Countess Ashton’s Lover Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun, and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious. I hope that you enjoy it.

Jack had a History degree when he was selected by Sotheby’s to an auctioneer training programme. Jack was surprised that he had got this and went off to London for the next two years. He stayed an additional year with them in London. Then Jack’s father, who had a small farm, had a mild stroke. He recovered but was reducing the work that he was doing. Jack’s ambition was to become an auctioneer, but he also wanted to take over the running of his father’s farm. In the last few years, the farm had been heavily automated; the profitability had increased dramatically.

Jack now thought it best if he returned home and joined a local firm. In the County that he lived, the biggest and best auctioneers were Rippon and Co; Colonel Rippon owned this. It had been in his family for three generations. They were Livestock auctioneers with three Auction Houses. They also made General sales but were keen to get involved in the Antique and Collectible Market. Jack had, while still at University, been on several Antique programmes on the television. He had a tremendous knowledge of Antiques.

Jack’s father had a word with the Colonel. He was very interested in meeting Jack. He had seen him on television. His training with Sotheby’s was more than than a bonus. An interview was arranged at the head office of the Rippon’s. To cut a long story short. The Colonel was impressed with Jack. He was to take over the Antique auction side of the business. They only had one auction of Antiques once every three months. Jack knew he had a lot of work to do, but at least he could stay at home and help his father. Jack’s mum was now doing a lot of work around the farm.

Jack started working, he enjoyed it, but it was a lot of work. He was given a Land Rover as a company car. They were terrific for driving on farm roads. Jack arranged that he would visit the two other Auction Houses one day a week and be in the head office three days a week. Within three months, he had an Antique Auction in the main saleroom once a month with over a thousand lots. The two others were acting as feeders for the main saleroom. The Colonel was over the moon with Jack’s work.

One day the Colonel asked Jack if he would be in the office at nine the following day. Jack told him he would be there. The Colonel then said to him that he wanted to introduce him to the Earl of Ashton, who was a local aristocratic with huge farms. The Colonel told Jack that the mornings were the only time that suited the Colonel to see him. The Colonel had been in the Army with the Earl, and over the years, they had done a lot of business together. He also told Jack that the Earl wanted a valuation of the antiques at Ashton Hall. The Colonel wanted this done for a nominal fee as he was indebted to the Earl. Jack didn’t say anything but thought it could be a lot of work and take a bit of time due to Jack’s workload. Jack would also have to see the property.

The following day, Jack was summoned to the Colonel’s office just after nine. The Earl and the Countess of Ashton were both there having coffee and biscuits. Jack was offered the same. The Earl then explained that he and his wife were merely the custodians of the Estate, trying to upkeep it and profitable for the next generation. His son, the Marquis, had just finished at an Agricultural College. He would now join in the management of the Estate. The Earl looked a lot older than the Countess; Jack guessed maybe twenty years. The Countess was a tall, distinguished-looking woman with a full figure.

They generally talked for twenty minutes; Jack quickly realised that the questions had been well thought out. They were appraising Jack. Jack must have met the criteria as the Earl said, “I think that you should visit Ashton House Jack, we are changing it quite a bit at the moment as we are making the House more commercial, an absolutely wonderful place to have a wedding. It’s better that you deal with my wife as she takes more to do with the day to day running of the place, darling, have you a card that you can give Jack? Then I think it’s better to arrange a time to meet at the House?”

The Countess produced Şişli escort a card from her handbag, she leant over and gave it to Jack. Jack couldn’t believe how big her tits were. They were massive and jiggled beautifully as she moved. The Countess said, “Jack, I’ve enjoyed listening to you. You talk a lot of sense. We have lots of Antiques, but we’re converting it to a Hotel in the main part of the House. We will put our Antiques into storage as they are far too good to be used in a Hotel. I am on the go a lot. The best way to contact me is on WhatsApp. Send me a message, and I’ll get back to you immediately. When would be a good time for you to visit?”

Jack explained his work routine, saying that he had a forty-mile each way drive to home and back for the three days he was in the head office. He was using up two hours a day when he did that. He said that he could be at Ashton House at eleven for the initial meeting next Tuesday morning. The Countess checked her diary and told Jack that she could be free all day to show him around. Then the Earl and Countess left. The Colonel was happy. He said, “Jack, you handled yourself well. The Earl and his family have been dealing with Rippon’s for years. The amount of business we do together is substantial. What did you think of them?”

“They seemed very nice; I’ll have to see the property. There’s quite a difference in ages between them? I like the Countess. She speaks her mind.”

