Corrupting Amber Ch. 11

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Amber and I walked purposefully towards the outdoor bathrooms at the far end of the parking lot. Next to them were the tennis courts, where there were a dozen or so students playing tennis at various levels of proficiency. It was a physical education class, looked like a mixture of Freshmen and Sophomores. A few of them had caught sight of Amber and were either staring with eyes of lust or snickering to their friends, likely about the things they’d like to do to her. A flash of Amber taking on the entire class, one after the other, flashed through my mind. It turned me on even more and caused my already uncomfortable stride to become a bit more strained.

Finally, we reached the tan brick building and I pushed my way through the door that said ‘MEN.’ I did a quick check to make sure no one else was around and waved Amber in. Confidently, Amber strode into the empty four stall bathroom, the click of her black heeled boots clicking loudly on the hard tile floor. She wasted no time and dug out her pack of Newports from her purse, lighting a fresh 100 with expert fluidity and exhaling a long thick stream of smoke into the empty bathroom.

I opened each of the four stalls to find the cleanest one and decided on the second one from the door. I yanked my jeans down in one quick motion and my erect member sprung out immediately. Amber stepped into the stall with her back to me and placed the cigarette between her lips, hiking up her skirt until I was able to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties and her thick pussy lips were glistening with anticipation. This would be the first time for either of us that we had sex in public and it was clear I wasn’t the only one anticipating it greatly.

Amber was already breathing heavily, meaning she was powering through her Newport with double and triple drags. She was also rubbing her clit frantically, and occasionally she’d cough hard and I could hear her strained lungs try to get some oxygen. This only served to cause her to manipulate herself with more fervor, clearly getting off on how badly she was damaging her lungs with the torrid pace of her recent smoking habit. I had to admit that hearing that deep, wet, smoker’s cough begin to develop in Amber so quickly turned me on as well, especially since it was only a few weeks since her virgin lungs were perfectly pink and untainted. The pace at which she was causing lifelong damage to her vital organs made me painfully aware of how rock hard my cock had become.

It was with that final thought that I plunged myself into Amber’s dewy slit from behind, getting a good grip around her waist with both hands as I let the length of my prick slide all the way in. I relished the feeling of her dripping wet hole squeeze and convulse around my shaft, her moist wetness gripping me as she shuddered with ecstasy. Her hand shot up to the stall door to brace herself and I began slamming the length of my erection into her pussy rhythmically. The wet slopping sounds were loud and echoed off the walls and with every thrust seemed to increase in volume. Amber was moaning without restraint along with them, grunting and squealing like the whore she longed to become.

My ability to hold back an orgasm was beginning to wane and I could feel it begin to build in my toes and up towards my scrotum. I felt my body and movements begin to stiffen as my climax reached the base of my penis. I pulled Amber into me and planted the head of my prick as deeply into her awaiting womb as possible as the convulsions of the first ejaculation overtook me. I made it a point to try to flex my dick each time I came, trying to shoot my sperm as hard and as deeply into Amber’s fertile young cunt as possible. I wanted my seed to ooze out of her throughout the rest of the day, running down her leg from her pussy as she sat in class. The fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties made it even more perfect. Amber worked with me, pressing her soft, flawlessly round ass cheeks against my pelvis which felt like fine silk on my skin. The wonderful feeling and thoughts coaxed a few more jets of cum to dribble from my phallus and into her now overflowing 18 year old pussy.

For a moment I felt as if I were going to collapse, my orgasm having drained my energy. I steadied myself against the stall and I felt my shrinking manhood slip from Amber’s oozing hole. My legs felt rubbery and I sat down on the toilet and allowed my heart beat to slow and my mind to regain focus. Amber was already lighting another cigarette as I buttoned my fly. Turning around she smiled, smoke streaming from her nose and escaping her smiling mouth at all angles. She waited for me to finish buttoning my jeans and sat down on my lap, straddling me and gazing lovingly into my eyes. I craned my neck up to her face as Amber finished another monstrous drag on her Newport and snapped it down her throat into her awaiting lungs. Finally she leaned in and kissed me, her ashtray flavored tongue swirling around in my mouth as I tasted it from all sides. Smoke began flowing from her mouth and nostrils as we continued kissing deeply, my face being utterly bathed in her exhale.

