Connie – The Adventure Continues

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Connie — Adventure Continues – III

I had erotic dreams all night long after my mom, Connie, gave me a fantastic blow job on the couch last night while dad was asleep on the couch two feet from the action taking place between us. So when I woke up Saturday morning I was excited about what I planned to do to my mom next. I got up early and made sure my dad was showering, before I collected the items I needed for the day that I store outside in dad’s work shed, a hodge-podge area of mostly junk, since he was not very handy around the house at all. He never really went there unless it was to store more stuff.

All my stuff was collected by the time dad was done in his shower so I hoped in my shower to clean up. I showered and shaved my face and pubic hairs, as I loved the feeling of being shaven. Then I went back to bed to wait for Dad to leave the house for his long day of umpiring little league baseball. As soon as I heard his car start up, I grabbed my bag and ran bare assed naked to my mom’s room. At 41, my mom had a great body which she kept in very good shape. She had a nice 36D breast size and a trim small waist with long brunette hair that went to down to her shoulder blades. There was one thing and one thing only that I wanted to change about her and that was going to happen today, whether she wanted it or not.

As for what was in my bag, it contained four wrist/ankle cuffs, four pre-cut lengths of rope, a blind-fold, and shaving paraphernalia. Yes, I intended to shave my mom’s pussy. I was going to tie her up to her bed, blind-fold her, and shave her completely. Afterwards, I was going to pleasure her while she was unable to move. I was rock-hard just thinking about it. So I opened the door to her bedroom slowly so as to make as little noise as possible.

I moved to the foot of the bed and got down on my knees to attach the ropes to the posts at the bottom of her bed. After tying the ropes to each side, I attached the other end to the cuffs with a D-ring. I did the same for the posts at the head of the bed. I was very quiet as my beautiful mother did not wake up or stir while I was attaching the restraints to her bed. Next I carefully and slowly began to pull the covers off her luscious body and dropped it over the foot board.

As I finished lowering the covers, my lovely mom stirred a bit and rolled over onto her back. This caused her short nightie to rise up past her navel exposing her pussy for me to see. I was so tempted to stop right there and plunge my stiff cock deep into her waiting pussy, but I held back. As my mom settled down on her back, I gently lifted her left ankle and attached the cuff to her dainty ankle. Since she did not move I did the same to her right ankle and move up to her right wrist where I attached the cuff to her. Mom was now restrained on three sides and I moved around the bed to her left side and attached the final cuff to her without waking her up.

My mom, Connie, was now fully restrained and spread eagle on her bed unable to move. I then got into bed with her and gently kissed her on her lips. As I was kissing her, I began to unbutton the front of her nightie so I could feast my eyes on her naked body. When the last button was undone I Nevşehir Escort opened her nightie so she was completely bare. Since mom had not woken up yet, I began kissing my way down to her nipples that were slowly getting hard. I wrapped my lips around mom’s left nipple and began to suckle while my right hand was massaging her right breast.

“Ummmmmmm, that feels so good,” my mom dreamily moaned. “Don’t stop, please, don’t stop.”

I kept this up for awhile before moving to her right nipple. This one I did not suckle, but proceeded to flick my tongue around her erect, hard nipple.

“OH GOD, YES!” my mom cried out. When I gently bit her nipple, mom just let out a long, loud moan and tried to pull her arms to my head. “Wha, What? Why can’t I move my arms,” my mom asked.

“It’s okay, mom. I tied you up so you can’t move so I can do what I like to your body,” I explained to her. “With Dad gone all day, I intend to keep you in bed and explore your beautiful body at my leisure.”

“You are so bad, my dear sweet boy, but momma has some things to do today,” she replied. “So, please, untie me.”

“Sorry, mom, but I have my own plans for the day and they all involve you in this bed. So you had better get used to the idea,” I told her. The whole time we had been talking, I continued my tongue assault on her right nipple.

“Okay, honey, I am yours to do with as you wish,” she said breathlessly as she kept trying to push her nipple into my mouth. I finally relented and took her nipple into my mouth and began sucking on it causing Mom to moan louder as she begged me to continue.

But stop I did, causing my mom to cry out “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I reached into my bag and brought out my blind-fold. I showed it to Mom and said, “I am going to put this on you so you can’t see what I am doing to you. It should add to your excitement.”

With that said, I gently placed the blindfold over my mom’s head to cover her eyes. I kissed her lips and told to relax and I would be back shortly. I went into her bathroom and turned on the water to hot and got out a washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel. I asked mom to lift up her butt so I could move the bath towel under her.

“What are you planning to do, young man?” my mom questioned me. But I did not answer as I got off the bed and got a pair of scissors out of my bag. I then proceeded to trim her pubic hairs as close to her silky skin as I could.

“I told you that day in the kitchen that I would have to do something about you bush and I plan on shaving it all off. A shaven pussy really turns me on, mom,” I explained to her.

“But what will your father say, not that he notices me very much lately,” my mom pouted.

“I don’t care, mom, whether Dad likes it or not. Just remember, I like it, I did it to you, and it turns me on. I find you very, very sexy, ” I said to her.

All this time I was still cutting my mom’s hair as close to the skin as I could. I brushed all the loose hairs off her and unto the towel which I pulled out from under her and took it to the bathroom to shake it out in the toilet (less evidence that way). I brought the towel back and replaced it under her. I returned to the bathroom Nevşehir Escort Bayan and returned with the hot washcloth which I placed over the remaining bush and which my mom cried out that it was hot! I apologized, but went back to get the bowl of hot water, razor, and bikini shaving gel from the bathroom.

