Cosplay and Corruption Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: Door Number One


By the time they had made it up the stairs, Alice could already feel her palm grow damp from the sweat of nervousness, clutched as it was within the mystery woman’s grasp. She had followed a half-step behind her new friend, heading up the stairs of the modest home, her eyes drifting along the other’s frame. The mystery woman was thin with a strong build, and though she walked with a lazy slouch it was clear that had she stood up straight, she’d be taller than her. Walking behind her, Alice could pick up her scent; a mix of a man’s cologne and the vague scent of cigarettes that had long-since been snuffed out. A lingering aroma, one that Alice could only really detect because she herself didn’t smoke. As they neared the top of the steps she lifted a hand to adjust her glasses, and after they were squared again on her nose her fingers drifted up into the blue wig that had been perched atop her normally brown hair. The top of the steps came, and Alice realized she had just been observing the mystery woman for the duration of the climb, losing the opportunity to speak to her, to make any semblance of casual conversation. As they rounded the corner and started heading towards a door at the end of the hall, her hand fidgeted inside of the other woman’s, and she finally found the strength to speak up.

“So I was thinking we could maybe catch a movie somet-” Her voice was short lived; however, for as soon as they reached the door the mystery woman spun to a halt, and leaned back against it. She released Alice’s hand and moved her fingers up to the girl’s lips; her front two fingers pressing into the center of her mouth, sealing her voice and ending her thought. Alice just gave a little gasp, and her knees buckled as she was struck again not only by the woman’s lazy, yet charming beauty, but also the sheer element of control and force of presence she possessed.

“Shh shh shush,” she let the words slink out with a smile, and Alice gave a squeak of surprise. As the mystery woman continued, Alice could feel her cheeks burning from embarrassment, as if she had somehow committed a horrible sin by daring to propose such a thing. Mystery woman just smirked, and let her fingers drag down the center of the young woman’s lips, moving to fold her arms across her chest in casual authority.

“We’re not going to see a movie. That’s not what this is,” her tone was flat and a brutally honest, but her expression was still focused on Alice’s to give the girl an anchor. “But if you’re good in here we’ll get something to eat after. That doesn’t mean anythin’ though, just so you’re clear. I’m not looking for some girlfriend or anything, I’m looking for something pretty I can dress up and play with. So is that you?”

Alice was left stunned for a moment by the other’s words, taking it all in. She was blunt and forward about her desires and intentions, which to be frank, was something of a relief compared to the other people she had been dealing with lately. She gazed off into the distance for a moment, pondering it before she looked back at her newfound friend with a tiny smile against her lips.

“I do like dressing up,” she conceded with a smile and a blush. The idea of finding something more with this woman was immediately dashed from the beginning, but oddly enough, Alice found that it didn’t bother her. Behind that door that the woman was leaning against now laid unknown, untold pleasures. Pleasures she’d be free to just…enjoy. To lose herself in. Those thoughts went through her mind just then, and the mystery woman gave a little nod in response to her friend’s agreement.

“Killer,” she smirked, and then reached one hand down, twisting the doorknob to her bedroom. “So let’s get to it, yeah?”

With that, her body flew into motion, and Alice was taken off guard by her new friend’s speed and strength when she had something in her sights that she wanted. Sailor Mercury, or rather, the Alice-shaped rendition of her, was clutched by the wrist and drug into the room, her senses reeling as it all happened so terribly, terribly fast. The scent of cigarettes and old incense struck her nose, and she was instantly chilled by the fact that the girl’s bedroom was a solid five degrees colder than the rest of her home, a fact that the incredibly short schoolgirl skirt did nothing to protect against. Her eyes caught only the briefest of glimpses of the rest of the room before she was thrust onto a twin size bed, and she could only take in the sight of the ceiling. There had been a few posters on the walls, some clothes laying around, but Alice didn’t have much time to think about it after landing, or even had the time to look around before her new friend was upon her.

The mystery woman had spun Alice with such velocity that she had followed right along with her, and as the bed squeaked from Alice’s impact it gave a follow-up creak as the other collapsed right on top of her. Alice’s bare legs, eventually disappearing into boots just under the knee, were suddenly kicked to either side by dirty, unlaced sneakers and legs covered in torn jeans, Kütahya Escort the result of the other woman easily grappling her and forcing her to her back. Alice’s arms were snatched by the wrists, and slammed up above her head, making her gasp in surprise and arousal as the mystery woman tightened her grip against her wrists, effectively pinning her further.

