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Ryan asked her because he thought the chances of fucking would be close to certain and she knew it. It was a certainty he had begun to brag about it before anything had happened. He was nineteen, held behind a year and still the envy of most guys because of his looks and general confidence. Kelly was envied by no one. She was not ugly but not pretty, not the smartest either or particularly good at anything. In all her ordinariness she had decided that her only chance at any attention from males, or females for that matter, would be to dress a little differently than most girls. It had long been assumed she was a whore by everyone in school but she was technically a virgin having only given the occasional blowjob. She knew people thought this and even if she could she didn’t want it to change. People talked about her behind her back and even though it was only malicious gossip it was still satisfying to be known..

Around school she walked as if on a tight rope, one foot behind the other so her ass swayed. She was short and thick. Though she had tight legs, a full round ass, a flat belly, and tits that perfectly balanced her lower half, her face was plain. She had long straight dark hair with blunt bangs. She moved with a confidence previously unseen in high school. She didn’t belong there and she knew it.

This was what Ryan saw and thinking first and only with his dick had asked her to the dance. Kelly not being popular answered yes as it was the only thing she could say. After all what would people say if she had turned him down? Kelly and Ryan barely talked before but now when he saw her in the hall he would say hi and try to chat about something banal – third period English with Kieslowski or something less interesting. Kelly always thought Ryan was hot, tall, not overly muscled but in shape. In her mind, it was not a possibility that she could have dated him, but now it was happening and she would have to impress.

Kelly had come to school in her usual attire: a bit lazy but still slutty in a pair of tiny gray gym shorts rolled down at the top with the words “PINK” splayed across the ass. A pink tank, skin tight, puckered around her tits and a baby blue zip up hoodie added the slightest bit of modesty. Her skin was dark, orange from a habitual use of sunless tanner; she was never seen with out a plentiful amount of makeup. With the dance in a week and having managed to put some money together she focused on finding a dress. When lunch started it seemed a good time to leave for the mall.

She made her way through the hall and out the front door like it was 3:30. No one stopped her because she walked like she knew where she was going and they had accepted some time ago that Kelly would do what she wanted.

The mall was populated with the elderly, housewives and a handful of mallrat dropouts. She loved shopping especially when she had something to do it for. Kelly was not the kind of girl that had sales people queuing up to help. She was not wealthy but had a waitress job that gave her plenty of spending money. The first department store yielded little. Everything was for prom, expected and on the matronly side for Kelly. Though she usually stuck to the mid-range stores, this occasion being what it was, decided to go to the one with all the designer stuff.

It was there, framed by the swinging glass doors before she even walked in. Modeled by a less well-endowed mannequin, she was to it in seconds. A silk bubble baby doll in ivory with an obscenely short a plunging neckline, it had everything. Six hundred ninety five dollars was far more than she had allocated but she would get it. Approaching a salesman she nakedly flirted her way into the changing room. It fit perfectly at size 4 and with her height it was probably more lewd rather than full on obscene. The only issue one may have found was that the bodice strained to contain her boobs. She spun round and round checking every angle seeing that everything was in place and just the right bits could be seen and seen well. Here smile did not break as she slid her tiny shorts back on.

The young salesman found her as she was leaving the changing room.

“Shall we wrap it up?”

“Yes!” Kelly replied.

“Very good. I wish you would have modeled it for me,” the man said. “How will you be taking care of that?”

“That’s the thing,” Kelly said, just starting to turn it on. “I kind of forgot my wallet and, well, I really need the dress for tonight. Is there anyway I could, you know, pay later?” She had fully extended her self across the sales desk, straining to expose every bit of her tits as possible.

The young man looked around nervously. He was handsome with gelled hair and an obviously expensive suit. He took a deep breath after looking in all directions and then repeating his survey.

“Umm, well maybe we should see how it looks on. Just to be sure you should get it.” He smiled.

“Sure,” Kelly said.

The young man motioned for her to Maltepe Escort follow him to the changing area. He closed the door behind them and hung up a “Temporarily Closed” sign. Kelly was not smart but had no illusions about the situation.