She taksim esc pulled back and took another drag off her Newport, maintaining eye contact the entire time and softly kissing all over my face, leaving little puffs of smoke as she did. She whispered ‘I love you’ with each soft, smoky peck and I closed my eyes and let the perfection of the moment wash over me. This.. was surely Heaven.

The rest of the day I was hardly aware of anything or anyone around me. I went from class to class without talking or acknowledging anyone, my mind entirely captured with the day’s previous events. When the bell signaling the end of the day finally rang I’d forgotten which class I was even in. It took me a moment to remember that my good fortune for the day hadn’t necessarily ended. There was still the possibility that I was going to score some new substances for Amber to try today and that urged me out of my seat and towards the door.

As I approached my car I could already see Amber was leaning against the passenger door and smoking hungrily, likely having been nicotine starved throughout her last period. I was nearly right next to her before she noticed me as she was so consumed with getting her nicotine fix she hadn’t noticed me. She smiled at me and I could see a wash of excitement and anticipation come over her. I knew she was looking forward to getting hooked on the harder drugs we were going to be looking for that day, but to see it so plainly on her face, as if she were a kid on Christmas morning was truly inspiring.

I could never have anticipated she would become so enthralled with her process of complete corruption. I wondered if she always had these fantasies somewhere deep down and if they might have surfaced at some point down the road regardless of my actions. I didn’t have to ponder those possibilities, as I’d taken the initiative and started something wonderful for both of us.

I unlocked the doors and we jumped in and looked at each other, trying to mentally capture this moment as a huge turning point in both of our lives.

“Ready?” I asked, filled with both fear and excitement.

“Let’s do this,” She replied confidently and grinning.

I fired up the car and headed towards my dealer friend’s house, taking a few wrong turns along the way but eventually finding the dirty brown single story house amongst the poorest part of the city. The grass was all but dead and the bushes that adorned the unkempt garden were all overgrown and misshapen. But I wasn’t there for agricultural expertise, I was there for drugs. I took a final deep breath and looked over to Amber who already had her hand on the door handle expectantly. I nodded to her and we headed towards the front door, hand in hand.

It took 4 knocks and nearly a minute of waiting but the door finally creaked open to reveal my friend peering out at me from behind the door. He squinted hard as if he were trying to look into the sun before realizing who I was and offering a crooked smile.

“This her?” He asked, motioning towards Amber.

“Yeah, this is Amber. Sorry for just showing up like this. I needed to ask you something and your phone was disconnected. I’m a bit surprised I remembered where you lived to be honest,” I explained, laughing off my nerves.

“Oh shit.. yeah I changed my number. Come in, we can talk in here, the sun is fucking blinding me.”

I took another deep breath and stepped inside. Amber stepped in behind me and closed the door and immediately the smell of weed, cigarettes, and other things I did not immediately recognize assaulted me. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the house I began to see beer bottles, full ashtrays, a large bong sitting on a glass table along with a small circular mirror and white powder I assumed was cocaine. There didn’t seem to be anyone there at the moment but this was certainly a place where many people dropped by to get stoned on a regular basis.

A loud yawn and the flick of a lighter brought my attention to the kitchen.

“My name is Kevin, nice to meet you Amber.”

“Nice to meet you,” Amber replied, holding out her hand.

Kevin smiled crookedly with a cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth and shook Amber’s hand.

“So polite, haha,” Kevin laughed while plopping down on his dirty sofa.

“So.. about those questions I had..” I tried bringing it up casually but knew I failed by the amused look on Kevin’s face.

“Relax man.. I know you’re new at this shit. Just ask what you need to ask,” Kevin urged playfully.

“Well, I really appreciate the weed and pills you got us. It’s been great. We were thinking of trying something a little harder,” I danced around the exact names of the substances I was thinking about, still somewhat self-conscious about what ‘lingo’ was actually used in real life situations.

“Yeah? What’d you have in mind?” Kevin replied while lighting a bowl.

“I was thinking we could try heroin,” I spoke carefully, trying not to emphasize one word over the other.

Kevin began coughing and laughing as he was midway through kağıthane esc a massive hit on the giant glass bong I’d seen when I first walked in. I immediately felt embarrassed but wasn’t entirely sure why.

“That escalated quickly,” Kevin managed to get out inbetween spurts of laughter and coughing.