I removed the washcloth from her and bent down to flick my flick against the hood of her clit to which my mom let out a moan. But I was not done with her shaving yet, so I stopped very reluctantly. I then opened the shaving gel cap and proceed to cover my mom’s pubic hairs.

“Oh, that is cold, honey, especially after that hot towel!” my mom exclaimed.

I said I was sorry and then got the razor out and started shaving my sexy mother’s pussy. I was very gentle as I moved the razor over her silky skin. I was not a long process, but I wanted it done right, so after all the hair was gone, I ran my finger over the entire area to find any rough patches. Whenever I found some, I would rub some shaving gel and run the razor over it until it was smooth. I was being very thorough and took great care to remove any and every patch of stubble I could find. When all was gone, I put the hot washcloth over the area to remove all the shaving gel and clean mom up. As a final test. I put my face to her pussy and began to lick the skin area where her bush used to be. I could not find any stray patches so I stopped to mom’s intense displeasure.

“Why did you stop, honey, that was feeling so good,” she said breathlessly.

I said not to worry and I returned all the shaving materials to their proper areas and returned with mom’s large make-up mirror. I put it between her legs and lifted the blindfold to her forehead.

“I am going to show you what I did and you tell me what you think, okay Mom?” That said, I raised the mirror up so Mom could see her freshly shaven pussy.

“Oh, WOW!” she exclaimed. “Everything is gone! I am so bare, but it looks nice. And honey, if this is what you like, then I will keep my pussy shaved just for you.”

“Thanks, mom. Yes, I do love the look and feel of smooth skin and now I can see all of your pussy with nothing hidden from my eyes.” I then put the mirror on the floor and returned to kiss my mom while covering her eyes again with the blindfold. I could not wait any longer to taste her so I kissed my way down her chest to her clit which was now poking free of its hood. I then gently bit it which caused my mom to rise her hips up as she let out a long moan.

Then I ran my tongue from her clit to her anus and began rimming her. This caused her to cry out with a loud “OH MY YES” and so I continued to run my tongue around her anus. I brought my tongue up and through her wet, juicy slit until I stopped at her clit and began sucking it. This caused Mom to start bucking her hips up and down and moaning in enjoyment. Mom was ready to explode and I moved my mouth to her pussy as her juices began to fill my mouth. I stay there until nothing more came out. Next I moved up to her lips and kissed my mom full on her lips and as they parted and her tongue entered my mouth I let some of her juices pour into her mouth.

“I want Escort Nevşehir you to taste yourself so you know just how much I like eating a woman’s pussy,” I whispered to her.

“UMMM, I am tasty, no wonder you like it so much, honey,” mom cooed to me.

Then I lifted off her and untied her legs and raised them up as I tied them to the headboard. Now mom had her legs spread out and up, giving me complete access to her lovely, tasty, juicy pussy. I wasted no more time and I positioned my between her legs and plunged my cock deep into her in one hard thrust.

“Oh GOD, YES,” she cried out. “More, please MORE!”

I did not need to me told twice as I continued to pound my cock deep inside her pussy. Even in this position, mom’s pussy gripped my cock like it was made to fit me personally. It did not take long for both of us to have a mind shattering orgasm at the same time. Mom worked her pussy walls to milk the last bit of cum from my cock. When my cock stopped twitching I pulled out of mom’s pussy and put my cock to her lips.

Mom opened her lips and she began licking my head before sucking me into her waiting mouth. It was not long after this that I became hard again, so I pulled out of mom’s mouth and unhooked her legs from the D-clips. She was so relieved at this and lowered them to the bed. I then moved back between her legs and slowly entered her pussy again. This time I was slow and loving as I wanted to make sweet love to my mom. Before too long mom raised her legs and wrapped them around my hips as we made love. This time I lasted a long time and mom told me later that she had at least six orgasms before I came again.

I removed the restraint from my lovely mother’s wrists and she wrapped them around my back and we stayed that way for a long time. Mom still had the blindfold on so I removed that too only to find tears in her eyes.

“Why are you crying my love?” I asked.

“Because I am so happy. Your father never cared if I had an orgasm or not. He never gave me one and he drifted off to sleep leaving me unfulfilled every time. I would get up and go into the living room and masturbate until I came. You almost caught me a few times. In fact, I used to get excited thinking of what would have happened if you saw me. But all you wanted to do was talk.”

“Mom, if I had known I would have had sex with you then, but you always seemed so distant when I came into the living room at 1 or 2 am.”

“I know, honey, I just did not understand the intensity of my feelings for you then. I now know and I will be yours from this day onwards.”

Mom and I spent most of the day in her bed, except for getting some food to keep up our energy levels. We stayed naked all day making love in her bed. I had mom mount me as she had never done that positions before and she had such a huge orgasm that she said she wanted to try that more often. We had to stop sooner or later and mom gathered up her soaked bed sheets and took them to the laundry room. When the spin cycle began on the washer I lifted up on it and put my cock back into her pussy and let the machine move my mom’s butt around my cock until she come all over it.

After the sheets were put into the dryer we went into her shower to clean up before dad got home. In the shower, we soaped each other up and I took mom standing up in the shower. We barely had time to dry off before we heard dad’s car in the driveway. I ran to my bedroom to get dressed as mom threw on a slip dress with no undies to greet her husband.

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