a finger along my panty clad pussy. “No messing around Jay. Just fuck me,” I said, shivering from his mischievous fingers.

“Whatever you want baby,” Jay replied, laying our bodies further onto the desk.

I locked my arms around Jay’s neck as he unzipped his fly. I noticed he wasn’t wearing any underwear as his hard cock sprung out of his black dress pants.

That hard cock wasn’t out very long though. Jay roughly moved my black lace panties aside and without much warning shoved his cock inside my pussy.

“Five minutes,” I breathed out, through the breath I was holding. My heart was already beating a million miles a minute. I loved sex under pressure. It always made my adrenaline pump.

Jay looked at me confused, and then a light seemed to go off, as he gave me another one of his cocky grins. “Well….we….better….get….started….then,” Jay said, emphasising each word with a strong, deep stroke of his cock in my pussy.

I could feel the heat building in my pussy as Jay got faster and harder with his strokes.

My hands were locked firmly around Jay’s neck as he pounded into me and through the heavy panting of both us I could hear the heavy wooden desk scraping across the ground.

Jay and I had set a heart-pounding pace and I slowly began to clench my pussy walls around his cock.

We were both slowly starting to melt in ecstasy. If Jay kept up this pace I would be a goner.

I was panting against Jay’s neck, when I heard him say my name. I looked up at him. “I love you, Vivian,” he panted out.

I was completely shocked for the second time that day. Jay had never said he had loved me before, but before I could say anything we both came in moans of bliss.

We both lay on the desk for a while not saying anything, until Jay pulled out of me. I released my hands from around Jay’s neck while he straightened his body. I continued to lie on the desk and looked up at the ceiling.

“Viv,” Jay said.

I closed my eyes tight. I didn’t want to have to deal with what Jay had to say.

“Viv, will you please look at me.” I did as he said and pulled my body up on the desk, straightening my dress along the way. “You don’t have to say anything; I just needed you to know. I’m here for you,” he continued. This was the first time Jay had ever been like this with me. We didn’t talk about feelings. And what did he mean he loved me?

I slid off the desk and pulled down my dress. I could feel our juices starting to run down my inner thigh, but I didn’t care. I just had to get out of there.

“I have to get back out there,” I said, quickly walking around Jay, who had straightened his clothing as well.

“Viv,” I heard Jay say as I walked out the door, but I just ignored him. I already had too many things to deal with. I didn’t need another thing, especially since I had to deal with Anna, who had unexpectedly shown up ten minutes earlier.


Yes Anna’s back in town. Just wait till the next chapter when things between Anna and Vivian really start to heat up.

Feel free to drop me a line on my story. I love to hear from you guys.

Have a fun day, Bec.

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