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I live near Birmingham Alabama now and started looking at the ads on the Craigslist site for a chance to hookup with someone in person and not just through a glory hole like all of my other experiences. As I looked through the ads one in particular caught my eye. It said “MWM looking to top another MWM”. The ad indicated that he wanted someone to come to his house and give him a No Strings Attached blow job and possibly more if interested.

I responded to the ad and it was the next day that he emailed me back expressing an interest in me. I am a married white male who typically enjoys giving an occasional blow job through a glory hole at the local adult bookstore. On occasion I have let a guy fuck me through the glory hole. He requested a picture of me in return for a picture of him so I sent him one and told him I was eager to service him. He responded the same day with a picture of himself and a phone number for me to call him.

That night I gave him a call and we talked for a few minutes and he made it very clear that he wanted someone to come over and suck his 7″ dick to completion and that he would not reciprocate in any way. If the chemistry was right he said that he also enjoyed fucking ass but his wife did not like it so he did not get to do it very often. We agreed to meet the next afternoon at a local Starbucks and if we seemed to click I was to follow him home and give him a blow job.

The next day when we met we immediately hit it off and after chatting over a cup of coffee he suggested that he head to his house. I followed him home to a very nice neighborhood in the Hoover area of Birmingham and we went inside the house. He told me to have a seat on the couch and he turned on the television and started a dvd with some straight porn on it. Next suriyeli escort he walked into the den and while rubbing his crotch through his pants he told me to get on my knees in front of him. I did as I was told and quickly started massaging his dick through his pants. He was getting hard so I reached up and unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and pulled his zipper down and quickly slid his pants down to his ankles. He dick was semi hard and starting to poke out of the leg of his boxers.

I quickly pulled his boxers down and his 7″ cut cock sprung to attention. I wrapped my hand around it and started slowly jacking him off. As I rubbed my thumb over the head of his dick it started oozing pre cum so I stuck my tongue out and gently started licking the head. I guess he was ready for me to suck him because he took hold of my head and started shoving his dick in my mouth. I quickly started sucking him as hard as I could. The wetter my mouth got the harder and deeper he thrust. I had not been at his house for 10 minutes and he was face fucking me like there was no tomorrow. After about two minutes he started moaning and telling me he was “fixing to blow” so I sucked even harder. As the first shot of cum hit the back of my throat he quickly pulled out of my mouth and the next four shots landed on my face. After he finished cumming he put his dick back up to lips and told me to lick him clean. I gladly sucked his dick back in and cleaned every drop of cum off of him. After his dick softened in my mouth he pulled out and suggested I go to the bathroom and clean up all of the cum that was all over me.

I did as I was told and when I returned to the den he was sitting on the couch completely naked watching some well endowed dude fuck a girl up her ass. He asked me if I was interested in being fucked like that. I told him I would certainly like to try. He reminded me that he would not reciprocate in any way and I reminded him that I had already told him I was okay with that scenario. He said if he was going to fuck we I had better get naked and get back on my knees and get him hard again.

I took off all of my clothes and got down on the floor in front of him. His dick was soft to my touch as I reached out and took him in my hand. I took him in my mouth again while he was completely soft and started sucking him. It was great feeling his dick grow in my mouth. It took about ten minutes for his dick to get completely hard. My dick was also hard as a rock. He told me I was doing a great job but he was ready to fuck me. I asked him how did he want to do it and he told me to lay on the couch.

As I stretched out on the couch I started stroking my rock hard dick. I was already close to cumming as he spread my legs and placed them over his shoulders. He had a bottle of lube in his hand and he squirted some on his dick and started stroking his 7″ hard on. While on his knees in between my legs he took is dick in his hand and started rubbing my asshole with the head of his dick. It felt good almost like someone was rimming me. Then without warning he started putting pressure on my asshole and I felt the head slip in me. His dick felt big in my mouth but it felt huge in my ass. He started rocking back and forth and eased his dick further up my ass with each stroke. He asked me if I liked it and I told him yes I wanted him to fuck me any way he saw fit. He took me seriously and started fucking me with long, deep strokes for a couple of minutes. I was really enjoying the fucking when he abruptly pulled out of me.

He told me to get on my knees because he wanted to fuck me from behind. I quickly rose up and got on my knees as he mounted me from behind. He did not have any trouble sliding his dick in my ass on the first stroke. He settled into a steady stroking motion. He gave me long deep strokes and he gave me short quick strokes. I was jerking my dick to the strokes he was giving me. I thought to myself this guy can last forever as he had been fucking me for over 15 minutes. His hands held my hips firm as he continued to pound my ass. He then pulled out again and told me he wanted to cum inside of me with me on top.

He sat back down on the couch like he was when I started giving him head a little while ago and slid his ass to the front of the sofa. He told me to face the television and straddle him and sit on his dick. I had never down it this way before but I was horny and ready to try anything. I just needed his big dick back in my ass. I straddled him and started lowering my ass towards his dick and he guided all 7″ right back up my ass with ease. He felt even bigger this way as I started moving up and down on his ass. It must have felt good to him too because he told me he wasn’t going to last much longer and he started thrusting his ass up from the sofa to meet me with every stroke I took. I told him I was cumming and as I started shooting my load on the floor I could feel his dick throbbing as he shot his load up my ass. We were both spent and I sat down on his dick one last time and wiggled my hips trying to get the last drop of cum out of him.

Once his dick started softening he pushed me off of him and he told me that he had really enjoyed my blow jobs and was ass was super tight. He asked me if I was interested in getting together again and I quickly told him I would love to make it a regular thing. We agreed to talk again next week since I can can hardly wait!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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