Craigslist Pt. 01: The Naked Camper

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It’s been years now since they vanished, but I still miss the Craigslist personals. Sure, they were filled with fakes, phonies and pic collectors. Even if you managed to hook up through one there was no guarantee that you’d actually have a good time.

Once in a great while, though, answering an ad could lead to a unique, unforgettable encounter. The one I’m about to tell you about happened years ago, but I remember it as if it were yesterday.

It was a warm October evening in Texas, a typically dull weekday. I was scrolling through the M for M ads to entertain myself. The pickings were as slim as usual. Sometimes it seemed as if the same half dozen trolls posted their ads every day, not bothering to change their copy, their pics or even what day they were looking to meet.

This ad, though was different. I was sure I’d never seen it before.

“Camping Naked. Waiting for You.”

I clicked on the title, intrigued.

“I’m spending tonight in a tent somewhere on my hundred-acre property next to Lake M—-. I’ve built a fire and stripped buck naked. If you’re interested in joining me…”

That much was followed by the usual request for stats and a photo. There were two photos posted in the ad. One looked like a satellite shot from above, showing the lake and dense green woods surrounding it. An arrow pointed to a spot that I assumed was the campsite. The other was a blurry snap of what looked like a lean and hairy male torso. It didn’t show much, but it was enough for me.

Short and to the point, and the guy looked decent, assuming he had actually posted a pic of himself. The thought of doing it outdoors was a definite turn on—I’d always had a wild streak. So did he, if he was telling the truth. Why not?

I clicked the “Reply” button and sent my stats and a pic that revealed just enough. I wasn’t expecting a response. Most of the time I got nothing back at all, since I was past a certain age and told the truth about what I looked like. I’d gotten used to it—being ghosted was better than wasting time on e-mail or text conversations that ended up going nowhere. Still, there was always the hope that this time it might be different.

The reply came back within a few minutes.

“Nice pic and stats. U serious?”

I typed a reply.

“Very serious.”

“Got GPS? Will send directions.”

Minutes later I was driving on the freeway going north from the city. His next few messages had been brisk and businesslike—giving me his number so we could text each other, asking me to let him know when I got off the freeway.

I exited where the GPS told me to and pulled over to tell him. Then I began to drive westward. This was unfamiliar terrain to me, but the roads were clearly marked and the countryside was pretty.

I was heading for an address that wasn’t his location, but some random house in a cul-de-sac near the lake. According to him I would see a dirt parking lot nearby. I was supposed to leave my car there, slip through an opening in the fence, and start walking down the hill.

The sun was low to the horizon and the light had turned golden by the time I got to the address he had given me. Everything was as he described it. There was just one vehicle in the dirt parking lot, a battered green pickup truck facing the chain link fence. A sign warned: “Private Property. No Trespassing.” It sloped downward, following the overgrown terrain behind it.

It eyüp escort took me a moment to find the narrow gap, partly hidden by a tree. The trail was clear, following the fence, but bumpy and irregular. I made sure I had my phone and started clambering down the hill, occasionally grabbing the top of the fence for support.

At the bottom the woods thinned out. Long ago someone had cleared away the trees and they had been replaced by vines and other tangled growth. Looking ahead of me I could see the blue waters of the lake. Although much of the property around it had been developed with residences, I couldn’t see any structures on the opposite shore from where I was. Even though I was just a short walk from civilization it was as if I were lost in the wilderness. Meeting a naked stranger was a fitting thing to do in such surroundings. I felt my cock harden inside the flimsy khaki shorts I had on.

The chain link fence I was following came to an end, and soon after that the trail I was on ran into another, larger path. I turned to the left as I had been instructed and sent him a text.

“Watch for stone house on right. Should come to it in a few minutes.”

The early evening air was warm and still. There didn’t seem to be any living creatures around, not even mosquitoes, for which I was thankful. I stripped off the t-shirt I had on and stuffed in my waistband as I continued to hike.

The minutes ticked by as I walked along the trail. No house came into view and I began to worry. Paranoid thoughts began to flash through my mind. Was this all some trick, or even an ambush, set up to trap a horny, gullible gay guy?

“I don’t see any house,” I texted him. “Am I going the wrong way?”

“Only one way. Keep looking right.”

Finally I saw it between me and the lake. “House” was a kind description—it might have been one once, but it was now just a stone ruin, overgrown with vines, missing its roof and with maybe two walls standing. I exhaled, relieved enough to be annoyed.

“Where the heck are you? How much further?”

“Keep walking. Almost there.”

I shrugged and kept walking—it was too late to turn back. Minutes later my phone chimed in my back pocket.

“I can see you. Look up the hill.”

I obeyed, and saw a faint side trail snaking up toward the woods. Just where the first trees started I could see a tent pitched on the ground and the glow of a fire. A bit further down the hill there was a picnic table, a human figure perched on top.

This was real. My heart thudded in my chest as I hurried up the trail. As I got closer I saw a rectangle of blue tarp on the ground next to the table, but that barely registered. I was staring at him.

He was sitting on top of the picnic table, feet on the bench, leaning forward with his elbows on his thighs. As promised, he was naked except for a pair of hiking boots on his feet. I hadn’t really thought about what he’d look like, but he was cute—lean and hairy-chested, with a buzz cut and tatts on his biceps. His knees were apart and I caught a glimpse of his erect cock rising from the shadowed area between his legs.

“You made it.” His smile was crooked and unexpectedly charming.

I stopped some distance away, panting and still a bit hesitant. I nodded.

“Lose those clothes. No one’s around.”

I stepped out of my shorts, leaving them and my t-shirt in a heap, and walked toward him, my own fındıkzade escort cock swinging in front of me. I bent down when I got to the picnic table and took his organ into my mouth almost before I’d seen it. It was cut, salty with precum, and delicious. At first he was silent, but after a few moments of my sucking him a faint moan began to rise from his chest.