The young man swung the door open to a dressing room. “Here you go,” he said.

As Kelly went in he edged forward in the doorway, not giving her the option to close it.

“Go ahead and try it on.”

She was far from bashful but still this bothered her. It would not prevent her from getting what she wanted though. She let her hoodie fall to the floor. A full-length mirror was on one wall. The young man stood perfectly still filling the door, tracking her with his eyes. She pulled her top over her head leaving her in her shorts and a cute lavender bra with white lacy trim. She eased the dress up her small body.

“Aren’t you going to take your shorts off? See if it fits?” he said.

“Umm yeah.” Once she was covered, she shimmied them down her hips, hardly exposing more than her legs.

“Very, very sexy,” the young man said.

She turned around sticking her ass toward him a bit as if offering it to him.

“Nice,” he said. “Well you have to have it. Take it off and let me wrap it up”

She smiled. Carefully but quickly removing the garment once again.

“Thank you so much. I am so excited.” In taking the dress off she had only half realized she was now only in her underwear: a thong with a wide lacy top and lavender satin between her legs and her bra.

“Well one more thing though,” the young man said.

He moved in closer making the cube smaller. He reached toward his pants, unbuttoning them.

“There is something I need you to take care of.”

He pulled his half-mast cock from his pants. It was clear what he wanted done. Kelly did not have a huge problem sucking some random guy’s dick but this was different. She was not a whore and was not about to start.

She reached down and graded the flopping appendage while running her thumb side to side across his cock head. Looking him right in the eyes now she said, “Why don’t you put that dress in a bag, ring it up and I will be ready when you come back?”

The young man, seeing at least a blowjob in his future, ran out of the changing room area with the dress in hand. When he returned with the dress and receipt he was somewhat disappointed to see Kelly had put her shorts and shirt back on. He dropped the bag and said, “Why did you get dressed?”

“I thought it would be more fun that way, to take it off again.”

The young man smiled and unzipped his pants again pulling out his now fully ripe member.

“Where did we leave off?”

Kelly dropped to her knees, first grabbing the long shaft and pumping it quickly which brought a controlled moan from the young man. She pursed her mouth and brought the head to her lips, sucking to draw it into the tight ring formed by her lips. With her right hand she latched on to his balls, tugging gently as she sucked. She saw her opening within seconds of starting. With her thumb and index finger she formed the smallest of openings just above the man’s balls and yanked down with all her strength. She forced one ball through an opening no bigger than the shaft of a ballpoint pen while the other ball was nearly forced through has sack; it stretched to its limit but held. He let out a sharp and sudden yelp, falling toward onto the changing room bench gasping for air. Kelly without remorse or hesitation grabbed her new dress and fled the scene. She walked out of the changing rooms with a full calm stride leaving the young man writhing in her wake. She threw both of the glass doors open without looking back. For her there was always another way to get things done. She almost had her shopping done. She thought she might need some new panties but still had not decided if they were entirely necessary for the dance.


Kelly thought some sheer panties would be a good compromise between no panties and whatever all the stuck up girls might be wearing. She had left the mall and made her way to an upscale lingerie boutique down town. Well beyond any mall shop, the place was beautiful: Victorian with light and freshly cut flowers. Predictably the décor was reflected in the prices but Kelly did not mind. She seemed to have to rarely pay for anything.

Entering the store, a clerk greeted Kelly at the door before taking her purse and offering her any help she might need. Kelly had the new dress with her and explained her needs. Being still early afternoon the store was empty. There were three gorgeous women who staffed it. The clerk speaking to Kelly was a tall thin woman with curly red hair that just hit her shoulders. She was probably just 30 but seemed only so in the manner in which she carried her self and not her physical appearance. Kelly only saw the other two girls from the back. They were both at the back of the store busily shifting Anadolu Yakası Escort inventory. All three wore dark pencil skirts and light silk blouses buttoned low.

The saleswoman introduced herself as Molly and seemed very interested in Kelly’s situation. She admired the dress and seeing the price was less suspicious that such a young girl could afford anything in their shop. Molly asked, “If you prefer you can take a look around or we can give you a fitting room and bring you some recommendations. What would you prefer?”