“It’s over twenty years; the Earl married before to an absolute idiot. It only lasted two years then he got divorced. Thank goodness they had no children. The Countess is from down south; they met at a Polo competition at Ashton House. They have one of the oldest Polo fields in the country there. That’s probably the reason they are converting to a Hotel. The next thing they were dating, the Countess comes from a very good family. They got married and had a wonderful son. He works hard. One thing you should know, the Earl drinks a lot, that’s why you meet him in the morning. By lunchtime, he is completely drunk and sent to his room. Sad, but be prepared to see this.”

Jack arrived at eleven; Ashton House was an imposing building, to say the least, with its magnificent driveways and manicured gardens. The Countess was standing outside talking to one of the gardeners. She was dressed casually but well. She was wearing a top and jeans with Gucci flat shoes. Jack stepped out of his Land Rover and waited for the Countess to finish her conversation. Jack was quietly studying the Countess’s massive tits. They were enormous. The Countess had seen and acknowledged Jack. She had smiled at him. A moment later she hugged him, Jack felt the weight of her huge tits, they felt beautiful then the Countess said, “Jack, I’m so happy to see you, I have got a busy day planned for us, we had better get on. I didn’t realise that you are so tall. I can wear heels with you. Let’s go.”

The following two hours, Jack was shown around the House. He soon understood what was happening. Part of the House would be converted to a Hotel. A portion would be retained as a visitor centre. The Earl and Countess would use a small part as living accommodation. They had lunch in the House’s already opened restaurant. It was bustling. The House was utterly self-supporting from the over twenty thousand acres it had. It produced its meat, poultry, in fact, everything that it could. It had its own Brewery, using hops and wheat grown on its land. It was a massive operation. The Countess also operated a holiday cottage rental business. It had over sixty cottages.

Jack realised that cataloguing the Antique contents would be time-consuming as there were tens of thousands of pieces. He had no idea how long this would take, and to value it would also be problematic as so many of the pieces were so rare. He would also have to photograph each picture. He told the Countess about his concerns. He also didn’t know how to address her. He had noted that the Colonel had called the Earl, Henry. Then the Countess said, “Jack, I appreciate what you’re saying. I remember that you said that you had two hours of driving when you visited here. I can offer you a room and food on those three days, would that help you? The other Sultangazi escort bayan thing is, please call me Sara when we are together. If we’re in company, then Countess or Lady Ashton would be appropriate.”

Jack was then sure that the Countess had been flirting with him over lunch, the way that she pushed her massive tits out, the way she occasionally turned twenty-five degrees to give a perfect side view of her massive melons. The eye contact that she had been making with him. Jack replied, “Sara, thank you so much. I’ve brought a change of clothing in the car just in case I was too tired to drive home tonight. I need to go to the town to buy an additional Sim card for my phone plus a couple of USB sticks so that we have some security in our record keeping. I have a programme on Excel which we can use. Do you have a curator here that could help me with the cataloguing?”

“Sorry, we don’t, though I can help you with that. We have purchase ledgers going back over four hundred years. I can give you access to those. All our accounts are now on IBM Cloud. We can also keep a backup there. Can I come into town with you?”

Jack replied, “Of course you can. When can we go? I want to start today if you can give me a bed?”

“Super, we can go now. I will show you your bedroom when we get back. I’m wearing a new bra today; the cup is not right. It’s so fucking uncomfortable. I didn’t warn you that I swear a lot, but I’m sure that you’ll get used to it.”

Jack smiled then said, “I sometimes swear myself, no problem about the bra. Wearing something that hurts is not good. You must have a huge cup, though they look wonderful.”

“When I know you better, then I’ll tell you my size. I love in the House, working braless. My tits are the highlight of my body. I’m fortunate, for their size and age, they don’t sag at all. There are times that I wear bras that make them look flatter, as if I wear a push-up bra, then my tits look massive. Do you like big tits, Jack?”

Jack had no idea that Sara had an enormous sexual appetite. It had been years since she last had intercourse with Henry, partly due to the alcohol. Henry had no interest in sex at all. Sara had thought many times of seducing one of the staff, but it was too dangerous. If she were caught, it would ruin the family name, and her son would have to live with this. Sara had been searching for a discreet relationship for years. Jack smiled, then said, “I love your style, Sara; I must be professional in my dealings here. I want to help you all I can, but we must be careful. I think every man likes big tits, but I think that yours are exceptional.”

Jack also realised Henry’s drinking. Sara hadn’t mentioned it as yet. He saw a way with Sara, but he knew that she would have to trust him a lot. Sara smiled and said, “I think you will be very professional; I must trust you that what wealth in the family is kept solely in the family. Auctioneers and Valuators must also be discreet. Let me take my bra off before we go; it’s fucking killing me.”

Sara left saying that she would meet Jack where he had left his Land Rover; a minute later, as she walked to the vehicle, Jack saw that her massive tits were jiggling and her nipples were big and hard. Sara got into the car. She smiled at Jack. Jack smiled back then said, “You look great without a bra.”

