Cousin Rocks My World on Nude Day

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This is a Earth Day contest story. Please vote.

Kissing cousin rocks my world on Nude Day.


My cousin, Diane, called to ask if she could stay with my wife and I. She had to attend a convention and thought she’d kill two birds with one stone, visit us, while saving money on a hotel bill. Just as she didn’t tell me she was attending a Nude Day Swingers’ Convention, until later, I didn’t tell her that I was no longer with my wife, until she arrived.

Now between you, me, and the lamppost, when I found out that my sexy cousin was attending a Nude Day Swingers’ Convention, that bit of shocking information rekindled all kinds of incestuous thoughts. I’ve always had a mad crush on my cousin Diane and now I couldn’t help but imagine her not only naked but also as a willing sexual participant with many swinging men and women but also a willing, albeit, an incestuous swinging partner with me. After inappropriately lusting after her for so many years, my cock pulsated with the thought of being intimate with my swinging cousin, Diane.

Oh, my God, with the hopes for a chance of being with her, life just doesn’t get any better than this. My hot cousin, the swinger, and the one I’ve lusted over for years, is staying with me for a few days. Now that we’re both mature, consenting adults, I’d give anything for us to have a sexual relationship.

I didn’t tell her that I was living alone. If she knew I lived alone and have become the voyeur of a pervert that I am and, no doubt, have always been, I didn’t think she’d stay with me. Besides, I didn’t want to broach the subject of lust and the topic of incest over the cell phone. I don’t trust those things. One never know who listens in on those wireless, mobile, personal, cell phones calls; electronics are beyond the scope of my comprehension.

Besides, I’d rather look in her big, blue eyes and tell her in person that I’ve always wanted her. Nervous about opening that forbidden box of love, I wondered what she’d say. Would she want me or shun me? Then, again, being the swinger that she is, if she only knew that I was the incestuous pervert that I am, maybe it’s a foregone conclusion that we could have some hot, sexy, albeit incestuous fun. Maybe she’d invite me to the Swingers’ convention or maybe, afraid of what I may do or try, she’d leave my house and stay at a hotel. Either way, this surprise visit may be a Godsend and my golden opportunity to reconnect with my cousin and to see if we still share a sexual connection.

It would be different if Diane was my wife’s cousin, for sure, but she wasn’t. If she was related to my wife, instead of to me, there’d be no way she’d stay here with me living alone without my wife here, but she was my cousin and related to me by blood. With us being related made her staying here appropriate, so long as there was no monkey business, which I hoped to God that there would be. Yet, all my consternation would have been mute, had I had known upfront then that Diane was a swinger.

If I knew she was a swinger I would have greeted her at my front door naked. Nah, even though it’s fun to think about doing something like that, I’d never do something like that. Then, again, with it being Nude Day, I could use nude holiday as my pretense for greeting Diane at the door naked. Nah, I can’t do that, she’s family. It would just be so wrong to hit on my own cousin. Unfortunately, I need for her to give me the green light by her making the first move.

We shared a family history and were as close as any brother who lusted over his sister was, back then, so long ago, 15-years-ago. We practically grew up together, even lived under the same roof for a little while, when her parents were going through a tough divorce. With my parents and her Mom, my aunt, out in the living room hogging the TV, we watched television cuddling together in her bedroom with the door closed, while talking and laughing. At the time, more than being my cousin, always together, we were best friends.

The times we spent together lying in bed was all so very innocent. Other than hugging, even though I wanted to touch her tits and finger her pussy, even though I wished she’d touch my cock, even though I masturbated night and day over the thoughts of her naked, other than some cheap feels and desperate gropes, we never touched one another in a sexual way. We were cousins, after all, just watching television together and incest was a line we just didn’t cross.

Besides, times were different back then and we were both innocent virgins. No one knew, but me, that I spent as much time watching TV, as I did ogling my cousin’s tits and panties in down nightgown and up nightgown views, when she wore her short, low cut nightgown to bed. Always, I had a boner that I hid beneath the sheet, when lying in bed with her. If she had given me the smallest hint of encouragement, I would have been all over her sexy body.