Though Kelly had definite preferences she liked the idea of being personally waited on more. She was led past walls lined with drawers of bras and racks of garters and teddies back to a room much larger than the usual changing room. It had mirrored walls on two sides and pink striped wallpaper on the other. A velvet chaise lounge was against one wall and a footstool on the other. A folding screen was positioned further back.

“We need to start by getting you measured. If you would, please remove all of your clothes, though you can keep your panties on if you wish.”

Kelly was a bit shocked. Though she dressed provocatively it was a bit different to be actually naked in front of a stranger.

“I need to take off my bra?” Kelly questioned.

“Definitely. We need to make sure we have a good fit. It is very important for comfort and also the look. Not that you need any help there.” Molly eyed Kelly’s perfect breasts.

Molly stepped behind the screen, folding each article of clothing over the top as she removed them.

“Okay, please step out and I will measure you,” Molly said.

Kelly held still for awhile but was afraid that Molly might ask again, so stepped out with her arms across her chest hiding her nipples. She had decided to keep her panties on.

“Thank you. Please hold your arms out so I can measure.” Molly had produced a tape measure.

Kelly reluctantly let her arms leave her nipples. Molly started first with the bust, taking one measurement high around the chest just at the top of her boobs, then a second at her nipples. Molly worked quickly and methodically starting on the breasts and moving down to Kelly’s waist and hips. It took less than five minutes to complete and Kelly grew more comfortable by the second. She watched herself in the mirror with a beautiful woman crouching next to her. She had not generally been sexually attacked to women before, not that she did not appreciate women’s beauty, but somehow this situation seemed appealing to her in the moment.

“Very good,” Molly said, “you are a 32C and have a 26 inch waist and 30 inch hips. Most girls would die for those kind of measurements.”

“Thanks I guess,” Kelly replied, “I think people would envy you as well.”

Molly seemed to miss the comment and instructed Kelly to recline on the chaise while she went to bring her some selections.

“Do you have any preferences?” Molly asked. “The panties you have on are very cute. I assume you want a thong.”

Kelly felt her face grow a bit warm, “Yeah I think so if you think that is best. I really wanted something sheer too. And maybe with less coverage if that is possible. Something that is really sexy.”

“Okay, I think I can help you with that.” Molly gave the young girl a smirk and left the room.

Kelly relaxed in the comfy chair. The velvet felt wonderful on her skin. She couldn’t help but think the sales girl was flirting with her but before she could ponder too much Molly came back.

“Thanks for waiting. I have so many things for you to try. I hope you have time.” Molly had brought a small cart brimming with bras and panties.

“I wear this style all the time,” Molly said as she held up a pair. “They are sheer like you wanted. It is actually very thin muslin, which is completely sheer when worn and breathes very well. It is cut higher on the leg so it is best with a dress. If you wear them with jeans the straps always stick out, not that some people don’t do it any way. The front is quite small too. It really just covers your pussy.”

Kelly was a bit shocked by Molly’s language. Of course she was standing nearly naked in front of someone of whom she knew nothing more than her first name and panty preference.

“Okay, they look hot,” Kelly said.

She picked up the panties and made her way behind the screen and changed into the new panties. Looking down at them, still behind the screen, she was quite satisfied. They were the perfect size sitting mid hip, plunging in the frontto just above her mound. The gauzy white did not conceal but rather obscured what was beneath. A lace ribbon formed the waistband, no more than a half inch wide. They were perfect, she thought.

“Come out please so I can see if they fit,” Molly ordered.

With some reservation Kelly took a broad step out from behind the screen.

“Oh wow! Those look so sexy on you.” Molly walked over to Kelly and without İstanbul Escort reservation reached out and pulled up the waist band ever so slightly, brushing her hands against the skin just above Kelly’s pussy causing her to ever so slightly shudder and exhale at the same time. Kelly tried to hold back but it was too sudden. Until then she hadn’t fully realized how turned on she had become.

