Cougar Love

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I was just arriving at one of the local hangouts my friends and I go to on Friday nights. I didn’t see my buddies so I went up to the bar to get a drink. Out of the corner of my eye this woman walks up to me.

“Can I buy you a drink?” She asked me.

I will always accept freebies from women, however this woman was much older than me. She said her name was Amy and I took her to be in her early fifties. I wondered why she was hitting up on me. I was twenty-five and I really didn’t get into older women. She asked me to go over to a table and sit with her for a few minutes. I figured it was the least I could do.

Once we sat down I could get a closer look at Amy. She had sandy brown hair and was on the petite side. She was cute and she kept herself up from the looks of things. When she spoke she cut right to the chase.

“Listen, I don’t like to play a lot of games at bars. Will you come home with me tonight?” Amy asked me.

I was sort of taken by surprise to be honest. I hadn’t run in to my friends yet, and Amy wanted me to bed down with her for the evening.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” she threw that bit of information in as well.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask what that meant, but I needed to give her an answer pretty quickly. I guess I was thinking with my cock that night. I was damn horny and I figured, what the hell, this could be fun. I told her I would come home with her and we left the bar really early. I got into my car and followed her back to her place.

Amy had a nice condo in the rich part of town. We went inside and Amy went back into the bedroom to get prepared I guess. When she came back out she had the shearest nightie on I had ever seen. She also didn’t have any panties or bra on underneath.

“What do you think, Tom? Amy asked.

I think I had my mouth open at the time, just staring at her naked body underneath that nightie.

“Very nice,” I told her.

She motioned me to follow her back to the bedroom. Once we got there Amy started to strip me of my clothes. It only took a few minutes until I was standing naked in front of her. My cock was already semi-erect. Amy did the rest. She knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her hand. She brought it up to her mouth and inhaled my dick.

Amy knew her stuff, that was Güngören escort for sure. She immediately took me right down to the root. My cock was resting down her throat and Amy didn’t gag either. She sucked me all the way down as she fondled my sacs as well. It didn’t take long before I was hard as could be. Amy then pulled off and got up and led me to the bed.

Amy took off the nightie and got on her back. I crawled in between her thighs and started to run my dickhead up and down her wet slit. Amy wanted it bad, that much was for sure. She reached out and took hold of my shaft and aimed it at her opening. I just looked down at her for a moment and I sunk my rod all the way in.

“Oh fuck!” Amy started screaming.

We didn’t even work up to it, we just started to fuck like crazy from the get-go. I plunged my dick in all the way. My balls were pressed against her ass cheeks and Amy wrapped her legs around my back. I was surprised how hot, fucking a fifty-one year old woman could be. Amy just craved cock. It was simple as that.

I lowered my mouth and I took each nipple into my mouth. I was sucking and biting each brown nipple. They both became hard and erect from all the action I was giving them. Amy was moaning as well. It was plain she loved all the attention my sucking was doing.

“When you get close, don’t pull out, I want you to cum in me,” Amy said.

I was glad she told me that. I really do hate wearing rubbers and I love the feeling a hot pussy and my bare cock can make. Our pubic bones were hitting and I felt like I finally might be getting close. I sped up and lost control of myself. I started to flood Amy with my love offering.

As soon as she felt me she went into an orgasm of her own. I could feel her body shake as I continued to pour more of my hot, white seed into her belly. I could look down and start to see my cum leaking out of her opening and down her bottom. I always found that so hot. We continued to do it for a period of time. Amy was milking me of every drop I had in my body.

We eventually slowed down and my dick finally slid out of her drenched pussy. Amy just closed her eyes and didn’t say a word. It looked like she was spent from all our hard fucking. Amy finally opened her eyes.

“That was the best İnnovia escort bayan lovemaking I have had in a long time, Tom. Thank you.” She told me.

Amy did get up from the bed and went into the bathroom to get cleaned up. When she came back we ended up doing it one more time. Amy somehow got me hard again with her mouth. This time she mounted my erection and rode me. Amy evidently needed it badly still. Her ass was slapping against my groin as she slid up and down my prick.

I was able to go longer this time around. I did give her what she liked from the first time we fucked. I found her tits with my hands and I got those nipples hard by pinching them. Amy was squealing as she rode my dick. It was almost like fucking a woman in her twenties. She begged for my cock at times and I lifted my ass up and drilled her hard.

“Don’t stop Tom, please! Keep fucking me.”

I had no intention of slowing down or stopping. We must had fucked for forty-five minutes or longer. I was surprised to feel like I might cum again. I thought I was all emptied out, but it wasn’t the case. I fired more of my cream into Amy’s belly. This time around Amy started to squirt her love cream all over my hard prick.

There was so much wet juice all over us when we finished up. Amy got a towel to clean up as much of our fuck juice as she could. We then fell asleep in each others arms. When I awoke the next morning Amy was already up. I went to reach for my clothes and I found a wad of money lying on top of them.

Amy then walked in the bedroom and I asked her what this money was for.

“I promised you I would take care of you,” she told me.

“I’m not a gigolo, I don’t accept money from women for having sex with them,” I told her.

I was sort of pissed and I guess Amy could tell from my face I was not pleased.

“The other young guys I am with always expect money from me,” she said.

“I am not like the ‘other young guys’,” I told her.

“I’m sorry,” Amy said. She gathered up the cash and put it back in her purse.

“I really should be going,” I told her.

I quickly got dressed and headed for the door.

“Please don’t be mad at me Tom, I really want to see you again,” Amy said.

Amy gave me her phone number and then I Escort Kağıthane left. I was simmering a bit as I drove off. I guess she figured she had to pay young guys to sleep with her. I just didn’t operate that way with anyone. The more I thought about it, I needed some space from Amy so I didn’t call her for a few weeks. When I did finally contact her, Amy was totally different to me.

She said she had fallen in love with me and was hoping I might move in with her. It seems Amy’s husband had been fooling around at work. He was some big boss at a corporation. Amy found out and she sought a divorce. Amy’s ex had lots of money and now Amy owns her condo and a nice car. She has enough money in the bank so she never has to work another day in her life.

I didn’t like what I was hearing. I wasn’t about to become a ‘kept man.’ The other big problem was Amy was twice as old as I was. I was just starting out in my career. Amy wanted to kick back and find a young guy to enjoy things with her. I told her I couldn’t do as she asked. She got mad and hung up on me.

A little while later she called and asked me to come by and sleep with her that night.

“You did enjoy fucking me, didn’t you Tom?” Amy pressed me to find out.

“Of course I enjoyed the sex,” I told her. “I just not ready to move in with someone after I slept with them one time.”

“I need your cock in me Tom, please, I want to feel your cum deep in my pussy like before.” Amy pleaded with me.

The sex had been fantastic, the rest of this nonsense was getting to me, however. I was stupid that night. I went to Amy’s condo and I fucked her like she wanted. Amy got on all fours for me and I drove my cock deep into her pussy. I think I just fucked her because I was still pissed. Amy didn’t seem to care one way or the other. She just need my cock and she ended up getting it from me.

I fucked her on all fours and then we got into the shower to clean up afterwards. I took Amy under the wet stream of water. She placed her hands on the shower wall and I entered her from behind. Each fuck stroke nearly lifted her feet up from the tub floor. I ended up giving her two loads of my hot semen that evening. However I didn’t stay overnight. I left promptly after we finished up having sex.

I was pissed at myself for giving in to my urges. I have vowed not to give into Amy’s wet pussy again. So far I have managed to last three weeks now without seeing her. She does call me all the time trying to break me down and have me stop by for more sex with her. I know if I give in once more I will be her plaything for a long time coming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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