Living at home, unable to afford to live on campus, we both had just started college and I used to spy on her through the keyhole, when she dressed Niğde Escort and undressed. A natural redhead with C cup breasts, she had a sexy body. We even attended some of the same college parties and I watched out for her. Back then, I don’t think she knew that I lusted over her or spied on her dressing and undressing, while masturbating over all that I saw of her. Yet, now to find out that she’s a swinger makes me wonder if she’s an exhibitionist and was giving me a free show then.

So very long ago, none of that matters now. I’m just so excited that she’s coming for a visit. I can’t wait to see her. Still, I worry that she may feel awkward staying here with me because I live alone. Being that she’s my cousin, her loyalty should be with me and not with my ex-wife, even though she was good friends with my ex-wife, for a time, back then. She shouldn’t have reservations about staying here with me. Still, maybe there’s something inappropriate about a single woman staying alone with a single man, even if they are cousins.

“Who was that woman I saw you with, last night?” I imagined my friends and neighbors asking me, when seeing me with a stunning, sexy redhead.

“Oh, that’s just my cousin,” I’d reply, always wanting to say that and knowing they’d never believe that she was my cousin.

Nonetheless, we’re both mature adults and she’ll only be here for the weekend, three days, and two mischievous nights. Other than me ogling her sexy body and me accidentally on purpose flashing her my cock, everything should be fine. Who knows, with her being a swinger and me being a pervert, this could be the incestuous match of my perverted life.

We were never kissing cousins, except for that one time, when she was so very drunk at a college party and I heard some of the guys talking about gangbanging her. They didn’t know we were cousins and I pulled her the Hell out of there. On the way home, we parked, talked, laughed, and then, as unbelievable as it is, even to this day, we made out. Just as I couldn’t believe I was kissing my cousin, French kissing her, I couldn’t believe my cousin was French kissing me.

I’ve kissed lots of women before but, after I kissed my cousin for that first and only time, there was something really special happening. As if an electric current surged through my body, the tingling that I received from kissing her felt as if I had plugged my penis in a wall outlet. The energy that passed between us electrified us and we couldn’t get enough of one another.

Kissing and kissing and kissing, never have I enjoyed making out with any woman, as much as I enjoyed kissing my cousin, Diane. I don’t know why I felt such sexual excitement kissing Diane, but I did. Maybe because incestuous sex was so forbidden. Maybe it was all those years of unrequited love, lust, and passion that made that make out session the most memorable, sexual, and sensual time I ever had. Maybe it was all those sexually frustrating times we watched TV in bed together without touching one another. Maybe it was all those times that I spied on her dressing and undressing. Maybe it was all those times that I masturbated over the thoughts of her naked and having sex with her. Whatever the reason, I still want her.

No longer so innocent and now knowing what true love is, no doubt, I was in love and have always been in love with Diane. Just as incest is wrong, I know it’s fruitless to fall in love with my cousin, but I can’t help myself. Excited by the thoughts of her visit, she’s all that I think about. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I can’t work. I just think about kissing Diane.

Because she’s coming to visit, the excitement that I feel rekindles all those feelings again, as if they were smoldering embers that never fully extinguished. Even now, years later, I sometimes masturbate over our special time together, when we made out in my car. I fear that when I see her again, those embers may combust into an inferno of incestuous lust and desire. I’m afraid, by revealing the feelings of love and lust that I still have for her, I’ll make a fool of myself.

When we kissed, I’m embarrassed to admit that I felt her breast through her blouse and bra, and she felt my cock through my pants, but that was as far as we went. Okay, I admit that, when her nipples made an appearance through her blouse and bra, while kissing and kissing her, as if cracking open a safe, I stealthily unbuttoned her blouse and felt her tits through her bra, before lifting up her bra and exposing her magnificent breasts. A sucker, literally and figuratively, for tits, I always wanted to see my cousin’s tits and I did. Having perfectly symmetrical and shapely breasts, she had big nipples that were hard and erect.

With her being so drunk that she was unable to fend me off and resist me, this was my only opportunity, my golden opportunity, to see, touch, and feel my cousin’s breasts. I even sucked her nipples, while unzipping myself and removing my cock from my jeans, before putting her hand on my erection, and wrapping her fingers Niğde Escort Bayan around my cock. My cock never felt so good with Diane holding it, fondling it, and slowly stroking it. Even after I was married, I still had thoughts of having sex with Diane.