“I’m sorry,” Molly said, “did I hit a sensitive spot?”

Kelly’s embarrassment over took her face. “Umm, I am sorry I don’t know what happened. I am really embarrassed.”

“It is okay,” Molly replied, “it happens all the time. Really I am used to it. I take it as a compliment especially with a girl as cute as you.”

This did not help Kelly’s embarrassment but did put her at ease a bit more.

“Well they are perfect for you. I love the way the white looks against your tanned skin. It is good you tan naked because with those panties, you would have tan lines showing. The only thing is I think you need to get rid of the hair, all of it.”

Kelly looked down. Her well-trimmed landing strip did look a bit odd underneath the white muslin. It was visible from the point where the panties double lining stopped at her clit hood and extended straight up about an inch and a half.. She had been keeping it trimmed that way since she had seen some of her father’s porn. All the girls in it had either no hair or kept it trimmed. Kelly thought it was a bit extreme to shave all the way though she loved the way it looked on other girls.

“You think?” she asked

“Definitely with panties like those you can’t have any pussy hair. Plus, it looks hot and usually it makes it better for someone who is eating your pussy. They won’t get hairs in their mouth. I can get you an appointment with an esthetician friend of mine. She is the best waxer ever, completely painless. She waxes my bush twice a month. Well, where my bush would be,” she giggled.

“Yeah, that would be great.” Kelly said.

Molly then proceeded to select a bra to match the panties. At first Kelly said she did need a bra but Molly convinced her that her tits would look much better in even a minimal bra under the dress. The one they agreed on was the matching pattern to the panties. White relatively plain with lacy straps and sheer white cups. Kelly admired herself in her new lingerie, turning in front of the mirror.

“I think we have found the perfect combination: sexy lingerie on a very sexy girl,” Molly said as Kelly giggled with embarrassment. “Okay, take it off and I will wrap it up for you.” Kelly looked back at the screen and noticed her clothes were gone.

Molly said, “Oh, we have had your clothes steamed and pressed while you were waiting. They should be ready soon. You can wait in here; it should not be long.”

Kelly, at this point feeling completely immodest, without a thought took off the bra and panties and was completely naked. Molly told her that she could have a seat on the chaise and she would be back shortly. Before leaving she went to a drawer a produced a small pink cylinder. It was plastic, the size of a marking pen with tiny nubs on one end. She handed it to Kelly, “Just in case you still need it, this works pretty well. You just turn it on by twisting it here.”

She demonstrated and the thing came on with a high pitched buzz. Kelly was too embarrassed to respond but she took it none the less. She sat nude in the chair with her feet up, knees bent. In the mirror her whole body was reflected. Despite her insecurities she was quite happy with her body and now more than she could remember. Seeing herself in the mirror, she may as well been someone else, someone more beautiful and perfect. She stood up and walked toward the wall staring straight at her self.

It would not have mattered where she was at this point. There was no thought put into it; she slid her hand down her body and ran it the length of her pussy. At first just checking its wetness, and it was wet, but then she began moving her fingers more quickly focusing just on her clit. Watching herself but seeing Molly standing in front of her with her red hair and pale skin. She couldn’t take it and fell onto the chaise, snatching up the vibrator. Flicking the power on she pinned the nubby head to her clit. She began making low, drawn out moans barely audible. Her hips ground into the air as she lay.

Molly’s entrance did not stop Kelly’s work at first. She had become a bit too single minded. When it finally occurred to her what she was doing and where she was she came to a quick halt.

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt anything,” Molly said. “I have your items wrapped and I threw in a few complimentary gifts. Please take your time though.. No need to rush out the door.”

“I don’t know what happened I just started and didn’t really want to stop,” Kelly said.

“Well you don’t have to on my account. I kind of liked what I saw,” Molly said.

“Umm, well but I can’t just like do that with someone watching. I would feel weird,” Kelly said.

Though not intended as an invitation Molly took it as one. First grabbing the vibrator from Kelly and pushing open her legs, she sank down to her knees and found Kelly’s clit right away.

(to be continued)

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