Cream Filled: Heat

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This is the third story of the Cream Filled series. You may wish to read “Cream Filled” and “Cream Filled: Second Helping” first. I am very grateful to Kumani for editing these stories.


Thursday morning, the day after our first date, Stephanie remarked rather blandly as she sauntered past me through the Donut King’s kitchen that she’d had a good time. She even paused briefly to lean in and give me a perfunctory kiss on the cheek as if to underscore the tepidness of her comment.

It certainly wasn’t the enthusiastic tone I’d been expecting and it didn’t seem to fit with how she’d acted the night before. She then kept her distance for the rest of our shift, adding yet another layer of discomfort to the already beleaguering drudgery of another sweltering summer day in the donut shop.

Deciding not to press things, I pretended that all was fine with me and didn’t bring the topic of “us” up at all in any of our brief interactions throughout the day. That afternoon we went our separate ways after work with routine good-byes, leaving me to spend the evening sitting alone in my apartment and wondering if there really was an “us.”

Friday too was on the verge of totally sucking as the heat outside was nearing the unbearable range again, pushing into the mid 90’s by early afternoon. Worse yet, Stephanie still hadn’t mentioned anything about us getting together that night as we had originally planned.

As it turned out though, I needn’t have worried.

“Are you ready for your home cooked meal?” she asked me after work with studied casualness.

“Honestly, I’ve been dreaming of it ever since Wednesday,” I replied without exaggeration.

“Good, bring your swim trunks. We have a pool and we can swim for a while before we eat.”

“Sounds good…”

The pool explained her daily deepening tan and in the oppressive heat, it sounded especially enticing — even better than dinner. Stephanie waved absently in my direction as she drove off and I wasted no time in getting going myself.

Once back at my apartment, after a shave and a shower I brushed my teeth and slipped on my swim trunks, then put a change of clothes and a towel in a small athletic bag. After a momentary mental debate I decided to put my toothbrush in there as well before grabbing the bag and stepping outside once more into the searing afternoon sun.

The air shimmered in waves above the hood of my car. After having sat without shade in the parking lot for the past hour, opening the door to it felt something like opening a pre-heated oven. The seats and steering wheel scorched my legs and hands as I slid in, prompting me to swear loudly and roll all the windows down as quickly as I could since the air conditioner had recently decided to quit working.

On my way to Stephanie’s house, I ignored most of the traffic laws in a vain attempt to not start sweating profusely before I could get there. After parking in the driveway I grabbed my bag and headed for her front door. The house didn’t seem quite as imposing to me in daylight as it had the other night but still looked large.

The heat was relentless and there was no shade by the door. Standing there after ringing the bell I cursed under my breath as I felt myself sweating through my shirt. Impatiently I rang the bell again.

After several hot and uncomfortable minutes the heavy door finally swung inward. With the brightness from the sun, the interior of the house seemed an almost cave-like dark by contrast. From my viewpoint, the only discernable objects were a portion of the polished white tiled floor beyond the threshold and one of Stephanie’s tanned feet.

Then she stepped forward into the sunlight.

The sight of Stephanie struck me so that I couldn’t so much as say hello. A brilliantly white bikini clung to her every contour and her deep ebony hair fell loose and lustrous about her olive tanned shoulders. Her top barely contained the exquisite breasts which seemed to strain at the cups and the thin straps that crisscrossed her shoulders.

My eyes roamed down her length pausing at the high cut thighs of her bottoms, tied on each side by just a fragile looking white string. The extra skin exposed by the suit made her silken legs look longer as I studied them carefully, all the way down past her tender calves right to the ground. She was tanned to the tops of her bare feet. Her fingernails and toenails were glossed and pure white at the tips matching the brightness of her bikini. “I’ve got to warn you,” she cautioned, her voice pulling me out of my lustful trance. “The air is off.”

“That’s too bad,” I commented as I found I had regained the ability to speak. “I suppose all the AC repair places are booked up with this heat wave. Any idea when it’ll be back on?”

“Not really,” Stephanie shrugged. “Look, if you want we can do this on another night.”

“No, I mean, if you’re okay with it I’m fine,” I reassured her.