“Yeah man. Nice.”

“Mm hmm,” was all I could say, my mouth stuffed with cock. I was still trying to convince myself that this was all happening, balling in the middle of the woods with a hot stranger, a gay porn fantasy suddenly come true.

A moment later his hands under my armpits pulled me to my feet. He sidled down until he was sitting on the bench and began to suck me in turn. I watched my wet shaft sliding in and out between his lips, caressing the back of his head, pulling at his nipples, getting a grunt of approval. He backed up onto the table, pulling me with him. A moment later we were in the sixty-nine position on the top, our heads between each other’s legs. His fingers pulled at my cheeks, and I moaned as I felt his tongue snake into my asshole.

He turned his body around and his face came into view. He whispered in my ear.

“I want to fuck you.”

I’d already decided I wanted that cock up my ass. I nodded up at him.

“Fine by me.”

He jerked his head toward the folded blue tarp that lay on the ground next to the picnic table.

“We better do it down there. This thing’s got splinters.”

We more less tumbled to the ground from the top of the table, we were in such a hurry. He quickly got me on my back again and reached behind one of the wooden legs. When his arm came up again his hand held a small plastic bottle. He grinned.

“Figured we’d need this.”

He didn’t waste a second. A squeeze, then two quick swipes of lube, one to my asshole and one to his dick. The next moment I felt I felt a blunt, slippery object pressing between my upraised legs. I barely had time to try and relax before his cock broke through and surged through me.

I yelled, more in shock than in real pain, though I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. He bent down and whispered, “Shh…sorry.” That was sweet. Another moment passed. “You okay?”

I nodded. “Fuck me.”

His hips began to move and I forgot about the rough entry. I forgot about everything except the reality of the moment, shoved naked onto the bare ground, rocks digging into my back despite the tarp, taking this stranger’s bare cock in the middle of nowhere. I looked up at the trees, the sky, the scattered clouds still lit with the fading light of the evening, my sneaker-clad feet that jerked every time he slammed into me.

Then his crooked grin filled my vision, his hot breath bathing my face, sweat dripping off his brow onto my forehead. I grabbed the back of his head and drew him to me. Our lips and tongues tangled as he stepped up the pace of his thrusts. I felt a fire building in my gut and looked down to see white spurts shooting from my cock, across my heaving stomach. I’d cum without touching myself.

“Oh fuck!”

He looked down and I heard him mutter, “Hot.” He leaned back, watching his pole slide in and out of my hole. I craned my neck up so I could watch his hairy stomach and the top of his bush working. He bent again over my spent body, slamming full force into me. The heat and friction of his raw dick escort şişli started to burn. Just as I thought I couldn’t take any more his eyes squeezed shut. Strangled grunts issued from between his tightly clenched teeth. I wrapped him in my arms, squeezing my inflamed asshole tight around his pulsating cock as it delivered its load into me.

It seemed to last forever, though we couldn’t have fucked more than a few minutes. I wish it had been longer. We loosened our grip on each other almost at the same time, expelling our breaths in huge sighs. He straightened up. I slumped back on the blue tarp.

He traced a finger through the splashes of cum on my stomach, then raised it to his lips and licked it. He wiggled his tongue playfully.


I squeezed my ass muscles around his dick still inside me.

“Got yours too.”

He drew his body back and up, exiting as suddenly as he’d entered. He stood up, and I got a good view of his softening organ dangling downward, glistening with lube and cum. He smiled again and took my outstretched hand, helping me to my feet.

We faced each other, still sweating and breathing faster than normal. By now it was almost dark.

“Want to sit by the fire and have a beer? I got some in the tent.”

He was inviting me to spend the night here with him. Right at that moment sanity kicked in. I was in the middle of what seemed like miles from anywhere, not absolutely sure how to get back, with someone I didn’t know. I still had to go to work bright and early tomorrow morning.

I shook my head. “I ought to get going.”

He looked disappointed but not altogether surprised. “Back the way you came, man. Be careful.”

I was already picking up my clothes scattered nearby, all too aware that it was getting hard to see. “Thanks, buddy. Have a good night.”

He inclined his head with a slight smile. I took a last look at his lean body, his chiseled face, his dangling cock, then started down toward the main trail. I didn’t look back.

It wasn’t that bad at first, retracing my steps. I carried my clothes in my hand, using the light on my phone when I had to, treading carefully. The night air felt cool and pleasant on my skin, drying the remaining cum on my body. The crack between my cheeks soon grew slippery with lube and cum that was leaking out despite my best efforts.

I passed the ruin that had been my landmark on the way in, looking white and ghostly as the beam caught its walls. After that the walk seemed longer than I remembered coming in. Just as I was getting a bit panicky my phone light caught the glint of the chain link fence in front of me. Panting with relief, I turned and hung onto it as I climbed up the hill, stumbling a bit in the dark.

I didn’t put my clothes back on until I was back at the parking lot, just before slipping through the gap in the fence. After the long and anxious return hike driving seemed easy. Back at home I dragged myself through a shower and other cleaning activities before falling into bed naked, still slightly damp and completely exhausted. I was asleep almost in an instant, but not before a last image of the stranger’s crooked grin flashed through my brain.

I never saw him or his campsite again. We had each other’s numbers, of course, and texted some about a repeat after that. We never could get our schedules to line up and his messages stopped. I would for sure have enjoyed another go, and I like to think he would have too. In a way, though, some things are perfect just as they are.

I still have him in my contacts list, though I haven’t talked to him in years: N.C., for Naked Camper. Thanks, buddy, for the memory.


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