I looked sheepishly over at Amber while Kevin composed himself and she smiled reassuringly at me. Her eyes said ‘let’s just get through this and get what we need.’ Her silent support calmed me a bit.

“Oh shit.. oh.. ok. Ok.. that was good. Anyways.. heroin huh? Either of you ever done heroin? Are you going to slam it, smoke it or snort it?” He asked, suddenly composed and serious.

This time I didn’t have an answer and realized I really didn’t know what the plan was. Kevin picked up on my panic right away and smiled deviously.

“You know what? I think I can give you a sample and show you the ropes. A show of good faith. What do you think?” Kevin asked, more animated than I think I’d ever seen him.

“Sure!” Amber almost yelled from next to me.

Kevin looked at me one more time and I just nodded, glad that Amber had taken the focus off me and my lack of knowledge.

“Alright, take a seat and I’ll be right back,” Kevin motioned towards his grime encrusted couch and shuffled off down the hall.

Amber and I walked tentatively over to the couch and sat down next to each other, I felt her lean into me lovingly and immediately felt better. It wasn’t long before Kevin came back down the hall and into the kitchen. A minute later he was back in the living room with a syringe, a spoon, a cotton swab and a tiny bag of light brown powder. Amber and I watched with growing anticipation as he squirted a few drops of water from the syringe into the spoon. Next he opened the tiny bag of powder and dumped it into the water and stirred it with the needle of the syringe. He then reached to the table for his lighter and let it sit under the spoon for awhile until the liquid started bubbling softly. Finally, he placed the cotton ball on the spoon, allowing it to absorb the liquid. Emptying the syringe of water by squirting it on the ground, he filled it back up again with the liquid from the cotton ball.

“You sure you want this?” And this time Kevin asked both of us, looking us in the eyes and offering what looked like a bit of concern.

I looked at Amber for assurance but she was already holding out her arm.

“I want this,” was her answer, unwavering and focused.

With that Kevin began probing the inside of Amber’s elbow for a vein. I wondered if he was going to have to use a tourniquet but before I could even suggest it he was slowly and surgically inserting the needle point into a large visible vein in the dead center of the inner elbow. Amber let out a small sigh as Kevin pulled back on the syringe and a splash of red swirled into the barrel. Then Kevin began compressing the syringe and I watched as heroin was injected into the veins of my little angel for the very first time.

It only took a few seconds and the entire contents of the barrel disappeared into Amber’s arm. I watched Amber’s face for a hint at what she might be feeling but all I could detect was that her breathing had become deeper and more deliberate. Suddenly Amber seemed to sink into the couch even more and she inhaled sharply.

“Do you feel it babe?” I asked, absolutely amazed at what I had just witnessed.

“Yea.. it’s like a wave. It’s warm and wonderful. Oh my God it’s amazing,” Amber described her pleasure and I smiled too, glancing at her arm to see a small droplet of blood.

Something came over me as I leaned over suddenly and grabbed her arm. I looked at the small pinprick and felt my dick jump in my pants. I then brought her arm up to my mouth and licked the droplet of blood from her arm and again felt my prick stir. I looked into Amber’s eyes and noticed that her pupils were very small and her irises were huge and beautiful. She looked like she was only half-awake and her gaze was unfocused and unsteady.

“Baby?” I asked, trying to gauge her level of consciousness.

“I… I feel… so.. good,” her speech was interrupted by seconds of nodding out and coming to. Almost as if she were falling asleep and walking up in mini-bursts.

Then I noticed something that I didn’t know what to do about. Amber was rubbing her hands on her pussy through her skirt. Slowly and uncoordinated but purposefully. Kevin was still right there, watching the whole thing. It didn’t help that my erection was raging in my pants as well. If Kevin were gone I would love to fuck the shit out of Amber while she nodded out on heroin, it was one of the things I’d fantasized about more than anything. I looked over at Kevin who was looking right at Amber’s hand as it continued rubbing her pussy through her skirt, the sheer black material now noticeably showing a splotch of wetness where Amber’s pussy juices were leaking through the fabric.

For a moment Kevin looked amused, but then a flash of awkwardness washed over him and he slowly stood up. çapa esc He looked down at Amber and then over at me.

“You guys want some time alone?” He asked, grinning at me knowingly.