“Well, we’ll try it,” she said pushing the door open wider and motioning me in. “Just let me know if the heat gets to be too ist esc much for you.”

Turning to face her again I thought I saw the briefest of smiles on her lips but I let that and all other thoughts slip away, deciding if Stephanie were a book that I’d much rather look at the pictures than try to read her at just that moment.

My eyes caressed Stephanie’s sleek body once more as she gracefully moved through the foyer while I wished for the chance to help her escape that bathing suit. As I studied her my heart leapt into my throat while something else leapt in my swim trunks.

“Planning on spending the night?” she asked tipping her head toward my bag.

“Just a change of clothes and a towel…”

“No toothbrush?”

“Better to have it and not need it,” I answered, deciding against a lie.

Stephanie laughed and padded past me with cat-like quiet steps. Wordlessly I followed her in through the entryway which was all tiled in smooth and polished white marble. The air while not as superheated as outside was stagnant and infused with the singular scent that humidity has within an enclosed space.

“Whew, it’s warm in here, huh?”

“Look Jason, we can go out or do this another time if you’re not up for it.”

Had I detected the slightest emphasis on the word “up”?

“No, no, I just mean I feel bad for you being stuck with no air conditioning. It’s got to be the hottest day of the year so far.”

“I don’t mind having the air off,” she explained. “I like it hot; maybe it’s my Greek blood.”

She gave her flowing ebony mane a quick shake and leaned back against the wall while shadows played over her curves.

“It does make my hair frizzy though,” she added, raking her fingers through the thick black tresses.

“Frizzies become you, Steph; I think just about everything does.”

“You’re so sweet.”

She straightened up and stepped to me, placing her hands on my sides and kissing me on the cheek while I rested my own hands lightly on her soft flanks. We stood there a moment holding each other but her gaze didn’t offer the invitation I was hoping for. Just as I was about to give her a more impassioned kiss to try and soften her demeanor, Stephanie abruptly turned and motioned for me to follow.

“Let me show you around.”

She gave me a quick tour of the house. It was as beautiful a home inside as out and I told her so.

“Mom and I picked out most everything,” she explained. “My dad, well you see how he dresses. We only let him do the backyard around the pool and patio and even then he got carried away with it.”

The living room only got used when they had company, Stephanie said and I could see why. It had been appointed mainly in white with an ivory colored leather sectional, a white area rug and a glass topped metal framed coffee table and a pair of end tables all of which appeared to be expensive and spotless and all carefully arranged on a gleaming oak floor. On each end table stood a lamp, the base of which was made to look like an antique Grecian urn with ochre colored warriors battling on a glossy black background.

Next up was their very large kitchen which had marble counter tops and a round, glass topped table and chair set along with a stainless steel refrigerator that looked as big as a closet. The umber shaded tile floor still shone even though the lights were off and the window drapes were pulled closed. Stephanie said this was where the family ate most of their meals as the dining room was only used when company came over. Everything was meticulously kept; even the table didn’t appear to have a single crumb or finger print on it.

The family room had the informal furniture and was used for watching TV. Stephanie then pointed out several bedrooms and baths along the way. There were framed prints of paintings that reflected the family’s Greek heritage hanging in all the formal rooms of the house while neatly mounted family photos lined the hallways.

Stephanie’s room was about what I had expected. It had a feminine touch but not overly so, or should I say a more mature femininity than the rooms of the girls I’d known in high school. There was a minimum of stuffed animals and no posters of kittens, puppies or ponies on the walls. Instead there was a queen size bed with matching dressers and nightstands. The walls held pictures of friends and family along with academic achievement certificates and her high school diploma. There were lots of shelves for her books and knickknacks, along with a number of trophies that I assumed were from tennis and swimming tournaments back in high school.

“Do you miss it?” I asked sincerely, gesturing toward them.


“What do you miss most?”

“Taking showers with the other girls,” she answered, trying unsuccessfully to keep a straight face.

“I’m serious, Steph. What do you miss about it?”

“Oh, you know me Jason,” she answered while looking absently at the trophies; “I like winning.”

“I noticed that the other night.”