Knowing she was my cousin, of course, albeit now kissing cousin, and that she was related to me by blood, knowing what we were doing was incestuous, I didn’t care. She was so drunk, she didn’t know my cock was in her hand and she was stroking me. I remember being so excited watching her staring at my cock. I so wanted to put a hand to the back of her head and push her face in my lap. I so wanted her to suck me. She just held my stiff prick in her hand and fondled the top of my exposed dick with her long, manicured fingers, while I had my way with her C cup breasts.

When I think back, just as I am now, I was such a horny pervert then. Even though I was guiltless then, a pang of guilt made me feel like such a cad later, that is, until I masturbated over all that happened between Diane and I. Not even safe with her best friend, how could I take advantage of my own cousin by kissing her, feeling her up, and putting my cock in her hand, when she was so very drunk? I was such a deviate to do that. If I didn’t feel so excited by the thoughts of all that I did, I’d feel remorse and sorrow for doing all that I had done.

Even though we never spoke about what happened that night, when I saw her after that, I wondered if she remembered that we made out and French kissed? Did she know that I saw and felt tits? Did she remember that I sucked her nipples. Did she remember seeing my cock and holding it in her hand, while stroking me? At first I was embarrassed, but the excitement that I felt for my cousin then returned with the lust that I still have for her now.

She was so drunk that I could have gone all the way with her, but something stopped me from doing that. I could have pulled down her jeans and panties, fingered her pussy, and fucked her right there in the car, but I didn’t. Afraid she’d get pregnant and we’d have a bastard baby that we’d have to hide in an attic, incestuous sex, especially incestuous sex with a hot cousin, was as bad and as having hot sex with a Nun.

Diane would have sucked my cock, no doubt, had I pushed her head down and stuck my engorged prick in her mouth and, in hindsight, I wished I had done that. Maybe had Diane blown me, I would have been able to forget her and no longer want her. Yet, I couldn’t do that to my own cousin. That would be so wrong, as wrong as those college guys, who wanted to gangbang her in the dorm.

Although now, when I’m really horny, I think about Diane being gangbanged. That would have been so exciting to watch my cousin being stripped naked and pull a train. While masturbating, while stroking my cock and thinking of Diane, I imagine her blowing and fucking four men. Yet, just as I couldn’t allow those drunken assholes to gangbang her, even though we made out and fondled one another, I couldn’t cross that an invisible incest line. Just as I couldn’t force her to suck my cock and couldn’t fuck her, I couldn’t take advantage of my own cousin being so drunk.

I’ve always been close to my extended family, that is, until recently, when I’ve been experiencing tough times. As we grow older, with life getting in the way of how we were when we were younger, we lose contact with those people we once loved and thought we could never live without. Over the years we lost touch and it was nice to talk with her again. Without feeling awkwardly uncomfortable from the long separation, we talked, as if we had always been together. Actually, I can’t wait to see her. It’s been years.

Growing up, my cousin Diane was closer to me than my sister. We’re both the same age and when I was sexually maturing and driven by too much testosterone, while masturbating, I used to fantasy about having sex with her. Being that I thought of her naked so many times, I wondered if she was still hot. I wondered if she was still sexy. I figured like everyone else in America, with fast foods and no exercise, she probably packed on the pounds. Only, when I saw her, surprisingly, she looked the same, only better. Between her hair, clothes, and makeup, she looked hot. Definitely, she was sexy and the fact that she was a swinger made it all the better.

“Diane! Let me look at you,” I said twirling her around and taking a step back, while hoping her short flared skirt would lift up enough for her to flash me her panties.

She was wearing a top cut low enough to show off her abundant cleavage. She always had nice tits. Oh yeah, she’s still shapely with her big C cup tits, slim waistline, and a round, firm ass. Oh, baby, why this woman isn’t married is beyond me. Then, I wondered, with her being a swinger, if she was lesbian. I never thought of that, until now, and before I even knew she was involved in the swinging lifestyle. Maybe, because she likes licking pussy is the reason why she’s not married and in Escort Niğde the swinging lifestyle. Yet, so long as I can watch her with her girlfriend or girlfriends, what does it matter?

“Glen, how are you? It’s been a long time,” she said giving me a long, hard, full bodied, pelvis to pelvis hug. God, the smell of her perfume made me dizzy with desire for her and I so wanted to hump her. When I saw her, bringing back all those forgotten feelings, I so wanted to throw her down on the carpet, touch her where no first cousin should ever touch his first cousin, strip her naked, and fuck her.