In an instant, she had gone from upright and nervous to on her back and excited; and the arousal in her face was more than apparent to her new lover. She gave a sly grin as she saw the prone state she had so easily turned Alice towards, and her voice slunk out in a creeping tone, accented with the movement of her head drifting near, close enough to lightly, teasingly brush the tip of her nose across Alice’s cheek.

“I always thought Sailor Mercury was the sexiest one,” she purred, and fit both of Alice’s wrists underneath just one of her hands. It freed her right hand up to begin to explore, which she began by teasing two digits down the length of the other woman’s arm, teasing over her forearm, dashing her tips delicately down her bicep, almost tickling her. Alice just squirmed and whimpered at the other woman’s words, though the pleading look in her eyes practically begged her to continue them. “All of the others were fine, but I liked the idea of her being dirty when she wasn’t a bookworm. A nerdy little thing that, given the right circumstances…” At that, her fingers drifted over to Alice’s mouth, and she teased her lips with the tip of her forefinger. Alice naturally parted her mouth, and with her tongue slinking forward, delicately brushed the very edge of the other girl’s digit. Mystery woman gave an approving smile, and a simple nod.

“…could become a little slut that just wants to fuck.” She finished her thought with a grin. The hand continued to travel south, and all Alice could do was lay prone as she was caressed, teased, and delighted by the other woman’s expert touches. Fingers passing through the fabric of her new sailor uniform, teasing her breasts, edging at her waists, and twirling a finger in a circle over where she presumed her belly button to be. It took her moments just to lower past that short skirt, and when she did, she only let her fingertips brush on the outside of one of Alice’s exposed thighs.

“So what do you say?” The mystery woman let her fingers draw a faint circle against Alice’s thigh, one of them bending forward to scratch a thin line across her flesh. Her confident smile grew, and when she spoke Alice could clearly see the mark of her tongue stud rolling in her mouth, like a hypnotist’s watch. “Be my little slut to play with? Let me do all the things to you I thought of doing to her when I was fingering myself in my bedroom back home as a teenager?” She grinned wide, and wasn’t even remotely surprised when Alice squeaked out a quick noise of agreement.

“Good,” she remarked simply, and started to move up from her position. She slid off the bed, and as she did so her fingers pinched the bridge of Alice’s glasses, plucking them off of her face and moving to set them down on the nightstand. “Because I used to get rough with her.”

As was the mystery woman’s style, it seemed, she suddenly leapt into action without giving poor Alice any sort of warning. This time, her hands scooped underneath her stomach and she flipped her over on the bed, forcing Alice’s face into the pillow below, and leaving her rump somewhat in the air. The woman pushed forward, her hands moving to press behind Alice’s knees, forcing them onto the mattress and elevating her rear, until she was in the embarrassing, yet enticing position of presenting herself. The Sailor Mercury costume didn’t come with any panties, leaving her slit exposed as the mystery woman perched behind her; and by now, the scent of her arousal was as apparent as the cigarettes and incense that had been filling the room hours ago. Alice, for her part, was helpless and desireless to stop her actions, moving with the other woman’s gestures with ease. Her hands landed against the mattress and she instantly took handfuls of the sheets, gasping as she felt herself exposed, the short schoolgirl skirt doing nothing to hide her nethers.

The mystery woman didn’t hesitate in her motions; and no sooner did she have Alice in position than she was upon her, forcing her to maintain her position by leaning all of her weight against her. Her chest pressed down against Alice’s back, and the young woman whimpered as she could feel her friend’s breath against the back of her neck, passing through the fake, blue locks of her wig. As she spoke to her, the mystery woman’s hand moved to underneath the girl’s sex, palming against her, letting Alice feel her open hand underneath her mound, holding her warmth.

“You’re so wet…”


“You want fucked…?”

“Y-Yes…God yes…”

Their back and forth continued in hushed and aroused whispers, with the mystery woman’s tone a creeping, slithering thing, while Alice’s voice was one of desperation, hunger, and lust. Their tones were low and their voices quiet, Kütahya Escort Bayan until suddenly, the mystery woman’s voice rose up with words that made Alice freeze in fear.