“Never bet someone at their fatih esc own game, my dad says. Well, I guess I didn’t mind losing that game so much after all, since it was a much more interesting kiss than what I was expecting,” Stephanie conceded making me momentarily proud. “It seems you haven’t quite run out of surprises, at least not yet anyway. Besides I’ve found there are times when you can actually win more by losing,” she concluded with a shrug and a smile.

It was another odd comment coming from her but I let it pass unquestioned.

“I suppose I did have an unfair advantage,” I offered, “after all you ‘never really played darts’ before.”

“Yeah, I think next time we play something I’ll pick the game and it’ll be something I’m good at. Then we’ll see how well you do.”

Stephanie was smiling again to my relief and her eyes glittered warmly. Still, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and took the bait of her challenge.

“Maybe the stakes just weren’t high enough to properly motivate you the other night,” I said pausing to underscore the thought. “What it might it take to get your competitive fire burning?”

Stephanie’s soft laugh made her breasts jiggle temptingly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll think of something,” she assured me. “Come on, I’ll show you the rest of the place.”

The rest of the house didn’t get much notice from me mainly because of Stephanie’s sweet ass swaying divinely just in front of me in that skimpy bathing suit, though I did manage to pull my eyes away from it once we reached her parents’ room. As bedrooms go it was a big one, larger I think than my whole apartment. Religious icons adorned the walls along with numerous pictures of Stephanie taken through the years, all framed in dark wood.

Her parents’ bed was enormous, with heavy looking dark wood posts, head and foot boards that matched the picture frames and which starkly contrasted with the white walls. The bed unlike the rest of the house was unkempt; the white sheets and bedspread pulled up to the pillows but not smoothly or evenly.

“I like to stay in my parent’s room when they’re away. It’s more comfortable and there’s a better TV and a bigger tub,” Stephanie offered when she noticed where I was looking.

It was certainly understandable. Their bathroom was bigger than my bedroom and had both a shower and what looked like a combination bathtub and Jacuzzi.

“Come on, let’s go outside and relax,” she suggested, needlessly gesturing for me to follow.

For a moment after stepping out the back door I thought I had stepped into one of my Ancient History text books. A kidney shaped in-ground pool was set like a cool blue jewel in the midst of white concrete and surrounded by flower beds all thick with brightly colored exotic flora. Lawn ornaments resembling fragmented columns from ancient temples were positioned about the yard amid statues of gods and goddesses, all cast in bright and brilliant white stone. In the waves of heated air shimmering off the patio I half expected to see toga wearing servants, frolicking satyrs and joyful nymphs cavorting about.

Instead it was just Stephanie and me in the still and quiet of the oppressively hot afternoon. The click and hum of the pool pump cycling on and off was the only sound other than our own voices. Stephanie, walking barefoot, didn’t make any noise as she moved other than to cause my heart to pound harder and echo louder in my ears.

It was a relief to see that part of the patio was covered and well shaded. The arrow hand of a thermometer fastened to the house wall there pointed to the second notch above 95 degrees. To my surprise and dismay Stephanie passed straight by the shade and headed for the open area at the far side of the pool directly in the glaring rays of the late day sun.

“It’s kind of hot to be sitting out in the sun isn’t it?”

“You can sit in the shade if you like, Jason. I want to work on my tan some.”

“No,” I replied, my mind looking for something rational sounding to say. “I want to be near you, to talk to you and all. Your tan’s coming along nicely by the way.”


“I suppose I could use some too.”

Stephanie stopped arranging the deck furniture and looked at me, pulling the black rimmed sunglasses she had put on once we were outside down her nose to peer over the rims.

“Yeah, I’d say so. I’ve seen snowmen that were darker than you.”

Stephanie gave a dismayed shake of her head then resumed pulling the two chaise loungers side by side, spread towels out across both of them and sat down on one.

We may not have been living in ancient times but with her olive toned skin, her bright white bathing suit and her shimmering black hair falling about her shoulders, Stephanie was every inch a goddess. As she eased back in the lounger, I got the feeling that she was readying herself to be worshipped by her supplicant.


She motioned absently for me to sit on the other chaise which I did but then Stephanie looked at me with scrutiny when I pulled my shirt off.

“You ataköy esc are really, really white,” she said shaking her head in amazement and handing me a bottle of suntan lotion. “Put some of this on or you’ll get burned.”