I started to answer but before I could I watched in disbelief as Amber reached her other hand up and placed it on Kevin’s crotch. I now noticed that Kevin also had a visible erection through his sweat pants and Amber had her hand around it through the material. She continued rubbing herself as well as stroking Kevin’s cock through his pants as I was still stuck, frozen in shock at what I was seeing. Kevin was standing with his mouth open looking at me with a silent ‘what do I do?’ look on his face. I looked back and nodded, giving him the go ahead to see where this was headed.

He looked at me for a few more seconds making sure he understood me and his own good fortune and slowly gazed down at Amber. Finally, he mentally accepted the situation and reached under his blue sweat pants and pulled out his cock. Amber immediately wrapped her hand around his shaft and began stroking it. She looked into my eyes as she had another man’s dick in her hands and smiled.

“This is the first cock I’ve touched other than yours baby. Do you want me put his cock in my mouth? Would that make you happy?” I was now jacking myself off while watching this all unfold and all I could do is nod towards Amber in confirmation.

She continued looking into my eyes as she guided his erect prick into her mouth, she swirled her tongue around in the air around it, still having yet to make contact. Finally she took him whole into her mouth, choking slightly as she deepthroated another man for the first time. She now had her hand in between her legs and her glistening bald cunt was on full display with her skirt hiked up to her waist. Kevin began facefucking Amber in earnest now, causing her to gag hard and long strands of cum and spit to dribble and drool from his cock and her mouth. I watched my little baby’s face as Kevin held both sides of her head and rammed his cock mercilessly down her throat. Amber’s makeup was completely ruined now, streaked and messy on her face. She was also severely impacted by the heroin, which made her movements slow and unnatural. She was more or less helpless, and that seemed to be turning her on.

Kevin suddenly released Amber’s head and sat down on the couch next to her, his prick standing straight up like a spike. I knew exactly what his plan was and stood, my cock springing up and out and ready for action. I picked up Amber whose body was useless to her at the moment, and positioned her to be straddling Kevin. I held her from behind, my arms around her waist and guided the opening of her pussy right above the head of Kevin’s rock hard member. I adjusted my grip to hold her by her ass as I slowly lowered her to where Amber’s cunt hole was perfectly in position to accept Kevin’s cock and then let her weight sink on top of him. I watched as my drug dealer friend’s dick disappeared into the pussy of my girlfriend, the first person she’d ever been with aside from me.

I heard her moan as her cunt was filled with a new cock and felt my own cock surge with excitement. I watched as Kevin grabbed my angel’s ass cheeks with both hands and began plunging his pole in and out of my little Amber. I enjoyed the sounds of her inebriated moans and watched as she began kissing him, sucking on his tongue and bucking wildly on his prick. This was all I could take and I positioned my erection to enter her puckered pink asshole and pressed hard. I sunk in all at once and began pumping her furiously, in time with Kevin’s thrusts. I could actually feel his cock through the walls of her anus and could hardly believe I was Dping my little girlfriend with the drug dealer who just shot her up with heroin.

“I’m going to cum and I’m not wearing a condom, I gotta pull out,” Kevin blurted out frantically.

“No..” Amber managed to reply.

“You’re a crazy fucking whore, you know that?” Kevin replied in amazement.

Instead of pulling out Kevin picked up and the pace and I knew he was about to blast his load into my girlfriend’s fertile little womb. I wanted to make sure I timed it so we both filled her up with cum at the same time and began pounding her asshole in time with Kevin’s rapid pace.

“Here it comes you whore,” Kevin gasped as his thrusts came to a stop and began shooting his load into Amber’s hungry young pussy.

“Fill me up… unnhhh,” were the only intelligible words that I understood from Amber.

Imagining her pussy filled with another man’s cum pushed me over the brink as well and I began ejaculating deep into her asshole, trying to shoot it as hard as I possibly could. Finally, both spent, Kevin and I unclenched our bodies and relaxed. I pulled my cock out first and watched a large glob of white cum trickle out of her gaping anus and down towards her pussy. I looked down to see Kevin’s trembling penis still planted inside Amber’s vagina and saw a thick ring of white jizz around the base of his shaft. I watched as Kevin lifted Amber up and let his prick slide out and immediately a rush of thick sperm oozed out of Amber’s hole. He pushed her aside and got up, heading down the hall. I heard the shower turn on a few seconds later and looked over at my Amber with love and admiration.

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