I returned her a hug with a kiss on the lips. Not only did she hug me back but also she surprised me when she returned my kiss. Kissing Diane was magical and I so wanted to slip her my tongue, but didn’t. Now that I remember, we’ve always been kissing cousins. I know it was wrong, but as soon as I hugged her and kissed her, my incestuous lust for her swelled with my erection. Boy or boy, if she wasn’t my cousin, I’d ask her out on a date. Only, so what if she is my cousin, that doesn’t mean we can’t take in a movie or go out to dinner. Who knows what may happen over a bottle of wine or two? No one needs to know we’re cousins.

“Come in, come in,” I said grabbing the suitcase from her. “Let me help you with your suitcase.”

“Where’s Sally?” She looked over my shoulder, as if expecting to see Sally emerging from the kitchen to stand behind me. “Working?”

“Sally doesn’t live here anymore,” I said thinking that I could make a movie by that name with all the stuff that went on between my wife and I, before we divorced.

“What happened?”

The look of concerned surprise on her face was a look I hoped she’d show when I flashed her my cock later. Yet, the shocked look she had on her face was more out of concern for me and made me feel guilty for being the perverted cousin that I am by already thinking about exposing my cock to her. With one concerned look, she made me feel as though I could open up to her again, in the way we used to do, while lying in bed watching TV. We talked about everything then. Even though we were blood related, even though we were first cousins, nothing was taboo.

She made me want to hug her again and cry on her shoulder…or bosom, while telling her my sad story. I imagined her comforting my, by taking me to her bosom and running her fingers through my hair, as my hand found her breast and my fingers teased out her nipples, while she fondled my cock through my pants, just before we kissed. Good God, I was already over the edge with incestuous, sexual thoughts for my cousin.

“Feel my tits and suck my nipples, Glen,” I imagined her saying. “Would it make you feel any better, if I sucked your cock?”

“Oh, God, Diane. Yes, I’d feel so much better if you sucked my cock,” I imagined saying to her.

“What happened?” She awakened me from my incestuous, sexual fantasy with her question.

“She was cheating on me and took off with the plumber,” I said matter of fact with a shrug. “From what I could fathom, while I was working, she was having sex with whoever came to the door, the mailman, the UPS guy, the door-to-door solicitor, even the newspaper delivery guy, before finally leaving with the plumber.”

“Are you serious?” She looked at me with sensitivity and compassion, before she burst out laughing. “The plumber? She was doing the plumber? Gees, that’s shitty, Glen,” she said with a laugh. “Sorry,” she said. “I couldn’t help myself from saying that.”

Just like when we were kids, we were still able to tease one another and her laughter made me forget the hurt and rejection that I still felt over my wife cheating on me.

“Yeah, well, we were having a new kitchen installed and she was home alone with these workmen. You know what a flirt and a tease Sally was. She loved flashing her sexy body with plenty of up skirts and down blouses. I can only imagine her standing at the kitchen sink, while straddling the plumber, with him looking up her nightgown at her pussy.”

“I’m so sorry, Glen,” she said touching my arm and giving me a hug.

“One thing led to another and here I am alone but, admittedly, happier. My kitchen is amazing though,” I said with a laugh. “I guess it pays to do the plumber, not that I’d do the plumber but, now having a dream kitchen, I’m glad now that she did the plumber,” I said with a well deserved laugh.

“Well, good for you,” she said. Suddenly, there was an uncomfortable pause in the conversation. “You know, Glen, I can get a room at the–“

“Don’t be silly. It’s a big house. The guest bedroom is already made up for you. It will be fun to talk about old times and catch up with new ones.”

As soon as I said that, I thought about us lying in bed, while watching TV. Oh, boy, I’d love to be in bed with her, but I wouldn’t be watching television, that’s for sure.

“Thank you,” she said. “I hope I won’t be any trouble.”

“Trouble? I could eat you up, Diane,” I said looking at her with both of us turning red knowing that we were, no doubt, thinking the same thought. I don’t know what possessed me to say that. I couldn’t believe I said that. We having sex with Diane on my mind for days, wanting to lick Diane, just slipped off my tongue in the way of my saliva making her pussy glisten.

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