“She’s ready! Come on in!”

Alice’s head turned to the side, to where the bathroom door was opening a few feet away. Stepping out of it was a handsome young man, likely in his mid-twenties, naked and clearly expecting to see the scene before him. He had fair features and a fine body, and despite Alice’s surprise she could feel her eyes drifting to his member, which had come into the room at half mast, but was quickly rising thanks to the scene he was taking in. After her initial shock Alice tried to struggle some, looking back at the mystery woman and giving a little thrashing motion, which her new friend quickly stifled and held her firmly in place.

“W-What the fuck is this?!” Alice called out, her brow bent in, and a line of worry across her face to match the line of moisture building against the outside of her nethers. The hand underneath her sex gave her a little squeeze, revealing to her that in the presence of the mystery woman, she could hold no secrets. “I never agreed to this! Who the fuck is he?!”

“Oh, just a friend.” The mystery woman responded and curled a finger, beckoning her naked friend over. The man just gave a little grin and walked over to the edge of the bed, smiling as the other woman reached out with her free hand, scooping her palm underneath his growing shaft. Her fingers coiled loosely around it and she gave it a little tug, just enough for him to lean his head forward far enough for her to press a friendly, non-romantic kiss on his cheek. She greeted him like an old friend she hadn’t seen for some time, albeit with a fair bit more shaft handling.

“She’s surprised,” the young man responded, and moved a hand out to drop it on the side of Alice’s rear. She gave a twitch and a moan, and his head tilted as he regarded the exposed, presenting young woman. “You sure this is okay?”

“Don’t be a retard,” the mystery woman responded with a smirk, and slid out of the way of the two. She moved to kneel beside Alice’s waist, freeing up room on the foot of the bed for the man to get into position. As he did so, his hands took to Alice’s waist, and he drew himself closer, though didn’t dare enter quite yet. He waited instead for the mystery woman’s go-ahead, or at least, her assurance that Alice didn’t truly mind beyond her passing protest.

“If she didn’t want it she’d have gone right now. Isn’t that true, Sailor Mercury?” Her lips curled into a smirk as she gazed down at the young woman, and her right hand rose up, turning to show her palm to her male friend. “Look at this glaze,” she offered with a smirk, and then drew it close to her mouth. Her tongue slinked forward and swiped it clear with a lick, and she made sure that Alice could hear her satisfied noise of contentment.

“She’s ready. She’s ashamed and surprised and embarrassed, but…right about now, the only thing she can think of is what it’ll be like when you shove your cock inside of her.”

Alice blushed and buried her face into her pillow, whimpering. She knew that her silence would only lend approval to the mystery woman’s words, but most shameful of all? They were completely, totally true. She couldn’t help but gasp as the young man’s hands moved to her waist, and she even lifted her rear as he started to pull her back. The mystery woman’s hands moved as well; one resting on the back of Alice’s rear, and the other moving to take her friend’s shaft, helping to guide him in. She used his member like a marker to draw across her folds; teasing his cockhead back and forth, smearing his pre against her own slick opening, and making Alice give delightful squealing noises as she did so. After the teasing she guided the tip to press lightly inside of her, and once she had measured it up she pressed off of the bed, leaving the two alone on it for the moment. Once she had cleared it and stood on the floor, she tapped the young man on the shoulder, and leaned in to give him a whisper.

Up until that point, his member rested inside of Alice only in the simplest of forms; his tip just barely penetrating her, keeping them both on the edge of arousal and the promise of upcoming delight. But when the mystery woman gave her whispered order to her friend, everything changed, and Alice’s world broke into a sudden flurry of intense, ferocious passion. As if a racehorse that had been ordered to run, the young man gripped Alice’s hips tightly, and with one sudden, powerful stroke he plunged his member into the girl’s very depths. The two of them cried out in unison as the pleasure overtook them, Alice pierced to her core while her hands tightened against the sheets, and the young man as tense as a coiled spring with the delighted promise of more pleasure to be had inside this girl’s tight, wet entrance.