Sara squeezed Jack’s thigh then said, “Great, tell me what you like, and I’ll do it for you.”

Jack got all the things that he needed, then he drove to a small boutique, Sara went in herself, she said as she left the car, “I wanted you to come in with me, but if you had, then the whole town would be talking.”

As Sara was in the boutique, Jack was sure that she was looking for a lover. The lover would have to be discreet. That was essential as Sara loved her way of life. The position she had, most women would dream of. She enjoyed what she was doing; she also seemed determined to make the place better. She came out of the boutique smiling. She got into the car and said, “I’ve been a naughty girl. I’ve bought two beautiful Basques and two excellent push-up bras. They all fit me perfectly. Could this be my lucky day?”

Jack didn’t say a word. They got back to Escort Taksim the House at three-thirty. Jack immediately went into the first room, storing Antiques that had been in the House. He had his laptop out. Within fifteen minutes, he was starting to catalogue. Sara came in several minutes later; she looked gorgeous. Her massive tits were jiggling as she moved. They looked magnificent. Sara said, “You have already started, show me what needs to be done?”

Jack couldn’t take his eyes off her massive tits; he said, “No problem, I’ve got a system, it’s good, and it’s foolproof. Let me show you. Are those the purchase ledgers that you have brought with you? Sara, you look beautiful, but how am I supposed to concentrate when every time that I look at you, all I can see is those beautiful melons?”

Sara laughed then said, “You will have to get used to them as I will be working very closely with you.”

Jack explained his system, Sara grasped it very quickly. The system worked. The time flew in, at ten to nine; Sara said, “Last orders in the restaurant are at nine, let’s have a couple of Ashton Filets. How do you like it cooked? We can eat in my lounge, that’ll save us getting dressed for dinner. I must say that we have done a lot of work. It will take us ages to do catalogue all of it. What do you want, white or red wine?”

Jack told her medium-rare and white. Jack was impressed with what they had achieved. Jack kept working until Sara came to guide him to her lounge, where they would eat. The lounge was very comfortable; it seemed to have Sara stamped over it. It had a lived-in look. There was a small dining table. The steaks were beautiful. The conversation was all about cataloguing. Sara had grasped it, and everything had fallen into place. It was now close to ten; Jack had been up since five this morning. Sara said, “You look a bit tired Jack, I’d better show you where you are sleeping.”

Jack then followed Sara to his bedroom. It was beautifully furnished and decorated with its ensuite bathroom. Jack had his small suitcase with him. Jack didn’t know how to say good night to Sara, he wanted to hug her, but he didn’t want to be forward. Sara took the initiative. She put her arms around Jack and pulled him close to her, then Sara said, “Jack, today has been wonderful. We have done a lot more than I expected. What time are you up at, and what are your plans for tomorrow?”

“I need to breakfast at eight as I have to be in the office by eight-thirty. I’ll be back here at ten-thirty. Is that good for you?”

“I’ll breakfast with you in the restaurant at eight; then I’ll start to work. Everything that I do will be saved to the Cloud. You can check it when you get here. Jack, I would like to thank you for today. I’ve enjoyed working with you. I’m sure that I can trust you.”

As she said that, she pulled him closer to her, she pulled his head closer to hers, they kissed, both their tongues were swirling in the other’s mouth, it felt so good. The weight of Sara’s massive tits on Jack’s chest felt terrific. Sara was also pushing her pussy against Jack’s leg. They tongue kissed for several minutes, then Jack’s hand found Sara’s massive left tit. It was huge. It was a good two handful. Sara’s nipples were big and hard. She was purring with pleasure as Jack felt her massive tits. Then Sara said, “Jack, I love how you kiss; I haven’t been kissed like that for years. Henry doesn’t know how to kiss like that. Jack, I must tell you, Henry has a serious drink problem. He had a massive binge at the weekend. It lasted four days. He’s now in a Clinic; he’ll be there for another week. I’m not happily married. It’s now a sham. I want you. I am certain that I can trust you. If you want a quick fuck then please let me know as it can’t be with me. I need a lover who will look after my needs. I want you, Jack, but you must be discreet.”

They then kissed so passionately; Jack wanted Sara, he knew that Sara wanted him, then Jack said, “Sara, I want you too, I’ll not let you down. I will be so loving and discreet. I’m not seeing anyone at the moment, so I’m not letting anyone else down.”

Sara kissed Jack so tenderly. She said, “We will finish earlier tomorrow. I will be prepared for you tomorrow. I need to tidy my pussy. It’s a hairy mess at the moment. I prefer it when it’s smooth. I’ll be smooth tomorrow night for you. I haven’t had a man for so long. I’ve let myself go. I want to be beautiful when I’m with you, Jack. We will have breakfast at eight tomorrow morning. I am so looking forward to tomorrow night.”

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