Slathering some of the milk white banana and coconut smelling lotion on my chest and arms, I conscientiously coated myself while Stephanie slid gracefully out of her chaise and stood again, her breasts struggling to escape from her top as she rearranged her hair into a pony tail.

“I’ll go get us a couple of drinks,” she offered brightly. “Ice tea all right?”

“Perfect,” I answered, thinking as much of her body as the drinks.

It was such pleasurable torment to watch Stephanie’s exquisite ass, tightly encased in bright white fabric sway hypnotically back and forth as she moved. The material bunched slightly between her cheeks with a fold going off to one side; first the right, then the left; as if her ass was winking at me the whole time she walked toward the house.

My cock was hard and throbbing now and refusing to be willed soft again. Think about something, anything except Stephanie’s ass I instructed myself but it was no use so I put the soles of my feet on the seat cushion and bent my knees up to take some of the pressure off my groin.

In just a few minutes Stephanie was back with two glasses of ice tea that were already sweating almost as profusely as I was in the moisture heavy air. Thanking her and taking a quick drink, I hoped to cool things down some internally at the least but between Stephanie and the heat, I was rapidly approaching melt down in more ways than one.

Stephanie took off her sunglasses and dropped them onto her chaise then languidly bent and picked up the bottle of suntan lotion she had set close by, bringing her glorious breasts within inches of my arm, so close I could see hints of the delicate veins beneath the smooth skin.

Standing straight again she held the bottle of lotion up near her face a moment as if she were reading the label. Tiny beads of moisture were forming on her body and glistening on her skin, making the entire length of her sparkle like a jewel of a million facets in the sunlight. Meanwhile sweat rolled in thick and indelicate trickles from my brow and down over my embarrassingly pale chest and stomach.

“The store was out of the kind I usually get,” Stephanie explained as she examined the bottle. “I haven’t used this brand for ages.”

Casually she opened the lotion, tipping her head back and closing her eyes before giving the bottle a squeeze. A jet of milky white, thin liquid splashed across Stephanie’s chest from shoulder to shoulder. Since she wasn’t wearing her habitual silver cross and chain about her neck there was nothing to obstruct the lotion’s path as it trickled slowly downward over her lustrous skin.

Stephanie let the sun warmed liquid run unimpeded down the contours of her ripened chest, then with great deliberation she squirted more lotion onto each arm. She let those streams run their course for a moment as well before finally beginning to caress the fragrant substance into the skin of her arms. The coconut-sweet scent of the lotion joined with the sight of Stephanie to reach me in a colossal tidal wave of sensory rush.

Stephanie let her finger tips glide slowly up and across her chest, spreading the lotion across her shoulders and over the coffee and cream rise of her breasts above her bathing suit top and on into the soft hollow between them until all her freshly coated skin glistened evenly. Then finished with her chest she moved to her arms using her palms in slow circling caresses, spreading little beads of lotion until they mixed with her sweat and glittered like diamond dust on the fine hairs of her forearms.

“Suntan lotion always makes me think of the beach,” she commented as she began to massage more lotion into the tawny suppleness just below her stark white top which still struggled to contain its fully ripened contents.

It was making me think of something too but it wasn’t the beach.

Stephanie eased her hips forward some, arching her back slightly so that her tummy gently curved towards me. Two generous squeezes of the bottle splattered white liquid that ran like hot milk over her sizzling olive-tan stomach. My eyes followed the trails the lotion left across her torso as they meandered toward her mound which was pressed snugly against the white cloth of Stephanie’s suit. Her cleft was clearly visible through the thin fabric and now was no more than a few feet from my eager mouth.

She held the bottle up by her breasts once again and without even squeezing just let more of the pale liquid fall onto her stomach in a honey-slow drizzle. It trickled down her abdomen and into the hollow of her belly button while she twisting her trunk and dribbled still more lotion which snaked earthward along her sides.

Looking up from the milky trail as it made it’s cruelly slow way over the soft flare of her hip, I could see that Stephanie’s eyes were fixed on me but mine were irresistibly drawn back to her hand. Her fingertips seemed to barely make contact with her skin as she traced the outline of her ribcage, leaving momentary furrows in the slick of perspiration and coconut-sweet lotion.

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