He went on without delay, each thrust bringing him more and more pleasure as he started to claim Alice with an almost angry vigor. The sound of flesh slapping together mixed with Escort Kütahya the sound of an old, achey bed creaking on each thrust, and before too long the scent of sex mixed with sweat, by now completely eradicating the smell of cigarettes and incense. Alice’s voice broke out into moaning gasps as she was claimed by a man she didn’t know; her body alive with a pleasure that she hadn’t really imagined before.

Everything about the moment made her excited. The knowledge that she didn’t know his, or the other woman’s name, the fact that she had literally only met him a few moments ago, and the circling form of her new friend, watching the two couple with a look of delight on her face. Alice’s cheeks were red and she tried to hide them in the pillow, her blue wig framing her as she screamed into the mattress, voice echoing and breaking with a sudden quake of pleasure. Her folds were quite accommodating to the young man, welcoming him inside with a readiness she never would’ve expected from her body to allow from someone she had just met. If there was one thing Alice learned that day, her body would sell her out in an instant if that mystery woman looked at her with the slightest attraction in her eyes.

The other woman continued to circle the bed, pacing around it in low strides while she watched the two join. She was still fully dressed; her T-shirt loosely hanging around her form, and her scuffed and torn jeans with worn threads dangling behind her footsteps. Occasionally she would reach out to touch one of the two; a stroke of her fingers over the man’s bare shoulders, or a little flip of Alice’s hair as she made her way from one side to the other. Her attentions were never more than brief things; barely noticeable given the torrent of passion that was going on between the two. She regarded the sweat clinging to her friend’s muscular form with a smirk, just as she saw the twisted fabric of the new girl’s costume, tangled tightly at her waist and wrapped around her firmly. The skirt had been flipped up all the way to expose her rear, and the mystery woman reached out, grabbed the edge of one of the pleats, and casually lowered it back down to hide the sight of the cock plunging deep within her.

Odd, but she found the sight of that skirt flap bouncing up and down somehow sexier than flesh on flesh. It was practically dancing to the music of the young man’s grunts, the creak of the bed, and of course, the harmonious noises of her new friend. The two of them continued with a heavy presence, the young man’s hips crashing hard against the girl’s backside, his member thrusting to the hilt with nearly every press. He was close; and the mystery woman could tell it instantly from the look on his face. The knit in his brow was a clear giveaway; she had seen that look before, and knew he was about to release his load.

She had considered grabbing him and forcing him to pull out, to spare Alice the surprise of a sudden creampie.

She had considered it…briefly.

The woman leaned against the wall, her arms folded across her chest as she watched the scene unfold. Her nostrils flared, and she rolled her tongue stud around with her tongue against the roof of her mouth, though aside from a small smile it was hard to tell what she thought of the situation. Alice even looked over at one moment, and seeing the girl’s static, unimpressed expression, almost immediately turned her face back into the pillow in shame at what she was doing. Ironic, considering it was that reaction that gave her the coy smirk she had hoped to see, but she was already face down and unable to spot it.

When the moment came the young man clutched Alice’s hips tightly, and thrust himself deep, holding her there with such strength it’d be hard for her to wiggle out. Her moaning had come to a fevered pitch as she reached her own climax at about the same time, and the two joined under the watchful eye of the organizer of the feast. Screams and moans dulled in volume, but the twitching was a sight to see; and the mystery woman delighted in watching it. It wasn’t just the big convulsions she loved, though certainly it was enjoyable watching Alice’s knees and rump twitch and spasm, but the little ones she loved the most. The way the young man’s left cheek continued to tense and twitch as he came, or the way that Alice’s face went through a dozen emotions in three seconds when she realized what was happening. Shock, anger, fear, arousal…and a few others that didn’t even have words to describe them. The end result was her deep blush framing a look that clearly said she was ashamed of what she had just done, but she didn’t for a second regret it.

They stayed linked for some time, before the young man pushed his hands against Alice’s rear, slowly removing his cock. She gave a whimper as he came free and the line of seed almost instantly began to drool from her opening; a thick bead of white that fell from her moistened slit and met the mattress below. Alice looked over her shoulder, through the blue locks of the wig at the young man, biting her bottom lip in the awkwardness of the moment. He as well seemed a bit unsure of how to proceed, a brow arched and a nonplussed look on his face. Before the two of them found words to offer each other, the mystery woman stepped up, and she clicked her tongue stud to the roof of her mouth, letting a tiny click pop throughout the room.

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